Loving the Law


Loving the Law, or
The Secretary, the Paralegal, and the Aforementioned Secretary’s Daughter

Lindsay walked in and shut the door. It was time. She had seen the way Chris stared at her – how could she not? Sure, he’d tried to be professional, tried to look her directly in the eyes when they talked, but she could still tell – could tell that he wanted to throw her on his desk and show her what he REALLY thought of her. She would have known this even if he hadn’t occasionally let his eyes dart to her breasts or her legs when he thought she wasn’t looking. Ah, but she was. She caught it every single time. She even caught it when, as she walked out of his office, always quickly, but with an unmistakable wiggle and shimmy, his eyes lingered and he involuntarily sighed. How did she know? A woman knows.

And even if a woman acts like she minds…she really doesn’t. She loves it when a man notices her for how she looks. What, does she work out, does she curl her hair, does she pick out form-fitting clothes…all so that men WON’T notice her?

No. Lindsay wanted to be noticed. She never made it obvious, of course, but there was no denying that ever since Chris had arrived and she began working for him, her morning rituals had taken on a greater level of importance. It was as if dressing up for Chris was just as important, if not more important, than dressing for Carl, her husband of nearly 15 years.

And, let’s be honest – wasn’t that part of the issue? Carl was great. He’d been her rock for many years. But he just wasn’t new any more. They’d built a nice life together, raising their preteen son and Lindsay’s daughter from her first, ill-fated marriage, Janine. It was a nice life, but it wasn’t an exciting life.

Chris changed all that. He swept into her life at a time when she was starting to doubt that she was still attractive to men – especially young men. She wondered, when she went out with her daughter, who’d just turned 20, if the boys and men who eyed Janine like a tasty morsel even noticed her. Even Carl seemed to perk up whenever Janine’s friends came around, but was not the tiger in the sack that he’d been when they first married. Was it her? Was she to blame? Could she bring the magic back?

Chris made her forget all these questions. Instead of questioning her worth, she questioned whether or not she could remain faithful in the face of the obvious attraction between she and Chris. Chris wanted her; that was for sure. And, well, she wanted him. There was no denying that, either. But was it worth it? Worth it to jeopardize her mannered professionalism? Worth it to break her vows? In the final analysis, she decided that it was.

And that is why she had walked into his office today and shut the door.

…Down the hall, Angie was on the phone with her supervisor, idly stroking the inside of her left thigh with her right hand. As the supervisor droned on about, um, something, Angie thought about how long it had been since she’d been with a man who truly excited her…

Chris looked up from the brief he was editing and turned to Lindsay with sort of a questioning look on his face. “What’s up?” he asked. “Do you need to get a file?” Glancing at the clock on his computer screen, he said, “It’s after five, what are you still doing here?”

Lindsay put one finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhhh.” Struck by inspiration, she slid that finger down, until it was between her lips, and then slowly licked and sucked it. Chris was riveted. She walked over to him and placed her moistened finger against her lips.

Moment of truth.

Once Chris had parted his lips, she slid her finger inside. He sucked it, making her wonder how he would later handle her nipples and her clitoris. She didn’t plan on waiting too long to find out. But first…

She pushed his chair back with her foot and kneeled before him. Chris may have been initially shocked by her actions, but he had apparently become emboldened, because, as he unzipped his pants, preparing to fish out the first new adult penis she had seen in YEARS, he said, “Is this what you want? Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” Lindsay replied. “I am SO ready.” Lindsay thought he would pull it out, but instead, he said, “Well come get it.” She obediently reached inside his pants and gripped his warm, stiffening tool. Pulling it out, she saw that even semi-erect, Chris’s penis was already longer and thicker than Carl’s “little log,” as she had come to call it.

Not wanting to spare any more time, Lindsay went to town on Chris’s lovely rod. Licked. Sucked. Slurped. Gobbled. You name it – she did it ALL. It was so amazing getting to know this new man’s penis – it’s smell, it’s taste, it’s texture, what made it pulse and tremble…

Speaking of which, when it seemed like Chris was close to erupting, she pulled back. It was nice to suck a new penis after all, but what she really needed was to feel that penis inside of her.

Standing up, bahis firmaları she reached underneath her skirt and quickly slid her panties down her smooth legs.

