Laurie’s Milk Ch. 01


It was Wednesday evening, the middle their work week, and Steve had arrived home earlier from the city than his wife Laurie. This wasn’t unusual. She worked as a dental assistant, had once again been put on a security shift. One of dentists has taken too long in surgery, meaning she had missed her normal train. So Steve was in the kitchen cooking dinner when he heard the screen door open and close a bit too hard. Taking this as a sign, he turned down the heat on the stove and walked into the living room to greet his wife. And like every time he had seen Laurie over the last five months, Steve felt a surge of hormones in his head, and his dick, at the sight of her body.

They weren’t trying, but one night or another when they made love, Steve and Laurie also managed to conceive a child. Laurie was angry at first, then happy, excited and scared all in the space of maybe a few hours. It wasn’t how they had planned it, wanting to just be a couple a while longer, and more financially secure before trying to start a family, but they were married and in love and so decided to play the hand they’d been dealt. Steve wasn’t any better emotionally when he found out, but at the same time he was both insanely happy and turned on. Even when they first started dating Laurie knew that Steve had a massive kink for pregnant women, and finding out his own wife was going to have a child, his child…

Well, what could he say? Here Laurie was in front of him, exhausted and cranky from having to deal with other people’s crap, sweaty and hair not quite neat anymore, but in his eyes she looked sexier than she had even been.

Only just over five months pregnant now, Laurie’s belly was on the big side for that amount of time, which annoyed her but only made Steve hornier. Her boobs had gotten bigger by about two cup sizes and her bottom was the roundest it had ever been. Steve was excited to see how much bigger she was going to get in all three areas but Laurie only rolled her eyes if he mentioned it. She was wearing a uniform dress with a tie up sash, which right now only served to clearly cut in between her bust and belly. Buttons holding her dress closed over her chest strained slightly, creating a small opening that Laurie’s cleavage could be seen through. The dress was about three inches higher on her legs because of the size of her belly. The very sight of her was an aphrodisiac to Steve.

Laurie’s shoes were flicked off the moment she was in the door. Steve crossed the room to her and gave Laurie a hug to say welcome home. There was an involuntary hard on in Steve’s pants that became pressed into the curve of Laurie’s belly in their hug. He knew this annoyed her, but Laurie put up with it and his being handsy with good grace. She knew that having a pregnant wife was a fetish of Steve’s he’d had since he was a teenager.

“How was work honey?” Steve asked as Laurie dropped into the lounge.

“Shit,” Laurie replied as she fumbled with the sash on her dress. “Work was shit, my boobs hurt, the train was crowded and I’m home late. Shit.”

Trying to be sympathetic, he said, “Well, why don’t you go have a shower while I finish dinner?”

Steve gave Laurie a kiss on the forehead as she nodded. As she got up to walk to the bathroom, Steve couldn’t help but watch her round butt as she walked away. He would have liked to go and watch Laurie get out of her clothes, but stopped himself.

She may be my wife, he thought, but I should try my best not to a pervert. If possible.

Steve went back to the kitchen to finish cooking. He could hear the shower running, and eventually turn off. As he was finishing up bahis firmaları their dinner, Steve heard Laurie run heavily for the bedroom. He frowned slightly, but went back to cooking. However, minutes later, she called out.

“Steve, can you come in here?”

He turned off the stove and walked to the bedroom to see what was happening.

Steve entered the room to find Laurie completely naked. The top drawer of her dresser was open, and by the looks of the clothes strewn around, it had been thoroughly searched.

“What’s wrong hon?” he asked.

“It’s my boobs” she answered, looking frustrated, her eyes closed.

Steve looked down to Laurie’s chest. She had an arm across her boobs, but Steve could see the problem just from the mammary flesh above it.

“They’re bigger.” A statement, not a question.

Laurie nodded. It wasn’t a surprise, although Steve knew Laurie had hoped they had stopped growing so she could get some new bras.

“That’s not it though. They’re leaking.”

Sure enough, Steve looked again, and he could see the underside of Laurie’s arm had thin streams of milk running across it, going down her belly and between her thighs to soak into the towel she was sitting on. Again, not surprising, as Laurie had started lactating around a couple of weeks ago, but that was usually only a few drops, except for the one time they were having sex and a thin spray of milk shot from one nipple when he had squeezed it. This though.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to lactate properly until after the baby comes, and that’s supposed to be colostrum first anyway, right?” Steve asked confused.

