Laurel’s Reunion


Laurel read hullo_nurse’s e-mail a second time. “We have been batting around the idea of a reunion on the BB for some time. I have been chatting with SEAL 6. He and “Sugar”, the same Sugar in “Imagine being Sugar” are taking an airplane from Andrews to Hawaii this Friday. They will return the following Tuesday. They are willing to pick up all the gals. Sugar and SEAL 6 would not be able to be with us while there. I sure would like to go and be with everybody. Let me know if it can be arranged.”

Manu’s reaction was; “God, yes, you need some rest, and what a great chance to meet some of these folks, face to face.”

After a frantic flurry of e-mail exchanges, Laurel sent the following e-mail to SEAL 6, with a copy to hullo_nurse; “Thank you for you kind offer to pick up all our crazy friends. We are delighted to accept. There are fifteen of us. We will use our screen names. Endlessly, Angel, Wizard, Young one, Butterfly, Sammyjo, SexyLittleWitch, Eve_of_destruction, Skitten, Renee, Whispersecret, Horny wife, Hullo_nurse, Softly, and me. You will only need to stop at Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and LA to get us all.”

“This is what Tigers look like”, crossed Laurel’s mind as the two pilots walked into the private pilots terminal from the Gulfstream V. As she introduced herself to them, she felt a chill from the eye contact with Sugar. Though he was smiling and friendly, there was the feeling that he was part “Cobra.”

At the LA aircraft fuel farm, Juan turned the wrong valve to fill the fuel truck. Instead of J 4, he pumped in 6000 gallons of Ethel lartic, an experimental rocket fuel.

He pumped it all into the outboard tanks of Gulfstream 100 US.

Fourteen minutes after departure, Los Angeles center cleared 100 US from flight level 240 to flight level 410. As they leveled at 41, 000 feet, Sugar switched from the inboard tanks that he used for take off and climb out, to the outboards that he used in cruise. “Good God Almighty”, hissed from SEAL 6 lips as 100 US accelerated from 490 knots to 16,000 knots and climbed through 90,000 feet in seconds. Air traffic control was calling them and bahis firmaları both pilots were trying to slow the plane, when all of a sudden there was a blinding flash. There was no noise. You could hear a pin drop.

Laurel, sitting in the first right hand seat, could see Sugar, and hear his laconic drawl, as he spoke to SEAL 6. ” Our Radar is showing an island out there about sixty miles, I think that we can glide to it. I don’t think that I want to light our engines. Had enough excitement for a bit.”

On short final, SEAL 6 swore under his breath. Turning to Sugar, he said; “Looks like a fuckin war zone. Look at the shell craters, and the shot up equipment. Marines everywhere.”

When they rolled to a stop, a squad of Marines advanced towards the plane with rifles pointed at it. Sugar exited the plane, and with hands over his head walked over to them. A Marine removed Sugar’s credential pack and after looking at it, gave Sugar a smart salute. Laurel, overheard the marine saying, “Never seen a plane without propellers, Sir!”

Sugar returned to the plane to brief everybody about where they were and what was going on. Laurel noted that he looked 100 percent Cobra now.

“This is a no-shitter folks. We are on Guadalcanal. It is September 27, 1942. Our Marines have been fighting here since August 1, and they are far from being in control. SEAL 6 and I are SEAL officers, retired. I would like to get you out of here, but there are brave men dying out there, so our first duty is to get out there and “waste” some bandits. Hullo_nurse, you take these gals over to the medical area and make yourselves useful.”

Hullo_nurse could not believe her eyes when they got to the MASH area. There were over 600 men in every condition you could imagine. She approached a Medic. His eyes were bloodshot. She guessed that the man had not slept for days. When she told him that she was a nurse, and had fourteen helpers, the look on his face was as though God had just answered his prayers.

Major General Vandegrift eyed the two men before him, both in civilian clothes.