Chris was in awe. He could not believe that this was happening to him. Sure, he’d noticed how sexy Lindsay was. How could he not? A forty-something woman who dressed like a woman half her age, Lindsay’s body walked the fine line between complete hardbody and soft and womanly. And she walked it well, showcasing her legs and behind whenever she walked away from him. This woman – practically old enough to be his mother – had him on the verge of erupting all over the place and now looked ready to go for round two. Chris could feel how wet Lindsay had left his turgid cock. Though her mouth had been warm, his penis now felt tinglingly chilly as her copious saliva began to evaporate. His senses were soon overloaded when, swinging one leg over his lap, she slid down onto his shiny pillar. If he had thought that her mouth was warm and wet, he now realized that he had been mistaken, for what now surrounded his lucky flesh epitomized warm and wet. Chris never would have imagined that a woman this old, married this long, could have a pussy that felt so much like a virgin’s.

Quickly realizing that Lindsay was on the verge of making noises that would surely get them found out, Chris clamped a hand over her mouth, which she began licking insatiably. Amazingly, these new lovers found a mutually agreeable rhythm in no time at all. As he thrust upward, she clamped downward. When he receded back into his chair, she employed her taught thighs and calves to raise up, allowing them both to feel the delicious friction as they slid apart.

Chris pushed her shirt above her breasts and opening the front clasp of her bra, buried his face between her breasts. Was this really happening? neither of them could hardly believe it. At the same time, they both knew that it was far too long in coming.

Meanwhile, Angie was close to coming…but she knew that if she did, she would not be able to concentrate for the remainder of the day. Not that she was doing the greatest job in the world of concentrating as it was, what with her supervisor still babbling, her mind still wandering, and her fingers now busy teasing her mound through her pants. What she wouldn’t give to hang up the phone, walk directly into Chris’s office, and do him right then and there. She was tired of fantasizing and not following through. But who was she kidding. Chris probably didn’t want anything to with her. Sure, she had a kickass body, but Chris seemed like the type to be more mesmerized by a pretty face. Angie had enough self confidence to get through the day, but she was no fool. She knew that no matter how bright her smile might be, and how sweet she was, these traits were not going to compensate for her less than flattering nose. Her husband may have overlooked it, but then, who was going to take a second look at Jeff? “Ooh, that’s harsh,” Angie thought to herself. “What’s wrong with me lately? Why am I so mean spirited, even if it’s just inside my own head?”

“Angie? Angie?” What was this? Oh, it was her supervisor, wrapping up their scintillating conversation. “Oh, sorry Jim. Yes, I will get right on that.” “Good,” he said, and hung up. Angie realized that, ironically, whatever Jim had been droning on and on about had something to do with the project that she was working on with Chris. Sadly, though, she really didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She’d have to ask Chris for clarification. Some might have found this to be a golden opportunity to go flirt with, be close to, or simply see Chris. But Angie didn’t see things that way. She actually got all flustered whenever she dealt with Chris, owing, in no small part to the fact that she spent half her free time thinking about him. Oh well, it was either go see Chris or not get her job done. Off to Chris’s office.

As Angie approached Chris’s office, Chris was on the verge of emptying himself inside of his secretary. Lindsay had already come a time or two herself and didn’t mind at all. Seeing that the door to his office was closed, Angie knocked lightly, not wanting to disturb him if he were deep in…thought.

Oblivious to the outside world, Chris grunted, “Ungh. I’m coming!” Which, of course, would have sounded much like “Come in!” to someone who had just knocked on his door. Thus invited, Angie opened the door.

There was Lindsay, Chris’s secretary, with her back to Angie, her buttocks spread by one of her boss’s hands as they ground into his crotch. His pants and underwear were around his ankles, her skirt was at her waist, and her shirt bunched up near her neck, apparently to bear her breasts. Strewn on the floor were a matching bra and panties.

Although shocked, her mouth hanging open, Angie did have the good sense to shut the door behind her. The sound must have broken Chris and Lindsay out of their collective trance, for all movement ceased. Lindsay wouldn’t kaçak iddaa dare turn around to see who’d caught them, but Chris bravely leaned his head to the side to take in the visitor.

