In a New York Minute – Part Seventeen – Chapters 65-68


Chapter Fifty-Seven“Is he sleeping?” Mac asked as he watched his wife’s hips sway as she entered their bedroom.“Yup. Clean diaper, full tummy, and a little Orajel to soothe those gums all make for a happy, sleepy baby.”“Good, because I need to put my hands on your body.”Grace tilted her head. “Well, if you insist.”“I do.”Mac grabbed her and playfully pulled her onto the bed with him, kissing her and letting his hands roam free. Giggles turned to moans as he found all the right places to tease, twist, and flick. Taking a nipple between his teeth while clever fingers slipped inside her wet heat, he brought her to a quick first orgasm.“Oh, God!” she cried out as her back arched.“Again,” he demanded.When he was satisfied that he’d made her cum a half dozen times, he lifted her legs and rested her ankles on his shoulders before plunging into her. “Fuck! You’re so tight, baby.”He marveled at how their bodies seemed specifically designed to fit together just right as he thrust into his wife repeatedly. Pleasure rose slowly inside them both until their need sizzled like scalding water, ready to boil over.He reached between them and found her sweet spot just aching to be stimulated. Bodies danced in rhythm; their panting became louder and almost feral. Her back arched, and her climax ripped through her body as her man flooded her pussy.“Oh, fuck! Yes!”They shuddered and collapsed on the bed, with Grace snuggling against Mac’s chest. “You were amazing,” she said, her voice sexy and breathy like an old-time movie star.He grinned. “Not as amazing as you were.”“We’re pretty perfect together, aren’t we?”“No argument there.”They lay there for a while as their heartbeats slowed and normal breathing resumed.“I should get up, brush my teeth, and get ready for bed.”“Or, you could put that talented mouth to work and get me hard again for round two.”“Well, aren’t you greedy; sounds like a good plan.”Grace scooted between Mac’s legs and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Her fingers played deftly with his sac while her tongue did magical things.“Nobody sucks cock like my Gracie,” Mac bragged.“Mmfph.”He laughed at his wife’s attempt to respond with a mouthful of growing dick. It didn’t take long until he was fully hard again.“Pick your poison, my love.”“I wanna ride you backwards.”A wicked smile bloomed across Mac’s face. “Well, if you insist,” he said, mimicking her earlier words.“I do.”Lowering herself onto his rigid pole, she wiggled her ass. Mac gave it a playful swat before grabbing her hips so he could thrust while she rode him.He watched her curvy bottom with its puckered star tease him as she moved up and down his shaft. The friction of her soft, wet walls as they gripped his cock made him so aroused that he felt his primal urges take control. He pumped ferociously, making her scream his name and God’s. He knew his impending climax was imminent. But he did his best to focus on her pleasure for as long as possible.Feeling proud of himself for making her cum three more times, he hammered into her rapidly and filled her yet again.A few moments later, Grace sighed. “Great, I don’t know if I have enough strength left to lift my toothbrush.”Mac tickled the bottom of her foot, making her jump. “Sure, you do; you don’t like having furry teeth in the morning.”“Ugh! You’re so right about that. Fine. But I’m not flossing.”Mac chuckled. “I’m not the tooth police, babe. You do you.”“I like it better when you do me.”“My sassy little redhead—if I didn’t have an early meeting tomorrow, I’d insist on a round three.”“Next time.”February bursa escort flew by, and March blew in like a lion with blustery winds. It was hard to believe that, according to the calendar, Spring was just around the corner.Grace checked her daily schedule and saw an appointment at 10:00 a.m. with someone listed as K. Abbott. Anxiety gnawed at her stomach as she recognized the last name. She was about to contact Avery for more information about the meeting when he popped his head into her office.“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that all the European reports came in on time this month and that Paris reported a slight increase. Seems like things are getting back on track there.”“Thanks. It helps that Andre is no longer fucking around behind his wife’s back. We will still spend a few days there so he can see us face-to-face. I think it’s good for him to know we are paying attention.”“And that is why you are the COO, and I am your administrative assistant.”“Speaking of that, did you add the 10:00 meeting to my schedule?”“Yes, it’s a woman who said she represented a new business and wanted to discuss IT options. I tried to arrange for her to meet with Kyle Anthony in the Brooklyn office, but she was adamant about meeting with you. I’m sorry; should I reschedule?”