Lori’s Anniversary Plan


“I’ve got something extraordinary planned for our anniversary,” Laurie whispered to me.

I grunted — unable to think of anything but the next thirty seconds as her oiled hands slowly made another roundtrip up and down my cock. “I’m about to come,” I said, hoping she would speed up.

But instead Laurie pulled her hand away and said, “You will come in a week, on our anniversary. But I need your pump to be primed for our special night.”

I objected — as did my cock, now bobbing in the cold air. But Laurie would not budge. “You will come like you’ve never come before,” she promised. “Just trust me.”

You might think Laurie would take it easy on me, given her demand of abstinence. But each night leading up to our anniversary, she led me to the armchair in our bedroom, knelt between my legs and took my full balls into her warm wet mouth.

It was the same each night. As I sat, Laurie licked and fondled my balls until a bead of cum emerged. Each night it took less time than the night before. On Thursday, when I took off my boxers, my cock was already hard and the head was slick. Laurie just smiled, took my tight sack in her mouth, and let out a 15-second moan. The vibrations went through me. My cock lurched and Laurie pulled away once more. “One day more,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

By Friday — our anniversary — my balls were noticeably full, the soft skin stretched tight. Laurie kissed me as I left for work and suggested I go the gym before returning home to give her time to finish preparations for our special night. Handing me a bag, Laurie grabbed my ass. “Don’t look in the bag until after your workout, and make sure you pay particular attention to cleaning every part of your body, inside and out” she ordered with a devilish smile.

The day crawled along, but I made it through. After work I exercised hard trying to keep my mind off my need to come. I hit the steam room, showered and shaved. When I looked in the mirror, I could not believe how big my cock and balls looked. I went to my locker and opened the bag Laurie had given me, expecting to find my “special occasion” silk boxers. Instead, I found a smooth lycra jock.

I was glad the locker-room was empty as I slipped the jock over my swollen balls and cock. Nothing was left to the imagination. The rest of the outfit was nice, although not what I would have chosen: white linen pants and a white shirt.

I sped home, no longer able to keep my mind off the night ahead. When I opened the door, Laurie was nowhere to be found. The room was dark, the only light coming from a tall black candle. Next to the candle was a glass of champagne and a note. As I drank the champagne, I focused on the note:

“Tonight we will celebrate the first time I gave myself to you. On that night, you gently and patiently introduced me to sexual wonder. When I first saw you, so thick and full, I was scared. But you calmed me.

“You kissed and stroked me until I kissed back with need. You stripped me slowly and sat me down. You lovingly spread my legs open as I covered my face with my arm. But you wouldn’t let me hide my pussy with my hand, wrapping my fingers in yours as your wet lips and tongue covered my slick center. You were gentle at first, then more aggressive until I swelled open under your tongue and my wetness covered my thighs.”

I was rock-hard, but only halfway through the note. I read on:

“You took your time and lay me on the bed. You slid a slim finger into me, opening me for the first time. You talked to me through my gasps, telling me to relax and open for you, making me feel safe.

“When you pumped two fingers into me your tongue swept over my clit and I foça escort didn’t know what was happening. My body clamped down on your fingers and I came, half-laughing, half-crying. down on your fingers. Just as I started to relax, you slid your fat cock into me and pumped me until I came again, harder than the first time.

“You brought me so much pleasure that first night, and on the hundreds of nights that followed. Tonight I will give you back the gift you gave me — pleasure that will seize your memory for the rest of our married life. But you will have to trust me and let me take you somewhere we’ve never been before.

Come up to our room and knock.”

I rushed up the stairs and softly tapped the door. Laurie opened the door. She was dressed in black high heels with stockings and a black leather skirt that hugged her tight ass. She was wearing a silk blouse and her fully aroused nipples were poking through. She took my hands and kissed me hard, opening my mouth with hers.

When the kiss ended, I looked around the room for the first time. Candles twinkled everywhere. The armchair was draped in white silk and in the center of the room was a low table — almost a stage — topped with a thick white cushion. At one end of the table, a metal bowl sat over a low candle. Its liquid contents gave off the smell of vanilla as it warmed. A device that consisted of a squeeze bulb and tapered tube leaned against the bowl.

