Let Me Tell You about Tina


Let me tell you about Tina.

Tina was a waitress at an all-night diner. She worked the midnight to 8am shift.

She was in her early thirties when I met her. I was a shift worker at the local power plant. On occasion, I would stop at the diner after working the four-to-midnight shift for something to eat before going home. A full belly let me sleep through the night and be rested the next day.

I first noticed Tina after another waitress had already taken my order. I was sitting at the counter, as usual, sipping my coffee. The ham and cheese omelet would be out in a couple of minutes and I was ready for that. This tall slender girl walked in front of me and started to pull the big round ice cream tubs out of the freezer compartments which were right in front of where I was sitting. With her back to me she was pulling them out, stacking them up and washing the inside of the freezer chests. It seemed like simple enough work but I quickly noticed that the process required the young lady to bend at the waist into the freezer and to tug on the bottom-most cardboard containers in order to get them out. In doing so, the back of her already short waitress uniform skirt rode up just high enough to allow for a quick peek at some well shaped legs and the bottom of her thin pink panties. Now, they weren’t granny panties but they weren’t thongs either.

I had eaten in this diner many times and was fairly familiar with the layout. I did, however, forget about the mirrors on the wall facing back toward the counter. On about the third dive that Tina made to grab an Ice cream tub, she stopped when she got it out. She was just standing there, holding the cardboard container in her hands looking in the mirror directly at me. She had caught me peeking at her fine-looking butt all bent over into that freezer box. She didn’t look angry, nor did she look happy; she just stared at me with a blank expression on her face. I immediately averted my eyes and pretended to be deeply interested in what was left of my omelet.

She never said a word. Tina just shrugged down her waitress outfit and resumed her task. She did not, however, bend quite as deeply as she had initially done. I finished my meal and went on home. The following night had me back at the diner on the same stool at the counter. This time Tina was my waitress. The other waitress was nowhere to be seen; maybe it was her night off?

Without asking, Tina put a cup of coffee in front of me and asked if I needed a menu. She seemed to be in a good mood and either didn’t remember my ogling her last night or maybe she didn’t care. I requested a three-egg cheddar cheese omelet and she headed off into the kitchen after giving me a big smile. She is really pretty, more so when she smiles. Tina is a tall, slender young lady of Mediterranean (Italian?) origin. She has dark hair and dark eyes and a smooth olive complexion.

After returning from the kitchen she said that my omelet would be ready in a few minutes, and is there anything else that I wanted in the mean time? I told her that the coffee would be enough, for now. Instead of moving away, Tina stayed in front of me and asked if I worked ‘down the road at the power plant’? I told her yes and that I had been there for a few years. I asked her if she was new here at the diner since I hadn’t seen here before last night. She told me that last night was her first night and that working nights fit her schedule best.

We chatted for a little while until the little bell ‘dinged’ which sent her back into the kitchen soon to return with my dinner (breakfast?). She found other things to do while I ate and soon took away the empty dish asking if I would like a refill on the coffee. I don’t usually drink a second cup in fear that it would keep me awake when I got home. But tonight, I figured that I’d risk it and continue enjoying my conversation with this attractive woman. The more that I studied her, the more that I realized that she was endowed with a generous set of tits and a great shape. The waitress uniform seemed a little small on her but I wasn’t about to complain. We chatted on for the better part of a half-hour. There were no other customers at that time of night so it didn’t seem to interfere with business.

During our conversation, she got me to admit that I was looking at her legs last night while she was cleaning out the ice cream cooler. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it and I didn’t tell her that I could actually see her panties on a couple of occasions. The waitress uniform was borrowed from one of her friends; she had decided not to invest in her own uniforms until she found out if she liked the job and that it was going to work out for her. I was happy with her decision to keep the slightly too small skirt on display. She really looked good. I left her a nice tip.