“I, I, I…” Angie could say nothing more than this.

Chris rose from his chair and, carrying Lindsay with him, lay her down on his desk. Embarrassed, Lindsay shielded her face. Chris quickly divested himself of his clothing, and, as Angie stood stammering at the door, he strolled over to her, his proud wet penis jutting out before him. Where Angie had been at first bewildered, she was now in awe. Chris looked even more fantastic without clothing than she’d imagined during all those long days lightly stroking herself in her office. Things were going to happen here. Things she’d dreamt of, but never truly allowed herself to dream of…

She still couldn’t speak, but she would find her voice soon enough. Chris fell to his knees before her and in one fluid motion, unbuttoned her pants, unzipped them, and pulled them and her pantyhose down to the floor. She couldn’t believe it, but she helped by stepping out of them. Before she knew it, his face was between her thighs and his hands were on her ass, kneading and spreading her cheeks.

Chris was pleased to find Angie already wet. It made it easier for his tongue to go that much deeper that much faster. “Mmm,” he said, “looks like someone’s been in her office thinking about me.”

“How…how did you know?” she asked. It was a rhetorical question. At least, it hung in the air like one. Chris loved to taste new pussy. It always amazed him how different each woman could taste, and how different the contours of each pussy felt against his tongue. Magnificent. It also amazed him to recall that he had once eschewed the delicious pleasures of cunnilingus, swearing that he would never ever put his mouth down there. Thank God he’d gotten over THAT bullshit.

Angie was doing just that – thanking God, that is. And thanking Chris, too, for making her feel so incredible. The man had actually lifted her off the ground at this point, and had her pinned between the door and his mouth, most of her weight supported by his well sculpted arms as he lapped away at her dripping box.

Lindsay had recovered from her initial embarrassment. Seeing your voyeur with no pants on has a way of easing embarrassment, don’tcha know… She sat up on Chris’s desk, feeling his cum dribble out of her onto papers she would later file. She was certainly enjoying the show, but she had come into this room for a purpose. And that purpose was not to watch some other frustrated woman get serviced by HER stud. Still, Angie did seem to be enjoying herself, so she decided that the least she could do was share. She went over to Chris and had him lay down on the floor. Angie whimpered a protest until Lindsay tweaked her nipples before removing Angie’s blouse and bra, and then positioned her above Chris in the classic sixty-nine position. Chris continued his masterful work on Angie’s pussy while Lindsay moved between his legs to suck his balls and lick his asshole while Angie tentatively handled his dick.

It was readily apparent that Chris was a man who enjoyed having his ass licked. His moans, though muffled by Angie’s sopping cunt, told the tale. So, too, did the shiver in his legs every time Lindsay plunged her tongue inside his hole. Lindsay loved to get nasty like this. She even found herself occasionally sharing a kiss with Angie when they both came up for air at the same time. After their mouths had pleasured Chris and each other for a while, Chris had them lie on the desk. facing one another, Angie on top of Lindsay. As they got wrapped up in one another, he took turns fucking them until he had no more to give. For the time being, that is.

This was actually a one time event for all involved. Both Lindsay and Angie found that their impromptu threesome helped them break through some sort of rut in their lives. They became more adventurous in other areas of their lives, and took the excitement that they’d found in their encounter with Chris and one another back to their marriages. Though their husbands never knew quite why, they certainly noticed the change in both of them. And they certainly appreciated it.

Maybe, had her husband Carl known what had turned Lindsay into such a little spitfire, he wouldn’t have been so eager to persuade Lindsay to get one of her bosses to talk to their daughter Janine about what it takes to become a lawyer.

Chris had seen a picture of Janine on Lindsay’s desk and was more than happy to spend some time allowing her to pick his brain. Janine was supposed to meet Chris for breakfast one morning when she didn’t have classes until late. As Chris waited at the bagel shop where Janine had suggested they meet, he wondered what was keeping her – she was over 30 minutes late. After their customary game of phone tag, he had her number stored in the caller ID of his cell phone, so he decided to give her a call.

After kaçak bahis 6 rings, a groggy voice said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Janine? It’s Chris – at your mom’s office? I think we were supposed to meet this morning…do I have the right day?”

