Love Reminder

Couch Sex

It was no secret that she liked to flaunt a little skin. Her tops were always low cut and she liked clothes that clung to her curves. It wasn’t necessarily that she liked a lot of attention from other men, no, she just liked the way it seemed to turn on her man. Men get that visceral thrill when they know other guys are checking out what they’ve got and wishing they had a piece of that action.

Hitting the beach that afternoon had seemed like a good idea at the time. Neil had been a bit preoccupied lately and she’d been feeling neglected. It wasn’t that he wasn’t attentive in bed, he definitely had a healthy appetite sexually. It was that primal part that she loved bringing out in him, that need to possess her body, mind, and soul. She craved that hint of dark pleasure that came out in him and was definitely one to seek it out. She’d never been the type of woman to like the whole caveman routine, but something in him drew out the submissive in her.

It was the way he left his hand on her ass in public, like he just didn’t care what anyone thought. How his kisses were always an imitation of his cock in her pussy. His take charge attitude in just their everyday lives.

So, when he’d been up to an afternoon at the beach she’d decided to push the envelope a bit. She’d bought this little pink string bikini at the beginning of summer, but hadn’t had the nerve to wear it yet. Normally, if she were at the beach by herself or with a girlfriend she kept everything as in place as possible. Hitting the gym with her personal trainer had been paying off, her stomach was flatter than it had ever been, but she wasn’t one to become a skinny mini. She liked her curves and more than that, she loved the way he appreciated them.

When he’d been loading up the car, she dashed into the bathroom putting on the pink floss as she knew Neil would call it. The triangles barely covered her 42dd breasts, but by some great feat of engineering her tatas were barely defying gravity. The bottom to the two piece was a thong that tied on the sides. She slipped a white sleeveless coverup over the bikini, so he couldn’t see what she was showing off. Pulling her ebony colored hair back into a ponytail she grabbed her obscenely priced chanel oversized sunglasses and slipped them on. Even a day at the beach had to be choreographed for maximum glamour. She slipped on her diamond studs, the silver starfish necklace that Neil had gotten her on their first anniversary, and put on some lipgloss. Lipgloss only heightened the attention towards her very full kissable lips.

A shout from the truck reminded her to get her cute ass moving, so with a little smile to herself in the mirror she dashed out to the car. It took about thirty minutes to get to the beach and the whole way he was listening to the A’s game. So far, her little plan wasn’t even near starting and once again his attention was on something other than her. She pulled a magazine out of her tote and began reading. Counting off the time till she got to show him what he was missing.

The beach was packed and she heard him grumble a bit under his breath as they found parking. She knew it had been her spur of the moment of the idea and he really did hate telling her no. So, silently she gave him bonus points for coming out to make her happy. She knew he was the early to rise and start bursa escort out type of guy. They pulled everything out and made their way to the beach. Walking a little ahead of him, so she could pick the spot out, she gave her ass a little extra wiggle for him. She thought she heard a low moan escape him and let out a little laugh.

“Baby, let’s set up here, I wanna lay out,” she called out dropping her stuff to the sand.

She was carrying their blue umbrella, so she pulled it out and set it up for them. Putting her towel down on the sand she dug through her bag for her tanning lotion. She was already a lovely shade of honey brown, but she meant to catch some extra areas in this suit. Waiting until he’d put everything down and settled himself down in his chair with a book, she pulled her cover up off.

“Honey, it’s a bit warm, I’m gonna dunk myself in the water and be right back,” she said trying hard to fight back a case of the giggles.

He glanced her way as she began walking to the water’s edge and had to look twice, because he couldn’t believe what she had on. Her ass was bare to the world to see and her boobs were almost bare to the world. Staring for a few minutes in shock he let himself admire the view and then the view really hit him. She was in the water now and there was already some muscle bound lothario trying to chat her up. Fucking eh!

Normally, he wouldn’t have cared. She was a good looking woman and she got a lot of second glances, and he knew she liked to dress herself up. It actually turned him on to know how she liked to dress for him, but this, this was different. Any limits she may have had were gone. Apparently, she had lost whatever sense God had given her.

She looked back his way and waved and he could have sworn he was holding his breath waiting for one of those nice big brown aureolas to flash him. His groin tightened and he felt himself hardening. Bending over she gave him and the entire beach a perfect view of her grade A ass and his temper flared just a little. What the hell was wrong with her? That was his ass she was baring to the world. That intense feeling of ownership overwhelmed his senses, he wanted to bend that sweet behind over and mark it as his. He could just imagine paddling her ass till she was a nice bright red and then shoving his cock into her from behind. Maybe he’d take her pussy first, then make her get down on her knees…oh yeah he had some plans forming.

Coming back up to her towel, she gave him a quick smile, and then laid herself down on her back. From the way his book lay abandoned on his knee she had a sneaking suspicion that her little plan to get his attention just might be working. Just to go with the gusto, she spread her legs a bit wide, so he could get a nice view of her very bare pussy. She loved getting waxed, all that soft clean pussy to play with.

Picking up his book he started to read, but couldn’t concentrate. She placed his t-shirt over her face, so she couldn’t see him or anyone else looking at her exhibiting herself. It was really pissing him off and though he sometimes thought she took it a little far with bringing attention to herself, this was really going too far. He knew she’d been getting a lot of ogling since she’d taken off her cover up, but just the thought of another man touching her had him seeing red. bursa escort bayan It was definitely time to switch things up and get her ass home.

