Janitorial Service


I got into work early that day. I’m not sure how I did it, I mean the traffic was light and I made just about every traffic light on my trip, but still, I got there so early that the cleaning crew was just starting on my floor when I stepped into my office. I could immediately see that they had not cleaned my office because the trash can was full and the floor needed vacuuming. I went ahead and set up my computer, but knew someone would be in disturbing me in a little while.

Logging onto my computer, I quickly checked my e-mail but held off really starting work, instead I headed down to the cafeteria and picked up some breakfast. Returning to my office I noticed that a cleaning lady was in the office across from mine. I sat down at my desk, pulled out my breakfast and glanced out my office door into the other office. The cleaning lady was short, with long dark hair. She had on a backpack type vacuum that was just a bit thinner than she was and I wondered how she carried it through the day without wearing herself out.

Once she finished vacuuming I watched her pull off the vacuum and walk over to the trash can. As she bent over I couldn’t help but admire the tight little ass she had. Her shirt pulled up as she was bent and I could see the elastic to her thong peeking over her jeans. I felt my cock beginning to grow and since no one else was around I let myself indulge in a fantasy.

  I stepped into the office balçova escort bayan while she was still bent over the trash can and said, “Your thong is very sexy.”

Immediately standing up, she turned and looked as me, startled. Then it registered what I said to her and she said, “How do you know what my thong looks like?”

“When you bent over there, your shirt pulled out of your pants and I could see the thong over top of your jeans.”

“Oh, sorry,” she answered, tugging her shirt down a bit.

“Oh don’t be, I enjoyed it.”

“You liked what you saw?” she asked.

“Yes, and I think I’d really like what I didn’t see.”

“And what was that?”

“Well, I’m not really sure because I didn’t see it, but on you it has to be good.”

Turning the tables on me a bit she said, “Did it make you hard?”


“Thinking about what you didn’t see?” she asked, glancing down toward my crotch.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I leaned against the door frame, trying to conceal my erection. “Well, I got hard for a moment there.”

“You’re not still hard?” she asked me, moving a bit closer.

“Ah… well yes, I am.”

“You know it is kind of hard to see like that. I mean since you saw my thong I think it’s only fair I get to see the bulge in your pants.”

“I better get back to work…”

“What if I show you what you don’t see, balçova escort will you show me what I don’t see?”

Looking up and down the hall, I said, “I don’t know.”

“No one will be around for at least thirty minutes, it won’t take that long just to look,” she said.

I stepped in to the office and closed the door. We stood looking at each other for a moment, than I said, “You first.”

“Let’s go at the same time okay?”

I nodded.

“On the count of three, one, two… three,” she said, moving her hands to her jeans, while I moved my hands and began unfastening my belt. Her jeans fell to the floor leaving her standing in her thong. I stared at her, letting my pants fall to the floor while gazing at her black sheer thong through which I could see her curly, black patch of pubic hair. Looking harder I could see a hint of her lips.

She then grabbed the waistband and pulled her thong off, so I followed, pulling off my underwear. We both stood silently, just looking at each other. Turning slowly, she put her thong on a desk and then bent back over, wiggling her ass. I moved forward and let my cock slide over the soft skin.

When I looked at her face I saw she was watching me look at her. She said, “In my case there, I have some Vaseline.”

Understanding what she wanted, I reached over, pulled the top off the Vaseline and coated my cock liberally. Moving escort balçova back to her, I eased my cock between her cheeks and then began pushing into her tight hole. It resisted me at first, but as I pushed a little harder, it yielded and my head slipped inside her. The tightness felt wonderful on my cock and I wanted more so I continued to push, getting a bit further in when it resisted me a bit more. Grabbing her by the hips with both hands, I pulled her back onto me, as she leaned, helping me some. In a moment she opened completely to me and I began thrusting and then withdrawing from her tight ass.

I could see she had been playing with her clit all along so when I began to increase my speed, she was about to come. Moving quickly in and out of her, I heard her moan, so I shoved myself deep into her, pausing as her ass tightened and released on me several times. As the pulsations subsided, I continued withdrawing and thrusting, enjoying the pleasure of her tightness as slid along my shaft. In a few moments I felt the pleasure shoot though me and I came, spurting my cum deep into…

“Sir, can I vacuum your office for you.”

I looked up at her. She was standing at my door with the vacuum on her back. “Excuse me?” I asked.

“May I vacuum your office?”

“Oh, oh yes, here, let me get out of your way,” I said, now fully awake from my daydream. Standing up I noticed her look down and smile. Glancing down I saw what she was looking at, my erection had created a large tent in my pants.

I moved over to the side and as she passed I quickly adjusted myself. She pulled off the vacuum pack and bent over my trash can. Her shirt pulled up a bit and I could see the hint of her thong above her jeans.

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