Lucy’s Spare Half Hour


“Grandé cappuccino, extra shot please.” Lucy said as the young woman looked up with a smile.

“Take away?”

“Stay in.” Lucy contradicted and handed over her Starbucks card before she could be tempted into a peach and raspberry muffin.

Leaning against the wall, Lucy glanced at the clock as she watched the barista work. It was almost eleven o’clock. She had almost forty minutes to kill before her mum was due to meet her. It wasn’t her perfect idea for a day off, but once her mum had found out that she wasn’t at work, she’d been left with no choice.

She’d even just turned down a lunch date to be here, which also meant the chance of a damn good fuck, typical. As she waited for her coffee she thought about the man on the bus who had watched her from behind his newspaper for most of the journey before finally plucking up the courage to speak to her and invite her to lunch. She quite fancied the idea of spending her day off with a stranger’s hands exploring her body. And compared to lunch with her mum, it was no contest.

The barista slid the mug towards her, plucked the ticket from the rail and dropped it into the bin at her feet. The handle was still hot from where it had only just been taken from the dishwasher. Lucy nodded her thanks as she turned away and headed for the stairs.

The first floor was almost deserted and she helped herself to a huge, purple velour sofa, sinking luxuriously into the plump cushions. Somewhere, Herbie Hancock spilled effortlessly from a speaker and flooded the air with soft jazz.

Lucy pulled a trashy gossip magazine from her bag. She’d grabbed it from a news stand on her way through the bus station. The cover shrieked about the latest Hollywood revelations. Who was too fat, too thin and who was doing what with whom. Pathetic really, but it passed the time. She also knew how much her mother hated her wasting her time with ‘that sort of thing’ so in part, she’d bought it deliberately just to see how long it would take her mother to comment – most likely slightly longer than it would take to comment on the way she was dressed. But then she’d be the first to concede that her skirt was exceptionally short.

She glanced at her watch. She had half an hour before her mother bustled in bang on time, and set about deconstructing her life, her choice of reading material, her clothes, her hair, her weight. Lucy sighed and took a mouthful of smooth froth, just dipping her lips into the creamy coffee beneath and leaving a smear of candy pink lipstick on the white mug as she licked her lips clean.

As she read, she played with her shoulder length black hair, twirling it constantly around her fingers until it resembled a length of rope, then absent-mindedly untangling it and brushing her fingers through it before starting the process again. It was a habit she’d had since she was a child. Her mother had always said she did it when she was tired, but when she was younger, that was just an excuse to pack her off to bed. The truth was she did it all the time she had a spare hand.

Reaching for her coffee she glanced up just in time to see a face disappear behind the spread pages of The Times. Lucy smiled to herself and took another mouthful of coffee.

Lucy would have described herself as a late developer. She was barely recognisable from the timid, over-weight girl that hid behind her long, lank, jet black hair throughout her school days.

University had changed her life completely. It was almost as if they put something in the water. The weight dropped off her, her confidence flourished amongst her new surroundings and new friends and paradoxically, as she slimmed her chest grew from flat and boyish to a robust 36C.

Her confidence continued to blossom throughout university and for the first time the male students started to take notice. Her first boyfriend convinced her to stop hiding behind her hair and even their split had failed to dent her new found self-belief.

But it was no ugly duckling to swan story. It was simply that there were pupils who, even after seven years at the same school as her, would not have recognised her face, hidden as it always had been beneath her hair, so people simply never got to see what lay below.

After graduation she was let loose on the big wide world, but it turned out that she was damn good at what she did and she worked with bahis firmaları the same dedication that she had always shown throughout her education. She was respected, her opinion was valued by her peers and her career seemed to have found the fast lane. It just left her with precious little time to herself and even less to find someone to be attentive to her. It seemed recently that one night was about as close as she was going to get to a relationship.

Lucy turned her attention back to her magazine, but with half an eye on the man in the corner.

Before long, she saw one side of the newspaper drop down. Slowly, she glanced up, trying to look like she was still concentrating on her magazine. It was the man she had met briefly on the bus. He was in his late twenties, his blonde hair cropped and he was watching her whilst pretending to read his paper, just as he had done so earlier.

Lucy glanced casually at her watch. It was still over twenty minutes before her mother arrived. Perhaps there was still time for a little fun. Had she met him for lunch, she knew she would have found somewhere she could fuck him before she let him go, so as he was here now, why not give him that now in lieu of lunch.

She shifted position on the sofa and placing her magazine down, she closed her eyes and stretched her arms up as far as she could, managing to squeeze out a yawn.

As she reached for the ceiling, she felt her t-shirt ride up, exposing her navel with its small silver ring. She also knew her crossed legs would have afforded her admirer a good view of her white cotton panties beneath her mini-skirt.

