Lake Trip Fun Ch. 03


“I’d love that. Can we both get into the bathroom?”

Cindy instructed Carol to use a new blade and showed her how to use scissors to trim all of the long hair away first. “Now, we’ll use the conditioner to soften the stubble and begin to very carefully remove it. You want to shave in the direction the hair grows, otherwise you’ll get red bumps and ingrown hairs that will look horrible.”

They both laughed as Cindy helped Carol apply the conditioner. “Now, that feels really good,” Carol told her. “You have a very nice touch.”

Cindy let Carol remove the upper hair herself, including the line of dark hair up to her belly button. Then, they both worked along each lip, carefully removing small patches of hair.

“We’ll need to move over to the bed to get between your legs, I think,” Cindy suggested. “It’s easier when you can spread out wide.”

Cindy placed a towel on the bed and Carol took her position. “I’m going to leave a little around your little hole, but now I can shave off the rest down here.”

Cindy went to work on Carol’s bottom area and noticed that her subject was now wet along her slit, but it wasn’t from the conditioner. Carol was fully aroused and her nether lips were more like rose blossoms.

Soon, the job was finished. Cindy reached back for the little bottle of baby oil and handed it to Carol. “You need to apply this right after I rinse you off.”

“I’d like for you to do it the first time,” Carol said. “Please show me just how to do it.”

“Well, okay I guess. It’s really the easy part and fun besides.”

Cindy cleaned off the remaining conditioner. Carol lay with her legs wide open on the bed. Cindy began to apply the baby oil and Carol moaned with delight as she felt a woman’s hands on her private parts. “Oh, yes, this is the best part for sure.”

“Show me what you do when you’re finished,” Carol asked. “Do it to me, please.”

Cindy opened her mouth to decline, and then she looked at the smooth and swollen pussy facing her. “Just this once, okay?”

“Mmm, yes, just this once.”

Cindy let her fingers slide along her friend’s swollen gash and watched as her inner labia opened to reveal her pink lips and an erect clit peeking out from under its hood. “I start with one finger,” Cindy whispered. “I like to touch my G spot inside, like this.”

“Mmm, yes, that’s heavenly.”

Cindy massaged Carol’s G spot like she did her own. She was rewarded with more lubrication and Carol’s low moans.

“Then, I like to use two fingers like this,” Cindy continued. She felt Carol move her hips in and effort to get more inside.

“And, sometimes, I like to put a finger in my ass as I use my thumb in my cunt,” Cindy stated as she moved her hand to a different position.

“Oh, oh yes, do it,” Carol gasped as she bucked on the bed.

Cindy watched as Carol began to spasm around her thumb and as her tummy shook. As Carol hit her climax, Cindy leaned in and used her tongue on Carol’s clitoris, tapping the tip on it at a fast tempo.

Carol clinched her thighs around Cindy’s head and shook for several seconds before falling back in a heap. “Oh, Cindy, that was wonderful. Thank you, honey.”

“Don’t mention it. I mean, don’t mention it, Carol, okay?”

“Oh sure, honey. I won’t breathe a word, not even to Mort. It’ll be our little secret.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Cindy told her. “So please, Carol.”

“I swear, it’ll be our secret, Cindy.”

Cindy looked down at the older woman and sucked her thumb. “By the way, you look fabulous with a bald pussy.” Cindy emerged from the cabin and poured herself a drink. Carol followed a few minutes later, looking as if nothing had happened.


By late afternoon, Eric and Marilyn rejoined the group. Marilyn had that ‘just fucked’ look on her flushed face. Eric looked satisfied as he sipped another beer. Some of the other boats were gone, including the music boat with the naked dancers. The remaining boats were small ones up on the beach and a dozen other large cruisers, all more than twenty yards away.

“I’m for staying rafted up right here for the night,” Mort announced. “My anchor’s holding and we’ve got plenty of food and drink.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Eric agreed. “We can watch the sunset and get horny again.”

Gary agreed and they decided to throw out a stern anchor just to be safe. The lake was calm and no storms were predicted. Gary kept rehearsing what he would say to Cindy about his conversation with Mort. He had to decide if he really wanted something like that to happen. What if Cindy pitched a fit? They had tonight and all day Sunday, still, he knew he had to make a move soon.

Cindy went back to his boat to make a salad for dinner. Gary saw his chance and followed her over.

“Guess what?” he began as he joined her in his cabin.


While you were talking with Carol, Mort told me something pretty crazy. He said that he and Carol liked to share with another couple at times. What bahis firmaları do you think about that?”

“Mmm, I’m not too surprised to tell you the truth.”

“Really? I sure was,” Gary admitted.