“What is all this?” I asked with a confused but eager look.

Laurie ignored my question and began to kiss me again, unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands over my chest. She lovingly took my nipples in her mouth, moved her hands to the front of my slacks, and traced the outline of my cock and balls.

Moving behind me, Laurie reached around to rub me again. She whispered, “Relax baby. Feel me handle you, getting you ready for me. If you just let go, you’re going to love the trip I take you on.”

I had never seen Laurie like this, so assured in the bedroom. But it was nice to have her take control for a change. I looked into her big eyes and nodded a silent “yes.”

Laurie took her shirt off and pulled my head to her breasts, cradling me as I sucked on her hard nipples. She helped me out of my slacks and said, “Look how huge your are in that jock baby. I know you can’t wait to empty those big balls.”

Laurie’s kisses became more aggressive as she ran her hands over my ass, which the jock left completely uncovered. Finally, she led me to silk-covered armchair and sat me down. Laurie’s next move surprised me. She took my left leg and draped it over one arm of the chair. She put my right leg over the other.

I felt a little silly — my cock covered while my ass was exposed. “Should I take my jock off,” I asked, trying to get a better idea of what was coming.

Laurie put a finger to my lips and said, “Hush. Let me get you wet for me.”

As her words finished, she knelt between my legs and pushed my thighs further back. Then I felt something I had never felt before — her hot tongue on my ass. That’s how it started at least. Then her tongue pushed right into my ass. My eyes rolled back and I moaned.

Assured by my response, Laurie licked and opened me like I had done to her a decade earlier. Finally, when I thought I would come from her tongue alone. She stood me up and pulled me to her again. My legs were shaky as she took me in her arms.

Laurie led me to the table and gently pushed me onto my back, my legs hanging off the edge of the table. She slid my jock off and said, “Look how wet you made your jock. You’re almost ready for me, but I need you to be dripping.” foça escort bayan

She reached for the bulb and dipped it in the bowl to fill. She looked straight at me and slid its slim end into my ass. I felt the strange feeling of warm oil filling me. When Laurie removed the tube, she quickly slid her index finger deep into me. I lost my breath.

“Does that feel good baby?” she asked, as she squeezed a second finger into me.

I croaked out a response, “Oh yes! But please take it slow so I can adjust and enjoy every moment.”

Ignoring me she pushed her fingers as deep as she could and curled her fingers upward. My cock stood straight. She firmly pressed a knot deep inside me and I nearly jumped off the table.

“Baby, look at the pleasure I can bring you with my fingers buried in your ass,” she said.

I looked down to see my cock straining and her other hand sliding slowly up and down the shaft. I craved release even more than when she started and was lost in the desire I saw in her eyes. As Laurie rubbed me harder from inside, my balls continued to fill and strain.

Laurie kept whispering. “Look how wet you are. I’m going to take you soon, fill you up and push on this spot until these big balls are empty. But first, I am going to slide this dildo plug in your ass so that you will be filled while your bring me to orgasm with your fingers and tongue.”

She moved to the side of the table. “Take my skirt off,” she ordered. Kneeling before her I removed her skirt. There she stood, looking more erotic than any other women ever had. Sitting back on my feet, I took in every inch of her beauty, and she glowed with excitement. Her fragrance underscored her desire and attracted me like a moth to a flame. Stepping forward she brought her pussy to my lips and started rotating her hips as I slide my tongue the length of her slit. Locking her fingers together behind my head she pulled my lips against her and I could feel her body quiver. Oblivious to everything else, she performed a lewd dance of hip thrusts while holding me between her legs. Sensing her orgasm, I stuck my tongue as far into her cunt as I could and her body exploded.

Moments passed as the tremors subsided, but she was far from satiated. A groan escaped her lips as she pulled my mouth from her groin. Smiling down at me she said, “I’m not done with you. Rub your cock but don’t let yourself come…” She picked up a leather paddle that I didn’t previously notice lying behind the table. “I enjoy your ass so much more when it is a nice shade of pink and I know that you enjoy the tingle. So Honey, I want your chest down, ass up, on top of the table”.

