The cashier rings up the amount for the lotto tickets and hands me the slip. I check the numbers and thank him, turning to see you looking at me intently.

“Can I have your ticket?” you ask. “I’m feeling lucky tonight.”

“What?” I ask in reply. “I just bought these, one could be worth millions.”

“I’m not worth millions?” you ask coyly. “I’ll make it worth your time, mister,” you grin, index finger playing with your lower lip.

“Hmmm…” I ponder aloud. “Let’s go outside, around the store, and we’ll discuss terms.”

You giggle and lead me outside and around to the back of the store. It’s dark outside and there is only a dim lamppost present behind the store. You push me up against the wall and unbuckle my pants, kissing me as you’re smiling and purring. As my jeans fall to the ground around my ankles you kneel before me, your warm hand on my cock, stroking slowly.

You lick around the head, then down the shaft’s underside to my balls. You suck each one into your mouth and twirl your tongue on them, then let them pop out wetly, your hand still gripping my cock. You lick your way back up and engulf the head, sucking it in, then releasing it, biting the helmet tuzla escort a bit.

Dick all the way hard now, you place your mouth on your open fist and pump up and down on me, soaking me with your saliva. I moan aloud with pleasure, glad I’m braced on the wall. You pause with the tip of the head at your lips, move both hands around to grab my ass, then slowly lower your mouth down over my shaft until your nose is in my short hairs and my head is on the back of your throat. I can feel your tongue moving inside your mouth as it comes out a bit to tickle my balls. You pull your mouth off my cock and stroke it with your hand, smiling up at me.

“Need more incentive?” you ask breathily.

“For possible millions? You bet your ass,” I reply.

You stand up and drop your pants to the ground, then open your buttoned shirt, exposing your luscious breasts with their hard nipples. I maneuver you to the wall, your back against it and lift up one of your legs. I rub my hard cock along your wet slit, bumping your clit as I get slickened up.

You get excited at the row of houses behind the store, seeing people moving around in their homes and backyards. I push my swollen head inside tuzla escort bayan you and you gasp a bit and raise up on your toes as my length is slowly inserted to the hilt. I begin a slow thrusting, your right hand going quickly to the wall to help balance yourself, your left hand behind my head, fingers in my hair.

Your panting and mewling drives me further on, pumping my dick into your dripping pussy with force, pushing you into the wall. We hear footsteps off to the left side of the store as the clerk takes out the trash and puts it into the dumpster. I keep fucking you as a lighter is lit and the clerk has a smoke by the dumpster. I kiss you deeply, my tongue fucking your mouth just as my dick is in your snatch, hammering home.

The clerk’s footsteps fade towards the front of the store after a couple of minutes and I pick you up off the ground to sit on my fat dick, leaning you into the wall for support. I pound you from underneath, your body jerking upward with each hard thrust.. boobs bouncing madly in my face. I lick and suck on your nipples as I fuck you in the dim light, moans escaping your lips as you soak my thighs.

Grunting with effort, I jam my cock up in your escort tuzla clenched pussy repeatedly, holding you aloft.. your legs locked at the ankles behind me. You see some folks milling about in their houses, wondering if they can see us in our hedonistic fuck behind the neighborhood store. We hear someone else’s footsteps off to the right side of the store, hear a loud belch, then breaking glass as a bottle is discarded.

Footsteps retreat again as I bounce you on my stiff member, pulling you down every time I push up inside you. My legs quake and I moan quietly into your tits as I feel your pussy spasm and drench me while I unleash a flood of cum up into you, filling your hot, tight pussy. My rhythm slows as my balls drip with our mixed juices onto the gravel below us.

You purr contentedly as your fingers entwine into my hair, tugging, as your mouth finds mine in a passionate kiss. I lower you to stand on the ground and we gather our clothes back up, dressing.

“Well? Worth it?” you grin at me. “I think it was worth it, for sure.”

“Hmmm… it just may be, at that,” I reply, stuffing the ticket into your back pocket as I kiss your tits while you try to button up your shirt.

You slap me lightly to get me off your chest and I stand up fully to cock my head at you and raise an eyebrow. We both fall into a fit of laughter as we walk hand-in-hand to your car and return home.

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