Loveland Pt. 05


Day 9 An Old Filly in Philly

We both were keenly aware that all good things had to come to an end. The end of our good thing was fast approaching.

When we woke up the following morning, it fell on us like a ton of bricks that we were roughly only seven and half hours of driving away from Philadelphia, what now seemed to be a mere 470 miles on the I76. Soon, our road trip, and therefore our tryst, would be over. And it had barely begun! The thought put a real damper on our mood.

During the easterly drive we made the usual stops. We didn’t say very much for during the morning drive. We were lost in thought, knowing that we would soon be back to our regular lives.

I didn’t even think about sex although that might have been because our previous day’s intense lovemaking had drained my sexual reservoirs. I suspected that Kate was a in a similar state.

We became a bit more talkative later during the morning drive, but very little of it was about our hot love affair. By late afternoon, we found ourselves on the outskirts of Philadelphia. We stopped at a restaurant to eat. Sitting beside each other, we talked about a lot of things as we ate but avoided talking about our liaison. The restaurant was crowded and we did not want anyone to listen in on what had gone on between us.

At one point, Kate asked, “Do you want me to drop you off at the bus terminal?”

I believed she was offering to take me there this very evening. My home was in Allentown, only about an hour’s drive away.

“Yes,” I replied and then added, “but not yet.”

Her eyes spoke a question.

“Did you give your daughter an estimated time of arrival?” I asked.

“I told her about ten to 12 days, plus or minus a day,” Kate answered.

“We made good time,” I pointed out. “It took us only nine days to get this far. Boston is only a five- or six-hour day drive. “

The I lowered my voice so that only Kate could hear.

“Your daughter, and Hal, if she shows up in Boston, have only a general idea when you will arrive. All they know is that it could arrive as early as tomorrow or as late as the day after tomorrow. My wife is visiting her sister for two weeks. I will be home well before her.

“What are you saying?” she asked.

I think she knew what I was driving at. She was seeking confirmation.

“You’re a little ahead of schedule,” I pointed out. I took her hand in mine. “After all that driving, sure you don’t want to drive another five or six hours more. You probably won’t arrive until around midnight. Isn’t that true?”

“You’re right,” she confirmed. “I’ve had enough driving for one day. I was planning to stay in a hotel tonight.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s fair for you to bear the entire cost. Therefore, I will do the right thing and pay half the cost. Since, I’m paying half the cost, and no one is waiting for me at home, and no one is really expecting you yet in Boston, I see no reason why I should not stay the night.” I smiled.

“You devil,” she said, you’re just looking for an excuse to…” She left sentence hanging because she was too much of lady to be explicit.

I laughed and then leered at her. “You caught me,” I whispered. “I confess my sins. Of course, I’m just making convenient excuses to justify spending another night with you.”

I looked to see if anyone in the restaurant was looking in our direction. No one was. I drew her lips to mine and kissed her briefly but passionately. She returned my kiss. When we pulled apart, I noticed tears in her eyes. I had trouble keeping back mine too. It was an emotional moment for both of us. We were happy that we had one more night left. And we intended to make the most of it.

She took my hand. “Let’s go, lover.”

We got back to the car and soon found a hotel that met our requirements: simple, clean and cheap.

I opened the door for Kate to let her in. I followed her in, closing the door behind me. Suddenly, my lust for her rose the surface of my consciousness. This night was going to be my last night with one of the sexiest women I had every met in my long life.

When Kate turned around to look at me, she must have seen the rekindling lust in my eyes. I saw the same urgency in hers too. We embraced each other, sharing and enjoying the warmth of our bodies and a very long hungry kiss.

“Let’s take a bath,” I suggested. “You and me, together, in the tub. I’ll get it ready.”

I went to the bathroom to fill the tub with warm water. Kate came into the bathroom completely naked.

“It needs just a little bit more water,” I told her.

She held onto me as she tested the temperature with her toe. As soon as she put her foot down on the bathroom floor, I groped her cute ass-cheeks and slid my hand between her legs.

“Oh,” she yelped, and then spread her legs for more.

“Don’t get greedy,” I told her with a huge smile on my face.

The truth be told, her pussy was heaven on earth. I wanted to go to heaven.

