Living with Aunt Maureen Pt. 02


This is the continuation from a mixing pot experiment I tried. If you like the stories outcome please leave a comment letting me know to try it again. Where I kick off a story then let readers comments influence the 2nd half. The comments has spawned a part III which is on the way.


Part II

Something bothered Aunt Maureen, because she changed from work and went straight to the backyard to work. As usual, I followed her outside to give a hand and flirt with her. Aunt Maureen’s breasts strained the fabric of her white tee shirt. Her bra pressed through her shirt and the jeans she wore showed off her long legs and round butt.

As much as I tried, I could not push that night from my mind. Rather, it had become worst. Visions of her body filled my thoughts during the day and the hours before sleep.

It was wrong, or so society told me so. But it was only sex, and it couldn’t go anywhere. Aunt Maureen could not have children. Everything we would do would be about pleasure and enjoyment.

Why not? She was pretty, actually more than pretty, she was beautiful. Full lips with large brown eyes. Skin that felt like silk stretched over a tall, wide body. Now how would I convince her to see it like I did?

We tended the garden in the back together. Like I had in previous years. But this year, I couldn’t help but admire her muscles in her shoulders and back. When able, I stole glimpses of her chest through the collar of her shirt and small of her back when it rode up.

She smiled at me and stood up. “Well, I think that about does it. We’ll cleanup for the night.” She stared at me for a moment, then giggled. “You reminded me of your father, a farm boy when your mother first met him.”

There was a hint of sadness in her eyes as she touched me on the shoulder and squeezed my muscle. The thought made me miss the two of them. My aunt’s comment also stirred a sense of pride in me. I followed her in and watched as she pulled her bun loose and let her hair fall over her shoulders.

After she went to the shower, I grabbed a drink of water and listened to her from down the hall. It wasn’t the largest house, 3 bedrooms upstairs and 1 down. But the 3rd bedroom upstairs served as unused office. It was nice to have two full baths, especially back when two women lived in the house.

I leaned on the counter and stared at the door. A plan formed inside my head. ‘I could just walk in, strip down, and see if she truly didn’t remember that night. Throw it all on the table. No, I would need to do it as an accident, then gauge her reaction.’

Her phone vibrated next to me and broke my thought. The screen lit up and Susan’s name displayed with her number.

“Aunt Maureen, its Susan.” I yelled.

The bathroom door opened a crack, and she poked her head out, her one shoulder exposed. “Can you let her know I’m just getting in the shower and I’ll call her back? She just wants ask me about this weekend again.”

I picked up the cell and nodded my head to Aunt Maureen.

“Hello.” I said.

“Oh, hi James, this is Susan, your aunt’s co-worker. Can I speak to her?” she said.

An alternative plan popped into my head. Maureen was sure she was going to ask her to the bar again. “Hello Susan, Aunt Maureen is just in the shower, I can take a message for her.”

“No, that’s okay, I’ll call her later, or tomorrow.” Susan said.

“Okay, I can let her know you called. Oh, and whatever you did the other week, she’s been a lot happier since then.” I said.

“She has! She’s always so professional at work it was hard to tell.”

“You plan on taking her out again?” I said.

“I was hoping too, we got a lot of attention last week.” Susan said.

“I saw you girls. It was nice to see her excited. So where are you planning to go this week?” I said.

“Granite and Oak, it’s a newer pub close to the silver hotel. Have you been too it?” Susan said.

“No, but I’ve heard it’s really nice, and the upside is, Barry’s rival company built it.” I said.

We shared a laugh “I’ll let Aunt Maureen know you called and maybe if you’re going to other places we might cross paths. Finally, meet each other face to face.”

“I always hear about you from your aunt that would be nice.” Susan said.

My fingers worked fast on my phone I sent a group message to my buddies I went out with the previous week and asked if they wanted one more night. Steve and Andrew both replied and agreed to a few rounds of pool at Granite and Oak.

Plans were set for both sides and soon I would set a pair of my friends up with a pair of cougars. At least that’s what I had hoped for. The closer the night came, the tighter my stomach felt. I calmed myself with thoughts of backing out should things go sideways.

Dark wood counters, with thick slab counters lined the bar. Flat screens played everything from sports to music videos. Several pool tables were at the far end, surrounded by VLTs and arcade games.

Most people weren’t out on the town yet, and we had bahis firmaları our choice of tables. We bought our drinks and claimed a table.

