Life with My 2 Girlfriends Pt. 01


Love may happen in weird ways, and each of us might have had wanted love in a weird way, at some point or the other in life, mine was just way more intense.

Well there are all sorts of people out there. And each has their own short comings, mine you ask? Well, all I can say is that I am twisted and weird, but very lucky at the same time. You’re next questions must be twisted, why? Lucky, how?

For that go through the story below and you’ll know, why I said, whatever the heck I said.

Let me start with the Characters (I’ll try to help you burn images of each to the core)

1. ROMEO (Me)

Height: 5’7.5″

Body: Average medium body

Eyes: Blackish brown

Hair: Blackish brown

Age: 28 years

Measurement: Erect 6.5″ (I know I’m below average for erotic stories ??)

Nature & characteristics: Alfa male, dominating, caring, loving and very considerate.

2. MEGAN (Girlfriend)

Height: 5’9″

Body: Athletic slim built

Facial features: Gorgeous and beautiful

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brownish black, really long, straight & silky

Age: 23 years

Measurements: 32C-22-34

Nature & characteristics: Submissive (only to me), out going, cute & sweet yet very manipulative & cunning.

3. PEARL (Ex-girlfriend)

Height: 5’2″

Body: Average built yet busty for her frame with a perfect bubble butt

Facial features: ethnic beautiful

Eyes: Black

Hair: Reddish brown, long, curly & soft

Age: 29 years

Measurement: 34C-24-36

Nature & characteristics: Submissive, easily influenced, innocent and naive.

Now that you have a clear picture of the main characters, I’ll give you a brief of the scenario so you can experience it, instead of just reading it.

Two years ago Megan caught me two timing her (you’ll get to know later why it wasn’t cheating) with Pearl. All hell broke loose but i wouldn’t bore you with all the details, but the crux is that i had to break up with Pearl, which was exactly what i did in that scenario.

Two months later when things were still not much better bahis firmaları between Megan and me, we went on a vacation, there is no issue that hotel sex can’t resolve. On the first afternoon, we were making out on the bed when she shot a question at me..

Megan: Baby, please tell me we are more than this.

Romeo: Obviously, we are much more than this, “Pearl”! (Yes, I called my girlfriend with my Ex’s name)

Right then I knew, I was in for a treat, but this had never happened ever, not even when I was double dating Pearl with Megan, for 2 years.

Megan, just got out of the bed crying and headed to the washroom, i followed her and apologized, eventually she did open the door for me but was still weeping, i pulled her into my arms and hugged her and apologized again.

Romeo: Baby, I don’t know what happened, her name just slipped out, I am sorry, please forgive me.

Megan: (Still weeping) It’s ok, I know you are yet not over her, and I will help you move on, I promise. I am sorry as well, I just broke down.

This led to a very intimate and romantic kiss, after which I cleaned her face with a damp towel.

Romeo: Megan, baby i really love you, come let’s go back to bed and rest a bit.

She had teary eyes yet I saw some glint in them.

Megan: Sure, I want to do that later, but the 6 hour drive has made me uncomfortable, I want a shower first, care to join me?

Romeo: You know me baby.

Megan: I’ll take that as a yes.

She slowly and seductively slipped her bath gown and entered the hot shower.

Romeo: You are turning me super on.

I went behind her in the shower and hugged her from behind, i brushed her hair over her shoulder to her front and I kissed her neck while my hands were busy kneading her boobs and when she looked back at me, I dived in locking my lip with her passionately, it was a long sensuous kiss, after which she locks her eyes with mine while she goes down on her knees and without any warning takes me right in her mouth.

Megan: I hope you still like it.

Romeo: Baby, are you kidding me?

She kept me in her mouth kaçak iddaa and pleasured my dick with her tongue, while her right hand started to massaged my balls and her left hand lovingly caressed my abdomen, grip of her lips was so tight on the base of my cock that the harder I got the deeper it went, when I was full mast, I was already deep in her throat.

Romeo: Shit! Baby what are you doing, this is new.

Her eyes still locked with mine, she smiled with my cock still in her mouth, then she bobbed her head a few times really slow and teasingly. When she pulled me out, I gave dreep grunts, that came from deep within me. She stroked my cock with her hand now, while she licked on my balls.

Megan: I hope you liked my new trick, I have been trying to train my throat, there is still a surprise left for you baby.

I was speechless and my head tilted back, when she licked my cock with the tip of her tongue right from below my balls to the base of my cock and then with a flattened tongue all the way to the head and then encircling it, after which she nibbled on my piss slit with the tip of her tongue. Slowly opening her mouth she gave a open mouthed kiss on the head, following which she again started taking it deep very slowly, soon I felt her throat, and i looked down in her eyes shocked, she winked at me and then went even deeper, and i was inside her throat, she kept me there tightened the grip of her lips on the base of my cock, winked at me again and then flexed her throat, as if she was trying to swallow it all down. I moaned again. But she didn’t let me pull out, instead pushed herself on me more with that her nose was on my pubic bone while my balls were hanging down her chin.

I fell back and rested myself on the shower wall, while she continued her assault on my cock. Sucking it hard and taking it all the way down her throat a couple of times more. 15 minutes or so in the action my balls were heavy and I knew I just couldn’t hold any longer.

Romeo: Baby, I am about to cum. Let me pull out or you’d make me come in your mouth.

She didn’t reply, just massaged my cock her with her throat kaçak bahis a few times then pulled me out till only my tip was there inside her mouth, and kept sucking me, when I came, Megan didn’t even flinch as spurt after spurt of my cum filled her mouth when she felt she couldn’t hold any more cum in her mouth, she gulped and swallowed some of it quickly, while more of my fresh cum was being pumped in her mouth, after I finished, she let me pull out my limp and very sensitive dick out, she smiled at me and played with my cum in her mouth snow balling and gargling on it, before swallowing it.

Megan: Baby as much as I love sucking on your cock, i love to play with your cum in my mouth as well, maybe because although the is taste different, but equally good if not more.

With that she came closer to my dick and licked it clean with her tongue.

Megan: I see you are still recovering and are speechless, but i had to clean you or else we would have to take another shower and God knows where would have it taken us this time, so I thought it was better to clean it with my tongue just the way you like it.

By the time I recovered from that intense orgasmic pleasure that left immovable, speechless and drained of all energy, she had already toweled me dry and was toweling herself.

I staggered to bed, she came and snuggled in to me.

Megan: Cuddling you naked, makes me feel home and very safe.

I tried to say something but words didn’t leave my mouth, that’s how much my throat was dry, she had indeed drained me, i asked her for some water, while i was replenishing my thirst.

Megan: Baby, I hope you liked my new skill set, that I just showed you. I love you to the Moon and back. You don’t need her baby, I’ll keep you very happy and satisfied. I’m ready to do whatever it takes.

So much love I felt for her that I couldn’t help but hugged her real close.

Romeo: I love you baby, far more than I knew I could, thanks for being with me even after what I did and I will get over her soon, all I need is your help doing so.

Megan: Yes love, I am here and I promise I’ll try anything, to help you get over her.

Sleep came over easily, and we dozed of naked while I hugged her from behind and my hands on those beautiful tits, like they always are when we sleep together.

Part 2 coming soon…

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