“What else did he tell you,” Cindy asked coyly.

“That he likes you a lot. Stuff like that.”

“Well, did he come right out and ask if you wanted to share with them?” Cindy replied impatiently.

“Uh, yes, he did actually. I didn’t give him an answer, but I did promise to mention it to you.”

“Do you think you’d like Carol?”

“Well, she’s real nice, I think.”

“Don’t pussyfoot around, Gary. Marilyn’s already sucked your dick. Do you want to fuck Carol now?”

Again, Gary hesitated. “Only if you want to be with Mort, or maybe Eric,” he hedged.

“So Eric’s in on this too?”

“No, not yet. It’s Just Mort and me right now. Come on, Cindy, tell me what to do.”

Cindy thought a few moments. “Well, I saw how Mort looked at my tits today. I could read his mind. I also spent part of the time down in the cabin with Carol showing her how to shave her hairy pussy. She’s as bald as I am now. I can tell you, she is one very sexy woman.”

“Oh, wow,” Gary sputtered, “is that a yes then, Cindy?”

“If you think you’re man enough to handle Carol, I know I’m woman enough to thrill Mort. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to fuck an older man.”

“They aren’t that much older, you know.”

“I noticed the boner in Mort’s shorts earlier today. He’s sure to be very good in the sack. But, that can’t have any bearing on our relationship, Gary. If we do this, I don’t want to hear any recriminations later about how I betrayed you.”

“No, never. I promise. I expect the same from you. We’re a couple; they’re a couple. It will only be for fun and a new experience. Nothing else.”

“Okay, then, I’m game if you are, Gary. Here take this salad bowl and carefully transport it back to Mort’s boat. If you spill it, the deal’s off.” Cindy smiled to herself as Gary slowly, carefully walked up the steps and out of the cabin.

“Hey, Mort,” Gary called. “Take this salad and very carefully place it on the table. Cindy said if we spill it, the deal’s off.”

Mort looked at Gary and smiled. “I’ll be very, very careful, my friend. So, she agreed?”

“Uh huh, but with the understanding that it’s just for fun. No entanglements or anything serious.”

“That’s right, Gary. It’s just for fun and a little variety. I’m too old for her, and anyway, Carol’s the only woman who’ll put up with me.”

“What about Eric and Marilyn?” Mort inquired.

“Why don’t you get Eric aside and give him the speech you gave me. That way, I’m not putting our friendship at stake.”

“Fine,” Mort agreed. “I’ll have a little talk with him after dinner. In any event, we’re on with you and Cindy later.”

The three couples enjoyed dinner together, laughing and teasing each other. They quietly watched the bright orange and purple sunset and remarked about its beauty. Finally, the gals went below to help Carol clean up the galley.

“Hey, Eric, how about showing me your boat while we’re not doing anything,” Mort asked.

Eric rose quickly, always pleased to show off ‘Fun Seeker II’ to a fellow yachtsman. “Sure thing, Mort. Want to come too, Gary?”

Gary winked at Mort. “Nah, I’ve seen your boat. I think I’ll just sit back here and relax for a while.”


In ten minutes, Mort and Eric returned and Mort pulled three beers out of the cooler. “Here, Gary, you look like you could use a drink.” Mort smiled and nodded as he handed him a can. “Eric’s okay,” Mort whispered. “He’s going to ask Marilyn tonight.”

They all lingered on the deck for another hour or so, chatting and exchanging observations about lakes, boats, islands, dock rumors, and general small talk.

“Come on, Eric,” Marilyn urged, “let’s go back to our cabin before you get sloshed again, okay?”

“My but aren’t we acting horny tonight,” Eric teased as he got up and held out his hand. “Goodnight all, I’m going to take my favorite nymphomaniac to bed now.”

Marilyn whacked Eric on the arm playfully. “You’ll be glad you did when morning comes,” she retorted as she allowed him to pull her up. They crawled into Gary’s boat, then managed to climb into Eric’s to disappear below.

“Well, isn’t this cozy,” Carol said as she pressed up against Mort. “What do you suggest we do now, Gary?”

After a moment’s thought, Gary smiled at Cindy and replied. “I believe it’s only right that you show your husband what you and Cindy accomplished earlier today, don’t you?”

Mort turned to Carol with a puzzled look. “What? What did you two accomplish?”

At first, Carol thought Gary was referring to the girl on girl action, then she quickly realized he was talking about her getting shaved smooth. “With Cindy’s help, I did something that will please you greatly,” she said with a chuckle. “Guess.”

“Hell, I don’t have a clue,” Mort replied impatiently. “What did kaçak iddaa you do?”

