Letters of My Lovah 02


What can you say about a connection with someone that makes you react physically. The churning in your stomach. It had been such a long time since i felt it. Alive and powerful and attractive. Everything about her is different. Even after all this time i still feel attracted to her in a way I’ve never felt.

Sadly our foreplay is often limited to texting or brief conversations. I suppose that’s what you get when you have an affair. Since we’re both married the communications are difficult at best. Being that we’re both happily married the fear of getting caught is ever present. Perhaps this enhances the sex. Adds to a sense of urgency. One thing it surely does is makes us appreciate the time together.

Veronica is a sexual being. The kind of woman that men only dream of taming. Yet seldom anyone, including myself ever can. To share a small part of her life is a gift. The effort placed into such a woman is repaid 10 fold. To be loved by her is to experience something few are ever privileged to experience.

If others knew of the true Veronica most wouldn’t believe it. They would not think she was capable of such deeds. Yet those deeds excite me beyond words. Her various indiscretions simply serve to make her more attractive. Many would label her a slut. But i know the truth. She is not a slut by any means. But one who has simply come to terms with the woman she is. Instead of denying herself she’s embraced it as if she’s reached her sexual nirvana.

Everything about her excites me. Regardless of her past or things she’s done. Sometimes I jerk myself off thinking about her experiences. What shes’s done and how she must have looked like whilst doing so. Because, for the time being at least, she has chosen me. Not in reality as her husband would certainly take issue with such behavior. But in the now. And shes mine. That feeling simply cannot be replaced.

When I’m not with her I envision stories she’s relayed to me. Slowly pleasuring myself thinking about her past or even future deeds. Thinking about how she must feel when in complete and total control of someone. That’s her wheelhouse. Where she canlı bahis is powerful. The thought of her going back to someones hotel. Knowing she’s going to fuck him. Sucking on him and letting him urgently lick her pussy in a public place. Meeting an old friend in a parking lot and sucking his cock until he explodes in her mouth. The mixed feelings of attraction and jealousy fuel the internal struggle that both kills me and drives me.

Our rendezvous are usually planned several days ahead of time. The excitement and anticipation is intoxicating. As the date and time approach we both start feeling pangs of guilt and fear. Afraid to be caught. Wondering it it’s worth it. Then there is that first glimpse. When we reconnect you can feel the electricity in the room. Sometimes there is small talk. Other times we just attack each other. Unable to contain ourselves.

We start by kissing. Her soft lips kiss me like no one ever has. I move my mouth to her neck and every time it’s like I’ve completely forgotten her and get to experience her again for the first time. We tear at one anothers clothes, desperate to be naked. To feel our naked bodies touching. I feel a warmth coming from her skin as i embrace her. My cock is hard by now. Already searching for it’s home. But i have so much more to taste first. Her nipples. My god her nipples. So full and alert and responsive to my touch. I could spend hours just licking and sucking on them.

Not wanting to be left out she reciprocates the passion. Touching me all over. Stroking my hard cock. She’s usually the first to drop to her knees to engulf me in her mouth. As much as i want to taste her hot wet pussy I give in. Receiving oral is not usually a big thing for me. And I’ve learned that it’s not something that she gets a great deal of pleasure from doing either. But her eyes betray another truth. She knows that I like to see her with my cock in her mouth. The visual of it moving back and forth over me is amazing. She rarely breaks eye contact with me while she sucks me slowly.

The sight is too much. I push her back. I have to taste her. By this point she is soaking wet. bahis siteleri I can feel the heat coming from her as i get close. Her smell is intoxicating. I try to hold off. Try to tease her. Running my tongue around the outside of her lips. Then, that first taste as I run my tongue up her slit. I cup my tongue to gather as much of her as I can. Drawing her moisture into my mouth. For several minutes I suck, lick and taste her sex. Not wanting to stop I add a finger. Slowly working her opening deeper and deeper until I find her spot. I massage her from the inside while still drawing her clit in and out of my mouth gently.

I take a moment to look up. I see her staring down. Her breath held with all her energy focused on my efforts. She manages to let a few words escape.

“I want you inside of me.”

I pull myself up, my hard cock brushes the lips of her wet pussy. She moves her hips trying to accept me. First I need to kiss her. Not because I want to but because I want her to taste herself on me. Knowing she’s dripping from my chin I kiss her firmly. I make her taste herself. Her tongue escapes her mouth and washes over my face. She moans pulling her wetness into her mouth. The thought of it alone makes me grow even harder. Knowing such a sweet, loving and upstanding woman is right now licking her pussy juice from my face. And she’s liking it!

With my left hand behind her head I grab a handful of hair arching her neck. At the same time I slowly work the head of my well lubricated cock between her lips. She gasps for breath her eyes still locked on mine. I push further. My right hand comes up and grasps her left breast. Rubbing her nipple softly I push further. I lower myself and engulf her nipple. Sucking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue over and around it. I push further. Finally I raise up to look into her eyes. And I slam my cock to the hilt.

“Oh my God, yes, please fuck me,” she cries.

I pump slowly in and out. At the bottom I grind myself into her clit. She’s so wet it’s amazing I can feel anything at all. I know every inch of her inside. I feel every inch as I move in and out. I bahis şirketleri lose my own breath at the feeling. Surrounded by her. She wraps her legs around pulling every bit of me into every bit of her.

She reaches to her side and grabs her vibrator. Pulling out slightly I allow room for her to fit it on her clit while still moving in and out. We would normally try several positions but I know she needs to cum. I can feel the urgency as her cunt clamps down on me.

My left hand moves to her neck. Lightly squeezing her throat she fights for air. Still rubbing her nipples I increase the pressure. Pinch and rubbing harder I feel her getting closer.

“Oh baby, you’re so fucking hot. I love watching you fuck.” I say obviously in a dirty mood. “I’m going to fuck this slutty cunt of yours until I cum deep inside you. Do you understand that?

My words make her grind harder against me and the vibrator. My choking not allowing for much reply. Finally her eyes light and a smile crossed her face. I release pressure and words start escaping her.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh my God I’m gonna cum. Keep fucking me. Keep fucking my cunt baby. I want it, I want your cum inside me. Cum in my cunt. YOUR cunt baby.”

The combination of her words, those dirty slutty words that never leave her mouth and the look on her face as she nears orgasm sets me off. She starts laughing and crying as she cums. I slam into her one last time as I shoot my cum deep inside her. This is where I have to cum. Every time I need to be as deep in her as possible. As close to her as I can.

Her orgasm lasts for several minutes. It always does when it’s real good. This might be my favorite part. Just watching her. Lightly stroking her face and hair. Still inside of her preventing our juices from running out. Our bodies stuck together from sweat. Sometimes a tear runs down her cheek. Sometimes one runs down mine. Though she will never know that part. Some things should and must remain a mystery.

We hold each other as long as we can. Fighting the need to break away. Two lovers lay where time has stopped. We profess our love to each other. Each trying to make the other understand but each knowing the words can’t capture the feeling. Knowing that energy the fills the room and follows us everywhere. Knowing it cannot be explained as we still try.

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