I was terrible at pool, but Steve eagerly set the table up. It didn’t take long before he proved he also sucked. Andrew picked something up during his first year of college and cleaned us out with ease.

I nursed my beer as I watched him lean forward to finish me. Which was okay, because he was about to spank Steve next. And I’d be free to watch the door.

“James!” Aunt Maureen said.

My heart skipped when I saw her in strapped heels, a sleeveless navy blue blouse and mid-thigh pencil skirt. At first I thought she was Susan. When she had left the house earlier, it was a black pants and vest combo.

“You look different.” I said.

Maureen looked back over her shoulder. “Susan’s idea, said she would let me leave unless I changed into something else.”

“I have to agree.” I said and gave her a wink and smile.

She blushed and slapped me in the stomach. “Stop.”

Susan wasn’t far off in style, but she wore more makeup. Her clothes exposed the tops of her breasts and knee-high boots gave her a very sexy aura. Tonight she also came as a platinum blonde.

Behind her was the youngest of the three in her early thirties, Wendy. A short slender woman with brunette hair and a cute rounded face. The most conservative of the three, she wore pants and a flowing top.

Susan trotted up beside me and punched me in the shoulder. “So this is James?” She put her arm in mine. “Maureen, you never told me he was handsome.”

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks. But her body felt warm, and I enjoyed the touch of a new woman.

“He’s my nephew.” Maureen stammered.

Susan gave her a big smile, then looked at me from the corner of her eye. “Let’s join them, if they’ll let us. You boys wouldn’t…”

“Yes.” Both Steve and Andrew said in unison.

The women laughed and made the two blush. “Great, we’ll do teams. James and I will take winners.” She squeezed my arm and felt my shoulder with her hand. “Mmm, I’m glad I told you where we were going.” She whispered.

While Andrew was the best of us. He still proved himself an amateur vs. Aunt Maureen and Susan. Even Wendy out did us boys.

Aunt Maureen leaned over the table. She was on her third drink and hadn’t noticed her top button had come undone.

Two black straps hugged her hips and met to form a triangle above her skirt. My own drinks caused me to lose to my surrounding. With that slip in attention, Susan caught me staring.

“Someone’s staring.” Susan whispered in my ear.

My cheeks burned, and I looked away from my aunt’s ass. The ball clacked, and I watched the eight ball roll into the corner pocket.

She turned and put her hands in the air and twisted her hips in a mini victory dance. If that was the penalty for losing, I’d lose all day.

It was far from her usual clothes, and I took every curve in. I mentally tanked Susan’s efforts and wardrobe.

Wendy, the group’s designated driver, threw her purse over her shoulder and set her single bottle on the back of our little table.

“Do you ladies want to grab a seat?” Andrew said.

God bless him for quick thinking. Both Steve and I held our breaths.

Aunt Maureen laughed it off and shook her head. Susan grinned and wrapped her arm in mine, leading me towards the tables and chairs. Once we started walking, the other joined in quickly. In reality, it was the eyes of other people around us who were inhibiting us the most.

Susan looked over her shoulder and said, “Come on, when’s the last time you had college guys hitting on you?”

Four drinks later, our age difference meant nothing. They laughed and told us stories like wise women warning the young braces of dangerous journeys. Only they were three beautiful female sages, not grizzled hags. I shook the thoughts of a witch’s coven from my mind and finished my beer.

Wendy nursed her coke, but Aunt Maureen and Susan cut loose. At one point I felt an ankle slide up my leg and nearly touch my crotch. When I tried to check it pulled away, someone was getting their entertainment from teasing us three young guys. Honestly, I wasn’t complaining and looked forward to the next one.

“We’ll look who it is, hey ladies.” a man called out from the other side of the pool tables. The man’s skin had weathered from years of hard labor and his stubble was a mixture of grey and black.

Susan’s eyes rolled, and she took a sip from her glass.

There were four middle-aged men. All wearing a similar style of jeans, work boots, button down long sleeve shirts that were rolled up. I could tell they worked in the factory. They had weld burns and small scars on their arms. One of them stood out as very familiar. When I realized it was the man from the previous week, I felt a tinge of anger.

The one who called them out sported a 70s porn stash. He pointed to Maureen. “Hey Ben, it’s your girlfriend.”

“Just a one-night stand, kaçak iddaa I never called her back.” The guy said. The asshole wore a white t-shirt and flannel long sleeve button-down shirt. Now in the light I could see he had a belly.