“No, it’s fine. Do you have any additional information on her?”“No, I searched, but nothing turned up.”“Okay, thanks for trying. I’ll be on calls until then. Mac is in Queens today until midafternoon. If this K. Abbott shows up early, have her complete the needs assessment paperwork.”“Will do.” Chapter Fifty-EightThe next two hours flew by, but the calls went well, and Grace felt particularly productive. Then she opened her door and saw a woman chatting up her admin in a falsely cheery tone. As she recognized the voice, Grace’s breathing hitched, and irritation crept up her spine.“Well, there she is, my sweet niece, all grown up and living in a big fancy house! How are you, sweetie?”Grace dug deep for strength.“Nope, we aren’t doing this, Aunt Katherine. Avery will set you up with our man, Kyle, in the Brooklyn office if you have real business. Otherwise, we’re done here.”Avery looked aghast. Clearly, this woman had misrepresented herself, and Grace was livid. He felt partially responsible for not digging deeper to find out this woman’s identity and purpose for coming.“I have business with you, Grace Remy, and you’ll be respectful and invite me into your office. Your father would be so disappointed to see you acting so rudely to his sister.”“Do you mean the sister who kicked me out because you said I was too much of a burden? I think it is you who would cause my father disappointment.”Avery felt conflicted. On one hand, he should probably excuse himself so the women could talk in private, but he couldn’t just ditch Grace and leave her in a very uncomfortable situation.Sensing his discomfort, Grace inhaled sharply. “Come into my office Mrs. Abbott, where we can discuss why you are really here.”Grabbing his phone, Avery shot off a text.Uncle Bentley, Grace has a visitor who is causing her grief. Any advice?On my way.Closing the door behind her, Grace gestured to the visitor chair in her office. “You might as well sit.”Katherine Remy Abbott hesitated momentarily as she studied her brother’s only child, the one he and his wife had foisted upon her after their untimely deaths. She hadn’t wanted children, never had any of her own. But that didn’t stop the little brat from showing up on her doorstep all those altıparmak escort years ago. Truth be told, she never liked her brother, and she liked his daughter even less. But she took advantage of the money left for her care. Of course, that money had long run out, and now the little bitch was swimming in it.“I apologize for the ruse, but I figured that was the only way to get you to agree to see me. I know that we didn’t part on the best of terms, but I am your only living relative. And I took care of you when your irresponsible parents went on that dangerous mission and left you with no one.”Grace took a deep breath, silently counting to ten to find her inner calm.“Please, let’s drop all pretenses. You’re here because you saw me on the news and discovered that I have money now, and you want a chunk.”“You make it sound so sordid. I did take care of you, after all. It wouldn’t kill you to repay my kindness.”“Katherine, you were never kind. And you were well paid to look after me. But we both know you kept the money and told me to get out, so I don’t believe I owe you anything more.”“You drove a wedge between my husband and me. He left shortly after you did. I’ve been alone all these years,” Katherine sniffled and fanned at fake tears with both hands.Grace rolled her eyes.“I have nothing. You, conversely, have it all, don’t you? You’ve more than landed on your feet; I’m sure you have enough to share with your poor, lonely aunt.”The knock on the door was the only thing that prevented Grace from going off on her aunt.“Come in.”“I’m sorry to interrupt, Ms. Grace,” Bentley said, raising an eyebrow at the woman who sat dabbing at her eyes. “But I wanted to make sure that everything was alright.”Grace smiled stiffly at Bentley. She knew his heart was in the right place, but she didn’t want his help at the moment. “You’re very kind to check on me. It turns out that the potential client is actually my aunt, and we’re discussing old times. So, if you’ll excuse us…”“Of course. Just remember I’m available if you need me.” His face showed genuine concern.Her heart squeezed a little. How ironic that she felt a stronger sense of family from Bentley than she’d ever felt with Aunt Katherine.“I appreciate that.”“Aren’t you so kind to check on my darling niece?”Bentley raised an eyebrow skeptically and nodded as he closed the door behind him.Katherine’s tune changed when it was just the two of them again. “Look at you with servants at your beck and call,” she scoffed. “And yet, you’d deny me a bit of money to ease my current state.”Grace sat in the chair behind her desk, twisting her wedding ring around and around on her finger. As much as she detested Mac’s family, none had ever asked for a penny. The hateful woman who sat across from her was nothing but a greedy leech.