As she relaxed, she pulled her t-shirt back down around her waist and smiled innocently across the room. This time, her admirer did not scuttle back behind his newspaper.

Lucy picked her magazine back up but made sure she kept him at the top of her vision. She could feel his eyes all over her body. Now eye contact had been established he no longer felt the need to hide and just watched her as she pretended to read.

Occasionally turning the pages to at least maintain the pretence of reading, she enjoyed feeling his eyes roving all over her. His constant attention excited her and she imagined him pinning her against the sofa and forcing himself upon her as she thrashed and struggled beneath his grip. She had always been turned on by the prospect of being dominated, she’d even come close on a couple of overnight business trips, but it was just never quite as forceful as she’d wanted.

She let her mind drift and pictured him tearing off her knickers. She felt her nipples harden and press against the soft cotton of her fitted t-shirt, the material clinging to them, accentuating their stiffness. Suddenly a little self-conscious, she glanced nervously around the floor, but they still had it all to themselves.

She had barely twenty-five minutes left. She fired him a glance and wondered how far she would be able to push him. Still he watched, and once again as their eyes met, he simply held her gaze without a smile.

Her fantasy flashed back into her mind but had moved on without her. She was bent double over the purple sofa, the tatters of her knickers hanging around her ankle. Her skirt was thrown up over her back and she was being fucked deeply from behind, her hands pinned firmly in place behind her back.

Again, her daydream drifted away and she focused back on the room. The man was looking at her quizzically and she realised that she’d not really been staring at him, rather through him.

With her gaze now pinned on his, she placed one foot against the edge of the table and ran her finger along the gusset of her knickers. He simply continued to watch her, his gaze not flickering for a second, so Lucy rubbed her pussy slowly, feeling the heat rising from her body.

Curious to see if she could get any reaction at all, she pulled her knickers aside and ran her index finger along her hot, moist lips. She knew he could see what she was doing, even if he was actually too far away to make out the detail.

Briefly she looked away, first checking the stairs, then down into her own lap. She watched herself as she dragged her fingers over her pussy, slowly parting the folds of raspberry pink flesh. She was already nicely wet.

She glanced back up. He had finally discarded his newspaper completely. kaçak iddaa She raised her finger to her lips and sucked it into her mouth little by little, cleaning it of her musky flavour before pulling it out with a pop.

Her own rising pleasure served to encourage her further and she pushed herself off the sofa onto her feet and turned her back to him. She hooked her fingers beneath the waistband of her knickers and drew them down her thighs, bending over the lower they got, exposing her naked buttocks to him.

She pushed them down over her knees and let gravity do the rest, stooping quickly as they hit the floor and stuffing them into her handbag.

Lucy turned to face him and checked her watch. She had little over fifteen minutes before her mother interrupted.

Squatting on the high arm of the sofa, she lifted up her mini-skirt around her waist and looked down at her pink petals, glistening and swollen, and slowly ran her fingers along her flesh, sending a shiver of excitement down her spine. Her finger slipped easily inside and she worked it in and out until it sparkled with her juice, never once letting her eyes stray from his.

Lucy pulled her finger from her wet cunt and sucked it greedily. Tasting her own sex served only to make her hornier. But time was running out. If she wanted to take this further, she’d have to do it now.

She grabbed her handbag and walked purposefully towards him. As she passed the top of the stairs, she saw the door open and a pair of young women, dressed for the office, come in through the door and stride to the counter.

She deliberately walked as close to his chair as possible. She feigned to walk passed him for half a step and would have given anything to be able to see any reaction on his face, then she turned quickly and stooped down to his level.

“Perhaps we can do dinner some time else. In the meantime, you’ve got five minutes before my mother turns up.”

She stood up straight and walked confidently through the door to the toilets, smiling as she heard him move as the door swung shut behind her. There were three doors. The gents, ladies and the disabled toilets. She considered, then dismissed the disabled one. It would be a single cubicle with plenty of space, but no risk of being heard or caught, which was no fun at all. Instead she pushed the door into the gents as she heard the outer door behind her open.

The lights came on automatically as her heels clipped across the tiled floor, the antiseptic smell stringent in her nostrils. She pushed the middle cubicle door open and stepped inside. Behind her, her stranger entered the room.

Lucy turned to face him as she pulled her t-shirt off and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. She stood topless before the strange man, her pert breasts thrust out at him, her hands on her hips. He stood a few feet away, just outside cubicle door still watching and still silent.

“She won’t be late.” Lucy said and turned her back to him. She bent over the toilet, placing her hands flat on the closed lid and looked back over her shoulder but said nothing.