Cindy spoke up. “Go ahead and show him. I think Mort should see before anything else happens.”

“Okay, okay,” Carol agreed. She stood up and faced her husband. Slowly, she lowered her shorts and revealed her smooth pussy. “What do you think?” she asked. “You’ve always pestered me about my hairy mound. See, no more hair!”

“Holy shit,” Mort sputtered, “it’s beautiful. I never realized how cute it really was under all that bush.” His hand reached out and he rubbed Carol’s smooth lips. “I’ll be damned, it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Mort turned to Cindy. “Is yours like this too?”

“I think you’ll know the answer to your question soon enough, Mort,” she teased.

Gary leaned to the side to take a peek at Carol’s surprise. His cock pulsed in his shorts, knowing that he would soon be sampling her charms.

Carol pulled her shorts back up. “Do you still want to do our little swap tonight, Mort?” she asked coyly, or would you prefer to try this out?”

Mort shook his head in frustration. “Tough choice, honey, but after all, a deal’s a deal,” he muttered. “I guess I can wait, but it sure looks tempting.”

They all laughed at Mort’s predicament and Carol gave him a big kiss. “Don’t worry, I’ll be ready for you when we get back together.”

Carol turned to Gary. “Why don’t we go below and get comfortable, Gary? I’m sure Cindy and Mort can find their way to your boat all right.”

“Now, Gary, I saw you peeking at me out there. Shut the cabin door and I’ll give you a really close look.”

Dutifully, Gary closed the door and turned to watch Carol slip her shorts off and toss them on the galley seat. “Let me show you how I was positioned while Cindy finished shaving me.”

She climbed onto the wide bed and placed her feet apart, allowing her knees to fall open. Gary stepped between them and stared at Carol’s smooth slit. “Show me what you like to do to Cindy,” she said.

Gary held her whole mound under his palm and felt her warmth. “You feel a lot like Cindy,” he exclaimed, “she’s smooth too.”

“Yes, I know she is, its really nice and smooth,” Carol replied without thinking.

“Oh, she showed you huh?”

“Uh huh, I wanted to see what it would look like if I shaved mine,” Carol half lied.

Gary’s fingers teased her slit and he quickly felt Carol’s wet and sticky nectar on his fingertips. As her labia opened up, he inserted his finger and explored her opening tentatively. Carol jumped slightly when he touched her G spot, so he spent extra time rubbing that sensitive area. Carol wanted more when Gary removed his finger. Now, she felt his breath on her bare pussy.

“Oh yes, eat my smooth pussy,” she begged as his tongue touched her for the first time. “I love to be licked like that.”

Her first orgasm came quickly as Gary devoured her slick cunt. He used his tongue in, on, and around her love nest. He tapped his tongue tip on her clit in much the same way Cindy had earlier that day.

Carol raised up on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts. “I want you naked, Gary,” she stated emphatically. “Show me your nice cock.”

Licking some of her nectar from his lips, Gary backed away and quickly pulled off his shirt and shorts. Carol stared at his stiff rod when he managed to stand up. “Oh, yeah, come up here with me. I want to suck on your big dick while you eat another helping.”

After a torrid 69 on the bed, Carol led her young lover through four other positions as he fucked her slowly, then fast, then slow again. Finally, she got on top and rode Gary’s cock while he fondled and sucked her erect nipples.

“Mmm, your cock is delicious inside me,” she gasped as they both reached the point of no return. “Cum with me, baby. Cum in my smooth cunt. I want to feel you squirt.”

Gary’s release was strong as he felt Carol’s tight pussy riding him. The image of Mort’s cock pounding his Cindy flashed across his brain as his sticky ejaculate showered Carol’s vaginal cave. Then, he could feel their combined juices seeping out and covering his tight balls while they each came back to Earth.

“That was fantastic,” Carol cooed as she slid to one side. She proceeded to lick cum from Gary’s balls and cock. He was flaccid for a short time while Carol continued to lick and suck his spent dick. Before he thought it possible, he was stiff again.

“That’s what I like about you young guys,” she said between licks. “You can get hard again really quick. My Mort can only go once, then he’s done for a long time.”

Carol rolled over on her back. “Fuck me again. This time long and slow. I want to remember how good you feel inside me.”


Mort and Cindy were spread nude on Gary’s bed. Mort was sucking on Cindy’s bald pussy while she concentrated on sucking his skinny dick and fondling his large balls. His hand worked on her large right breast while his tongue plunged in and out of her wet hole.

“I think kaçak bahis you’re ready,” Mort gasped as he licked his lips.