I felt my head spin and the small surge of anger grew large enough to pump my heart in my ears.

Maureen turned her head back and looked him over carefully. “That’s because I never gave it to you, you were useless you were only worth one fuck and you didn’t even remember doing it.”

His smirk turned to a sneer. Obviously he didn’t expect her to lean into his lewd comment with one of her own.

I never heard her talk like that. I was admiring her neck when the guy with a porn stash stepped closer to Susan and me. The way they staggered, they were well past being drunk.

I stood from the stable. “We’re just here for fun. Plenty of tables around.” I didn’t know where I was going with it. I was losing my tact quickly the more they annoyed me.

“Hey girl, we have a better table over there, owner’s corner, drinks are on us. You and I can pick up where we left off last week.” The man reached down and grabbed Susan by her right breast, jiggling it in his hand. “Round two?”

“Hey!” Susan shouted. Her arm hooked inside of his and flung his hand off her breast.

In my defense, I wasn’t the first one to throw the punch. Steve did, he was defending my aunt’s honor so he could later try to sleep with her. It was something he had teased me about for years.

My arm instinctively wrapped around Susan and pulled her in beside me.

It wasn’t much. The guy shook Steve’s punch off and tried to laugh at it. To be honest, Steve was as tough as he was talented at pool. It wasn’t until a third guy jumped in and shoved him into my aunt that I truly lost it.

Aunt Maureen screamed and fell across the table. Drinks flew and glass shattered on the floor.

My blood boiled, and my vision narrowed. I had one goal to get to that man. Maybe it was that I had seen myself in them. I wasn’t much better than them, I wanted to remove them from my sight. Perhaps deep down, I wished to be punished, a way to right wrongs.

A sharp punch to the mustache man’s throat put him on his heels. In two steps, I was between Aunt Maureen and on the man called Ben.

A large nose was all I could see. Without thinking, my fist clenched tight and my arm swung over my shoulder. My punch connected with his face. A miss in my mind, I could only think of how to break that nose and the arms that got in my way. A second and third swing. I followed him down over top a table.

Someone whipped me with a coat on my side and back. Porn-stash rushed in. He reached around my throat and I felt his fists thump into the side of my head. For a moment the thumps stunned me, but I felt no pain. I brushed it off as he had missed me and rose to face him.

Somewhere straps had tangled around my shirt, and I tore them off. The snapping sound of bone and a shutter in my hand made his face twist in agony. I jerked my arm away and threw the ribbons to the floor. When he pulled away from me, I realized it was his hand.

I didn’t care anymore, I wanted more as I stood over him. I wanted to keep bending his hand backward until it tore off, but another hand grabbed my shoulder.

Anger swelled inside of me ‘you dare!’ I balled my fist and swung with the intentions to crush bone. The strike shuttered my hand more than I expected and unlike before didn’t pass through.

The sight of a man dressed in black jeans and a black tee shirt stumbling back snapped me out of my rage. He was twice my size, had a bald head and clung to the side of a table. His eyes flared back at me, stunned and angered.

I heard my aunt scream, and I turned to see a second black figure next to me wind up his fist. That’s the last thing I remembered.

Susan looked down at me and she stroked my hair back from my face. “So, we’re not welcome back there anymore.”

“James, James?!” Aunt Maureen said.

My head rested on Susan’s lap, and Maureen held my knees. My head throbbed as I stared up into their faces. To my left, Steve and Andrew looked back over the seat.

I tried to sit up, but Susan and Maureen held me down. “Where are we?”

“Wendy’s car, we’re going to the hospital.” Maureen said.

Susan pulled my shirt up and exposed my stomach and chest. “Hmmm.” She traced the outline of my abs.

I looked into my aunt’s eyes as she looked over my body. She poked and prodded my side and stomach. I winced and tried to flex my abs. A shot of pain prevented me from showing them off.

I touched my ribs and said, “Ouch, who the hell was whipping me with a coat?”

Steve laughed, “Dude, that’s what you thought was happening? He was kicking and punching you as Susan tried to pull him off of you.”

“You went fucking berserk, like that time playing basketball in grade twelve, and threw that guy across the foul line trying to pull the ball free.” Andrew said.

Susan ran her fingers over kaçak bahis my abs and lifted my shirt higher onto my chest. Despite the pain, I could feel my cock come to life. The more she inspected and checked my ribs, the harder her touch made me. I watched as her eyes trailed down to my crotch and stared for a moment.