I left for home having learned that Tina lived locally. She was separated from her husband and had three children. The kids were all in grammar and middle school canlı bahis and working the night shift allowed her to be home at the critical times for the children and to catch a little sleep while they were in school. Her mother stayed with her and kept an eye on the house while she was out and the kids would already be in bed before she left for work. Her eldest daughter was very responsible and promised to keep everyone in check while Tina worked.

I stopped in to the diner every night for the rest of my shift. We work seven four-to-midnight shifts before a two-day break followed by the weekend day shift for six days. I chatted with Tina every night that she was there for at least an hour getting to know her better and learning more about her story. Her nights off were Sunday and Monday. She was separated and anticipating a divorce within the year. She had married right after high-school and admitted that she received her diploma while pregnant with her first child. Her Ex had gone through many different jobs and finally ended up driving cross-country trucks for a big freight company. The time that he was away allowed him to pursue his other interest; any woman but Tina.

I asked her if she would like to go out with me sometime? She was a little enthusiastic when she said yes. We made a date for the following Saturday night (Yes, I had to work the next day) and she gave me her address and cell number. I told her that I would text before leaving to pick her up and she told me that she was looking forward to going out with me. As promised, I picked her up at seven and took her to the movies at the nearby multiple cinema place. We saw a non-descript action adventure movie and were soon at a local tavern for a drink. She reminded me that I had to go to work in the morning so the evening ended at around eleven. I drove her home and escorted her to her front door.

I was hoping for a little kiss or a hug as a ‘good night’ gesture. Tina surprised me with a full body press and passionate kiss right there on her front steps. I really got into the embrace and I guess that she could sense my ‘growing’ enthusiasm when she said: “I’d like to invite you in; but I just can’t, tonight.” I liked the way she emphasized the word ‘in’ but I must have looked a little confused, if not disappointed. I think that she understood me and said: “Next week would be better, how about your place?”

Without thinking about my work schedule, I quickly blurted out: “That sounds just great. Can I call you during the week?” She told me that I could call, but that she sleeps during the day and naps before going to work so, if possible, call during her shift and if she’s not busy we can talk. I agreed and went for one more whole-body hug before seeing her in the front door and limping back to my car with a raging erection. I set my alarm for 2-am and called two days later.

Tina was very apologetic for having turned me away on Saturday night. I tried to explain that I hadn’t expected anything but she insisted on hinting that she was ‘temporarily out of action’ that night and would have liked to get a ‘little closer’ but had to wait. I told her that I was a patient guy and I was looking forward to seeing her again. My only problem, I now realized, was that I was starting the midnight shift at the plant and would be on that for seven days starting Thursday night-Friday Morning. I could call her from the plant while we were both working but it looked like we would not be able to get together for at least another week.

Time passed slowly. I called Tina whenever I could and the long weekend off was approaching. Midnight shift ended on Thursday morning and this allowed for a nice long weekend (three full days!) The extra day shift started the following Monday and allowed for one week of regular days followed by another long weekend before starting the four-to-midnight shift the following Tuesday. I had convinced Tina to go out with me for dinner Saturday night before we were to return to my apartment for a drink and some ‘other’ activities. I picked her up at our usual seven o’clock and we went to a nice restaurant that is attached to the local mall.

Tina was looking good. She wore a nice mid length skirt and a white blouse with a thin sweater open at the front. The sweater would have been very tight across her breasts if she had buttoned it. With just one button open at the top of her blouse, I didn’t get the opportunity to check out the cleavage. The skirt showed off her well shaped legs and was just snug enough to let everyone looking appreciate her curvy butt. She really looked good.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and spent a little time walking around the mall. We stopped in the wine shop and picked out a bottle to take back to my place. Tina walked close to me with her arm looped through mine. I was proud to walk with this good-looking woman and wished that I would see someone that I knew to show her off. Not seeing anyone, we went back to my place. I had spent most bahis siteleri of the day Friday and Saturday cleaning up my pig-sty and had it looking less like a bachelor pad and more like a nice apartment. I even changed the sheets in hopes that we would be using them.

