His Sweet Slave Pt. 3


One would think that I’d be satisfied with the abundant amount of cum that Laurence has given me for the past two days, but it obviously isn’t enough as I squirm on the chair at work. I fantasize about him binding my small wrists together while he stuffs his cock down my throat as I have a little plug teasing my tight, virgin ass. I imagine his thick, long cock deep inside of my ass and I have to dig my nails into my thighs to bring me back to the present.Laurence is busy with clients all day long so I don’t even get to see him during lunch. I get a foreboding sensation that I won’t be able to see him even after work ends at five, and sure enough, when I pass by his office I still sense him behind the closed door, obsessively working away. I don’t want anyone at work to suspect our relationship, especially since it’s kink related, so I continue to walk down the hall without even saying goodbye to him.I’m about to walk down the long hallway when I hear my name being called behind me. When I turn around and see Robert walking toward me, I immediately swoon as my gaze unconsciously falters to his crotch.“Hey,” he cheerily says. “I was hoping to catch you before you left. Would you like to share some drinks with me at my favorite pub?”I find myself blushing as I fight the struggle to divert my gaze from between his legs. He notices me staring and grins, which forces me to shiver in absolute longing. “That sounds lovely. Let me just check with Laurence first, okay?”He smiles and nods. “Of course.”I turn around and knock on Laurence’s door. When he answers the door with his immaculate ivory dress shirt and rolled up sleeves that showcase his lean, strong arms, I find myself staring at him in a momentary daze. I can’t believe that I’m sleeping with this beautiful man, I think to myself as I lose my train of thought. His tired, weary eyes brighten up the moment he sets his gaze on me and my stomach flutters with excitement in response.“Hello, Sir,” I shyly say as I meet his heady gaze. “I’m sorry to interrupt you. I just wanted to make sure…is it okay if I go out for a drink with Robert?”He smirks as he takes a step toward me and gently caresses my soft cheek, forcing a sharp gasp from me. “Of course it is. You are free to do as you please, my sweet girl. I trust Robert to keep you safe and take proper care of you. In more ways than one.”I feel the crimson seep into my pale cheeks even more. “Thank you, Sir. I just wanted to make sure that it was okay.”“It is. Under one condition.”I avidly stare at him. “Of course.”Excitement flashes in his emerald eyes as he says, “He has to record you as you choke on his cock. And then he has to send the video to me.”My nipples immediately harden upon hearing his kinky words. “You’re giving me permission…to orally pleasure him without you present, Sir?”“Yes, my sweet. I trust you enough to know that you won’t do anything more. Remember, your tight, perfect pussy belongs to me. That’s my only rule.”“And he can’t have my ass, Sir,” I whisper as I take a bold step toward him and eagerly rub him through his slacks. “That belongs to you, too, for the time being. No one has ever fucked my ass and I want you to be my first.”He groans and I take my hand away before he hardens underneath my touch. “You little minx. I already bought your little plug. I want to see it inside of you as I fuck that pussy again and fill it up with my warm, thick cum. I’ll have a vibrator on your little clit and have you drench my cock in your squirt.”“You’re torturing me, Sir,” I meekly say as I clench my legs together. “I want you so bad.”“I should have you suck him off in front of me right now.” He sighs. “I wish I could watch that. But unfortunately, I need to get back to work. There is just too much to do with this case.”I nod. “I understand, Sir. I won’t disappoint you.”He winks at me. “I know you won’t, my sweet.”***Outside şişli escort of work, Robert is much quieter and calm than his usual busybody work self. To my surprise, he is very gentle and sensual; he can’t stop caressing my wrist, arm, and thigh as he talks to me about his future goals. How he wants to start his own firm one day. How he loves helping people out that are in complicated legal situations that other attorneys shy away from.But it’s clear that as the more liquor we drink, the visceral connection between us becomes more erotically charged. After two whiskey sours, I find myself yearning to be on my knees in front of him as I worship him for as long as he desires. He senses it, too, because after we finish our second cocktail, he pays for our drinks and lends me his arm to lead us toward his apartment, which is in a beautiful high rise building next to the river. As soon as we are in the privacy of his apartment, we literally lunge at each other and start making out as if the world were ending. I moan as he growls into my mouth and I feel his tongue delve into my mouth as his roaming hands wander down to my breasts that are aching for his touch. Lust consumes my entire being as I kiss him passionately without abandon and hungrily savor his fit, toned body underneath his elegant, tailored suit. I gasp as I feel his impressive length underneath the smooth fabric and he shudders uncontrollably underneath my touch.