Lazy Sunday


The sound of a car door closing announces your arrival I greet you at the door with my heart pounding it has been a week of anticipation.

I take you into my arms and kiss you passionately. We break apart again looking at each other with hungry eyes.

You start taking things out of your bag with a wicked grin on your face! There is massage oil scented, candles, some toys of varying sizes and a porn movie. I raise my eyebrows slightly at you and you smile.

We sit on the couch and you ask me to put the movie on.

As the movie starts we sit close and hold hands watching the scene unfold before us, while it is just another regulation scene there is a heightened sense of the erotic because of the company, I once again turn and kiss you passionately our tongues batting against each other.

I feel your hand underneath my shirt stroking my chest then playing with my nipples, my breath catches in my throat slightly.

I caress your thigh feeling its silky smoothness against the calloused skin of my hand.

As the movie progresses I take your nipple into my hand gently rolling it between my fingers. You rub across the front of my trousers and feel the swelling already there you tease it some getting it to grow even thicker and longer in the confines of my pants.

The movie finishes and we are both breathing deeply. With a wicked gleam in your eye you tell me its shower time.

We bahis firmaları undress each other which with extra touching takes quite some time, finally we step into the shower together, I reach for the soap and start to lather your back giving it a thorough washing before slowly sliding my hands around to your front I cup your breasts in my hands gently massaging them with my soapy hands rubbing the nipples till they are as hard as buttons.

My cock is pressed against your asscheeks the soapy water making them very slippery it is a wonderful sensation.

I slide my hands down to your pussy and begin to wash it I take each lip between my fingers gently rubbing them opening you up so I can access your clit I feel your body tremble as I soap your clit up then turn you so the shower water is directed on to it to wash it off.

Now you take the soap from me and begin the process of washing me.

Facing me and looking into my eyes you wash my broad shoulders and back it feels good. You lean in and kiss me passionately whilst you slide your hands round, and start washing my chest and tugging at my nipples.

Slowly you work your hands lower and take my engorged cock in your soapy hands, gently sliding back and forwards over it pulling the foreskin back and circling the head with your hand washing it lovingly. Your hands roam further below to start washing my swollen balls then sliding your hand further kaçak iddaa to wash my ass spreading my cheeks a little so you can wash it thoroughly. I tense as you slide the tip of your finger just inside.

We now pull apart and let the water clean the soap off our bodies.

Once out and dried you get the items you have brought off the table and with a wicked grin suggest we head for the bedroom.

Once there you leave no doubt as to who is taking charge as you order me to lie face down on the bed.

I lie down and feel you climb on the bed and spread my legs slightly, and then I feel you drizzle the massage oil all over my back and my ass.

Your hands gliding over my skin makes my head spin my muscles jump under your touch. You work your way down my back until you are kneading my asscheeks your hand slides down between my thighs and cup my balls which excites me I feel a little vulnerable but very turned on. My eyebrows raise a little as I hear you switch on one of the toys and jump slightly as I feel you press it to my balls I also moan and writhe on the bed.

I then feel you start to slide it up and down between my cheeks, which are slippery with the oil my whole lower body feels as if it is on fire.

You now tell me that its time to roll over, as I do my cock springs straight up after being trapped by me lying on it, I see you smile again.

You take my nipple into your mouth kaçak bahis and suck and bite it making me moan again.

Now you straddle my face with your legs and lower your sopping pussy to my tongue, which I eagerly start to lick feeling your moisture coating my face. I feel your mouth cover the head of my cock and you start to suck on it as if it were a lollipop, all the time grinding your pussy onto my face suddenly you explode into an orgasm humping my face and crying out I do my best to drink all of your sweet nectar but there is too much and it runs all over my face.

As you come down from your orgasm you dismount my face turn around and drive your pussy straight down on my cock. You bend to kiss me and lick your juice from my face.

Then you start to slowly at first to stroke up and down my cock stretching you open.

As you increase the tempo you reach behind and start playing with my balls as well. Squeezing them then raking them with your nails, I am nearly going insane with the pleasure you are giving me and show this with a continuous moan. I reach up and start squeezing your nipples and thrusting hard into you watch your face as it starts to contort from the pleasure I feel your pussy start to contract squeezing my cock, I feel my own climax coming but hold back until I feel you explode over the edge, this is my cue and I start to pump hard until I start to cum myself jet after jet of my cum fills you and starts to dribble out.

Slowly you collapse on top of me spent and satisfied, I cuddle you to me caressing your hair and face basking in the afterglow of yet another explosive bout of lovemaking.

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