Like Another Peyton Place


This story fits a number of categories because the characters are a 19 year old girl and a 64 year old man and covers a lot of territory, mainly anal and fetish. In other words there might be something to offend just about anyone, but then again you might enjoy it.


I had been out on the back porch most of the evening, going inside only to pour a little Jack in my glass from my stash in the back of the cabinet’s top shelf or go pee. I passed my wife of 40 years several times and got no reaction because she was hypnotized by Dallas or whatever she was watching.

The marriage was only a habit these days, and after being ignored for years I finally gave up pursuing her and was content to just play out the string and wait for one of us to die, and at that point I didn’t care which.

Then came Jessie. In fact Jessie had been next door to me for years – although we lived on farms and next door was about 50 yards away -and I had watched her grow up. Way up. Now she was about 6′ tall, or so it seemed to me through the binoculars when I looked at her.

She was built like a model physically, not breathtakingly beautiful but long and lean with stringy dirty blonde hair and freckles around her nose. I had thought she was about 16 but she corrected me the night before when we chatted, explaining that she was 19 now, which just shows you how time flies as you get older.

The conversation came about when Jessie came across the field as darkness was about to fall, and the topic of the chat was the binoculars that were next to my rocking chair.

“Hey Mr. Turner,” Jessie had said to me while glancing over my shoulder at the screen door. “Your wife here?”

“Inside,” I had said, looking at the little swells in her checkered blouse as she thrust her chest out and put her hands on her hips. “Go right in.”

“Don’t want to see her,” Jessie had snorted. “Just don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Trouble?” I asked.

“Yeah. Don’t know how she would feel about you using those spyglasses to look over into my bedroom,” Jessie said with a smirk before glancing back towards her house. “Don’t know how good you can see me from here though.”

“Can’t. Not really,” I admitted while handing her the binoculars, unsure whether she would hit me over the head with them or look through them, but Jessie took them and pointed them at her room across the way so I noted,.”It would help if you washed your windows. I suspect it’s the outside that’s dirty.”

“You expect me to climb a ladder and clean windows so you can look at my titties?” she snickered, and I joined her laugh.

“I’d appreciate it,” I said hopefully.

“Ain’t much to look at,” Jessie confessed, as if I couldn’t tell. “Your wife’s got big ones. Why don’t you look at hers?”

“Not permitted any more,” I said softly. “Besides, more than a handful’s a waste, right?”

“Don’t even know if I got that much because you got big hands,” Jessie told me.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” I confessed, and although the views I was able to get through the glasses were murky I had gotten glimpses of her little knockers. “Besides, you’ve got something I like even better than breasts.”

“What’s that?” Jessie asked, and feeling bold from the Jack and the talk I leaned forward and whispered.

“Even with the dirty window and you being so far away I could see you’ve a got a lot of hair between your legs.”

“You like that?” Jessie asked, blushing a little as I revealed what I had seen.

“Absolutely,” I declared, adding, “the hairier the better. I like your hairy armpits too.”

“Damn Mr. Turner, you can see good from here,” Jessie said. “That’s something you like too?”

“I love all women but natural gals really catch my eye,” I admitted. “Reminds me of the girls I knew growing up.”

“Hair? That something all old guys like?” Jessie asked.

“I don’t know. What makes you say that?” I asked as my curiosity was piqued.

“My Daddy likes it. He don’t let me or Mom shave anything but our legs from the knees down, and he don’t really approve of that either. The only reason he let me shave my calves because at school they used to make fun of me in gym on account of they were so hairy.”

“Your father?” I asked. “What does he – never mind. None of my business.”

“That’s right,” Jessie replied as she gave me back the binoculars. “So what do you do when you watch me. Jerk off?”


“Can’t get it up any more?” Jessie taunted.

“That’s never been a problem,” I bristled. “I like to take my time and enjoy the view, and then later I go out behind the barn and do it.”

“I’d like to watch that.”

“You’re a dirty little lady,” I suggested.

“And you’re a dirty old man,” Jessie snapped playfully while continuing to keep an eye on the screen door behind my chair.

“Guilty. Don’t worry about Edna. She’s snoozing in front of the boob tube,” I said.

“You got a big one?”


“Your dick. Is it big?”

“Does it matter?”

“Guess it’s çiğli escort little then.”

