Going for a Spicy Italian Ch. 01


Hi, I have previously only written a couple of stories in just the first person perspective, on writing this story I tried to incorporate the views of both of the people involved. Please let me have feedback. As before I am not writing fiction, I am trying to tell you about an actual event and am already working on the events of the next few days.

Thanx Woodcutter


Chapter 01: The Kitchen Surprise

Paul walked into the kitchen, it was dark and quiet. The small neon lights in the extractor hood over the gas stove were focused on the hob, hiding most of the room and detail in darkness. As Paul approached the stove it was evident that there was another in the room. A gas jet was whispering quietly as its flame licked at the small pan of water, the contents slowly beginning to gently bubble.

The shadows in the kitchen were moving as Maria danced at the opposite end of the kitchen; with her back to him she was slowly writhing and moving her hands, caressing her body as she danced to music only she could hear.

Over the last six weeks this late night get together between Paul and Maria for a quiet talk had become their usual way of finishing the evening before going to bed. Paul quietly sat at the kitchen table, just watching, he could hear the tinny beat coming from the iPod earphones. It was just another good moment where he could enjoy the view presented to him. During the last year he had been able to enjoy many little moments where he could watch this pretty girl.

Maria was twenty-one years old, at five foot five she was an elite runner preferring 10K and half marathons, with speed and endurance gained from running fifty to sixty miles a week. Her body was well proportioned and a nice shape,

Maria was not large on the chest, maybe struggling to fill an A cup, but that wasn’t something that upset Paul, he liked small breasts.

Maria had the ideal build for a middle distance runner, Lean and tight with a lovely shape to her bottom, ok the shape of her bottom has nothing to do with her ability to run, but it did bring pleasure and happiness to Paul and many people who watcher her run.

With a slight tan, cute nose, brown eyes, long dark brown hair and a ready easy smile, the sweet Italian twenty-one year old was beautiful with the clear skin of the young.

Paul was forty-seven, 6 feet tall with a large muscular build and just beginning to show a little bit of addition weight around the middle, a sign of his good living. With a nice tan on the areas that caught the sun and pale white elsewhere and a neat goatee on his chin, combined with a good head of hair and only a few grey hairs, Paul could tell people he was in his mid-thirties and they wouldn’t have reason to doubt him.

Paul had been married to Kate for nearly fifteen years, everything was great until the last few years when his wife had been diagnosed as having MS, an aggressive debilitating disease which was slowly robbing her of the ability to walk and move, and always left her tired. Kate was asleep early each night, as were the kids.

Paul stood watching the dancing girl, part of him wanted to turn and walk out, he knew it was ok to look at other women, it is ok to fantasise, but it must be wrong to be this interested in Maria. He had been entrusted with her safety and care whilst she was to be staying in his home.

He was happily married and this was a young girl twenty six years younger than he, but as he watched her dancing he could feel his dick twitch and swell slowly as it hardened in his pants. Her dancing form was erotic, he couldn’t move away, hypnotised as he watched her dancing body slowly move into the areas with a little light.

Maria was the family’s Aupair, from Italy she had been living in his home for 18 months whilst on a two year contract. Paul and his wife Kate both worked in the city, after several years of both having to struggle with who was going to get the kid’s dressed and to school or day-care, who was going to collect them, it had been Paul who had suggested getting an Aupair.

A foreign student who would live in their home to provide child care.

The role of hosting a live-in Aupair turned out to be a good lifestyle choice, it de-stressed the days for both parents and enabled the children a relaxing morning environment in their own home rather than being rushed to a childminder before and after school.

In the six years there had been a few good and some very good Aupairs, but Maria was the best they had employed, she had fitted well into the family and home, because she wanted to be part of the family.

Maria was very happy with being part of the family, when talking to her friends Paul and Kate were referred to as her English parents, Paul was getting used to the role of being her English dad, and used to tease Maria about her being his Italian daughter, he would tell her she had to be good and home on time when Betturkey she went out.

