Lucky In Vegas


Our schedules didn’t allow for more than a few days and we still wanted to go someplace fun for our anniversary so why not Vegas. D loves to gamble and me, I just try to enjoy the people watching and the time away from my hectic schedule at work.

It was over the Thanksgiving weekend so understandably the city was a little slow but on the upside we had no problems getting tickets for a show and reservations at some of the restaurants we had wanted to try. Our anniversary was Friday night and we started the evening at the Palms having dinner at Aliz’e, which sits atop the hotel and offers a beautiful view the entire strip.

We had dressed up for the evening so of course D looked stunning in a tight skirt slit to mid thigh, a v-neck top showing plenty of cleavage, a long duster like jacket and of course heels that had her standing almost 6 feet tall. She always looks good but tonight she was a showstopper, even in Vegas where there is eye candy everywhere. Dinner was everything we heard it would be, wonderful presentation, subtle flavors and wait staff that knew when to be at the table and more importantly when not to be. This last was particularly appreciated since D had decided to do some early teasing of me and was using her foot to make sure I was properly distracted during our cocktails and then later while we ate the main course.

From the Palms we headed over to New York New York and spent an hour or so at the tables and slots while we waited for the late show of Cirque de Soleil’s Zumanity. I was curious to see how they would blend the athletic and acrobatic with the sensual and sexy that was supposed to be the sexiest show on the strip if you believed the hype.

D was a bit surprised when we got seated how much of the audience was same sex couples. The women for the most part were not what I would call the cookie cutter lesbian couples but the men…that’s another story altogether.

I recognized one man from the men’s room where earlier I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that he was touching up his face makeup as I walked by and of course there were a few that just screamed out I’m Gay. Mostly it was the amusement of listening to the banter and chitchat that separated them from the straight couples. D made me promise not to play along and just let them be since I’ve spent a lot of time around both Gays and Lesbians and am very comfortable in that situation. I contented myself by stroking her exposed thigh with my fingertips as we waited for the show to begin.

From the opening act to the end the show it was a feast for the senses and though not overtly sexy it was still steamy and bawdy enough to whet the appetite for what would come later in the evening. It was almost midnight when we walked out of the theater and back to the casino floor. One of the bars in New York New York is Coyote Ugly and if the movie was accurate then the bar was a carbon copy of the real thing. There was a pretty long line to get in but I guess there are some advantages to wearing a suit and tie and having a great looking lady on your arm not to mention handing the employee at the door a twenty when I asked how long it would be before we could enter.

Inside was loud, rowdy, crowded but not uncomfortable and just what we needed to get our energy level back up after the show. The drinks were strong, the bartenders beautiful and just like many years ago for me the music was hard rock and kick ass country. The bartenders were not the only women dancing on the bar and more than one young and not so young looking woman could be seen shaking and grinding to the applause of all of those watching. I know D appreciated the scene since she spent a lot of time in front of me with her gorgeous ass rubbing against my crotch. She bahis firmaları still knows how to tease me even if after much coaxing she wouldn’t take a turn up on the bar. That would have been a sight to behold.

By 2am we had bumped, ground, made out like teenagers and drank enough that we both knew it was time to head back to the hotel so we caught a cab back to our hotel and managed to give the driver a bit of a show as we continued our amorous ways in the back of the cab. The way D was fondling me through my pants I knew that sleeping was not on her mind when we got back to the room and actually I wondered just how obvious the effect she was having on me was going to be when I stepped out of the cab.

The lobby of the hotel was quiet thank goodness and by the time we had gotten to the casino floor I was less self-conscious about my bulging pants. D turned to me and asked for some cash so I handed her a couple of twenties and followed her to the roulette wheel. I’ve come to trust her instincts in a casino and when she feels hot she’s normally right. She changed the bills to 5$ chips and her first bet was 40$ on black. When the ball fell into a black number she was excited. She winked at me, left what was now 80$ on black and damned if it didn’t come up again. She moved the now 160$ to the third twelve section of the table (25 – 36) and when I looked at her and raised an eyebrow she simply said, “the 26th is our anniversary.”