Sugar spoke, ” Commanders Bradshaw, kaçak iddaa and Marcinko reporting for duty, Sir.” Vandegrift, tough as leather, and beat from two months of combat, was blunt. “What are you and what can you do for me?” Sugar; ” We are SEALS, Sir, we are highly trained for behind the lines recon, sniper, and fire control.” Remembering his history, Sugar continued; “Intelligence has reported that the enemy will reinforce with 20,000 under the command of General Hyakutake on October 9. With your permission, Commander Marcinko and I will be taken by boat to five miles from the South shore of the island. We will swim ashore and set up a fire control post and try to kill Hyakutake when he arrives, Sir.”

Vandegrift eyed the two men. He had never heard of SEALs, but he sure as hell knew what a Warrior looked like and these boys were “meat eaters”, for sure.

“Permission granted. General, our call sign will be Sugar.”

During the next few days, the enemy was dismayed by the accuracy of the incoming artillery fire. Sugar intoned to SEAL 6, “I am getting tired of swaying in the top of those fucking trees. Can’t wait for Hya to come ashore so that I can aerate his ass.”

“As General Hyakutake saluted the soldiers waiting for him on the pier, the 30-06 150 grain bullet was on its way for the center of his chest. It took just over one half second. During its travel, it slowed from 2600 fps to 1100 fps. It fell 34 inches, and the wind drifted it to the right 32 inches. All figured correctly by SEAL 6. From 600 yards away, both SEALs smiled as the General fell off the pier into the water, dead.

After reinforcements by the 7th Marines, and the battle of ‘Bloody Ridge”, Guadalcanal was finally taken on November 3rd. Sugar and SEAL 6 got a case of booze out of the plane and got shit faced drunk with a bunch of Marines. Marcinko told them that if he had brought the entire SEAL Team 6 over that it would have taken only a few days to clean up this little island. There were a lot of boos.

Ahh, you have been wondering about the ladies? Well, each found many cute Marines. It was quite easy to kaçak bahis find a secluded place to lie on a blanket. In the dark, Softly heard the Marine with Endlessly whisper; “Dammit woman, you need to learn how to take a break!”

Butterfly was about to cum, and broke out laughing when the Marine with Wizard said, “For a Dago runt with a short temper, you are one hot fuck.”

Eve_of_Destruction took three eighteen year olds and told them to “go for it.”

Whispersecret, Remee, and Horney Wife, took on a large group. Renee, said, “Boy, I can’t wait to tell Dr. Tom about this.

Hullo_Nurse. What can I say? To this day, she is a legend in the Marine Corp. So many men. So little time? She posed nude with over 300 men, so they would remember what they were fighting for.

Laurel was hit on by Walker Donald Trout, of San Diago. As they strolled the beach, Laurel mused that if he was chiseled out of granite, he would be a work of art. By the time they found a place to place a blanket, Laurel needed to be loved by him. There was no shyness, or games. She had to have him in her, to be caressed and nuzzled, loved. It was the sun rise that finally drove them back to the camp area.

Sugar informed them that he thought he knew how to get back into our time. He thought that if he cut in the “hot fuel” going Eastbound that we would pass back to the year 2000. At 41,000 feet, he switched tanks again. Moments later, the flash, and then, the long decent to La.

A week later, Laurel, on a hunch, looked up Walker D. Trout in the phone book. She arranged a meeting at his home. He was a widower, age seventy nine. Laurel; “Is your service number 466-84-921, and did you serve in the 1st Marines in the battle for Guadalcanel?”

Walker, “yes.”

Laurel, “Do you remember a woman that you met there?”

Walker, “Yes, in fact, I still have a picture of both of us!” Walker produced it and looked at it and then at Laurel. A look of disbelief crept over his face, as he said,” You must be her daughter?”

Laurel laughed, as she said, “Do you remember that the woman had a small scar on her left breast from a cyst removal?”

Walker, “Yes.”

As her sweater was lifted and the scar shown, Walker stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead. Then, as he sat down he said; “I have loved you always.”

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