Grabbing the bottle of wine, I escorted Tina through my front door and followed her up the stairs to my place. Walking behind her up the stairs was another thrilling adventure; those legs and butt looked so good. I showed her around the place and waited in the living room while she used the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch with two glasses of the wine when she returned. I offered her one which she sampled after sitting down. We talked for a few moments until I asked: “Is there anything on TV that you would like to see “?

She answered: “I didn’t come here to watch TV.”

She put her wine down next to mine on the table. Tina moved over on the couch and pulled me to her for another of her long passionate kisses. This had the desired effect on me and I pulled her even closer. We kissed and hugged like this for a couple of minutes before she rotated herself in front of me to a position where she was sitting on my lap facing me straddling me with her legs. I could hardly believe that I was now sitting there, between Tina’s long lovely legs with my stiffening cock pressed up against her crotch. This was amazing.

We kissed and hugged for a few more minutes until I managed to bring my hands under her arms and onto her tits. I held her that way brushing by thumbs across where I could feel her stiff nipples. This seemed to excite her further and Tina began to squirm a little, grinding her crotch down against my even harder cock. I managed to move us so that I could get her onto her back while remaining between her legs. When I pressed down against her, Tina thrust her pussy up against me lifting me up a little. We dry humped in this position for a few more minutes before she said: “We need more room.”

I got up from between her legs and helped her to stand. “Let’s go into the bedroom?”

Tina didn’t say anything; she just smiled and started walking toward the back of the apartment. I followed closely (the hallway was too narrow to walk side by side). She started pulling off her clothes as she walked; first the sweater, which she tossed onto my dresser, then her blouse. I just stood there watching this beautiful woman peel herself out of her clothes. She unbuttoned and slid down her skirt and stood there in just a bra, pantyhose and panties. She was breathtaking.

I said: “Can I help?”

Tina smiled before saying: “And you’re still dressed, because?”

I immediately started stripping out of my clothes. I kicked my shoes off while unbuttoning my shirt. Shirt, Tee-shirt and pants were soon off while we both looked each other over. My shorts were tented out with my erection and Tina looked directly at it before saying: “Still too many clothes.”

I sat on the bed to remove my socks while Tina slid the pantyhose down her long legs and off. She now stood directly in front of me and unfastened her bra. She let it fall to the floor revealing a perfect set of tits that stood out from her chest. She had half-dollar sized areola and fully erect nipples. Her tits were creamy white and looked so much in need of my attention. It was hard to believe that she had three kids since her tits were perfect and her body looked like a twenty-year-old. I motioned her to come closer. She walked to me and pressed her chest against my face. What a great place to be! I managed to kiss both nipples and drew one into my mouth for a little lick and a gentle suck. Tasty!

Tina pushed me down onto my back following me down to where she was once again straddling my waist; only this time, I was flat on my back looking up at those tits and her smiling face. After a brief moment Tina lay herself down beside me and we embraced, full body. I now had an opportunity to run my hand up and down her back eventually grabbing a big handful of ass. What an ass! Soft but not too fleshy, round but not too big. Then I got my hand inside her panties and gradually worked it around to the front. As I got there, Tina lifted her leg, putting it on top of mine, giving me good access to her lady-parts. She was really wet and oh so warm.

A little gasp let me know when I had located her magic button. I did my best to gently massage it while Tina seemed to enjoy the effort. She abruptly stopped, stood up and slid her panties down and off. She then grasped my shorts and slid them down my legs tossing them onto the floor next to her panties.

“I want you in me, now!” she said, as she climbed back onto the bed.

Tina put herself near the middle of the bed, on her back. She reached for me and guided me over her spreading her legs as I got into position. She reached down, grasping my cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. She slid the head up and down through her moisture a couple of times before centering bahis şirketleri me on her womanhood. Before I could push myself into her, Tina thrust her hips up surrounding my cock with her warm, wet pussy. I was in heaven, literally. I pushed myself in to the hilt. She was warm and wet and snugger than I thought that a woman who had three children would be.

