Life Comes Around Full Circle


My wife left me, not that it was unexpected. We had been cordial to one another, but our sex live was nil. What with our conflicting schedules, we saw little of one another. She would go to the gym three nights a week and often came home with a just-fucked glow. One night, I decided I’d check and see if she actually did go to the gym, or if she was perhaps engaged in other extracurricular activities. I knew a balcony overlooked the workout area and I could not be easily seen if she were to look. Of course, when I went to the gym, she wasn’t there. I did this several times. About one time out of three she’d be there; the other nights, who knew where she was?

The thought of her with another man aroused me so much that one night when she came home with “that look,” I just had to fuck her. I wouldn’t take no for an answer this time. She said she had to shower first, that she was all sweaty from the gym. “Yeah, right,” I thought. The man she’d been with had to be huge! I literally had to bang one side of her stretched pussy at a time to get any feeling. When I went down on her, I noticed the shower hadn’t removed all of the cum. I had it all over my beard. It was shortly after this night that she left me.

I was in torture for weeks. One day at work I was confiding my feelings to a friend. She said her mother, Marcia, had recently gone through the same experience. Her husband had left her for a younger woman. She said her mother had always wanted to ride on a Harley—the one toy my wife left me in the divorce. So we made arrangements Betturkey to get together the next Saturday. Our HOG Chapter was sponsoring a charity poker run for the local shelter. I invited her to go along. All day, her face literally glowed with excitement. She mentioned that she loved to go to Chicago, and had always wanted to go to a blues club. We decided to extend our day into the evening. Luckily, I had a change of clothes on the bike.

She said she’d like to shower first because it took her longer to get ready and she wanted to look nice for me. While she was in the shower, I noticed she’d left her clothes on the end of her bed—her panties were on top. I listened to see if the shower was still running. I carefully noted their position so I could return them correctly, then I picked them up and smelled them. Evidently, the vibrations from the Harley, the excitement of the day, the prospects for an evening on the town; combined with the fact that she hadn’t had sex with anyone since her husband had left her, all combined to cause her to deposit huge amounts of pussy juice in her panties. Damn, they smelled and tasted so good. I heard the shower turn off so I returned them and scooted out of her room.

We took her car downtown because of the night chill and made our way to the blues club on the north side of the city. After a short wait outside, we were seated in a raised area with a good view of the stage. It was a small room with crowded ice-cream-parlor tables and uncomfortable chairs. The stage was raised Betturkey Giriş from the main seating area, but was level with us.

As the band got under way, the guitar player stepped forward and began singing. He was a tall, well-muscled, black man with strikingly handsome features. As the set wore on, I noticed Marcia staring at him, and then I noticed the bulge in his pants. He was HUGE! Marcia sat fixated, staring at his large dick. Shortly before the break, she got up saying she had to go to the bathroom. She stepped down crossing the main seating area toward the back curtains where the bathrooms were located. Imagine my shock when she stopped and talked at him. Without losing a beat, he bent down to listen when she impulsively stroked his cock. Surprisingly, instead of being horrified, I got totally turned on.

I waited for her to return during intermission. When she hadn’t returned for the longest time, I went back through the curtains to look for her. Beyond the restrooms, I noticed another set of curtains with the light shining through. I went back and slightly pulled them aside. I saw Marcia getting pummeled by the black singer. The slurping sounds, her muffled moans, the sight of his huge dick stroking in and out, and the image in the mirror of the drummer waiting his turn all combined to engorge my dick. I decided to leave them to relieve myself in the bathroom.

I was happy for her, really. I knew from talking with her daughter that she had always fantasized about fucking a black man. So, I decided to return to my seat and wait for her. The drummer apparently had to make it quick, because shortly thereafter the band began setting up for the final set. Marcia came back all flushed in the face. Without sitting down, she grabbed my face with both hands and started passionately kissing me, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. She whispered that she wanted to take me home and fuck me all night long. Apparently, the two black guys had only touched the surface of her desire.

We scrambled back to the car and she asked me to drive. She reclined across the seat in my arms, kissing me on the neck and ears, giving me another deep French kiss. I put my hands in her panties to discover she was soaked. She said, “I saw you watching us. Do you mind?” I said no, that it was an incredible turn on for me. She reached down, put her fingers in her pussy, and then slipped her cum-laden fingers into her mouth licking them clean. She looked at me questioningly. She saw by my reaction the answer she wanted. She leaned forward, kissed me and with her tongue, transferred the cum to my mouth. We continued passing it back and forth all the way home.

When we arrived at her house, we ripped each other’s clothing off. She asked if I wanted her to douche because she was so full of cum. “No,” I said, “in for a penny, in for a pound.” We made love all night long. I’ve never been so satisfied. We continue to date steadily and often get together with members of the blues band. I videotape the sessions, which helps keep the passion alive. To show how curious life is, and how things come around full circle, I discovered that the blues singer works for the city where I live, and it was he who had been fucking my wife.

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