The stranger stepped into the cramped cubicle and she heard the bolt slide shut.

In the silence she heard him undo his zip and felt her heart beat harder. She was actually going to let this total stranger fuck her. She felt his hands on her hips as he pushed her mini-skirt up over her waist. Suddenly, she felt panicked. This was all wrong. She couldn’t go through with this. She didn’t even know his name. For some reason it felt different to a one-night stand in a hotel. She started to stand up, but his fingers were already pushing and probing inside her. She had manufactured the whole situation yet now conversely, it seemed beyond her control.

She felt the hard head of his cock push against her pussy. He rubbed it against her lips then he held her hips and eased himself inside her.

She gasped as she was penetrated and she pushed her hips back to meet his first thrust and instantly her panic was forgotten as he filled her.

What a complete slut! She thought as her pulse raced. He built a quick rhythm, driving into her until she could feel his balls swinging against the top of her legs and even hear them slap against her skin above the sound of her moans.

He grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her head back sharply. She kaçak bahis squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, a reaction that made him pull harder, making her squeal all the more.

Gasping she pushed her hips back to meet his frantic thrusts, revelling in the fullness as his pubic wire tickled her buttocks. Each thrust inside her made her pant and in response he fucked her with ever increasing strength. She could feel an orgasm begin to stir deliciously inside her.

He slapped her buttocks hard, drawing another squeal that echoed around the tiled room. Sweat dripped off her fringe onto the black lid of the toilet and ran across the ceramic surface like tears.

She cried out without inhibition as her orgasm shook her whole body, making her arms quiver until they struggled to support her weight. The man reacted to her pleasure, holding her hips tightly in both hands, he pounded into her filling her filthy cunt.

His sweat dripped off his hair and splashed onto her naked back. This was so dirty and cheap. She had actually encouraged this. This had been her idea. But how could it be wrong when it was exactly what she wanted?

She wondered if her mother was outside waiting for her, sipping her coffee and checking her watch, whilst her innocent daughter was fucked by a stranger just a few metres away.

She sensed the man’s breathing became short, sharp gasps as he rammed himself inside her. She actually felt his cock grow harder and with one huge thrust that made her shriek in surprise, she felt his whole cock twitch and his hot seed erupt inside her.

As his orgasm subsided, he rocked gently inside her, his cum mixing with hers until he slid effortlessly back and forth.

After a moment his softening cock slipped from her pussy and she heard him tear off a length of tissue paper. After he’d cleaned himself up, Lucy heard him zip it back into his trousers.

“Nice knowing you.” He said. It was the first time he had spoken during the entire encounter. She heard him pull the lock across and when she turned around and sat down he was gone. The door banged shut and she was suddenly unsure whether it was him leaving or someone else coming in. Quickly, she reached across and slid the bolt back in the lock.

She watched sweat run between her breasts and she could feel his semen dribbling from her. As she pulled a long length of tissue paper from the roll, her phone rang making her jump. She fumbled inside her bag. Unsurprisingly, it was her mother. She hit cancel. This was not a good time.

Slowly Lucy mopped the perspiration from her skin and threw the tissue in the bowl before pulling her t-shirt back on. It clung tightly to her hot, damp skin. She cleaned herself as best she could, feeling more and more like a cheap whore as she tried in vain to tidy herself up.

She reached down into her bag for her panties but they were gone. She searched frantically around the cubicle but to no avail. She mopped herself again and wiped the stickiness from the insides of her thighs.

Her phone rang again and she knew she was going to have to meet her mother. She stepped out of the cubicle and hurried to the door just as a man started to push it open. He looked her up and down suspiciously but before he could say anything, she smiled innocently and stepped passed him.

Lucy ducked straight into the women’s toilet and washed her hands. She ran her fingers through her damp hair, peeling her fringe from her forehead. She looked a mess and she stank of sex.

Stepping back out into the café, she immediately saw her mother sat exactly where she had been. The man was sat back in his seat waiting for her to emerge, a fresh mug of steaming coffee on the table in front of him.

Lucy walked over to her mother. She stood up to greet her, looking at her from head to foot.

“Hi mum.” She said “I’m just going to get a coffee, do you want a muffin or anything?” Her mum shook her head and when she opened her mouth to say something, Lucy assumed it was to do with the length of her skirt or the fact that she looked such a mess and she turned and walked away.

As she reached the steps she was suddenly very conscious of just how short her skirt was and just how obvious her missing underwear would be to anyone looking up from the seating below though the frosted glass steps.

As she hurried down the stairs she glanced over to where the stranger sat and she saw her panties on the arm of his chair. As she caught his eye, he waved briefly then disappeared back behind his copy of The Times.


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