Paul had always managed to maintain a professional relationship with the Aupairs, his resolution to stay professional was unbroken, but his desire was rising and some control was slowly eroding as he watched in the quiet kitchen.

Paul was a little puzzled by his attraction, Kate his wife was black, of Caribbean descent, for the twenty years they have been together he had never strayed or been unfaithful to her when she was his girlfriend then wife, his attraction and fantasy’s had always been of dark skinned girls, there had even been a point where he thought white girls were simply too pale.

The dancing figure of Maria was rhythmically swaying; Paul could see she was wearing a loose vest type tee-shirt and the small pair of tight Lycra volleyball shorts that always aroused his attention when she wore them. Paul usually was able to pretend he didn’t notice when she was wearing some of her smaller tight outfits, not wanting Maria or his wife to notice that he liked looking at her. Tonight he could just enjoy the view.

As he looked at her he could see the tight shorts showing the fantastic shape of her small tight bottom, he was thinking the thin toned legs looked as sweet as ever. She had her back to him, it meant he could look. His eyes followed the smooth shaped legs down and then up, he was pleased to see Maria had her legs slightly apart, clearly displayed was the lovely gap at the top of her legs where they met the flat of her crotch, he was imagining the pleasure zone covered by just the thin shorts. He has dreamed of gently cupping this area with the palm of his hand, in the familiar way of lovers, gently massaging and rubbing.

Paul knew that Maria has an ex-boyfriend back in Italy, and since being in the UK she had acquired a “friend with benefits” in the city, a 28yr old advertising executive. He was also aware that recently the frequency of Maria’s visits to her “friend” had reduced.

Just seeing Maria was turning Paul on, his sexual tension had been increasing as had his attraction, he had recently been relieving the tension himself each evening before going to bed, but had been too busy the last few days to do this, he could feel he had to get some release soon.

Paul changed position and reaching into the top of his loosely fitting jeans moved his hard cock which was getting uncomfortable, pulling into a natural vertical position, before pulling the shirt down to cover the exposed tip, within a few more minutes he could feel he was harder than he had been for a long time, and already could feel he was leaking significant pre-cum into his boxer shorts.

Maria turned in the kitchen, noticing she was not alone she let out a little yelp as she jumped, followed by a laugh and then calling out “Paulie, how longa u be there?”

It was only Maria who stretched Paul’s name to Paulie, but as far as Paul was concerned he liked the cute way she did this, Maria spoke very good English however he found the Italian accent a little sexy, plus with Maria he occasionally enjoyed teasing her about her accent.

Paul had a grin as he replied, “Just a few minutes.”

Maria reached into a cupboard, “I was making a cup of tea, you want one too?”

Paul didn’t say anything, just nodding his head after she had already turned her back to him, without waiting for an answer she’d already started preparing the drink for both of them, and after all, this was their evening ritual, very private just between them.

Both sat at the kitchen table, for twenty five minutes they sat talking generally about the day and plans for the coming week and supping their Tea.

Maria had been aware of Paul’s slowly building interest in her since earlier in the summer. During the week Maria had lots of time to herself as she only worked in the early morning and late afternoon, this was great for her allowing the chance to study and do her running and training.

As the spring progressed and it started getting warmer Maria had been catching some sun whilst reading, just sitting or lying on the lawn at the back of the house in her shorts and a tee shirt.

When she started the sunbathing she had been able to see Paul working on his computer at his desk. Paul’s office was separated from the house by the attached double garage, its large window looked over the lawn at the best position for the afternoon sun bathing.

Maria was concerned that Paul might be staring or looking at her whilst she was sunbathing, there was no other location as good for the sun. As she lay on the blanket she would often be watching Pauls face as he worked, she wanted to see if there were signs he was paying too much attention or was showing excessive interest. Paul would occasionally look up and seeing her looking at him, he would smile back before returning his attention to the work on his computer screen. Maria became more relaxed, Paul didn’t Betturkey Giriş seem to be interested.

The next time she was sunbathing when she walked onto the lawn and set out her blanket she noticed Paul had rearranged the office and moved his seating position; he now had his back to her. Realising her employer couldn’t watch her while he worked she was further relaxed. Later that day she changed to a wearing bikini to catch more of the sun.