Standing next to the table as she faced my bottom and had her left arm draped over my back she started spanking. Lightly at first, one side, then the other, stopping after a dozen spanks. I could feel the heat build in my core as she rubbed my ass. The pressure of her body pressing against my side kept my mind focused on her and the sounds were the most compelling song of seduction I ever heard, moaning, and cooing with lust. She bent down and touched my ass with her cheeks. “Delicious, but not warm enough yet” she said.

A staccato of swats, harder than before, brought the heat of my ass from simmer to boiling. She moaned as my body jerked with each new swat and now caressed my ass. Her touch was heavenly, lightly making big circles around my buns and blowing cool air across my bottom. Then entirely without warning, she grabbed the base of the dildo plug and wiggled it, causing a new wave of pleasure to erupt from my core. “Are you ready Robert?” she asked seductively as her fingers played with the escort foça base of the plug. Knowing that I was beyond speaking, I simply nodded.

My sphincter released its hold on the tapered base of the plug as Laurie pulled it out of my hole leaving my body craving more. Our brainwaves seemed connected as she picked up the paddle and gave my ass four more swats, harder than all of the others. “Oh Robert, that is so hot! Now turn over and get on your back.”

She turned away and took several steps to her overnight bag. Reaching in she grabbed a new toy. It resembled a pair of horns in the shape of a V. Walking back to me I could see that both sides of the V resembled a hard cock. Stopping several steps in front of me, she held the toy out and said “I am going to take you with this Robert, and you are going to bring me to another orgasm as I fuck you”.

Raising one foot onto the table, she brought one side of the dildo to her vagina. Never loosing eye contact with me, she rubbed the head along her slit and slid the length into her vagina. Her body undulated as she penetrated herself with the dildo, contracting her muscles she held the toy in place. My mind swirled with the image in front of me, an incredibly sexy women with a dildo sticking out of her pubic patch, jiggling in sync with her body’s movements.

“Robert, get on the table on your back and rub oil on my cock”. Mesmerized, I climbed on the table as she moved next to me. “Let me feel your hand on my cock,” she said. Reaching into the bowl, I dipped my hand into the oil, and wrapped my fingers around her cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off the thick veined dildo that seemed to be part of her body. As I continued to cover it with oil, Laurie took my other hand and led it to her breast.

Make my nipples tingle she whispered, trying to control her building excitement. As I coated the exposed dildo with oil, I lightly tugged on the shaft. Her body gripped the toy tightly and pulled away from me. Her body motion was fucking my hand with the dildo and surprised herself as a quick orgasm washed over her. Her body froze and she squeezed her eyes shut as the contractions subsided.

Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes and stared right at me saying ” Enough already, I have been thinking about taking you for some time and I want you now!” Gracefully she moved between my legs. ” I want you to open for me,” she said while, rubbing the head over my asshole. I grunted as she bore down on me, but my ass would not open. I began to take deep breaths as the pressure increased. Laurie whispered encouragement, “push back against me, and open your ass.”

As I pushed, my ass flowered open and Laurie slid deep inside me in a single persistent stroke. She paused, allowing my body to adjust to the invader and savoring the feeling of the dildo filling her to the max while the apex of the toy put pressure on her clit. After what seemed like an eternity, she slid out slowly, and then pushed the full length in again. Looking deep into my eyes, she said “I have you now, something no one else can claim. You are mine!” Connected by this implement of pleasure, both bodies were receiving erotic sensations.

I wanted to observe Laurie’s body in this surreal dance of lust but was overcome with incredible feelings emitting from my core. As Laurie developed a rhythm, she wrapped her hands tightly around my manhood and stroked hard and fast. Our bodies jerked together and my ass clamped down on her cock as I shot thick ribbons of cum into the air. The contractions started deep in my ass and I thought they would never stop as Laurie started to tremble with an explosive climax of her own. “Robert!” she yelled as her body was overcome with pleasure and we froze, locked together in the most exotic embrace.

When Laurie slowly slid out of me, I could feel my balls hanging empty and loose against the silk sheet. Laurie climbed on top of me and pulled a blanket over us as we hugged feeling our hearts beat as one.

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