His Favorite Fantasy


The thin curtains are drawn. The clean white sheets on the bed are luxurious. The delicate melody of the sea lapping against the shore outside is the perfect, never ending soundtrack for this special day together.

I am lying under your hands on my stomach, a small covey of pillows underneath my hips. I am slowly melting into a liquid pool from the feeling of your mouth as it licks and sucks and nibbles the soft alabaster skin of my little round ass. You run a gently pressing finger slowly down my crack to my wet swollen pussy, dipping into my tender wet folds to electrify me then moving back up to my asshole to make it wet. You lean over, spread my cheeks, and blow a kiss of warm breath onto my pucker. I am very aroused. You know exactly what you are doing. I can see your wicked smile in my mind’s eye. You tongue all around my little sweet spot, gently squeezing my soft cheeks at the same time. My fingers and toes ball up as my ass pushes up against your mouth.

I feel my element changing. I begin to smolder. The little gasps from my lips as your tongue penetrates me are like tinder catching. The fire ignites as you place a hand firmly onto the small of my back, holding me still as you scoop some lube into your free hand and quietly talk about opening up my beautiful ass with your rigid dripping cock. “Do you want me to fuck your hot sweet hole Baby?” Flames engulf my sex. “Do you want me to lay my throbbing cock against your crack as I spread this lube over it?” Every muscle in my body is writhing in the heat. “Do you want me to slide this hot wet Fucker between your cheeks?” I moan as I feel your prick lay against me. The flames engulf me as you rub the lube over your tool and my crack . I growl low and long as I fight your hand. I am burning up from desire! “Release me!”

You concede, slowly running your hand up my spine. I meet every inch of freedom with the arching of my back. I impale myself as deeply as possible on your finger as I push my ass back and my knees forward till I am on elbows and knees. After one deliriously fast finger attack on my hole you pull out. You get behind me on your knees. All that tenderness and intimacy mixed with the finger fucking and submission has me raging! I need your hot dick raging in my ass! I drop my head impatiently, quivering from wanting you to begin so badly. “Pleeeeease Baby! Take it!” I whine.

You hold your fat slick cock in your hand, running the head in little circles around my asshole, pushing when you get back to the center. I push my hips bahis firmaları back and you push your aching shaft in real easy, then stop. You’ve noticed my sharp intake of breath. You help me relax again by running your hands around my hole and over my cheeks. It doesn’t take long! You let my pushing be your guide. After you have gotten a couple of inches in and been able to stroke down and back, just inside where all those electric nerves are, I start to really open up.

“It’s ok Baby, go deeper now” “Mmmmm yeah, oh, give me more!” I want you to hold my hips and thrust your cock harder and faster into my butt. My pussy is on fire! My head is on the sheets, my eyes are closed and my ass is high in the air. You are nearly straddling me now as your dick drives repeatedly, deeply down into my butt. I moan and pant and cry out “don’t stop!” I am so in lust I am close to tears.

You reach one hand around to cup and finger my pussy, rubbing your palm against my clit while you burn my ass up with deep steady strokes of your raging hot prick. “Fuck Me Lover!” “Love me Fucker! Oh yeaaaaah!” Intense colors of yellow, orange and blue dance in my mind and run down to my core. I feel my orgasm shred my consciousness as it explodes inside of me. I have been taken by the fire. My body is your fucking doll house. You have burnt it down! You hold me up as I smolder in the ashes, luxuriating in that feeling as your steadfast strokes overwhelm my senses again and again.

I become aware of you struggling for control. “Do you want to fill me up Baby?” “Do you want to cum deep in my butt?” In answer your hands clasp my hips more tightly and you growl aloud. I can tell that your orgasm is building inside you. Your balls tighten and your hands grip tightens like a vise. You repeatedly moan very loudly as you slam into me over and over again. “Cum for me!” “Give it to me!” I yell as you pull me tight against your wet pubes and explode, pull out a bit, then drill me again and again until you are spent.

We crash to our side. The tropical breeze blowing over the sweat of our bodies slowly cools the fire. We tenderly kiss and smile as we move until we are touching everywhere we can be before we rest.

We’ve napped, gotten something to drink, and had a luscious sensual shower of soaping and arousing each other and jumped back in bed again. I get into our toy box and pull out the strap on dildo you’ve gotten me: the replica. I know we are both thinking about your admission of the youthful experience you had with kaçak iddaa your gay friend. Your explicit description had turned me on more than I would have ever imagined! I watch you grow hard as I hold the toy to my crotch, asking you with a smile.