I walked out. While I stripped off my clothing, I heard her turn off the faucet. bursa escort When I entered the bathroom, she was already in the tub, using a suds-covered sponge and to daub herself with the warm bath water. She had her back to faucet and drain.

I stepped in at the other end and faced her. She handed me the sponge so that I could start washing myself too. After covering myself with the sudsy water, I handed the sponge back to her.

She pumped more shower gel from the dispenser onto the sponge, and was about to continue washing herself when I said, “Stop. Let me do it. Come closer.”

Two people in a regular-sized tub makes for cramped conditions. So, I spread my legs and place them on side of her. She had no choice but to lift her feet and place them behind by ass.

I washed each of her lovely legs first. Then I worked on her soft smooth thighs. As I washed each thigh, she leaned sideways so that she could lift her thigh out of the water and let me wash it. My mouth watered at the delicious sight. Of course, this offered me a close-up of this woman’s heavenly gates. I could tell she was getting excited. My proud phallus was already giving me away.

After I finished with her thighs, I washed her torso from the waterline to the neck. I teased her breasts with the sponge until they were stone hard.

I was about to continue when she stopped me. “Your turn,” she said.

She washed my legs first and then my thighs and then my hairy chest. Teasingly, she avoided any contact with my raging hard-on.

I was about to retake the initiative when she told me to turn around. It was a little difficult to do because of in the narrow slippery confines of the tub but I did it. With my back facing her, she washed it too.

Then she took my stiff cock in her hand and washed it and my balls too. I swear I heard her giggle at my discomfort. I could not really move in the confined space of the tub.

“Get on your hands and knees,” she urged. “I haven’t washed your ass yet.”

“Hmm, this might interesting.’ I thought, not really thinking it through.

After struggling to get into position, she was able to wash my ass, making sure she cleaned my evacuation chute too. Then she surprised me completely by sticking a fingertip up my ass.

“Whoa!” I yelled, “Only my doctor knows that place!”

Of course, when a doctor sticks her finger in my ass, the purpose is to examine my prostate. Yes, my family doctor is a woman and she is strictly clinical. It is not a turn-on. I prefer to avoid that part of my annual medical exam but it comes with the territory of being an aging male.

When Kate did it, though, it was, I don’t know, just different. Then she withdrew her fingertip.

“It’s your turn again, Kate,” I told her. Now you get on your knees so that can finish washing the rest of you too.” I had saved the best, her ass and pussy, for last.

As I washed her ass, I thought about avenging myself on her. I brushed my finger over her anus to see what her reaction would be. There was no reaction. So, I took my index finger and poked it into her anal hole up to the first knuckle.

“I don’t have a prostate,” she reminded me. Then she farted loudly.

“Kate! How could you!” I protested.

Turning deep red in embarrassment but giggling at the same time. “That wasn’t intentional,” she said, “it’s a no-go zone,” she added.

“Then put a fence around it,” I said laughing, “instead of dropping a gas bomb.”

I was only mildly disappointed but in the final analysis, I was far more interested in the other nearby much juicier hole, the one built for sex, procreation, birth and the pleasure of men. A dabbed the soap-filled sponge on her pussy and then continued to massage her pudendum, using my hand instead of the sponge. She stood stock-still on her knees relishing the sensations that my horny hand was giving to her equally horny pussy.

I saw her become increasingly excited. I stopped. “Enough of that,” I said. It was my turn to tease her. “Sit down so I can wash your back.”

She was about to sit down again with her back turned to me but I said, “No, face me. Get back in the same position we were in earlier, but move closer to me. She raised her feet and put them behind my thighs. I held onto her arms to help her maneuver herself in the slippery water-filled tub.

I wanted her even closer. I leaned forward, put my arms around her shoulders and pulled her in until we chest to chest. I love the feel of woman pressed against my chest. Kate, no doubt felt the same way.

While holding her with one arm, I took the sponge and washed her back. After switching arms, I repeated the process on the other side of her back. As I washed her, I nibbled on her ears, and kissed her neck.

Of course, washing this way caused our bodies to touch each other intimately. She had to be keenly conscious of the fact, as I was, that my hairy sac and tremendous hard-on were within easy range of her female delight. She was panting. So was I. She was ready for me, and I damn well was ready for her.