Do I have to tell you that when the ball fell on 31 she just shrugged her shoulders, gave the dealer 2 – 5$ chips and walked away 300$ richer?

“That covers dinner,” I told her and she laughed and said “no, that covers the bracelet we saw that I’m getting tomorrow.”

I took hold of her hand as we walked over to the cashiers cage and when I asked her if she still felt lucky she said “I feel like it’s time to go up to the room and fuck ourselves silly.” Who was I to disagree?

By the time I had taken off my coat and tie, gotten barefoot, and opened the champagne I had left in the mini bar, she had come out from the bathroom and was posing by the foot of the bed. Lingerie is nice for a minute or two but I will always take a woman in thigh highs, garter belt, and nothing else as a first choice. I silently forgave her for getting out of her heels.

I handed her a glass and toasted our luck not just tonight but for having found each other 4 years ago and thought about how beautiful she looked right now. Check that, how incredibly sexy she looked right now as she walked past me towards the couch and asked if I saw anything I liked.

Before she could sit, I moved beside her and with my free hand moved her hair back and started kissing from the top of her shoulder up the side of her neck. The effect this had was immediate, her nipples started to harden and she sighed audibly and turned into my body. The kiss that followed was electric for both of us as our tongues teased back and forth over our lips, trading places in each other’s mouth when it intensified.

Her hand reached again between my legs and my arousal was pretty evident at this point. Her nipples weren’t the only thing getting harder as we continued to kiss, communicating our feelings without having to speak. When we finally separated all she could say to me was “you have too many clothes on darling.”

“I can fix that,” I said. “Can you find something to keep busy while I do?”

“Pour me a little more champagne first,” she said and then sat back on the couch, one leg on the floor, one up, leaving herself open for me to see, her glass raised in her hand.

I refilled her glass and before putting the bottle on the table took a healthy drink from it. Somehow it felt appropriate for the mood she was trying kaçak iddaa to set for us.

My shirt was the first piece to be removed and I took my time unbuttoning the cuffs and buttons as I watched D start to play in front of me. She started out slowly, running her fingertips up and down her stomach. She shivered slightly then brought her hands up to her luscious breasts. She cupped them, squeezing them slightly then ran her fingertips over her nipples. Pinching them lightly, her back arched and she moaned.

“Mmmm, I love playing with my tits.”

“I love watching you play with them,” I told her as she continued her own foreplay. My shirt was gone now and as I started to undo my belt I paused to see what else she would do.

“Watching me makes you hot, doesn’t it?” she asked.

She pinched her nipples harder and then leaning her head down she brought a nipple to her mouth and licked around it with her tongue. I smiled and began again to undo my belt as she grazed her teeth over her nipple.

“I’m so hot right now I could make myself cum this way, but I’m not,” she said, “not yet anyway.”

As I stepped out of my pants I watched as her hand moved down her body. With the tip of her middle finger she flicked at her clit and sighed loudly. Teasing herself, she ran her finger up and down her slit, separating the lips and using the moisture that was already there to lubricate around her clit. I loved watching her slide a finger inside her pussy and then bring it up to her lips so that she could suck it clean as she stared into my eyes.

“Is this what you wanted to see lover?”

“You want to watch me make my hot pussy all wet for you?” she moaned as she teased herself. I had started slowly stroking my cock as I watched her and by now I was fully hard as her private show for me continued.

She brought her wet finger back to her clit and ran it around in small circles. Arching her back, she alternated between flicking clit hard and fast, then running those slow circles around it again. Her hips bucked once, letting me know how close she was. Her pussy was soaked, dripping freely onto the couch and down her beautiful ass. I couldn’t help myself and moved closer, reaching with my fingers to catch some of it and bringing them to my mouth to taste her. She watched me do this and when I removed my fingers from my mouth she took hold of my hand and guided it down.

“Help me,” she said. “Help me cum.”

