Lily on the Beach: Day 2


I woke up next to Lily in the morning of the second day of our vacation, her head resting on my shoulder and her arm draped across my chest. There was no doubt that this vacation was going to be a great one, at least the way the first day had gone. I thought about the night before, how we’d gone down to the beach, made love in the ocean and on our blanket, thinking we’d been completely alone. As it turned out, we’d been seen – another couple had watched every move. How did I know? He’d told me, after having “accidentally” bumping into us on our way back to town. More amazing than that, he’d told me that he and his girl were willing to return the favor for us the next night…. tonight. Tom had said that he and Jan (their first names were all we’d ever know about them) would be back there. All we had to do was to be back at the same spot on the beach at nine this evening.

I alternated between replaying last night and trying to decide what to do about tonight. On the one hand, the idea was incredibly exciting – both that we’d been seen and that another couple wanted to return the favor. On the other hand, I didn’t know what to do about Lily – both how she’d react to the idea, and how she’d react to the fact that I hadn’t told her yet! Ultimately, I knew I had to get her down to that beach.

Why the problem? Well, Lily was in some ways a very conservative lady. She never did anything without thinking it through carefully, even if it sometimes meant missing an opportunity. Despite an incredible sexual appetite, she usually managed to keep it under wraps unless she was alone with her lover. Since we’d been back together, I’d worked on opening up my lusty Lily, whose shyness I attributed to not having been allowed to explore her sensual potential. Between us, though, it just seemed to click, all the time, and everything we tried we found exciting, even as it got more risqué. The truth was, I knew that once she got to the show tonight, she’d love every second of it. That being said, I decided I’d just surprise her.

For me the days seemed to drag forever, despite a lot of sightseeing and the occasional break for a quickie whenever we could get even the slightest amount of privacy. Lily was definitely feeling her exhibitionist oats; she’d picked out a shorter skirt than usual, and had gone with a very low cut top. At one point walking through a quiet neighborhood, I pulled her into the garden of a house that was obviously unoccupied. I grabbed her hand and placed it squarely on my cock, and it was like a light switch turning her on. In seconds she was bent over leaning against the back wall of the house, and I was pounding her from behind, letting up only long enough to turn around and give her a mouthful of hot cum.

We tried a different bar this time for our dinner and drinks, a bar that had dancing and a pretty good band. Even though the crowd was a little younger than us, the music was our style and we got the chance to dance for the first time in ages. I remembered the first time we’d gone dancing – it was a Valentine’s dance sponsored by the fraternities and sororities on campus. We had slow danced to every bahis firmaları song, no matter what the music was, until people started the inevitable “go get a room.” In keeping with the spirit of the moment, we had; well, not gone and gotten a room, but gone back to my room.

This time we danced at the right speed for each song, but did our best imitation of “dirty dancing” and when a couple of slow songs came on, we pressed together, hot and sweaty from the dancing, and ready to fuck right on the dance floor. I think if the lights had been a little lower, my cock might have found a way inside her right on the floor.

I looked at my watch and decided that now was the time to make the move. “Come for a walk with me,” I whispered to her. “Let’s walk down to the beach.”

“Baby wants to get some?,” Lily teased. She grabbed by cock playfully through my pants and said “I thought we’d try someplace else tonight.”

“Oh, I just want some air,” I responded, “and I thought I might get you to walk topless on the beach for me.”

“Hmmmmmmm….” was all she said, but she squeezed my hand as we walked down toward the beach.

We were just out of sight of the town lights when Lily stopped and proceeded to remove her shirt and bra, slipping the bra in a pocket and tying the shirt around her waist. There she was, incredibly, topless in the moonlight, nipples standing tall and proud. I couldn’t resist and leaned over to suck each one into my mouth, causing Lily to shake and grab my head. It was a struggle to lift my head from her tits, but I knew I had to get her a couple hundred yards down the beach in a hurry if we were to make it to our show.

As we got down the beach, we could see the light from what looked to be a campfire on the beach. I knew that was the place, but wondered if our mystery couple had chickened out, or that someone else had taken our spot. We slowed our pace, almost creeping toward the fire, wondering what we’d find. I at least had a clue of what I wanted to find, but Lily was totally in the dark. She was so preoccupied with her stealthy approach that she didn’t even realize she still had her shirt off, and might at any moment walk into a group of strangers!

Close up it was clear that we hadn’t walked into a group of strangers or a bunch of kids partying on the beach. The sounds were obviously of sex, loud and not the slightest bit concerned about who might walk up. Lily dropped to her knees behind a little dune and peeked around. Clearly interested, she stretched out to see the most she could without being seen. Our mystery friends must have heard our approach, however, as they repositioned themselves to give us the best possible angle. Jan was on her knees, hands on the hips of her lover, who had his cock firmly planted in her mouth. She sucked him hard and fast, clearly enjoying herself. The way Tom held her head made me wonder if she loved when he did that as much as Lily did.

