Giving Up Her Ass


Warning: MFM There is Bi-sexual men in this story. If you don’t like that kind of story just skip this one. It does have two adult men sucking each other’s cocks in addition to anal sex with the woman.


“Ted! Hi!” Brad said running into his friend at the local hardware store.

“Hey Buddy!” Ted said surprised to see his good friend Brad. “How are ya?”

“Oh, I’m great, you and the wife?”

“We’re good too,” Ted said looking at prices on outdoor paint, he wanted to paint the back deck.

“So, what have you been up to?”

“Working my ass off, just got home from a business trip the other day.”

“I hear ya, say if your not doing anything how about stopping by the house.”

“Sounds great, I have thought about the time when you and I got together and then later your wife joined in.” Brad answered, remembering the great time they all had.

He wouldn’t mind another get together today. He had been working so much lately he needed to relax and have some fun.

He had really enjoyed his first get together with Ted and his wife Patti. It had started out a “Guy’s day” but then Patti got home early and joined in on the adult fun.

“Yeah I’ve thought about that day too, I know the wife would love it.” Ted said finding the paint he wanted and putting it in the cart, making sure he had everything he would need.

“Let me ask you something,” Ted said glancing around making sure nobody was around.

“The wife is really interested in ass play,” he looked around again. “We’ve played with toys and licking and rimming but she wants a cock in her ass.”

“Yeah?” Brad asked liking the idea of taking Patti’s anal cherry. Toys were one

thing but it was so different when it was a real cock in your ass.

“I’ve got an idea…” Ted said and went on to explain his plan for the afternoon.

“Oh, yeah sure you know I’ll take it easy with her.” Brad promised liking the idea of fucking Patti’s virgin ass. “She does have a nice looking ass, one I’d love to slide my cock into,”

“Why don’t you just follow me and I’ll take care of a couple of errands and then stop at the grocery store and get things for a cook out.” Ted said while Brad picked up what he needed for his project.

Glancing up in the rear view mirror Ted saw that Brad was still behind him, he made sure his phone was on speaker and went to his contacts and dialed his wife.

“Hey baby girl.”

“Hi honey, where are you?” she asked putting her phone on speaker as she folded laundry.

“Just left the hardware store and I’m on my way to do a couple of more errands.”

“Will you be home soon, I miss you.” she said looking through the pile of socks and found a matching pair, rolling them together.

“Oh you do?” he asked thinking of how sexy she sounded, “How much do you miss me baby?”

“A lot,” she said picking up the phone, “I need you.”

“You do?”

“Yes,” she whispered reaching for her tits, pinching her left breast.

Saturday was usually their day to get chores done around the house. She was wearing a pair of old jeans, a tee shirt and no bra, skimpy lace panties.

“Sounds like someone is horny?”

“I need you.” she replied with a pout.

“I need you baby,” he told her rubbing his crotch, wanting to feel her hot mouth, her lips on his dick.

If there was one thing that would get his cock hard and throbbing is the thought of her licking and making love to his cock with her hot mouth and tongue.

She was an expert in his opinion. He loved to feel the way she licked and nibbled and sucked his cock and balls and licked her way to his ass hole.

“I need your cock.” she said unzipping her jeans and slipping her hand inside of her panties. “Mmmm,” she moaned, rubbing her slit.

“What are you doing young lady?” he asked probably able to guess she was touching herself.

“Nothing,” she fibbed, pushing her middle finger inside of her wet pussy.

“Yes you are, I can tell.” he commented wondering if she was rubbing her pussy.

“I’m fingering my pussy,” she said taking her fingers from her slit and noisily sucked the juices from them, making sure he could hear her. “Taste so good baby.”

“Fuck,” he said stopping for a red light,

“You know I do love the taste of your sweet pussy.

“I know you do.”

“Yeah I know, anyway I ran into a friend of ours,” he said thinking about watching Brad’s cock fucking his wife. “And I hope you don’t mind but I invited him over for a cook out.”

“No, of course not.” she said as she reached for her pussy again. “So who is this friend.”

“Oh let’s just say you’ve enjoyed him before, we both have enjoyed him before.”

Patti thought and could only think of a few people she and Ted had both had sex with. “Aren’t you going to tell me?” she asked.

“Nope, it’s a surprise.” he told her thinking of watching Brad’s cock fill his wife’s ass. “Do something for me, I’m going to take my time. Do all of the things you do when you get ready when we’re going to have some wild matadorbet fun baby.”