“I don’t know,” Laurie said irritated. “But I’m out of breast pads, so I can’t even soak it up with something.”

“Will it stop once enough comes out?” Steve asked tentatively.

“Probably, but we don’t even have a breast pump yet,” Laurie replied. She then looked him dead in the eye. “I need you to suck it out.”

Steve was stunned slightly as he felt a shiver of pleasure run down his spine. Before he could say anything, Laurie continued.

“Just come and help me. I know this is one of your big fantasies, so don’t worry about whether I think it’s weird or not, I just really need you to help me right now.”

“Okay,” he answered, throat a little dry. “What do you need me to do?”

“Just get naked and come over here. This is going to be a bit messy I think.”

Steve got out of his clothes as Laurie put a pillow down to support her belly, and laid down lengthways on the bed. Steve was at full mast even before he had his underwear off. Laurie giggled a little at his eagerness, but held in the urge to tease him over it.

“Come over here” she said again once Steve had de-clothed. She motioned over him to lie facing her with his body pointed in the opposite direction. Steve’s face was in front of Laurie’s huge, engorged boobs. Both were still drooling milk that gravity drew down over her flesh. Steve could feel his erection throbbing, but in consideration he didn’t touch himself.

“So, how do I do this?” Steve asked, breathy in excitement.

“You read the books as much as I did,” Laurie replied. “Just get the nipple in your mouth and some of the areola, and sort of make a soft chewing motion as you suck a bit, I think.”

Steve did know that, but in his excitement over the moment his brain felt like it had stopped processing properly. Carefully, Steve put his mouth around the nipple laying next to his face and gripped it with his lips, sucking softly but firmly.

There was already milk on Laurie’s nipple, and his initial sucking drew kaçak iddaa more into his mouth. It was thin, sweet and hot, and even this little amount sent Steve to heaven. He heard Laurie draw in a quick breath. Struggling hard to maintain his composure, Steve continued to suck, and slowly but surely, the flow increased the longer he stayed at it. Soon, every five of six sucks produced enough milk to swallow. Steve was turned on to the point where he could feel his dick throbbing hard enough to move back and forth in the air about an inch. A string of precum flowed out of him at a slow pace, but Steve tried to keep himself on task. He was here to help his wife, not get off.

However, having Steve on her breast was giving Laurie relief from the pain that had been in her chest all day. It was helping her to destress and turning her on and the same time. And she had noticed Steve’s erection as well.

“Geez, someone’s enjoying themselves there, huh?” Laurie whispered huskily.

Steve tried to answer, but between the nipple and milk in his mouth, the blood throbbing through his dick and the breathless euphoria he was experiencing, the only sound that comes out of his mouth was a horny moan.

Laurie laughed, and shifted slightly so she could reach Steve’s erection with her hand, and slowly, she began to jack Steve off while he took her milk.

The next moan out of him was long and heavy, pushing his face into Laurie’s breast as he did. Pressing into it rewarded Steve with a small flood of milk, and Laurie’s body reacted with a quick flood of juice between her thighs. Laurie moaned throatily herself as she run her clenched hand over Steve’s member slightly harder and rougher. Precum poured out of him and all over her hand. Normally this would have grossed Laurie out, but this time in her growing lust it turned her on more, using it to lubricate the movement. This only lasted a few minutes more before Laurie couldn’t ignore the growing heat between her thighs anymore, and gently pushed against Steve’s face.

“Hang on honey” she said, and rolled over, feeling under the bed. From under it Laurie pulled out her WeVibe, and as she got up to get her phone, put it in place inside herself. She opened up the WeVibe App, chose a pre-set vibration they had made together, and lay back into place. Already Laurie’s face coloured from the sensations the sex toy was delivering to her G-spot and clitoris. Pressing her boob back into Steve’s face and returning her grip to his cock, Laurie whispered, “Okay, go baby.”