“No, as a matter of fact I didn’t get cheated. To tell the truth Edna lost interest in sex because as she got older I was too big for her and it hurt, or at least that’s what she claimed,” I explained. “Maybe she just didn’t want sex anymore. That happens to some women when they get older – not to men though, or at least not to me.

“Show me,” Jessie said as she fidgeted in place, and when I asked her what she meant she wan’t shy about telling me.

“Your cock. Let me see it.”

“Here?” I asked, and I shook my head. “Besides, your Daddy wouldn’t like it.”

“That’s a fact,” Jessie agreed and added, “Mama always warned me about you. She told me you were a peevert – that’s what she calls it. I think she means pervert.”

“She was right, and if you keep teasing me you might find out,” I cautioned.

“Ooh! You mean like this?” Jessie asked as she quickly opened up her blouse and flashed me briefly before covering herself back up. “Told you they were little.”

Jessie’s titties weren’t much bigger than lemons and were mostly nipple, but the quick close-up glimpse of the modest sprouts that jutted straight out got my blood racing.

“You’re playing a dangerous game,” I warned her. “I’m not a man to be played around with.”

“Who’s playing Mr. Turner? You going to show me yours?” Jessie taunted. “We could go behind your barn.”

“Okay,” I snapped, getting up out of my chair and climbed down the steps while expecting my neighbor to flee, but she didn’t and walked with me to the barn where I opened the side door and said, “In here.”

“Smells like our barn,” Jessie sniffed as I lit the lantern on the wall and closed the door behind us. “Well?”

“You aren’t going to laugh and run out the door are you?” I asked as I slowly slid one of the shoulder straps off my farmer jeans.

“Not unless I see something funny, and don’t get to expecting anything because we ain’t doing nothing to each other,” Jessie warned. “Least not tonight.”

“You could make it easier for me by taking off that blouse,” I suggested as I grabbed an old bottle of Cornhusker’s Lotion from a study shelf and coaxed some into my palm.

“You drop your boxers and I’ll take it off,” Jessie bargained.

“Fine,” I replied as I let my jeans drop to the dirt floor, and after I yanked my boxers down and stood for inspection I guess Jessie was suitably impressed, although it didn’t hurt that I was already slightly aroused by then.

“Okay shit Mr. Turner,” Jessie exclaimed as I wiggled by semi-turgid cock at my neighbor. “You do have a big one. Yours is even bigger than my Daddy’s!”

“How the hell,” I started to ask, but then Jessie was pulling her blouse off and I lost track of what I was saying.

“No touching. Just looking tonight,” Jessie said as she cupped her little buds and squeezed them while staring at my cock which was stiffening fast. “Wow. Yours has a hidden head too.”

“That’s it honey. Squeeze those titties for me. Your nipples are amazing. So big and plump,” I moaned while my fist started working. “You’ve seen your Daddy’s privates?”

“Of course,” Jessie said as she squirmed in place while the squishing sound my greased palm made pumping my cock filled the barn.

“Can I touch your breasts?” I almost begged as Jessie shook her head. “They might be little but they look so firm and stick right out.”

“Not tonight – and that’s funny because I think that’s what Mrs. Turner said about my titties too,” Jessie chirped and laughed when she saw my reaction.


“Mrs. Turner said they were – what did she call them?” Jessie wondered allowed as the slapping sound of my fist got louder. “Perky. That was it.”

“How did hell did Edna see your breasts?”

“I was taking orders for seeds when I was in 4H,” Jessie explained. “That was a while back when they were even littler than they are now. I came over when you were out back and she told me that she noticed I was growing up and wanted to know if I knew how to give myself breast exams.”

“WHAT?” I bellowed while slowly the stroking a bit from the shock. “That’s crazy.”

“Right in your living room while you were out back,” Jessie insisted. “I had my blouse and bra off and she checked me for lumps by squeezing my titties and feeling under my arms, and then she had me practice on her.”

“I can’t believe…”

“Her tits are like watermelons, and her nipples are like bullets and are really dark crimson… does this turn you on?”

“I don’t believe you,” I gasped, but then she mentioned a birthmark Edna had between her jugs and that, combined with Jessie linking her hands behind her head in a Marilyn Monroe pose designed to show me the wild sprays of strawberry blonde hair that filled her armpits, had me cumming like I hadn’t in years.