Getting up, he came over to her and laid down on the towel next to her. Putting his mouth to her ear he began whispering to her. Pulling the shirt away from her face she looked at him in shock. He just nodded his head once, got up, and started packing things away.

Tears prickled her eyes, but she pulled on her cover up and with jerky movements started grabbing her things. She didn’t even bother to wait for him and started walking to the car. How dare he talk to her that way. She opened up the back of the truck and started shoving her bag and one of the chairs in when she felt him lift her up by the waist and sit her down on the ledge. The tinted windows kept prying eyes out and his body blocked anyone’s view from behind. One hand grabbed the back of her head and the other slid into the bottom of her suit and slid into her pussy. Letting out a little gasp she tried to pull back, but his mouth was hungry on hers. His tongue slid against hers and he could feel her getting wetter. Lightly he slid his fingers up her clit and felt her buck.

“If you want to act like a slut, then I guess I have to show you how a slut gets treated,” he whispered in her ear, “Get your ass in the car,”

He pulled back just as suddenly and started picking things up. More pissed than before she slid out of the back of the truck and climbed into the passenger seat. He had never talked to her like that before. Picking up her cell phone she decided to give her friend Tish a call to see if she was available for the afternoon. Before she could dial she felt him grab the phone from her hands and throw it in the back of the truck.

“Apparently, you don’t seem to understand what’s going on?” he said with a thin thread of control apparent in his voice, “If you are going to act like a slut then you get treated like one. So, get down here and suck my cock,”

“I can’t believe you…,”

“You believe it and you want it. That’s why you wore that crap out on the beach like that. You want some attention from daddy, then I’m going to give it to you, but you are going to do it my way. Apparently, you seem to have forgotten who that ass belongs to. Don’t act like this isn’t what you wanted,”

He leaned over to her, one hand finding it’s way back to her clit, his mouth sucking on her earlobe.

“When I pull out on the freeway, I want you across my lap and that mouth on my dick. I want you sucking me off. I want to fuck my little slut’s mouth. Oh baby, see how wet you get when I say that. See, how much you like being my slut,”

Pulling away, he turned the truck on and backed out. She was nibbling on her bottom lip and it was just driving him crazy. He knew how turned on she got giving head and he could have nearly cum right then at the thought of it. When they got back out on the freeway he heard her undo the seatbelt and lay herself across the bench seat. He seriously loved bench seats at that moment. Undoing the button to his shorts, she pulled his cock free from his grey boxers and then her warm hot mouth closed over him. Swirling her tongue over the head of his cock her hands massaged his balls. Licking him like a lollipop she felt herself creaming. His pre cum leaked escort bursa into her mouth and she sucked him earnestly. One hand was on the steering wheel and the other was in her hair as he fucked her mouth. She lapped at him and sucked in contrast to that and he was almost ready to cum. Pulling her back he told her to sit back up and put her seatbelt back on. It took him a few minutes to reign himself in, but he had promised himself something far better.

When they got back to the house he still hadn’t said anything and she was getting a little uneasy. He still had a grim set to his face and he was so quiet. She grabbed her bag and went back to their bedroom to put her things up. Her lips still felt somewhat plump and used from the sucking off she’d given him. When she turned around from the closet it was to see him sitting on the bed with the paddle. His hat and sunglasses were gone, but not the grim expression.

“Why the hell would you wear that to the beach?”

“To get a little attention, because it doesn’t seem like anything but a baseball game does it for you anymore,” and that was the moment her brain started apologizing for saying that statement out loud, she tried backtracking, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…,”

“Right now, I really don’t care what you mean, all I want to do is remind you who you belong to and that I’m not happy. Isn’t that part of your job, baby? Keeping me happy?”

“You know I want to keep you happy,” she said quietly.

“Then come here and take your punishment like a good girl,” and she felt a shiver go down her spine.

It wasn’t bad, but this was a line that when crossed was done so completely. She knew when he pulled out the paddle that it was something more. They had only crossed this line a handful of times before, but she knew it meant he had to reassert himself over her. It was his way of reminding her that she belonged to him and him alone. Pulling off the cover up, she dropped it to the floor, next came the suit, leaving her naked to his gaze. She pulled her hair free from it’s ponytail, because she knew he liked it down.

Placing herself on the bed on all fours she heard him pulling his clothes off. Then came the first unexpected thwack of the paddle. One of his hands began to work her clit and he kept paddling. She clenched the sheets with her hands and tried not to try and squirm away. The pain and pleasure were tied together and all she could do was moan his name over and over. He didn’t hold back, paddling her ass till she was bright red. Never letting up on her clit until she was shaking from her climax.

“Someone’s been a bad girl and daddy’s got to fuck that ass,” he told her as he played her clit.

He was already so hard for her that he could barely contain his excitement. Her ass was cherry red, her pussy pink and juicy, and the sight was just too much. He used her juices to lube up his cock, but the thought of that tight little ass getting abused by his cock was just too exciting. No foreplay, no getting her ready, he just shoved in and heard her let out a little cry.

Normally, he was gentle, making sure she was ready, playing with her ass with his fingers, lubing her up. He knew she liked a good ass fucking, but he also knew she wouldn’t do it very often, because it was just as uncomfortable as it was a turn on for her. Right now, he wanted to own her, mark her, let her know that she was his. Neil rose up as he pounded into her so hard and fierce he was bruising her. She came screaming his name and he right behind her, his jizz pouring out of her ass.

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