He turned around and his hands spread Cindy’s legs wide. In the dim light, he could see her cunt lips glistening with juices and his own saliva. Holding his long, thin dong in his hand, Mort rubbed the head along Cindy’s nether lips until he felt it begin to enter. He pressed forward and Cindy moved to meet his thrust. Moments later, he was buried to the hilt inside his young lover.

Cindy missed Gary’s thickness, but Mort seemed to be finding new spots deeper inside her womb. Using her vaginal muscles, she closed around him. “Fuck me hard and fast. Give me your cock, Mort,” she exclaimed.

Mort felt her strong, young muscles grip him and her words urged him on as he increased his speed and pounded against her. He felt his balls slapping against Cindy’s ass as he bent down to suck on her left nipple.

“Suck it hard, suck my nipple,” she begged as the bed rocked under her.

Mort’s furious activity only lasted a few minutes. He bit Cindy’s nipple somewhat roughly as his sperm shot deep inside her. Cindy felt three squirts, and then Mort began to shrink. Moments later, he plopped out of her wet hole and rolled onto his back. They were both covered with sweat and Mort was panting from his recent exertion. He leaned over and gave Cindy a quick kiss, then slid off the bed and went to the head to clean himself up.

Cindy lay back staring at the ceiling. “Well, Mort worked hard enough, but he didn’t last long enough.” Cindy was unsatisfied and hadn’t come close to having a climax. She was used to Gary’s gentle attention and to the way he timed everything to make sure she had a strong orgasm too.

Mort returned with a damp wash cloth. “Here, you’re going to need this I think.”

“Why don’t you use your tongue to clean me up?” Cindy suggested, hoping she could get off that way.

“Nah, I don’t do that,” Mort retorted. “You can handle it. I’m going to have a beer.”

Disappointed, Cindy waited until Mort got his beer and stepped out onto the deck. Then, she used her fingers to massage her aching pussy. She felt their juices oozing out and quickly plunged two fingers into her cunt, using her thumb to tease her clit. “He didn’t even lick my clit,” she groused as she worked her fingers in and out.

Cindy enjoyed a small climax using her own devices, then she used the cloth to avoid making pecker tracks on her way to the head. “Sometimes, you win and sometimes, you lose,” she thought as she pulled the covers down and put her head on the pillow.


Later, she half awoke when she heard Gary enter, strip off his clothes and climb up into bed beside her.

“Are you okay,” he asked after she failed to greet him.

Cindy turned her face to his. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just disappointed is all.”

Gary’s voice reflected his concern. “Why? What happened?”

“Mort was only interested in fucking me for his own benefit. He was done too quickly and I didn’t even have an orgasm. As soon as he was through, he tossed me a wash cloth and went outside to have a beer.”

“Shit,” Gary muttered. “I’m sorry I got you into this, Cindy.”

“You had no way of knowing,” she told him. “It’s all right. Don’t get upset or anything. I took care of my own needs after he left. How did you like Carol?”

“She was dynamite. She taught me a couple of new positions that I want to try with you. She couldn’t get enough. Now, I think I know why. I think I’d better warn Eric before he and Marilyn accept Mort’s invitation.”

“Was Eric going to do it too?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, if Marilyn agreed, and I think she would. She’s pretty wild as long as she doesn’t have to show her little titties.”

Cindy mulled over the new information. “Find out if Marilyn agreed before you tell Eric about Mort. Maybe we can get together with Eric and Marilyn instead.”

“Do you want to give Eric a shot at satisfying you?” Gary replied.

“He can’t be any worse, and I know he’d love to get in my pants,” Cindy chuckled. “If you’re willing to go with Marilyn, we might as well give it a try.”

Gary shook his head. “You never cease to amaze me, woman. Just when I think I know you, there’s a new surprise. That’s why I love you so much. I’ll get with Eric first thing in the morning before we have breakfast.”


Gary jumped onto ‘Fun Seeker II’ early and knocked on the door. “Anybody up?” he called.

After a minute’s delay, a sleepy Eric opened the door a few inches and stared out. “What’s up?”

“Tell me,” Gary whispered, “did Marilyn say yes or no?”

Eric smiled for the first time. “Uh, she agreed right away.”

“Good, okay, listen up,” Gary said in a low voice. “Mort is a loser in the sack. Cindy was very disappointed. But, we’ve got another idea if you’re game.”

“Hit me, buddy,” Eric stated, obviously discouraged.

“We’ll tell Mort and Carol that we have to leave after breakfast. Then, we’ll both go farther up the lake and raft up there. If Marilyn and you are okay with the change in plans, the four of us can have some fun instead.”

“You mean that you’d let me fuck Cindy?” Eric whispered in disbelief.

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