Several days later after a few hours on the lawn she felt she was too hot, needed to cool down, when walking toward the house she saw Paul’s chair in the office was empty. It was well known in the house that Paul always had the air-conditioning blowing cool toward his desk, she was still feeling too warm so she walked in and sat in his seat.

She sat for a short while enjoying the cool air flow over her skin, It was when sitting in his chair she noticed that Paul was more cunning than he appeared, using multiple screens on his PC he had positioned the second large computer screen so that in the reflection in top right corner was a clear image of her blanket on the lawn, he had changed position so he could discretely watch her while he worked.

Maria was surprised, suddenly knowing she was the subject of Pauls Interest, initially she thought it a little perverted. Paul was in his late forties, he was only a few years younger than her own mum and dad. Paul had given no signs he was interested in her and they had become such a good friends, he was such a nice person.

After thinking about it for a while she realised it didn’t matter about age, she wasn’t upset that Paul was looking, knowing that Paul was interested, Paul was all man, she started to feel a tingle getting a little excited. That night as she lay relaxed with her legs spread It was not long before he was on her mind, she gently caressed her breasts stimulating her nipples before lowering her hand to the soft warm dampness as she rubbed herself.

Maria continued sunbathing but was a little less shy or conservative; she would stand on the lawn knowing Paul could see her. Whilst applying sun screen to her body she would make sure she rubbed the cream into her body whilst in poses less innocent, becoming more erotic and sometimes almost dangerous.

In the weeks that followed she started trying to have a little more fun, as it continued she found when she started to rub the sun block onto her body she could feel her nipples hardening, the tingle in her lower abdomen told her she was getting wet. Maria was enjoying giving a little show, teasing Paul, and she was starting to enjoy it.

It had become a daily ritual for several months, after sunbathing when having a shower Maria would start to touch herself whilst thinking of Paul, the first time she did this it lead on to such a strong orgasm that Paul soon became the subject of every masturbation fantasy. On her next visit to see her ‘friend with benefits’ advertising executive she found herself first wishing it was Paul’s cock she was sucking, then when on all fours with her head down and ass stuck up in the air she closed her eyes and was imagining it was Paul behind her driving his thick cock into her pussy.

Maria started wearing some tighter clothing, and less of it, the most daring was when she used to go to the kitchen in her nightdress, this was a light silk night dress which finished just below her bottom. Not the sort of dress you could bend over in.

Tonight she wasn’t in her dress, in her black lycra volley ball shorts and a tee shirt. Maria knew Paul would we in the Kitchen and would be pretending not to notice, all evening she could feel herself getting aroused and wetter as she anticipated the game.

Paul would be acting innocent and not obviously staring at her. Maria was now more interested in wanting to see his package, she had started discretely looking at Paul. Checking out the bulge in his trousers, observing that often the size was increasing after she had been teasing. She had often fantasied about of holding him, sucking him and then being fucked by him, knowing it was making him hard was starting to affect her more now.

Maria was using all the reflective surfaces to see what was happening behind her when in the kitchen. Paul had not noticed, when she had his back to him and he was thinking he was unobserved, he would look at her legs and arse. Once already this evening as she turned to look out of the kitchen window, in the reflection she saw his eyes drop to the top of her legs.

Maria had been watching earlier when in the reflection she saw Paul had reached into his pants to rearrange his hard cock, Maria had to stop herself from turning round and pouncing as she saw his trousers briefly tented as his prick was moved to an upright position. She wanted Him! Now!

As the time approached Midnight Maria stretched and yawned, it was time to say goodnight to each other before going to bed.

Saying Goodnight, perhaps GOODNIGHT!! Was a tense highlight of the evening for both Paul and Maria, for many months they had been giving each other a goodnight hug. Paul would hold Maria close in a hug, enjoying holding her. Leaning closer he would gently inhale to detect her delicate scent, enjoying her smell, her softness and his hands would be holding her on each side of her chest, with his thumbs only a short distance from her breasts, teasing without ever touching the breasts.

