Love for Hire Ch. 02


Brian wandered the streets searching for nothing in particular one night. He wondered through the bad part of town that was known for its whores and pimps but he did not feel threatened. This type of seedy underground life was nothing new to him; he had spent a troubled youth in areas like this. At the end of the street he walked on to a group of people who stood talking, some looking his way. Probably street walkers looking to make some money tonight, he thought.

“Hey sugar,” one female came up to him and greeted. “Wanna have a good time tonight?”

Brian wrestled with his conscience for a second but the devil in him won. “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“We offer the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll life. Anything you want, anyway you want it, that’s the way you can get it.”

“Sounds good, is it in there?” Brian asked pointing towards a door in an alley.

“Yea, come on and I’ll show you what we have to offer.”

Brian followed the somewhat haggard looking slut through the door. Everything was dimly lit with multi-colored pulsating lights. Brian’s eyes had to adjust to the setting, when they did he saw the room had people everywhere like a drug infested orgy. He knew he might regret this later but tonight Brian was just going to live in the moment and what he wanted now. Right now he wanted to get high and get laid.

The whore broke into his thinking, “Make yourself at home sugar, you’ll pay the person, or people, you’re obtaining things from.”

“Thanks,” Brian responded. He stepped further into the room and looked more intently at what was going on around them. Everyone freely did as they wished, doing all tuzla escort sorts of drugs and experimenting with various and wild sexual positions. He found a girl that didn’t look too busy so he walked over to her.

“Hey what can I help you with?” the woman asked.

“I need a good joint and some good pussy. Do you know where I can find that?” Brain asked acting casual and cool.

“Right here baby,” she smiled. “By the way my name’s Roxy.” She began pulling out the joint and lighting it.

Brian smiled then sat down. He took a hit and old feelings began accompanying old memories. “How much do I owe for what I want?”

“I don’t know but we’ll discuss it after we’re through,” she replied sassy like. She slid over closer to him to place a hand on his thigh and rubbed.

After a few hits on the joint Brian began feeling the affects of the weed, his tolerance had gotten pretty low over the years. He looked over his present companion who called herself Roxy. She was tan, a little on the thick side, dirty blond but all around easy on the eyes. She wore black stilettos with a black suit which had a short tight skirt. A low cut lacy red shirt was under her jacket showing a deep long line of fleshy cleavage. His eyes wandered over her face at the fully painted red mouth until he reached her hazel eyes. She was staring back at him with a raised brow which made him smile.

“If you think one joint and a long look at who gave it to you is cheap you have another thing coming. I’ll make it worth more than your while if you’ll tell me what you want,” Roxy spoke saucily.

Brian’s functions were slow as he comprehended what she was telling tuzla escort bayan him. He took her hand that was on his thigh and placed it on his penis. “Make it hard and then fuck it,” he demanded slowly.

Roxy laughed a little before taking a hand of his and putting it on her pussy. “Make me horny and I’ll make you cum,” she bargained.

“Deal,” Brian agreed. He moved his hand under her skirt to find no panties were there. Smiling, he moved his fingers to her clit and began rubbing around in slow circles. His mouth moved to her ear to find her sensitive spot, she shivered when he did. The hand on Brian’s penis found the zipper and set it free so she could stroke it. Brian moaned at her touch then slipped his fingers inside her pussy and began probing. “You’re already pretty wet,” he remarked.

“And you’re hard as a rock.”

“Want to go ahead and fuck?”


Brian patted his thighs, “Well come here beautiful.”

Gladly she got up to straddle him. She sat on his dick and enjoyed the sensation of the thick meatiness as it filled her. Brian fumbled to pull out her breasts from the lacy red top, kneading them with his hands he began bucking his hips slowly and easy, enjoying the moment. Roxy threw her head back, relishing the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he pinched her nipple. She came down and bit his neck then sucked on it to ease the pain, both smiled as she leaned back up a bit. Brian tried to devour her breast with no luck as she bounced up and down wildly but managed to ravish them as her pussy repeatedly swallowed his member whole.

“Mmm, you feel escort tuzla so good inside me,” Roxy purred in his ear before nibbling and flicking her tongue around it.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Brian breathed. His hips bucked, helping her with the movement and rhythm. His mouth came to the crook of her neck at her shoulder, kissing lightly and flicking his tongue, making her squirm and giggle.

“You’re going to have to stop that if you want me to continue,” she laughed.

“Yes ma’am.”

Roxy began rocking her hips slowly again. She grabbed two handfuls of Brain’s hair and pulled him to her, burying his head in her chest. His mouth rubbed and kissed over her flesh as her pace sped up. She laid her head against his neck teasing him every now and then. His hands came up to her back and rubbed before moving to her bottom. There he grabbed both cheeks and roughly massaged them, urging her on. Her pace quickened at his touch as she neared them both to climax.

“I can’t hold on much longer,” Brian panted, holding on almost desperately to her bottom.

“I’m about there,” Roxy stated breathlessly. “Ah!” A loud moan escaped her as she spoke when her orgasm bloomed inside her. With a groan she felt Brian cum in her as his hips bucked a few more times. She collapsed on top of him, smothering him with her chest.

“Wow,” he breathed.

She smiled, “Happy?”

“Oh yea.”

“Good, another satisfied customer,” she stated as she leaned back up. After getting up he excused himself to the bathroom, when he came back she got her money. Not a bad night, she got high off someone else’s weed, had a good fuck, and got paid for it all. Roxy decided she’d have to come back to this place and work. While she was still there however she thought she could go another round and she spotted a group of male and female bodies in the corner and smiled.

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