“He doesn’t need the hospital, he’s awake now. We just need to keep him awake and monitor him. I’ll call my friend to double check, she’s a nurse.” Susan said. With a quick flick of her wrist, she patted me on the crotch.

Aunt Maureen glared at her and said, “Susan.”

“Just checking to see if he’s alert.” Susan said with a smile.

I stared at Andrew and Steve, who looked back between the front seats. “Are you sitting on Steve’s lap?” I said.

Maureen and Susan covered their mouths in an effort not to laugh.

Wendy jerked the wheel and bounced into the parking lot of a convenience store. “Since we’re not going to the hospital and James can’t go to sleep, I have a plan.

Her plan equated to buying several bottles of liquor and bringing the party home to Aunt Maureen’s house. I couldn’t blame her I later learnt she took a stray shot in the cheekbone and her eye turned black before we got home.

After one bottle it got wilder, soon it resembled a porn shoot, clothes littered the floor, cocks were out and soaking pussies were at the ready. Susan even pulled out her camera to record Andrew fucking Wendy in the ass. We drank wine off one another’s bodies and for the first time my cock felt 3 pussies in one night.

No, just shitting you, it was pretty tame. We sat in the fucking living room listening to a group retelling of how the fight went down. How the previous week shaped our night together, largely from Susan’s point of view. My aunt for obvious reasons remained silent on Ben. The more Susan talked, the more guilt I had for that night, but I also felt like I had saved Aunt Maureen. It was my lame attempt at justifying it.

Steve and Andrew played up their parts. It wasn’t like the movies, the entire bar didn’t join in. It was just 10 assholes in the middle who eventually got knocked the fuck out and received a lifelong ban. Well, just us. Ben and his buddies were personal friends of the owner.

They drank while I sipped a coke and rye, mostly coke. When the sun rose in the morning, it was me taking care of Aunt Maureen and not the other way around. Exhausted, Maureen and I helped one another up the stairs to bed. I held Maureen around the waist, but I felt punch drunk and relied on her just as much.

“Hmm, I can do it, you’re the one who got knocked out tonight.” She smiled.

“Yes, well, I don’t…” I somehow lost the words to finish my thought, maybe they were right. With one hand, I pushed open the door to her room.

Wendy laid face down in Aunt Maureen’s bed. Her bare back and ass on display. The bed sheet curled around her thighs and waist. Beside her Andrew was half covered up, twisted in the blankets. His cock stiff and protruding through the folds of the comforter.

Aunt Maureen turned around and closed the door. “I gotta wash the bed.”

She broke from my arms and ran for the washroom. I grit my teeth and limped after her. I arrived just in time to see her vomit into the toilet and cling to the rim of the bowl. She weighed a lot as I helped her to her feet. Or I was significantly weaker.

Her makeup smudged, and her hair had turned into a mess. Vomit stained her collar and the tips of her hair. She covered her face and sighed as she stared at herself in the mirror.

I pulled her close and held her in my arms. She tried to push away. “I smell.”

“And I’m cut, bloody and bruised.” I said.

She gave in and put her head on my chest and put her arms around my back. We stood there enjoying one another’s warmth and skin.

On a gamble to push it further, I reached into the towel rack and grabbed a small hand towel. I soaked it with warm water and cleaned the ends of her hair. She held on to the vanity edge and swayed side to side. After, I wiped her eyes and chin with fresh water.

To my surprise, she reached under my shirt and pulled it up to my neck and paused. She didn’t look at me in the eyes, instead I watched as they looked side to side, shoulder to shoulder.

After a few seconds, she shook her head and took the fresh face cloth from the rack and soaked it in water. She washed my chest and sides where the bruising hurt the most.

“We should have put ice on it, are you okay?” She said. She didn’t look at me. She continued until she finished, then led me into my bedroom. With a heavy hand, she closed the door and laughed.

“What is it?” I said.

“Wendy, if I would have put money on it, I would have expected Susan to be the one fucking one of your friends. Oh, my god what a night.” She wrapped her hands around the back of her neck and pulled them away from the wet spot on her collar in disgust.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the door. I stepped forward and reached for the buttons on her blouse.

“Oh, that bouncer was not happy, but neither was I, they had to drag me out after that one asshole sucker punched you from the side.” She said. She twisted her side and winced.

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