“I am so sensitive, Ruby,” he whispers into my ear. “I’ve been so hard all day fantasizing about your soft lips wrapped around my cock. I’ve been leaking pre-cum all day.”“I need your cock,” I ardently whisper as I rub him earnestly. “I want it so bad.”“It’s all yours.”I quickly kneel before him and eagerly look up at him as I unbuckle him and unbutton his fly and pull down his zipper. I kiss his huge, throbbing cock underneath his boxers and he tenses as he intently gazes down at me. I suddenly remember of Lawrence’s condition and I smile as more arousal floods my folds.“Laurence said you have to record me as I suck your cock,” I say.“Fuck,” he says as he threads his fingers through my long hair. “I don’t know if I can do that. My hands will be too shaky.”“Maybe if you sit down on the couch?”He nods. “That sounds like a much better idea.”I smile as I crawl over to the couch and wait for him to sit down with me. Once he places a blanket down on the black leather couch and sits down on it, he pulls down his pants and boxers to reveal his huge, thick cock that goes all the way past his belly button. If I had to guess how long he is, I’d have to say he’s easily ten inches and as thick as my wrist. I find myself entranced by his impressive, beautiful cock and I shiver when I imagine myself riding him; he would probably make me squirt harder than I ever have with the way his cock curves perfectly.“Your cock is so beautiful,” I whisper as I tenderly caress his throbbing length. “It will fill my throat so perfectly.”He moans as I close my eyes and kiss the base of his cock. I inhale his masculine, divine scent and I make sure to slowly kiss my way up his throbbing length until I finally reach the thick, velvety head, which has a large drop of pre-cum accumulated on the tip. I open my eyes and make sure to gaze up at him as I flicker my wet tongue against the slit of his cock; seeing his delicious expression of pure pleasure sends a thrill of exhilaration right through my core. His pre-cum tastes delicious and divine, but I need more.“I want to suck your cock all night,” I say to him as I continue gazing up at him and bring my right hand to his heavy, smooth balls. “Will you let me?”“Fuck.” He shudders underneath me as his shaky hand caresses my soft, pale cheek. “I’ve never met a girl like you, Ruby. You are so perfect.”I suddenly remember about Laurence’s request and I smile at Robert before saying, şişli escort bayan “You have your phone with you?”“Oh, yeah. In my right-hand pocket.”I take out his phone and pass it to him and patiently wait for him to set up the recording. Once he turns on the camera and nods at me to continue, I moan and wrap my pink, soft lips around the bulbous head of his huge cock and flicker my tongue against the sensitive skin, which forces him to thrust his hips upward and bring his left hand to my hair, where his fingers lightly tug at the soft strands. I’m so voraciously hungry that I want to feel him down my throat already, so I start taking him in my throat inch by exquisite inch. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I manage to take him all the way down my hungry throat, and even though I gag and my body involuntarily jerks away, I keep him in my throat for a long second before I slip him out of my mouth and gasp for air. He shivers and lightly caresses my forehead.“Are you okay, Ruby?” he asks in concern as I feel his body tense underneath me. “I don’t want to hurt you.”His genuine kindness turns me on even more and I eagerly take his cock down my throat again, loving the way he squirms underneath me and the tiny moans that escape him as I lather his huge cock in my warm, slick saliva. I imagine Laurence watching me worship Robert as he calls me his little cock whore and that just sends more insatiable lust throughout my entire core. I repeatedly gag on Robert’s cock and make sure to be as loud and passionate as possible; the slurping, wet sounds of me worshiping him echo throughout the silent living room and with every erotic minute that passes by, I can feel Robert get closer and closer to release.“Don’t stop, Ruby,” he hisses as his hips grind up against me. “Please don’t stop. It feels so fucking good.”I love how vocal he is, just like Laurence, and how he praises me with his words. With my drool dripping down my face and my panties soaked in absolute arousal, I feel like I’m going to come myself by merely worshiping him. I open my eyes and look up at the camera with a possessed expression as I pop him out of my mouth and eagerly suckle on his huge, heavy balls before I wrap my right hand around his beautiful cock and jerk him off. I suck on his right testicle and use my warm, wet saliva as lubrication to passionately stroke him. The slippery, wet sounds of me sucking his testicle and jerking him off are apparently too much for him because he tenses underneath me before a violent shudder claims his body.