Incompatible Parts


I wrote this for a cyberfuck buddy of mine as a surprise. It turned out to be a fantasy of hers, and she loved it, so I decided to share.

Please vote & comment, because without feedback, the extra work of posting is not worth going through. If you have ideas for a sequel or a story, or even want to tell me how many times you came,email me through this site. Every message will be answered.

Charli was ass horny.

She called it “the feeling” mostly because the first time she had an anal orgasm was when she was getting it in her ass doggy style from her then boyfriend, Mark, and that Black Eyed Peas song was playing. That, and for her, “A good night” started or ended with an anal orgasm.

She was desperate to cum. She needed a deep anal fucking cum. She broke out the hitachi, the wet platinum, and Mr Big Stuff, her 10 inch black dildo, as well as a few other toys. She started off slowly, gently teasing her clit with the hitachi. It was too much, so she put a condom on the hitachi. It was a trick she learned from a webcam girl friend of hers, the same one who recommended the hitachi. The condom just made it glide over her smoothly shaved pussy better.

She began sliding the hitachi all around her pussy again, feeling into the vibes. Her juices wet flowing. She took a small dildo, and began to fuck her pussy very shallowly with it, lubing it with her secretions. After a few deep breaths she slid it down, and into her ass, which she had used some of the lube on earlier. The dildo slid in, making her groan lustily. She continued flicking her clit with the hitachi, and braced the small dildo on the bed, so she could bounce a bit. After a few minutes, she needed a big dick in her ass. She not only craved it, she felt it almost like a burning need in her guts.

She stuck Mr BigStuff’s suction cup base to the bedroom wall. She began to suck it, while continuing her earlier ministrations. She knew some woman sucked cock to get something from aman, or on a rate

occasion to make their man happy. Not Charli. Charli loved the feeling of a piece of man meat in her

mouth. She lived feeling it get steely hard from her oral ability. She loved the musky taste of the male flesh, as well as the salty sweet precum. While Mr BigStuff had no delicious taste, it allowed her to imagine it while stretching her jaws.

She was deeply into her fantasy now, dripping wet and ass hungry. She rubbed some lube into her ersatz boyfriend. When the dildo gleamed wetly, she placed the hitachi to the side, and attempted to back her

ass onto the dildo Nope..too low. She pulled it off the wall, & repositioned. Tried again. Too high. Once more. Not enough lube. She relubed and once again backed into it. Felt the head stretching her. She tried to get it in her backdoor, and “pop!” The dildo fell off the wall.

She threw Mr BigStuff across the room in frustration, where the dildo splattered the wall with lube as it slid wetly to the ground. She pulled the smaller dildo from her pussy and sat on the bed, groaning with frustration and need. This was just not working.

She put on a pink tank, and tight black shorts, and went into her living room. She sat crosslegged on her couch, and tried to figure out how to get a big, hard cock where she needed it. Getting a man wasn’t hard. She could go down to the local bar, wink her eyes, and have 5 drooling at her feet. With her warm brown bedroom eyes, spiky blonde hair, and curves like an expensive sports car, she knew she never had to be lonely.

She just wanted a man who wouldn’t pop after inserting an inch. A man who wouldn’t drop trou to reveal a matted nest of fur and an unwashed, tiny dick. She wanted meat, and an ass butcher to work it!

As she mulled over her problem, she faintly heard some music. Must just be Danny, her neighbor, bahis firmaları and self proclaimed “fag hag”. Danny was a gorgeous hunk of man. 6’2, brown hair, piercing blue eyes, hr looked like a Latino flavored Liam Neeson. He was her bestie ever since he helped her pick up her canned goods when she moved into her apartment. They had spent long hours since, drinking wine, and listening to each

other lament ever finding their perfect man.

When the conversations had turned to sex 2 bottles into a Pinot the weekend before, they both talked about their love of anal. With the exception of Charli perferring her her guts stuffed doggie, and Danny on his back with his legs on his lovers shoulders, they both wanted the same thing. They wanted a big man with a shaved hunk of man meat who could hit the spot deep inside their asses where the orgasm lived.

Well, the music meant Danny was home, so maybe she could go share her misery

Charli grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay and headed to the hall. After an extended period of knocking, Danny answered, with a red face and a frown, which reversed it course on seeing his friend. “Chilita! How are you? What’s wrong my little jalapeno?” Charli just enveloped her friend with a huge hug and sobbed for a minute. They walked into Danny’s apartment, with his arm around her shoulders. Upon reaching the couch, they sat down facing each other, and Danny said, “Whatever is wrong, we can fix it together.”

