Love Letter Ch. 06

Sexy Ass

LL 6 Real Life Intervenes

****This story picks up where LL 4 left off except this time life isn’t as perfect as either of them would want it to be. ******

Another two weeks had gone by and they had both been busy, so much so that there were days that went without any calls or even e-mail between them. That was something new for them and it only served to heighten the tension when they finally did find a workable day and time in their schedules.

She was already undressed and laying in the bed, sitting back against the headboard, smoking what appeared to be the third cigarette since she had gotten there. Her left leg was bent and he had no problem seeing how her fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy as she waited for him to undress and join her.

“Starting without me,” he asked?

“More like I couldn’t wait,” she said.

“It’s been weeks since I’ve had any and right now I just need your face in between my legs, so hurry up and shower and get that cute ass, your cock and your mouth back out here”, she continued.

Five minutes later he walked out of the bathroom and did just that. When he got to the edge of the bed he bent over to capture a nipple in his mouth and reached down to replace her fingers with his. She was already quite wet and his middle two fingers slid easily inside of her. She left her hand down between her legs so she could rub her clit with her fingers and the other hand moved to cup the breast he was sucking on to make it easier for him. This was what she had been waiting for the last few days. All of the warmth and tingling from the surge of adrenaline that was starting to course through her added to the fire inside that had been building since she had bursa escort walked in the door. She swore to herself that it would never be this long between meetings again.

“Time for lunch”‘ he said letting the nipple out from between his lips and as much as he hated to remove his fingers from her, he did and then climbed onto the bed to kneel in between her legs.

“Don’t tease me today,” she said.

“I need to cum now, not ten minutes from now,” she stated.

There was no gentleness in the way he started in on her. Her lips were already swollen and spread apart and his mouth went immediately to take her clit in between his lips and his tongue attacked it, moving it back and forth across it’s length. His lips sucked, pinched and nibbled at it the entire time so that it was never without some kind of attention. He slid his fingers inside of her again, probing for her spot and when he found it her hips pushed hard against his face.

“Fucking yesssss,” she moaned and when she reached to pinch her nipples that put her over the edge.

She came fast and hard and if he hadn’t had his arms around her legs her hips starting to buck would have separated his mouth from where he continued to assault her senses by now stroking his fingers rapidly in and out of her while he continued to suck and tongue her clit with his mouth. He wasn’t going to stop until she asked him to and given her mood today that could be a while.

Until of course her cell phone started ringing.

By the fourth ring she had calmed down enough to reach for it and look at who was calling her.

“Damn it, fuck, I’ve got to call back,” she said.

He rolled over her leg, onto his back and reached for the towel bursa escort bayan he had left at the foot of the bed. He was covered with her juices and after wiping his mouth he said, “it’s ok, just call them back and find out what’s going on.”

She did and though he could only hear her side of the conversation he knew that it was at least somewhat serious. He reached over to hold her hand while she continued her conversation and relaxed until she finally snapped the lid closed on the phone.

“We done for today,” he asked?

“Maybe not, I’ll know in 10 or 15 minutes when they call me back with some answers,” she said.

“Arrrghhhh,” she growled. “I’m so damn horny right now and not even close to being finished with you,” she continued.

“Fuck em,” she said and moved her head quickly down so that she could take his cock into her mouth. “Maybe they won’t have to call back,” she thought. “I need this today.”

There was no gentleness in her technique today either and she stroked his shaft furiously as she sucked and licked on the head, wanting him as hard as possible as quickly as she could accomplish it. He wasn’t about to complain since it seemed that whether he wanted it or not this was her day, her agenda. She was definitely setting the pace here.

It was only minutes before she lifted her head and scrambled to get on her knees beside him.

“Get up here and fuck me,” she hissed at him and as he moved behind her she was already reaching back to guide him inside of her.

She was still so wet and open from before so he slid in easily, all the way in until he could feel his balls bump against her. She moved a few inches forward and then slammed back into him, did it again, escort bursa then a third time and he simply followed her lead. His hands grabbed both sides of her beautiful ass and it wasn’t long before they had found a tempo that would work. Halfway out and quickly back all the way in, he could feel every inch of her warm tunnel the whole time as it squeezed, pulsed, almost milked his shaft and when he felt her ass clench he shortened the strokes and sped up.

“Keep going,” she cried out and when he moved a finger to slide just barely into her ass she dropped her head to the bed and surrendered to the pounding. She made sounds, not words as she started cumming almost continuously. He could almost feel the built up tension and emotion flowing out of her as he held himself deep inside, barely moving, waiting for her to come down from where she had flown to.

Her cell phone started ringing again.

There was no swearing this time and he gently withdrew from her pussy and sat back on his heels to catch his breath. She was still kneeling with her head down when the phone stopped and he stepped to the floor and headed for the bathroom. He came back with a cool, wet hand towel and when she rolled to her back he gently cleaned her before handing her the phone.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking one of her cigarettes by the time she closed the phone again. She was still flushed but her expression was one of resignation.

“Finish putting yourself back together and go take care of it,” he said to her.

“You ok with this,” she asked?

“It’s always going to be like this unless we go somewhere, away.” “Even then we won’t ever be completely away unless we have jobs that don’t require us to be available 24/7,” he said.

“Just remember that you owe me one, or a couple for that matter,” he said as he smiled and then leaned over to kiss her forehead.

Life can be like that sometimes.

DB 9/04

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