“Oh shit,” came the reply. “I’m sorry. So sorry. I totally forgot. Wait. What time is it? Damn. Hey listen, if you wouldn’t mind, do you wanna just grab a few bagels and some coffee and meet me at my apartment? I’m running, like, so late, but I know that with your schedule it’s gonna be hard to, like, RE-schedule. So maybe we could meet here – otherwise – it’s gonna be, like, another 30 minutes, and, well, I’m right over on, like, 17th and Michigan. The Hannaker building. Apartment 15G. Please say ‘yes.’ C’mon. Please? Please?”

Chris could tell, from some of the messages that Janine had left, that she could pack a whole lot into a brief time, but this was the first time he’d witnessed it live, so to speak. “Uh, sure,” was the best he could muster. He was a little annoyed, but he actually had a pretty free morning, so he didn’t mind meeting her at her apartment.

When he got there, he buzzed her apartment and got no response. He was ready to start fuming when he noticed an envelope posted on a bulletin board near the door. It bore his name. He opened the envelope and saw the following written on a small notecard: “34522. punch that into the codebox and come on up.” There was also a key inside the ‘lope. He punched the numbers and rode the elevator to the 15th floor, all the while wondering why Janine didn’t just tell him the code over the phone. Women, he thought. Always gotta do things the hard way. (Later, she would explain that he might have forgotten it had she told him over the phone. Hmmm…maybe shorty had a point.)

Reaching her door, he knocked before letting himself in with the key.

“Janine?” he called out, making himself comfortable on he couch. “Oh, hey,” she called out from somewhere around the corner. “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the couch.” He smiled. “I’ll be out in a sec.”

True to her word, Janine made an appearance in the main room of her apartment just moments later. In a white robe. A … very … short … nearly … transparent … white robe. “Hi, I’m Janine,” she said, holding her right hand out while she held her robe closed with her left. Explaining that she had thought they were to meet next week, and that she actually had to get ready for a work study job interview, but she wanted to pick Chris’s brain a bit.

“Pick away,” he said. They talked about the law as she prepared coffee and a light breakfast for them. Chris assumed that he was speaking coherently, but all that he could really concentrate on was how hot Janine looked in that tiny transparent robe. She was clearly naked underneath, having just left the shower when he’d arrived. The robe, no matter how she cinched its belt or pulled it together, continued to bunch open, exposes quite a bit of her young breasts. Eventually, she gave up on trying to keep it all together, saying, “You don’t mind, do you?” She knew that he didn’t.

When she suggested that they adjourn to the couch, Chris was a bit confused. Not that he minded, but… “Don’t you have to get to an interview?” he inquired, genuinely concerned. “Listen,” she said, sliding onto the couch beside him, “There is no job interview…But there are several positions I’d like YOU to fill.” And then she let her robe fall around her waist, revealing all of what he’d only been granted teasing glances at since his arrival.

Her breasts were perfect. Upturned cuppable mounds, each capped with a rosy nipple that seemed to beckon him. “Do you like?” she asked, hopefully. “Let me show you,” he replied, leaning forward to take one breast in his mouth while he massaged the other with his hand. Janine held his head to her chest as she repositioned herself on the couch, one leg on either side of him. “Lower,” she directed him.

Having had his tryst with her mother just a few weeks earlier, Chris certainly knew where Janine got her directness from. He also knew that as much as he was enjoying tasting these young breasts, it would do no good to dally. This was made especially clear by Janine’s gentle yet firm pressure on his head.

He trailed his tongue down her torso, spending a moment teasing her cute little belly button before turning his attention to her pleasure center. He kissed and licked the well kempt garden o hair above her opening before venturing further to the south. He knew that most men neglected the pubic mound, failing to realize that this very neglect made it a deceptively sensitive area on a lot of women. He enjoyed helping each new woman realize this, knowing that a woman always remembers a man who teaches something about herself sexually.

Janine was definitely learning one thing – her mom sure knew how to pick ’em. When she’d suggested that Janine call Chris, one of her bosses, her mom told her that he was a cutie. Knowing that she and her mom often agreed about such things, and pouting over her recent breakup with the umpteenth idiot boyfriend, Janine knew what she needed – pure, unadulterated pleasure.

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