“Yeah?” she asked wondering what her handsome sexy husband had in mind.

“Yeah, you know take a nice hot relaxing shower and get ready for me and a friend.”

“Should I wear something sexy?” she asked thinking of just the right outfit.

“Of course, oh and give me about 45 minutes and let me find you in bed in the playroom.”

“Alright honey, anything else?”

“Oh yeah wear that blindfold,” he told her thinking of driving her crazy not telling her who he was bringing home.

“I’ll be ready.”

“Alright darling, see you in a bit, bye bye.”

“Bye baby I love you.”

“I love you more,” he said hanging up.

Patti quickly finished folding the clothes and went upstairs and took a hot, shower. She shaved her legs and her pussy.

Having no idea what her husband had planned for later she made sure she was clean inside and out. Going into the bedroom she looked through her drawer full of her sexy outfits.

Finally picking one she slipped into her red and black corset with the garters and matching panties.

She made sure her tits looked good, she sat down on the bed and slid the silky black stockings up her legs and fastened then with the garters.

Picking out a pair of black heels she slipped them on her feet. “Here I come…” she said to her reflection in the full length mirror. She still had no idea who Ted was bringing home with him. It could be his black friend Allen, he had a nice dick.

She made her way downstairs and was lying on the bed just like he had asked her to be.

Ted and Brad walked into the kitchen from the garage and set the bags of groceries on the counter.

“She is going to be so surprised.” Ted said, hoping she was lying on the bed downstairs as he had asked her to do.

A few minutes later Ted tip-toed down the stairs to the playroom. There was his wife all dressed up in her red and black corset,stockings and garters and high heel shoes. She had the blindfold on as he had asked. Her knees were bent and she was rubbing her hand across her silk panties.

He noticed her nipples were hard and her right hand was between her legs, rubbing her panties. “Good girl,” he told her just watching her, he did like to watch her get herself off.

“I’m your good girl,” she said, wondering if he was alone. “Is there someone here?” she asked, she could hear Ted undressing.

She got so turned on wearing the blindfold,there was something about not knowing

what was going to happen that made her super hot and horny. “Mmm,” she moaned slipping her hand inside of her silky panties.

“Yes, there is someone here, you just have to be patient and wait.” Ted told her walking over to the bed and leaning down and kissing her. “Damn baby girl you look hot in this outfit.”

“I knew you liked this one,” she said reaching for him.

“Yes I do.” Ted told her raising her arm to the head of the bed and he reached down to the side of the bed and took a leather restraint and tied her right wrist to the right corner of the bed.

“Are you going to get rough with me?” she asked with a gasp, she did love to get tied up when they played.

“Oh it’s possible,” he told her walking around to the other side of the bed and repeating the procedure with her left hand. “Did you do as I asked you to do?”

“Yes, I’m clean all over with my pussy shaved bare just the way you like me.”

“Good Wife,” he told her standing up and stroking himself, he knew she was clean inside and out.

Brad entered the room, naked just like Ted had asked him to do. His cock was already hard, he stood watching and stroking his dick.

Ted motioned him over to the bed and Brad knelt on the bed hear her head. Not saying a word Brad took his hard cock and rubbed it across her mouth.

Patti tried to get the mysterious cock into her mouth, but the man just kept rubbing that hard dick across her face and mouth. She needed it in her mouth, needed to taste it.

Ted watched as Brad teased his horny wife with his cock, letting her get close to taking it into her mouth and then pulling it away.

Patti was squirming on the bed, she needed cock and she needed it now.

Ted walked over to Brad and he sat down on the bed next to his wife, he could tell it was getting to her. “Does my wife need some dick? Hmmm?” Ted asked her reaching over and pinching her left nipple.

“Yes,” she whispered, moaning raising her hips, she was so horny.

“You will get some cock I promise you.” he told her leaning over and taking her left nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue across her hard nipple. Sucking and licking her nipple he reached for her right tit, squeezing it a bit more hard than usual. He heard her gasp, looking up Brad was at a good spot for Ted to get a taste of his cock.

Brad could tell that Ted wanted to taste his cock, he stroked his big hard cock and Ted reached for his member.

Brad moaned closing his eyes and matadorbet giriş Ted took the head of Brad’s cock into his mouth, gently sucking on it. “Suck it…”

Patti groaned realizing Ted was sucking a cock, she couldn’t place the voice not just yet. She could do nothing but lie there and listen to the sounds of her husband sucking that hard cock.