Needing no more instruction, Steve began sucking again. Because of Laurie’s heightening arousal, not only was milk flowing faster into Steve’s mouth, but the nipple above him started to leak harder. The thicker stream changed from its original course flowing between Laurie’s breasts, and onto Steve’s face instead. Even in his already aroused state Steve felt his heart pounding harder, losing himself in this, his ultimate fantasy, and enjoying every minute of it. Very soon however, the flow slowed down to only a few drops, and he unlatched.

Without needing to be told, Laurie roll slightly to give Steve access to the still engorged boob, and immediately he latched on again and began sucking. Steve only got a mouthful of milk from this breast before he feel his wife shutter and squeeze his member hard, pausing the hand job for a while. Milk squirted into his mouth in two or three rhythmic pulses as he felt Laurie’s nipple tense and relax over his tongue. Secretly Steve has glad for the break, as he could feel his orgasm getting ready to rush up his shaft from his balls, ready to explode. Now he would likely kaçak bahis last a while longer. He delatched quickly.

“Did you just cum?” Steve asked.

Laurie nod. “Uhuh. Just-just keep sucking sweety.”

Quickly he returned back to the breast and sucked greedily. Slowly, Steve could feel this breast begin to soften as well. Long minutes passed, and he figured it could only be a few moments more before Laurie was properly empty, so he decided to stop holding off and let himself cum. As he finished his thought howver, he also felt Laurie pressing his face harder into her breast. She was building to another orgasm, but realised to her distress that her husband had already drained this breast too. She could feel Steve’s dick start to swell in her hand with his impending orgasm. Quickly, Laurie unlatched him and stopped running her hand up and down his shaft.

“Sweety-“, Laurie started, out of breath. “Sweety can you hold on just a little bit longer?”

“Uh, uhuh” Steve replied, though uncertain.

Quickly, Laurie spun Steve around so they laid the same way. She got onto her knees and sat over him. Not wanting to lose her build up, Laurie grabbed his thick erection and pushed it into her vagina. Steve shuddered as he felt a buzzing on the underside of his dick: only then did he realise Laurie still had the WeVibe in her. Increasing her pace, Laurie used Steve as the combination of vibrations and his girth brought your climax closer and closer. As her big belly bounced up and down on his, Steve placed his hands on it to try and give Laurie some stability while she brought herself to orgasm.

So close, so very close, Laurie tweaked her own nipple, and the extra jolt of pleasure through her body was enough to push her over the edge. She came hard, jamming down on Steve’s dick as her walls pulsed and gripped it hard. Laurie kept holding onto her nipple, her orgasm causing a thin trickle of milk Steve had missed to dribble out between her fingers.

Laurie held her position until the waves of her orgasm slowed, before she realised that Steve was still making some very slight thrusting movements inside of her, trying to bring himself to orgasm. She smiled.

“Do you want to cum?” she asked him.

“Yes” Steve answered in a ragged voice.

“Are you going to cum for your pregnant wife?” Laurie purred.

“Yes. I’m going to cum in my pregnant wife.”

Laurie smiled in the afterglow of her orgasm. “Come for me baby.”

It didn’t take long. He thrusted his hips quickly, the sensation of his overdue orgasm and the sight of his pregnant, fulfilled wife riding his dick were too much. Steve came hard, exploding inside Laurie, moaning in his exhaustion. He collapsed into the bed as his dick pulsed more and more cum into her uselessly. He couldn’t make her more pregnant.

They cuddled in their joined afterglow. Steve rubbed Laurie’s belly as she laid with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. His cum dribbled slowly out of her vagina.

“So, do you think your boobs are going to keep filling up with milk now?” Steve asked.

Laurie shrug. “Probably.”

“Do you- do you think I can just suck it out until the baby arrives?”

She chuckled. “I’m getting a pump tomorrow. If I let you keep sucking on them then they’ll just get bigger and harder to handle.”

“Oh” Steve said, slightly deflated.

Laurie smiled and kissed her husband. “After the baby’s born I don’t know how I’m going to feel about it. But until then you can have it sometimes, and only when I offer it to you okay?”

“Okay” Steve agreed, feeling a bit more excited by the prospect.

She used the towel still on the bed to clean herself off. “Alright, well I think we should shower and have some dinner. What do you think?”

Steve chuckled a little. “To be honest hon, I think I’m full.”

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