“Ruby, I’m going to come,” he whispers in a shaky tone.I know that Laurence would love to see Robert shoot his thick load of cum directly in my mouth, so I quickly pull my mouth away and open it widely in anticipation of his orgasm. His thighs uncontrollably shake and a sharp gasp escapes him before his cock jerks in my hand and he starts coming directly into my mouth. I make sure to look into the camera as Robert’s thick, warm and sweet cum lands on my long tongue. Jet after jet of his delicious cum spurts out of him until it is too much and I’m forced to swallow his sweet seed. I smile into the camera as I feel his warm, thick cum trickle down my throat.“So fucking delicious,” I murmur once all of it has gone down my throat. “I love being a cock whore for you, Master.”“Fuck, that’s hot,” Robert whispers as he tenderly caresses the corner of my mouth. “You’re so beautiful, Ruby. Do you want more cum?”My eyes widen and a primal shiver overtakes my body. “I would love that, baby.”“Mm. I can give you more. Maybe you can touch yourself while you suck the head of my cock and I stroke myself. I would come even harder than before.”I moan and quickly lift my skirt up to reveal my white cotton panties. If only he could see how damp they are with arousal for him. I hastily take off my underwear and bring my right hand to my mecidiyeköy escort soaking wet folds to touch myself and to my complete shock, I find myself already on the cusp of orgasm. When I wrap my hungry mouth around the throbbing, velvety head of his pulsating cock, I start thrashing against my finger like a wanton in heat. Robert wraps his right hand around the base of his thick cock and starts jerking himself off as raw, blinding pleasure encapsulates us both. The blissful eroticism is too much and after only a minute of fucking myself with my hand, I feel the familiar tightening of my womb and my entire petite body tightening in warning. I feel like screaming in iridescent ecstasy when my finger rubs my G-spot and I squirt like I never have before. I continue slurping on his beautiful cock even though tremors possess my body and I ride out the orgasm as cum drips down my legs and onto the floor.“My God,” Robert huskily whispers as his hand quickens its pace. “I wish I could feel that pussy squirt all over my cock. And all over my chest. And down my throat. Squirt again for me, Ruby. Please.”His words send me over the edge once again, and this time more cum gushes out of me until there is a huge puddle on the floor. Robert hisses and his body tenses as he grabs hold of my chin, forcing me to look up at him. Seeing the delirious, unrestrained lust in his beautiful bright eyes sends another tremor through my body and I whimper as I gaze into the camera and think of Laurence.“Master,” I whisper before I moan and start to tremble uncontrollably. “I love being your cumslut.”Ripples of pleasure course through me as I succumb to my third orgasm, which triggers his second one. My cum gushes out of me for a good five seconds as Robert’s own cum decorates my face. He wasn’t lying when he said that even more cum would gush out because I swear he comes even harder than before, covering me in his delicious, sweet seed.***“You sexy fucking slut. I think I came a little from watching that.”Laurence’s voice sends a tremor down my spine as I stretch out on my bed and I envision him avidly watching the video that Robert took for him a few hours ago. It’s nearly midnight and even though he must be exhausted from work, he still sounds so excited and turned on from the video. Which only triggers my unquenchable lust as well.“I wish you were here on my bed, bouncing on my cock, squirting all over it.” He growls. “I think I may just tell my little slave to come over so that I can fill up that slutty little pussy with warm cum. You just can’t get enough cum, can you?”If another man were talking to me like this, I would never speak to him again. But it feels so right and sexy with Laurence. “I love being your cumslut, Sir.”“Mm. I loved hearing you say that in the video. Looking into the camera and addressing me as you worshiped his cock. You are a such a good girl in every way.”I smile. “Thank you, Sir.”“Is my little cock whore thirsty for more cum?”“I’m always thirsty for your cum, Sir,” I say breathlessly.He chuckles. “Then come over to my apartment. But I’m warning you. I won’t be gentle.”My heart does a summersault upon hearing his promising words. “Sir, you can fuck me as hard as you want. I’m your little whore to ravage and use.”“I feel like my cock is going to rip through my pants. Please come over now, Ruby. I will patiently wait for you.”Twenty minutes later, I find myself outside of Laurence’s apartment door, wearing nothing underneath my long, black jacket save for my black heels. He opens the door and looks at me with so much delicious lust and eroticism swimming in his green eyes that I am momentarily blinded by the thick wave of arousal that settles on my body, rendering me immobile for a moment. I can tell that he’s showered because of his damp hair and even though he’s only wearing a black simple T-shirt and grey sweatpants, he still looks so deliciously sexy to me. He doesn’t say a word as he closes the door shut and wraps a hand around my pale neck, adding light pressure to my airway. I stare at him in complete surrender as his intent gaze roams my face.

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