“Just for curiosity’s sake, how much money would it take for me never to lay eyes on you again?”Katherine’s eyes widened. “A million dollars.”Grace burst out laughing. “No.”“No? Just, no? What do you mean?”“I mean, had you asked for some reasonable amount, I may have been inclined to give you something in memory of my father. You’re right; you didn’t ask to be my guardian. But you were compensated for your efforts, what little they were. Still, if you hadn’t decided to show your true greediness, you might be walking away with a check.”Katherine became visibly flustered.“Fine, I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give. It’s the least you can do. I put you through college.”“No, you didn’t. There was money görükle escort left for that. Money that you couldn’t get your hands on because it was in a trust for my education.”Katherine said nothing.“I’m sure there was more that I should have gotten, but I was naïve and didn’t understand my parents would have never gone on that mission without ensuring my needs would be met. Instead, I wore thrift shop clothing and cleaned your house to pay for my meals until you demanded I leave. If you spent all the extra you kept, it’s not on me; I owe you nothing. I think you should go now.”“I’ll bet that fancy husband of yours would be interested to know how you left before you were eighteen to go God knows where, probably whoring around.”Grace shook her head.“Stop; that’s not going to work. My husband knows everything there is to know about me, and you know damn well that you kicked me out, and I ended up staying with friends until I graduated high school.”Finding her balance, Grace added, “By the way, it might interest you to know that the last person who tried to blackmail me is going to prison.”Probably.Katherine’s eyes grew wide.“But, out of the kindness of my heart, I’m going to give you one more chance. Pick a reasonable amount.”“Five thousand dollars,” Katherine blurted out, instantly wishing she’d said ten.Grace picked up the phone and called Michael Stone.“Hello, I need to speak with Michael, please.”Katherine’s eyes darted nervously around the room and saw photos of Grace and her husband. Her man was rich and handsome. It seemed so unfair.Grace’s voice went from stern to cheerful for a moment. “Yes, thank you, he’s doing so well. Listen, I hate to bother you, Michael, but I need paperwork drawn up as soon as you can make it happen. I’m giving my aunt a rather large sum of money as a gift from my personal account, and I want to make sure it’s in writing that this is a one-time deal and that there will be no more money henceforth.”There was a pause.“Five thousand dollars. No, no, not blackmail. Just greed. Yes, of course. That’s why I called you. Yes, I appreciate your help. Thank you, goodbye.”Grace turned her attention to her aunt. “You’ll need to make an appointment with my admin to return in a few days. At that time, you’ll sign an agreement that the five thousand dollars is a one-time gift and that you will never come back. If you do, a restraining order will be filed. Say thank you, Aunt Katherine.”The words weren’t lost on Katherine. She heard herself in her mind demanding in that same snippy tone that Grace say thank you for every little thing.Say thank you, Grace.Katherine scowled. “Thank you.”“Bentley will see you out once you have arranged our next and last meeting. I don’t know whether there was any real business you wished to discuss, but let me assure you, I have no interest in taking you on as a client.”“Isn’t that for your husband to decide?”“Nope, that falls under my department. Good day,” Grace said as she showed Katherine the door.“Avery, Mrs. Abbott will need to schedule a follow-up appointment for no more than one week from now.”She closed the door behind her and waited until it was silent outside her office. Then she waited for the tears to come, but all she felt was anger.Chapter Fifty-NineShe wasn’t the only one who was angry.“You did what? Without even discussing it with me?” Mac fumed when he arrived home later that afternoon.“I took it out of my account. I don’t need your permission to touch my money.”“I’m not suggesting you need permission. But sweet Jesus, you don’t even have a verdict on the blackmail case, and now you’re giving in again to someone else? Didn’t you learn anything about how you handled Bakary Konen?”His words stung. Grace tried to speak, but Mac raged on. “I can’t believe that Michael Stone agreed to this. He should have at least notified me.”

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