Her finger started moving faster on her clit and I reached deep with my fingers inside of her. I felt her tightening on my fingers and knew she was almost there. Her hips started to buck again and I moved my fingers faster in and out of her. With her free hand, she began tugging at her nipples once more and she went over the edge, she could hold back no longer.

Her pussy clamped tight around my fingers, her back arched and her hips were moving frantically when she came.


Her body shook hard as her first, then a second smaller orgasm washed over her. Her legs clamped shut, keeping my fingers inside of her and I kissed her hard as she continued to move underneath me. A few minutes later when she had relaxed a little I gently slid my fingers out of her and moved to kneel in between her legs.

She looked at me through half closed eyes and asked “was that what you wanted to see?”

“Yes,” I said and then tasted her on my fingers once more.

“Ready to do it again,” I asked?

I didn’t wait for a reply and reached out with the tip of my tongue to tease the swollen lips of her pussy. Her taste was intoxicating and I pushed my tongue in deep as far as I could over and over again. I stopped to occasionally lap up the juices that trickled kaçak bahis out of her and her hips started to move up against my mouth. I could have continued to tease her like this but her hands on the back of my head were directing me otherwise. I knew she wanted it now, another explosive orgasm. I slid my fingers back inside of her and took her clit in between my lips, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. It didn’t take long at all.


She pushed her hips up, against my mouth and then her thighs locked around my head.

“DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP,” she moaned and her body went rigid as if every muscle in her body had tightened up.

I desperately wanted to fuck her, just as she was now but her legs were still pressed tight around my head so I stopped teasing her clit and went back to softly licking the lips of her pussy, letting her come down off her high. I could still feel her shaking from the force of her orgasm and I was willing to wait a little longer before taking her like I wanted to. I was hard and more than ready.

“Kneel down on the floor,” I told her and though she was slow to move off the couch she eventually did, her legs spreading, her dripping pussy presenting an open invitation to me to satisfy my own hunger.

I grabbed her by the hip with one hand and guided the head of my cock inside of her with the other until I was all the way in. The feeling of her warm, wet tunnel surrounding me almost made me cum right there. She groaned and pushed back against me.

“That’s it baby, fuck me, make me cum all over that fucking cock of yours,” she told me. I started stoking in and out of her, burying my cock in her sweet pussy each time and loving how it felt as she met each thrust with her own. My pace quickened and soon I was slamming against her, feeling her pussy start to tighten once again.


She reached a hand underneath her and I could feel her fingertips run along my balls as I continued to pound into her. I felt her begin to tremble and I buried myself as deep as I could inside of her, my hand reaching to rub her clit and sent her over the edge once again. She lowered her head to the couch and screamed into it as her pussy gripped my cock hard and her hips lunged back toward me. Her hips were shaking now and it felt like her pussy was devouring my cock as she whimpered and moaned, her orgasm consuming her.

It was consuming me as well and quickly I was thrusting into her again, worried only about my own release and I was so gloriously close. I think even through her excitement that she sensed it because she clamped down on me tighter than I could ever remember as she tried frantically to match my movements.

“FUUUCCKKK YEEESSSSS,” I cried out as I felt my own climax come roaring to life and I slammed against her one last time, arching my back, feeling the first shot of cum explode from balls.

Her pussy was hot and wet and she milked shot after shot out of me, giving me a taste I think of her own pleasure as she ground her hips against me, making it last for both of us.

“You’re unbelievable… you’re fucking fantastic,” I told her when eventually I collapsed on top of her, our breathing still ragged.

We stayed like that for a long time, listening as our hearts eventually slowed down, feeling the occasional post orgasmic twitch and finally as a last contraction pushed me out we separated. I helped her up from the floor and with an arm around her led her onto the bed where she lay back across it looking as sexy as ever. A warm wet towel took care of some much-needed cleanup and when I returned with her champagne glass she was laying on her side with her head propped on one hand.

She took a long drink and said, “Still feeling lucky tonight, mister?”

“Give me a few minutes lover,” I said. “Besides, it’s Vegas, and the night is still young!”

…. and it was.

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