“Damn Mr. Turner, you really shot a load,” Jessie marveled as she looked at the ropes of my semen all over the çiğli escort bayan dirt at her feet.

“Edna,” I gasped as I tried to get my breathing under control while milking my deflating cock until it was drained. “Tell me she didn’t…”

“That was not nice to tell on Mrs. Turner like that,” Jessie said as she scolded herself. “What difference does it make anyway?”

“I want to fuck you,” I said coldly.

“I know you do,” Jessie said as she put her blouse back on while I pulled up my drawers. “Maybe tomorrow night.”

“I’ll get rubbers,” I said.

“Don’t like them. Don’t trust them,” Jessie told me. “They break and I sure as heck can’t get pregnant. Besides, I like it better another way.”


“I like it when a man puts his dick in my ass,” Jessie said calmly as I moved towards her. “Don’t you? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

“No – yes,” I mumbled, in a daze as I moved her back against the door. “Is that what your Daddy does to you?”

“You seem more interested that my Daddy than me. Anyway, your cock is long but not super thick,” Jessie said as I leaned into her, her eyes almost level with mine. “I bet I can take it, and you can throw me right over that hay bale over there and stick in in my ass. Sound good to you? You seem to like my hairy bits so my asshole is furry too if that helps.”

“Want you,” I groaned as I kissed Jessie, and she didn’t break it off until after our tongues had swirled around each other’s mouths.

“Oh, you are a horny old man,” Jessie giggled as she broke away from me and opened the door, pausing to add before skipping back home, “Tomorrow night.”

I watched her leave and after I got my clothes back in order I used my shoe to rub my semen into the dirt floor before going back inside. To my surprise Edna must have gotten out of her coma because she was aware I had been entertaining company.

“Who was that you were talking too?” Edna asked.

“The girl next door,” I replied. “Jessie.”

“Oh, she selling seeds again the year?” Edna asked as she walked past me in the kitchen.

“Uh no,” I answered as her telling comment sent a chill down my spine. “I don’t think she’s in 4H anymore anyway.”

“Just as well. I used to feel guilty like I had to buy something from the girl,” Edna explained as she went to the kitchen, and as I watched her breasts swaying, the over-sized jugs dominating her still slender frame I moved behind my wife, the thought of Edna getting Jessie to give her a breast exam turned me on.

“Mmm,” I sighed as I reached around Edna and cupped her breasts through her house dress and harness.

“Clyde,” Edna complained as she squirmed to stop my groping.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as I did a little rough examining of Edna’s pendulous breasts myself, trying to imagine her pawing Jessie and having her do the same to her.

“Act your age,” Edna told me as she got free, and as she tsk-tsked my behavior she added, “Talk to a neighbor girl for a few minutes and you get all crazy.”

As Edna went back to Larry Hagman in the living room I shook my head while wondering how we had gotten to this point in our lives, because it wasn’t always like this. For a long time Edna would have welcomed my touch. Now?

Now those days are in the rear view mirror. Now Edna was making up phony excuses of breast exams to get to feel up the girl next door and I was jerking off on command in front of the very same girl like a deranged chimp. Golden years my ass.

In truth if Edna had ever reacted differently – say if she had turned around and got up on kitchen counter, hiked up her dress and told me to fuck her hard like she had done many times in the distant past – I don’t know what I would have done. Could I have gotten it up again so fast? Luckily I knew Edna so well that there was no way any of that would have happened.

Besides, I was going to have to get it up again tomorrow evening for Jessie, the simple country girl who claimed she loved it up the ass and had insinuated that not only did she love it that way she also loved old guys and maybe her father was one of them.

“This town is like a Peyton Place or something,” I mused aloud after going back outside where night had fallen, and as I trained my binoculars on the second floor and saw Jessie standing in front of the window giving me a wave I returned the greeting even though I wasn’t sure she could see me.

I could see her though, and tomorrow night I would see it all.


Dinner the next evening was a nerve wracking affair, and Edna even asked if I was coming down with something because while I usually devoured Edna’s fried chicken in quantities that always made her wonder how a skinny guy like me could consume so much, I only picked at it.

“No, I’m fine and the chicken’s good,” I said. “Just not much of an appetite tonight I guess. It’ll be good tomorrow.”

It was like I was a virgin again eagerly anticipating my first taste of sex, and to be escort çiğli honest it had been so long since Edna and I had done it that I might as well have been. It hadn’t been weeks or even months. It had been years.