I started stroking her, slowly. Tina nestled her face against my neck and met me thrust for thrust. She soon wanted to go full fuck and let me know by wrapping her legs around my waist and thrusting up onto me. We were soon going as fast as I have ever done. I realized that if we kept that up for a few more moments I was sure to cum and it would be over.

I said: “We better slow down, I’m getting close.”

“Do it, I want to feel you cum. Do it, I’m with you.”

That was all I needed, I put my best effort into the fucking and soon felt that familiar throbbing that resulted in a mind shattering orgasm. I deposited so much of myself into Tina that I thought that I must have lost a little weight. The aftershocks lasted a few moments, but my body soon reclaimed the blood from my cock and I sort of fell out of Tina.

We rolled to our sides and kissed a little while before I asked: “Did you get there, too?”

Tina: “I sure did, I really needed that. You’re very good at it.”

We lay there recovering for a little while before Tina excused herself to the bathroom for a little clean up. She was soon back and we were once again lying close to each other enjoying the warmth and afterglow.

I was starting to drift off when Tina, maybe sensing my relaxation, asked: “How was it for you?”

“Wonderful” was all I could think to answer.

Tina: “I’ve wanted to do this since that first night that I met you.”

Me: “Me too. You are a beautiful and exciting woman.”

Tina: “Even when I’m bending over cleaning out an Ice Cream freezer?”

I was surprised that she remembered that: “Yes, I admit it. I was ogling you while you were working. You can’t blame me if you look that good.”

Tina: “Thank You. I had an idea that you liked what I was doing.”

Me: “I did, I really did like the view.”

Tina then reached down and took my cock in her hand. She started to gently massage it. After a couple of minutes of that, I could feel myself reacting to the attention as I slowly came to attention.

Tina: “Have you recovered yet?”

Me: “I’m well on my way.”

Tina then got up off the bed. She walked over to my dresser and put her hands on the top drawer. She took a step back, bending at the waist and pushing her butt out: “Does this remind you of the ice cream freezer?”

Me: “Wow, it sure does. That’s the view that I was imagining.”

Tina: “Then why don’t you come over here and show me what you were thinking about?”

I wasted no time getting up and covering the few steps over to where Tina stood. I put my hands onto her hips and pressed myself up against her delicious looking butt. My cock was soon nestled between her soft cheeks as I felt her rotating her hips a little, pressing back against me.

Tina: “I’m waiting, are you ‘up’ for it? “

Without any further discussion I slid my cock under her crotch finding her just as wet and welcoming as she had been on the bed. One quick push and I was fully inside her once again. This felt mind numbing good. I gave her a couple of slow strokes before reaching around with my hand to rub her clit while I fucked her again. Tina seemed to welcome my hand and let out a long moan. We fucked like this for a few minutes before I noticed an increase in Tina’s breathing. She was getting close so I thrust a little harder. I sensed that I was getting a little closer, too.

Tina: “I’m almost there; fill me up, I’m almost there!”

I buried my cock as deep as I could and let loose with my second ‘anti-virginity booster shot’ of the night. This one snapped my head back and I felt each throb send my DNA sample deep into her. I think that I almost fell down. Tina trembled and pushed herself back against me while moaning softly. We stayed coupled that way for another minute or so before I once again softened and sort of fell out of her. I was sure that something must have dripped out of her onto my bedroom carpet, but I really didn’t care.

Tina stood up and turned around: “Well, was that what you were thinking about?”

Me: “No, that was a mile better than anything I imagined. Thank you for that, you are a beautiful and exciting woman.”

Tina kissed me then said: “I’m dripping again. Be right back, we better be getting me home soon.”

I watched her waddle out to the bathroom. She was walking a little funny, keeping her legs together, I made the effort not to laugh or comment. I started to collect and sort the clothing that was strewn around the bedroom. I put hers on the bed and put mine on. I had just gotten my shorts and tee shirt on when she came back into the room. She thanked me for gathering everything and began to get herself dressed again. I offered to help, but she claimed to be capable of performing the tasks. We were soon in my car heading back toward her house.

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