She was getting very frustrated the more she listened to the sounds of Ted taking that cock the more she needed one.

Ted took as much of Brad’s hard throbbing cock into his mouth as he could.

Brad start to fuck his mouth. He could hear Patti whimpering, he knew she wanted some cock in her mouth. Pulling away from Brad he grabbed Patti by the back of her head and turned her head to face himself and Brad. He grasped Brad’s rock hard cock and pushed it into her mouth. He could see the look of pleasure on her face as she tried to suck that hard cock.

Patti felt the man grip her hair tighter as he fed her his cock, she could taste his pre-cum.

Ted got up and moved to the other side of the bed and he knelt next to her head.

“Suck me,” he told her grabbing her head and turning her towards his cock.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she took her husbands hard cock into her mouth, she felt hands on her tits, squeezing and pinching her hard nipples.

“Awww, yeah babe, suck my cock, be my wife slut.” Ted told her grabbing her by her hair and holding her down on his cock.

This was one thing that never failed to turn her on and get her going. She loved to be held down and fed cock. “That’s a girl, suck my dick.”

Back and forth Patti sucked and licked and teased both cocks, flicking her tongue all over the head.

She was moaning and gasping as she sucked and licked her husbands cock, then the other man grabbed her head and pushed his cock back into her mouth.

Ted crawled up between her legs, spreading her thighs wide he leaned down between her legs. Her silk panties were soaked with her juices, he licked the silky material.

“Hmmm,” he groaned tasting her sweet juices through the thin material.

He licked and teased her pussy lips, hearing her moans of pleasure. He did love to make her cum just as much as she loved to make him cum. Glancing up he saw Brad fucking her mouth.

Getting up on his knees Ted reached for her soaked panties and gently tugged them off of her. Diving in he spread her pussy lips open. Spreading her legs as wide as he could, he could see her juices dripping from her tight hole.

Patti jerked at the touch of Ted’s mouth on her pussy, groaning she raised her

pussy into his mouth.

“Mmmm, good pussy baby,” he told her teasing her pussy lips with his tongue, barely touching her one second and sucking on them the next. He could hear her moans feel her jerk at his touch.

She was loving this hard cock in her mouth, it didn’t matter who it was, she needed to suck cock, her husband was driving her wild the way he was eating her pussy.

She couldn’t touch who ever this was, all she could do was lie there while he fucked her mouth.

Ted glanced up and watched as his wife took Brad’s cock as deep in her hot mouth as she could. “Yeah suck his cock baby,” Ted thought while he tongue fucked her pussy.

He took his time, teasing her,licking her clit, felt her body jerk with pleasure. He slowly licked her from her clit, licking her lower, licking and sucking her pussy lips.

Slipping first one then two fingers into her tight hole he finger fucked her gently at first and then harder and deeper. He heard her moans, he knew she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

Curling his fingers inside of her he hit her G-spot, he knew this drove her wild.

Patti was jerking and thrashing on the bed, not able to lie still. She finally had to let that hard cock slip out of her mouth. “Oh my God yes, harder honey.” she begged Ted, he watched as Brad stroked his cock, he knew that Brad was going to take her anal virginity sometime this afternoon.

Damn but she was soaked, he felt her pussy tighten around his fingers while he pounded her pussy. “Yeah baby girl, do it cum for me.” he said watching her. “You can take the blindfold off of her now,” he instructed Brad.

Brad took the blind fold off of her and tossed it on the bedside table.

Patti winced at the light, letting her eyes get adjusted she glanced up and saw Brad. Groaning Patti knew she was getting close to cumming, she loved the way Ted was ramming her pussy with his fingers, she was out of control.

“Cum for me now,” Ted told her, she was getting louder and louder the more he fucked her. He held her legs wide as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum, awww fuck baby!” Patti literally screamed when Ted sucked on her throbbing clit and squirted on his face as she climaxed, pushing her pussy into his mouth she came.

Ted was surprised when she squirted all over his face, he lapped it up swallowing her juices.

He wasn’t done with her, not just yet. He tenderly licked all of her juices from her pussy. He licked from her pussy down lower and lower, until he was flicking his tongue across her puckered hole.

“Mmm,” he moaned as he licked her there, damn but she tasted so good.

Brad leaned over and pushed his cock back into her mouth.