Edna was probably convinced I was sick when I helped her clean up the kitchen after dinner, and while I usually did offer my services to some extent this time I even washed the dishes. That was how bad I wanted Edna to retreat to the living room fast so I could get out onto the porch and wait for Jessie.

Outside I was even more antsy, and as darkness began to fall I started to wonder whether Jessie was actually coming over or not. Maybe she had just been teasing me. Even more disturbing was the possibility that maybe yesterday hadn’t happened at all. Maybe I had imagined it and was losing my mind.

Fortunately I caught sight of someone coming across the field, and after peeking into the kitchen to make sure it was clear, I hurried down the steps and got to the barn just as Jessie was getting there.

“You look pretty,” I told her as I opened the door and let her in before securing it and lighting the lantern.

“You don’t have to sweet talk me Mr. Turner,” Jessie declared as she unbuttoned her blouse and cast it aside, exposing her perky titties. “I already told you we were going to fuck. Been thinking about it all day.”

“Me too,” I said in the under statement of the year as I hurriedly stripped down, trying to catch up with Jessie who had already gotten her jeans off and was peeling her panties down her long legs, and when I saw her naked except for socks I sighed, “Damn!”

“You like?” Jessie asked as she did her Marilyn Monroe pose for me, letting me see all her beauty close up with my own eyes instead of half a football field away through binoculars, and the improved view did not disappoint.

Not particularly shapely, the lanky lady had the somewhat broad shoulders that rural girls from hard work, although she was more wiry than muscular. Her titties thrust out so proudly from her skinny torso despite her probably not wearing bras that often, and as she ran her hands through her strawberry blonde locks my heart skipped a beat.

“You’re gorgeous child,” I declared after I got my boxers off and we stood there both clad only in socks as we checked each other out.

“You’re in good shape for a guy your age,” Jessie told me. “Not much of a belly. My Daddy has a little pot belly and he’s probably 10 years younger than you.”

“Hard work,” I chalked it up to, although it was probably more my metabolism more than anything else.

“Your dick’s big even soft,” Jessie assessed as it came over to her, and she giggled and squirmed when I took advantage of her upraised arms to let my thumbs softly slide through the thickets that filed the deep pockets of her armpits, hair that was a shade or two dark than her scalp.

“Such a hairy gal you are,” I sighed in approval as my eyes went down her torso to gaze at the wild triangle of golden curls that filled and overflowed the delta between her legs, and when I reached down to touch the bush I was delighted to find the fur was soft and silky just like her pit hair.

“Your dick’s getting hard,” Jessie said as she reached over and grabbed my semi-turgid cock, and as she pulled on it I leaned forward and kissed her.

It hit me at that moment our lips met that Jessie was a couple inches taller than me, but it didn’t seem to both her any more than it did me as our tongues got acquainted. I was about to suckle on the titties at that point but Jessie had other ideas.

“Want to suck your big dick,” she informed me before going effortlessly to her knees and grabbing my cock, and without hesitation brought my member to her lips and leaned into me.

My love and respect for Jessie grew with every inch her lips went down my cock, which had become as hard as blue steel in a matter if seconds, and soon her nose was brushing against my pubic hair as she seemed to be trying to get the entire thing in her mouth.

It had been even longer since I had experienced the joy of getting my cock sucked than it was having sex, and even when Edna had grudgingly gone down on me she didn’t put much effort into it. Jessie, on the other hand, was doing it as if she was enjoying it as much as I was.

Her blonde curls were flying as her head thrust to and fro, making the 6″ inches of my manhood not covered by her fist wrapped around the stump slick with her saliva, and while I didn’t know at first what she was doing with her other arm that was wiggling in front of her I figured it out soon enough.

Jessie was fingering herself. While she enthusiastically did her sword swallowing act on my tool, the girl was frigging her hairy pussy rather violently, and that along with her talented mouth had me getting way too excited.

“I want you,” I said after the hands that had been idly massaging her armpits lifted her to her feet, her face flushed to sweaty from the exertion.

“Gotta get me ready first,” Jessie said. “Where’s that lotion you had last night?”

“Over here,” I said, feeling a little goofy as I hustled over to retrieve the bottle with my swollen dick waving around like a sword, and it occurred to me that anal sex was something I had only done once before, back when I was Jessie’s age.

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