Charli looked at her friend with love in her moist eyes, and replied, “I wish we could, but we’ve got incompatible parts, Sweetie.”

Danny looked at her quizzically. “Incomparable parts? Chilita, what are you talking about?”

Charli smiled at her friend and outlined her problem. “I need it hard and deep today. I feel it. I’m burning for it. But while you love a good ass hump as much as I do, I know mine isn’t on your menu.”

Danny looked at Charli, and barked a hard, almost barking laugh. “I feel your pain, Sweetie. I was just in the bedroom trying to be my own backdoor lover, and getting nowhere. Damn dildo kept falling off the wall!” Charli just stared at her friend for a moment, and just started tolaugh. Danny stared back, and joined into his friends uncontrolled mirth. The two just hugged and laughed for almost 5 minutes before they leaned back and wiped their tears of laughter.

Charli spoke first “At least I’m not in this alone. I honestly threw the goddamn dildo across the room the last time it fell.”

Danny just looked at her, and in small voice, asked, “So what do we do?”

They say there for a minute, almost two, until Charli looked up, and smiled a devilish grin. “I know I’m not a man, but I can be one for you, if you can try to be mine. “

Danny had a confused look “Chilita, you have too many beautiful curvesto be a man. What are you talking about?”

Charli replied “We both need it hard, and deep. Well, you’ll fuck my ass, and I’ll fuck yours. I’ll just dress like a man. Danny laughed at his friends silliness. “Like you said, we have incomparable parts. Dressing like a man won’t give you a cock, baby girl.”

Charli responded excitedly “it won’t, I’ve got the strap on I bought to do Mark before the prick cheated on me’l

Danny began to smile. “Well Sweetie, we can definitely try! Your place or mine?”

Charli picked up the wine. “Mine. Everything’s all ready for us!”

The went back to Charli’s walked into the bedroom and both stopped and looked at each other awkwardly. “How do we do this?” Danny asked trepidatiously.

Charli though for a minute, and reached for her friends belt. “We do this naked,” she said, almost more to herself. She pulled open his pants, and her friends partial erection fell heavily out of his fly. She looked up at him, shocked. “If I knew you were packing this much meat, I may kaçak iddaa never have agreed to this!” Before he could reply, Charli dropped to her knees, and sucked the head of the trouser monster before her greedily into her gullet.

Charli began to gently tongue around the head, and onto the sweet spot right where the head met the shaft on the underside. While the cock filling her mouth jumped a bit, he was still soft, and not improving. Charli spat him out & looked up. Danny looked down sadly. “I’m sorry,Sweetie. I’m used to a very different kind of face. Faces with mustaches.”

Charli led her friend to the bed, and sat him down. She held his hand for a moment, and said “I’ll be right back.” Charli went into her bathroom, and gently shut the door behind her.

Danny sat naked on Charli’s bed, wondering what she was going to do.While they both needed to be fucked he didn’t understand how she thought she could give him an erection. The bathroom door flew open with force, and bounced off the wall. Out came a very different person who went in. Gone were the shorts & tank.

In their pace were a wife beater and …Danny had to look twice to be sure. Tighty Whiteys with a bulge. Her 36 DDs appeared to be almost missing. Her blonde hair was slicked back, darkening it, and she had

drawn on a goatee with makeup.

He wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to laugh from how serious she looked. Before he could say anything, Charli shoved him backward onto the bed. She then dropped in front of him and began to suck again. But now

instead of the tender suction she had started with before, she was a Cocksucking animal. She nipped at his balls playfully, and sucked hard, she shoved 2 well lubed fingers in his asshole as well, and beat a sexual tattoo on his prostate. This time he had no problem rising to full tumescence.

Charli spat out his cock, and climbed on the bed, lowering her tighty whities low enough for him to see the balls of her strap on, and the shiny gleam of her well lubed rectum. “Get up here, and fuck me, bitch,” Charli snarled in a low tone. “I don’t trust you not to pop off and be useless to me if I fuck you first.”

Danny climbed up onto the bed, and looked down at Charli’s heart shaped hindquarters, and slid his erection into her dark hole, all the while thinking that a beautiful ass is a beautiful ass, regardless of gender. Charli moaned deeply, and growled out, “Yes, you bitch. Nail that ass.Fuck it hard with that big dick.”

Danny was not stranger to topping. While he preferred bottom, he knew you have to give to get. He also knew that as he was substantial in the groin, he had to go slow. He had approximately a third of his dick

in Charli when she pushed back, forcing his 9 inches to become completely enveloped in her tightly clutching bowels. They both moaned loudly in shared ecstasy.