“Let’s bursa escort bayan get out of the tub,” I suggested. My voice sounded hoarse.

She did not argue with me. I carefully helped her get up and then out of the tub. She stepped into the shower to rinse the suds away.

Meanwhile, I pulled the plug from the drain, carefully got out of the slippery tub. I stepped into the shower just as Kate finished rinsing herself off. I quickly used the showerhead to rinse away the residual suds on my body and then dried myself as quickly as I could.

When I came out the bathroom, Kate was lying on her back. As soon as she saw me, she immediately spread her legs in an open and obvious invitation to take her right then and there.

I took the hint. I mounted her. We began to make furious love together and, in only a few minutes, climaxed at the same time.

That night we slept deeply, wrapped up in each other’s arms.

Day 10 More Exploration

We both slept in. I woke up first when I felt her stir in her sleep. I propped myself on my elbow to drink in the sight of her. In knew our affair would soon be over.

Kate must have felt my movement because she opened her eyes and smiled. “Good morning.” Then she turned to face me.

I flopped back down so that we were face to face. “Good morning to you too.”

Our lips met. We kissed each other affectionately.

“I had better arrange to keep this room,” I told her.

I performed my morning rituals first. Kate followed while I went to the front desk to make arrangements to keep our room for another night. I told that it was not necessary for cleaning staff to make our bed or change towels. “We’ll only make the same mess again later,” I told the guy at the front desk.

Kate was still in the bathroom when I came back.

She must have heard me come in because she called, “Is that you, Peter?”

“Yes, it’s me,” I answered.

“I’ll be done soon,” she said.

When a woman says ‘soon’, it does not mean a minute or two. I lay down on the bed, put my hand behind my head. Idly staring at the ceiling, I sighed thinking about the very wise proverb that how ‘all good things must come to an end.’

Kate pulled me out of my reverie when she quickly undid my belt and pulled down the zipper.

‘Well, not yet,’ I thought.

She put my limp member into her warm, wet mouth. Normally, at my age, it would take me a few days to recover from good sex. And I was getting plenty of that over the last few days despite the nasty disruption that Hal’s email had caused. But there was something sexually magical about Kate. She could revive me in a way that no other woman ever had. Already, my cock began to stiffen.

“Lift your ass,” she ordered.

I looked at her. She was naked. I obeyed, because I still had my pants on. She pulled off both my pants and underwear at the same time.

She put my cock back into her mouth and swallowed as much of it as she could. She sucked on it for a few minutes. I was beginning to think that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. But I did not want her to do that. I wanted every single wad that I could produce to be shot into her womb. I warned her that I was about to cum. She stopped.

She started to climb onto the bed between my legs. I thought for a moment that may she was going to ride me instead. I was certainly okay with it.

I quickly removed my T-shirt. I preferred to make love in the nude because I enjoyed the sensuality of soft, smooth female skin rubbing against my rough, hairy hide.

Kate caught me off-guard. After getting passed my legs, she sat on my belly. Then she moved forward. Dragging her sodden pussy up my torso, she left a wet trail of female juices that ended when she got up onto her knees. She took the pillow from underneath my head. Then she lifted her knees over my shoulders, planted them on each side of head. After making a few adjustments, sat on my face, aligning her sweet wondrous wet womanhood with my mouth.

“Forget my morning coffee,’ I thought, ‘this will be so much better.’

My mouth, lips and tongue went into action. I licked and sucked and tried my best to stick my tongue deep into her slit. I lapped up her flowing juices. Man, did she taste good! She thrust her pelvis offering herself to me, urging me on to greater efforts. This was one lady I had no wish to disappoint. And so, I obliged.

I devoured her sweet pussy like a mad man. Then she came, loudly. She almost screamed although, as a lover, she was not usually so vocal. She squirted a large quantity of her nectar into my mouth. Some of it covered my face, especially the jaw, nose and cheeks. I swallowed some of it. It was sweet.

She lifted her knees again over my shoulder. While she worked her way back down my chest and torso, I looked up and saw the satisfaction in her face. I thought she was done and intended to get off the bed to clean up. This time she left a much larger track of her vaginal juices trailing down my chest and torso.

Kate crawled backwards off escort bursa the bed between my legs. When she my turgid tower, she took my cock in her mouth again. She sucked and licked my cum-covered rod and then she tried to swallowed it. my cock again and sucked and licked it with the same earnestness she had shown earlier.