“Suck me, just like that,” he moaned when she took his cock into her mouth again.

She bobbed up and down on his rock hard cock, felt him gripping her hair tighter.

Patti sucked and licked and teased the underside of the head of his cock until he had to pull his cock from her mouth. He was getting close and didn’t want to cum yet.

Ted untied her hands while she continued to suck Brad’s dick.

Turning onto her hands and knees, Patti glanced back to see what Ted was doing.

She needed to get fucked so bad, she sighed and got comfortable. Wiggling her ass she waited to see what they would do next.

Ted got back behind her and he gently spread her ass cheeks open, leaning down he flicked his tongue across her tight puckered hole. He heard her gasp he knew she loved when he ate her ass, it got her so turned on.

“Oh baby, yes.” she moaned feeling Ted teasing her hole, finally tonguing her there.

“Suck me,” Brad told her making her turn her head towards his cock.

“Mmmm,” she moaned taking Brad’s member back into her mouth, sucking him,taking his cock as deep as she could.

Ted watched as his wife sucked Brad’s cock and felt his cock throb with pleasure,he wanted to watch Brad fuck her ass. He knew she wanted this too, he would make sure she didn’t get hurt. If she tried it and she didn’t like it, that was okay too.

He knew how turned on she got watching video’s of anal sex and especially men getting anal sex. There was just something about that that drove her wild.

“Hmmm, so good baby girl,” Ted said continuing to lick and eat her ass. This was going to be something they would never forget. He needed to get her tight ass ready for Brad. “Say, can you hand me that six inch dildo and flavored oil out of the drawer?”

“Sure,” Brad said hoping he would get to take her anal cherry soon. All he could think of was slowly pushing his throbbing cock into her ass.

Damn, but she was good at sucking cock, he thought as she swallowed his cock as deep as she could.

Ted took the oil and gently massaged it all over her tight anal opening, he watched as it dribbled down to her pussy. He felt her jerk at his touch as he gently slid a finger inside of her.

“God, yes,oh yes.” Patti groaned as she felt Ted’s finger sliding up inside of her backdoor.

“You like this baby? Hmmm?” Ted asked while he gently pushed his finger in and out of her hole. Fuck her ass was tight, he thought of watching Brad taking her anal virginity.

The only answer he got from his wife was a soft moan, “Do you want more?”

“Yes, please?”

Ted added a second finger, opening her up even more. “Tight ass,”

Years ago he would have never imagined he would be making love this way, licking her ass, fingering her there or even being with a man.

He had felt for years that he was Bi but he had pushed those feelings away.

He could have never told anyone but Patti about his dreams and secret desires, they could tell each other anything.

He was so thankful that she had sent that first email. “You have one tight ass baby,

“Taste so good,” Ted moaned licking the flavored oil from her pussy lips, tonguing her tight hole.

After a few minutes of getting her relaxed Ted took the small six inch dildo and rubbed it across her hole, teasing her. “Ready honey?”

All she could do was nod, she needed her asshole filled. Taking a deep breath she felt Ted pushing the head of the dildo into her ass, he was gentle. He watched for any signs she was in pain.

“Take it,” he whispered to her as he slowly pushed it in a bit more, pulling it out and repeating the motion until he had at least five inches inside of her.

He could hear her sighs of pleasure, hear her moans while he fucked her ass.

She was pushing back, taking as much as she could. She loved the feeling of her ass being filled with toys or fingers, being licked.

Letting Brad’s cock slip from her mouth she glanced back at her husband while he fucked her ass. “Mmmm, so good honey.”

“You just love to get fucked don’t you baby?”

“Yes, oh yes fuck me.” she begged him.

“Be my guest.” Ted said looking at Brad pulling the dildo from her hole. “Are you ready for this honey?” he asked wanting to make sure she really

wanted to try anal.

“Yes, please.”

“Be gentle with her.”

“Oh you know I will be,” Brad said moving down to the end of the bed. He was going to enjoy taking her anal cherry. “I promise I’ll be gentle,” he told her.

“Alright,” she said, “I’m ready.”

“Suck me,” Ted told her getting in front of her, guiding her mouth to his throbbing dick.

He felt her take it into her mouth, sucking on the head she flicked her tongue across the underside of his cock. “Awww, fuck.” he groaned she knew what this did to him.

He watched as Brad rubbed more oil onto her ass hole and he gently slid a finger inside of her.

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