Danny narrowly avoid prematurely popping his cork from the sheer tightness of Charli’s rippling bowel. After a moment to rest, he began to fuck her, slowly at first, then building up a head of steam.Charli was making animalistic grunts and groans, and started pushing back again. This is what she needed. A cock just slightly too big,making her stretch, and the length to stroke her insides deep enough to scratch her anal itch.

“God, Danny, you pound me so good, baby. This ass is open to you whenever you want it if you keep plowing me with that huge rod!” Charli screamed, and Danny withdrew his log from Charli’s ass. Before she could say a word, he flipped her on her back, pulled her shirt up over her head, and puther legs over his shoulders. He then slid back into her ass in one long stroke.

“Jesus!” Screeched Charli. “I’m think your fucking me into my lungs! Stuff my ass with that monster! Make me choke on it”. Danny bent down low while still pumping, and tore the ace bandage kaçak bahis he found wrapped around his ersatz boyfriends breasts. He then began to chew her left nipple, all the while pumping her slick tunnel.

Charli could no longer speak coherently. She moaned and screamed. Danny finally withdrew from her ass, and quickly shoved his wet cock in her mouth. She sucked him in, purely from reflex, and he sunk hard

into her gullet, right past any gag reflex, into her throat and shot his creamy load.

After shooting his load, he collapsed next to Charli, and closed his eyes, temporarily sated. How long he lie there, he didn’t know. Hejust waited for his thundering heart to slow down.

The next thing her was aware of was his cock being enveloped in liquid warmth. He struggled to open his eyes, and by the time he did, the 2 fingers were back in his ass, stroking his prostate. “God, Charli, you’re insatiable!” He exclaimed to her. She didn’t respond, instead she began to push on the underside of his cock with her tongue while forcefully sucking.

After a few minutes of this treatment, Danny was hard as a rock. Charli withdrew, and pulled off the tighty whities. “How do you want it this time, Charli?” He asked. Charli looked at him and grinned an evil smile. “Not me this time. Bend over that fucking bed & spread your cheeks, stud. The express train is coming to your ass,”

Danny scrambled into position. He heard Charli stroking her strap-on with lube. He awaited the feeling of the blunted tip of her dildo on his asshole. Instead, he felt the worming if Charli’s tongue in his asshole. She

was rimming him! Danny was in ecstasy, never having experienced this treat before. He reached back and pulled apart his firm ass cheeks, giving Charli deeper access with her wriggling oral digit. His cock throbbed below him, drooling precum onto Charli’s sheets.

Finally Charli withdrew her tounge, tongue, slapped Danny’s firm backside, and aimed her rubber dick on his now open hole. “Are you ready to get used, Bitch?” She snarled.

“Yes ma’am” he answered meekly. “Ma’am!?!” Bellowed Charli. How many ma’ams are going to be able to

shove their hard cocks up your sissy ass?!?” Danny, trying to get back into Charli’s fantasy started to reply “I’m sorry, sir”. Before he could finish, Charli rammed the entire dildo in his ass, rubber balls deep.

Danny felt he was splitting like a log. He hasn’t seen the strap-on before Charli put it in, but it was clearly a monster, and she was being none to gentle. “Please slow down, Sir. I’m not used to someone of your size,” Danny breathily requested. Charli dutifully slowed down, but continued deep dicking her gay lover.

Finally Danny’s ass loosened, and he began to push back. Charli stepped up her pounding of Danny’s rump, and he began to moan and groan much like his lover earlier. Just when he thought he could take no more without climaxing, Charli withdrew. “Turn over, bitch,” she growled.

Danny flipped onto his back, legs spread. Charli crawled up to him, and began to suck him, while stroking a finger in his asshole. Then 2 fingers. Then 3 when she realized how open he was. Finally all 4 fingers were in his ass while she gently rubbed his taint with he thumb, and she was sucking deep.

Danny was in a joyful place he’d never been. He was dreading cumming,as he didn’t want the pleasure to stop. At that moment, Charli slid in her thumb, and pushed her fist in, while forcing his cock deep in her throat. With a crying scream, Danny was blasted into joy unknown.

The next thing he realized, Charli was lying on his chest, and his ass felt well used but empty.

She looked up at Danny, and in her regular voice asked, “How did I do?”

Danny was silent for a moment, and looked down at his smiling lover. “Next time, no clothes. And your makeup all smeared, Chilita”. Charli stood up, and smacked Danny’s ass. “You loved it, bitch.”

Danny looked up at her, and smiled. “Yes I did, and so did you. Maybe we have compatible parts after all.”

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