Of course, I was on a hair-trigger. I warned her that I was extremely close to cumming. But she didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. We didn’t stop. Suddenly, I blasted my load into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much a she could, but her petite mouth could not contain it all. Some of it dribbled out of her mouth.

‘So much for the idea of saving every wad I had for wanton pussy.’ I thought.

I realized that Kaye had caught me off-guard and had, for a few moments at least, taken charge the dynamics of our relationship.

“Oh well,’ I thought, ‘who am I to complain when I benefit from a woman’s initiative?’

Kate and I had to take another shower. After all, it won’t do to smell of sex when you go out on the town.

After we dried off ourselves and dressed, we hugged each other tightly and kissed each affectionately. After all, we knew that the end was nigh.

“Let me show you what Philly has to offer,” I suggested, once we caught our breath and regained our composure.

“Okay,” she agreed.

As we got into the car, she said, “I’m not wearing any panty.”

“The little vixen!’ I thought. “Now she’s got me thinking about it!”

Without saying a word, I looked at her.

She smiled. She had taken the initiative and was now trying to keep it.

We spent the next six hours seeing some of the sights of the city. Our tour began with a lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. Although she had driven through Philadelphia on several occasions, she had never actually stopped to experience its sights, sounds and tastes. We took our time. We did not want to exhaust ourselves. Rather we wanted to recharge ourselves before returning to the hotel.

During that whole six hours of our excursion, I could not get out of mind that my sweet lover was wearing no panty. Despite the morning blowjob, that knowledge gradually translated into an itch in my groin and later into a noticeable stirring.

Before we went to dinner, I found the occasion to exact some pleasurable revenge on Kate. When we were walking through one of the city’s parks, a noticed a group of bushes with a small gap between two of them. I nonchalantly walked toward them, guiding her to them. Once we arrived at the gap, I grabbed her hand and pulled through. No one could see us inside unless they were directly faced the gap.

Catching her by surprise, I hiked up her dress and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh until I reached her pussy. She squirmed in my grip while I slid the length of my index finger through her bush and then put my fingertip into the gap between her labia. As I wiggled it, she became noticeably wetter. She managed to suppress a squeal, and then playfully tried to slap my hand away.

“What are doing?” she protested. It was a rhetorical question.

“Say ‘uncle’,” I said, and then stuck my entire finger inside her, probing for her G-spot.

Of course, by this time, my cock was fully erect. I pressed it against her ass.”

“Uncle, uncle!” she squealed.

Now I was back in control.

As she stepped out of the bushes, I stuck my finger into my mouth and said, “Hmm, it tastes good.”

Kate ignored me, pretending that nothing untoward had happened. I stayed behind in the bushes until my dick had deflated and then I joined her.

“Problem?” she said laughing.

“Yes,” I growled, “and you’re going to help me fix later.”

Except for the surprise in the bushes, I otherwise kept my hands off her.

Kate and I had a relatively early dinner and returned to our hotel room a round 6:00 p.m.

As we walked into the hotel room, I patted her bottom, something I had had the urge to do all day. When she felt my hand on her ass-cheek, she stopped briefly to let me squeeze it. What lovely ass-cheeks she had!

“In you go,” I laughed, pushing her lightly on the ass. After she stepped through, I closed the door.

Now that we had our privacy back, I felt a sudden surge of lust run through me. My cock hardened at the prospect of making love to her again. She must have seen the lust in my eyes. I certainly saw the lust in hers. We were definitely on the same paged. I took her in my arms. We embraced each other. We kissed passionately, almost desperately, knowing that tonight would be our last night together.

We had spent the entire day in eager anticipation of the delights that we knew would come. I gently pushed her back toward the bed. When she bumped against the bed, she flopped down on it. I undid my belt and pulled down my pants to reveal my manly glory for all the world… well, okay, just Kate, to see. I hiked up her dress again to expose her naked pussy. I had been thinking about it all day and now I was going to get my chance to take possession of it once again.

I brushed the head of my cock against the mouth of her love tunnel and found that she was very wet. I pushed in and impaled her easily. She loudly moaned her wanton acceptance of my hard, fleshy offering.

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