The lube is still warm by the bed. Now I want to spank and penetrate and fuck you. You’ve already shown me everything I need to know to give you a great anal experience. I want to make you feel helplessly greedy and desperate for it. I can’t wait to know what it feels like to have a hard shaft and to use it to overwhelm and pleasure you.

I lay the dildo beside us. We lay together, kissing and touching, arousing each other. I push you onto your back with no argument. I slam my tongue into your mouth, lightly bite on then blow into your ears, rub my cheeks across your chest. I’m in control and I like it! I circle your nipples with my tongue, then feed you mine as if you were a child, letting you suck on each large erect nipple while I play with your now very hard and weeping cock.

Next I crawl up your body till I can lay my juicy cunt onto your mouth. We both moan with pleasure. I push my pussy down onto your face while I play with my tits and talk to you about how good your tongue and fingers and breath feel. I run my hands into your hair and pull tight so I can force your face hard against my swollen clit. You moan and wrap your hands around the outside of my thighs so you can pull my pussy lips apart.

I reach around and pinch your nipples, hard. I smile, knowing you love it as much as when I smother you with pussy so that you have to push me off for breath! I’m loving how hot and excited I’m feeling. Your tongue assault is getting me off fast! You alternate between sucking my clit and swirling your tongue in figure eights over it. That works! I feel almost violent as I cum. You have to push me off of you.

I whisper in your ear “Are you ready to get fucked Baby?” Your loud groan and raging hard-on is answer enough. You help me snap the harness in place. “Do you want this in your butt Baby?” You groan again and lay back. Once I’m between your pulled-up legs I scoop out some lube. I smear it up and down your ass crack then all around your sweet hole. “Is this how he did it in the cottage that night?” Your cock twitches and drools. I am so turned on by this talking foreplay! I scoop out more lube for the dildo. Then I take your fat dick into my warm, wet hand. I enjoy watching the electric jolt I have created run up your body. I run the slick kaçak bahis dildo up and down your crack with one hand while I hold your cock still in the other. You reach down and put the head of the dildo up to your pucker for me.

“Give it to me Baby, put it in my ass!” Your torment thrills me! I follow your lead this time. As you push I push, stopping just inside so you can get used to it. Seeing your hard cock quiver and my dildo up your ass makes me feel crazy aggressive lust. I see the lust in your eyes too so I push a little bit, then push again, stroking your ass deeper each time. I see you open to it and just go with how it feels.

I’m digging it! You are moaning and rubbing your pre-cum up and down your cock. Your eyes are locked onto mine. I say “Do you want me to fuck you harder Baby?” I bend over so I can whisper “Do you want to get deep dicked like a cock slut?” I feel so aggressive! I repeatedly push the dildo in to the hilt then close to out. What a spectacle you are begging me to shove it back in! I drive it in hard and start moving fast. I squeeze your balls and rock my hips and slap your ass.

“Don’t stop!” You yell “Fuck me harder, oh Please!” I spank you and tell you “I’m spanking your butt and fucking your butt” and fuck you a little harder! I grab your legs and put them to my chest on each side of my big tits, squeezing them together for you to look at while you furiously jack your dick and get stuffed by your lover.

Your eyes close tight. I see your bare balls tightening. I slap your ass again and tell you I want to see and feel everything you feel when you cum.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me hard, I’m so close!” I’m in a rhythm with the motion of your hand on your dick, telling you how great it feels for me too and for you to cum for me! A few more fast strokes and I hear you yell out “oh fuck! This feels so fucking great! Here I cum!” I watch as streams of hot cum erupt from your cock all over your chest and stomach as your body spasms from the intensity of each jolt. I couldn’t enjoy watching anything more. I slow down, just following how your hand is going, then pull out. I take the dildo off and collapse on top of you. Your cum is like hot butter between us. I am glowing with sweat and feel so happy to see you so spent and satisfied.

You take my face in your hands and kiss me like the wonderful lover you are. You look me deep in the eye and say “Thank you for that.” I smile, then kiss you just the same. “The pleasure was mine Baby.”

It has been spectacular sex. We relax with my legs on either side of your waist, your arms locked around my waist atop you. We say little things as we settle down, both of us wishing we could erase the doors and windows for a few more days.

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