Paul would bend forward and gently kiss Maria on both cheeks in the usual Italian style, he would then do this a second time, as he kissed the first cheek softly he would pause as he moved toward the other cheek, Paul wanted to kiss her on those smiling lips but wasn’t prepared to cross the line, nose to nose they would stare at each other for the briefest moments before Paul moved on, kissing the other cheek.

Tonight Paul kissed Maria on her left cheek, he moved and paused looking into Maria’s eyes, as he started to move towards the other cheek his lips were suddenly in contact with Maria’s lips, the sensation and softness of her lips as they touched was fantastic. Maria raised her hands and was holding the back of Pauls head as she was kissing with a passionate urgency, mashing her lips against his.

Paul suddenly recoiled looking a little panicked, leaning back he realised he had crossed a line, he quickly apologised, “Oh Maria, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I shouldn’t have.”

“I’m not sorry,” was the husky reply, pulling his head towards her waiting lips.

Maria and Paul were kissing passionately, Maria couldn’t get enough of Pauls lips, he was kissing back, she could feel his short beard where it scratched gently against her lips and face, this reminded her she was finally kissing a man, not a boy. Wanting him more she pulled him harder, she wanted him pushing against her, lips were mashed, tongues were duelling, damn it felt so good.

Paul cautiously started moving his left hand over Maria’s thin t shirt towards Maria’s right breast, aware as he moved his hand that he was crossing another boundary. Gently cupping her breast he could feel she was not wearing a bra. The hard nipple was easily identified and he began to gently move his hand to stimulate it, he could feel it as he gently move the cupped palm of his hand in small circles over the tee shirt, over the nipple, as if drawing a circle on the outer edge of his palm.

Touching Maria’s breast had taken the kissing and passion up to a higher level. Maria was aware that the hand which had normally held her waist had gently shifted towards her breast, she gasped as he touched her, she was wanting more, she had been waiting so long for this to feel his hand holding her breast, she had fantasies about him playing with her nipples.

Her wish was granted as slowly slid his hand to the bottom of her t-shirt, sliding his hand under the thin material, his hand slowly moved upward over her smooth skin, as his hand reached her breast he stopped just short of touching her.

Paul was waiting for a moment, giving her a chance to object or back out, he and Maria was still kissing and as he had neared her breast she had become more passionate, after a small hesitation he took it as permission granted and moved his hand to where it wanted to be.

For Maria it was almost as if Paul had been teasing her, she was willing him to touch her, desperate to feel his hand on her breast. She almost sighed with relief when his hand slowly cupped her as he started to stimulate her nipple, this felt so good, its what she wanted, this was like a direct link to her groin, already aroused as she was it was getting hard to control herself, she really wanted to strip off and be filled with him.

Pulling on his head, kissing and sharing tongue, she couldn’t stop herself grinding her pubic bone into Paul’s leg seeking more stimulation for her clit, after a few minutes she turned into him pressing tightly and could feel his hard manhood pushing into her stomach, feeling flutters in her loin she wanted him now…

Paul started to slid his both his hands down to the back of her shorts, he ran his fingers over the outside of the skin tight lycra, holding the two tight buttocks in each hand it felt so good. He was pushing his jean covered stiff cock into her stomach seeking stimulation, so right. Slowly pulling his right hand around the outside, dragging his fingers, he pushed his hand toward her heat.

The smoothness of the shorts enabled his fingers to glide, he was soon cupping her sex over her shorts as she pushed her wet and warm, swollen sex downwards grinding onto his hand.

Maria reached between them aiming for the bulge in Pauls jeans, within moments she had grabbed hold of Pauls material covered cock and was gently squeezing and rubbing it a little. Paul was still cupping her sex on the outside of her shorts, he could feel the heat under the damp material, gently rubbing his fingers he quickly identified her labia and was gently rubbing around the edges before sliding a finger to push the material into her slit. Seeking to gently rub her clit from outside of the shorts.

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