As I expected, Lily was entranced. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her. It didn’t make me jealous at all, it was clear she wasn’t interested in either of them in THAT way, kaçak iddaa it was simply that she was seeing live sex, and absolutely loving it. I didn’t touch her at all, just sat back and watched. She was clearly lost in the moment. Her breathing was fast and shallow and her face, reflected in the firelight, was clearly flushed. I was so focused on her face that I didn’t even notice that one hand had come up and was playing with her own nipple, something I’d never seen her do before. My girl was definitely lost in lust. I came up next to her to watch with her. Tom was now eating Jan, but from behind as she was standing, bent over. Once again, I suspected that it was as much for their show for us as for themselves.

Tom stood up and entered Jan from behind. I admired his control as he kept up a steady rhythm; Jan obviously knew how to fuck and was shoving back at him as hard as he was plunging into her. Jan started swaying and I knew that standing position wouldn’t last much longer. They dropped down on hands and knees, facing us, and Tom resumed his efforts. Now it was me having trouble breathing, as Jan’s tits bouncing back and forth had me hypnotized. All of a sudden I realized the other reason I was having trouble breathing – Lily had found a way to watch the scene leaning up against me so that both her hands were free. Hard as it was to believe, that is when I noticed that one of those hands was wrapped around my cock, and the other was busy pushing her fingers into an incredibly drenched pussy that was literally dripping into the sand below.

I knew I’d never make it at that rate, and decided to let Lily watch the show while I worked on her. I maneuvered her around so that she was on her hands and knees, and I crawled underneath between her legs and pulled her pussy down to my mouth. I don’t think Lily would have cared who was licking her at that point; she simply pushed down and rode my mouth and tongue. I could hear groaning on the other side of the dune as it was obvious that Jan was cumming hard. I felt Lily cum with her, drenching me with her own delicious juices.

I got back up to look at Lily. Her eyes had glazed over, and the look in her eyes was pure lust. I was absent-mindedly playing with Lily’s body, first slipping two fingers into her pussy for a little finger-fucking, and then temporarily adding a third to get it wet enough to slide into her ass. Continuing the finger-fucking I asked her what she thought. Her only response was…

“How close can we get before they see us?”

I had a feeling that they would have no problem with us being closer, but didn’t know quite how to say it. While I was mulling it over, my problem was solved, as I heard Jan calling softly… “Jack, Lily, is that you?”

They stood up and walked toward us, and I knew we were caught. Tom spoke up, “c’mon out, there’s a blanket for you by the fire.”

It was then I noticed the second blanket, on the opposite side of the fire. Like kids who had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, we came out toward the fire. Only then I realized how disheveled we were. My shorts were open and my cock dangled out, kaçak bahis and Lily’s skirt and panties were tangled up around her ankles. We sat down on the blanket and wondered what was going to come next. Our answer came quickly. All Tom and Jan wanted to do was give us a better position to view them. Before we were fully settled, Jan was back on her knees with Tom inside her. That wasn’t all they had in mind for us though. Jan looked directly at Lily and asked her…

“Want to watch him fuck my ass?”

Lily licked her lips and managed something that sounded like “uh huh.”

Tom rubbed the head of his cock against Jan’s little brown hole, trying to tease it open.

Jan would have none of it: “If you’re going to fuck me with that thing, put it in me now,” caused the inevitable, as Tom pushed his cock into Jan’s ass, letting her get used to it even as he started to stroke her.

Lily turned me slightly and bent down to lay her head in my lap. She took my cock into her mouth in a position that let her still watch the anal action while getting herself some oral satisfaction. She was sucking me, but her movements were timed to Tom and Jan’s. In an almost absent-minded way, I went back to sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass, and realized that I was also moving to their time.

Things got even hotter across the fire as Tom started reaming his partner’s ass. Jan fell flat on the blanket as Tom continued the assault, putting all his weight on her. It was incredibly erotic to watch, and again without conscious awareness, I realized my hand had gone to Lily’s head and was helping her suck my cock by pulling her head down on top of me.

“Fill up my ass, Tom” Jan cried, “I’m cumming.”

That was all it took Tom, and, as it turned out, was all it took Lily and me. I felt Lily’s pussy grab my fingers at the same time her asshole convulsed on the third finger that had been working her just like Tom had been working Jan. I drove jets of cum into Lily’s waiting mouth.

All of a sudden it was quiet, just the sounds of heavy breathing in the night. It should have been embarrassing; two couples who knew nothing about each other beyond watching each other have sex. Yet somehow, it wasn’t. We talked for awhile; when Jan first mentioned the fact that they’d watched us the night before, Lily figured out that I must have known. I got a little glare that partially told me I’d be making it up to her for quite some time, but which also managed to convey the fact that she appreciated the experience.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” Jan said, “it was just that I’ve always had a fantasy of watching and being watched.”

“I couldn’t believe that I had a chance to fulfill her fantasy,” added Tom. “Once we saw you two last night, half the fantasy had come true. All we had to do was find a way to lure you two down to watch us.”

I looked at Lily and smiled. She smiled back at me and gave me a knowing wink.

“Well,” my lady said, “if you two are up to some more watching and being watched, I’ve got some things I’ve always wanted to do in front of a camera…. or maybe some friends.”

Two hours later, having played our own version of “show and tell,” both couples went their separate ways. All I could think was, if this was day two, what would the rest of the week be like?

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