Lustful Awakenings Part Two


Clang. Clang. Clang. That was what I woke up to. The noise drilled through my ear as I reached for some clothes to dress myself. My phone kept buzzing on with texts from Abbie. In the midst of my still sleepy haze and a sudden bloodlust for whoever interrupted my sleep I recalled what transpired days before. I remembered coddling my mother, taking her, cumming inside of her. I remembered how I am now magically a being of well, magic. To be frank I still have no idea what a druid was and after I deal with that infernal clanging I was going to get some answers.

I rushed downstairs to find my sister Maddy on the dinner table throwing pots and pans in the direction of my mother. I could see my mother ducking and dodging trying to reason with her. My first thought was, what was happening? My second was how man pots and pans do we have?

“Oooohh, look at me mom when you say that,” she yelled, “I don’t think you can!”

“Darling, please calm down.” my mother said, “There are a certain set of rules we have to follow.”

“Yeah well, screw you!” Maddy threw one directly at mom.

“Enough!” I snarled, my voice bellowing throughout the room sending a shock wave throughout the house. The flying pan stopped inches from my mom’s face and fell flat to the ground.

They both looked at me simultaneously dropping their hands down. Maddy leaped from the table and looked at me. She was crying, tears streaming down her face. She opened her mouth to speak only to stop and then ran outside. I went to comfort her before I was stopped by my mother as she took my hand and dragged me in.

“What in blazing hell was that? Why was she crying?” I yelled impulsively shoving her hand away, “Tell me, mother! Or shall I call you Hazel now?”

That snapped a nerve. She slapped my right in the face, the sound of which echoed throughout the room.

“I am still your mother!” She cried, “You should treat me like one!”

I was filling with infinite anger and rage. I could feel my other self slowly taking over. I growled in the direction of my mother much like before, emitting a force which sent her flying across the room. My fingers moved instinctively in a set of motions controlling her through the air lifting her up and pulling her back towards me. Kill her, finish her off.

She lifted her head up to look at me, her eyes locking with mine. Her crimson eyes glared into me, trapping me in her gaze. A sharp pain arose in my head flooding me with memories of our time together. I could see her supple breasts heaving as she rocked on top of me, I could recall how divine she tasted and then my other self just simply disappeared. She dropped to the floor with a thud as it happened.

I laid her on the couch and sat next to her. How could I do this to my own mother I thought. The guilt washed over me in a flood of emotion.

“It is quite alright, love.” She got up and hugged me, “It takes a lot more than that to hurt me, although you are more powerful than I thought.”

“I am sorry, I am so sorry. Something takes over me driving me to do those things.” I said crying into her.

“It is our family’s curse and our source of power. It is time I explain, fully this time.” She said.

I willed myself from her arms and sat by listening intently. I wanted to know more, no, I needed to know more.

“We are a family of druids. We are stronger and older than our witch brethren. We are one of the last two clans to survive the years,” She explained, “All magic comes from a source and ours come from the demonic blood in our veins.”

That last phrase sent chills throughout my body. Was the other me a demon? Am I a demon?

“No, we are human love.” She said as if she could hear what I was thinking, “We just have demonic blood. So rather we are hybrids, I would say. Long ago a demon sent from the depths of hell fell in love with a young human woman, a druid. That is how we came to be and ever since then when one of us turns eighteen our power manifests.”

“So what is that other me, The one that takes over?” I asked.

“I have not heard of such a thing, love” She said stroking my face with her thumb, “All I know is that you must come to terms with yourself, to understand yourself. In turn you will be powerful.”

“Alright,” I said, “So why did you come to me the other night? Why did you fuck me?”

Her eyes twinkled at the word ‘fuck’, “Our coven has lay with each other since the beginning. Mother with son, father with daughter and brother with sister and everything in between. It is our way of letting our excess energy flow back to the earth before it consumes us. That is also why Maddy was upset when I told her to have sex with you. She has too much energy pent up inside her.”

“You told her to fuck me?” I accused her, “I need to find her. I need to apologize.”

“Go and find her,” she told me, “Also take this it will help you, it is a grimoire. bahis firmaları It is a book of spells created by our family.”

She handed me a tattered black bound book. I took it and headed out to get Maddy back and I knew where she would be. She had been dating this guy Josh for a few weeks. He was the typical quarterback kind of guy. That is to say they were big, brutish and with a severe lack for brains. As to what Maddy saw in her I do not know.

As I drove over to his house I went through the book. It was written in an ancient language but for whatever reason I knew what the words meant. Among the spells there was one in it for invisibility. That might be useful I thought. I popped a breath mint for my morning breath and knocked on the door but nobody answered. I saw Maddy’s shoes on the porch so I knew she was inside. I looked around for an opening and one of the windows were open. This would be a serious crime but not if no one can see me.

I opened the book to the page for the invisibility spell and read out the incantation. Auditii meo davis insibillis. I could feel a twisting sensation in my gut. I stood in front of the window and there was no reflection. The spell had worked. I crawled inside and sneaked about looking for my persistent sister. None of the downstairs rooms were occupied so I went upstairs. I could hear heavy grunting coming from upstairs so I headed up. It was coming from one of the bedrooms. The door was open so I crept inside.

I saw the backs of Josh and another jock, Todd I believe his name was. I swear to god I cannot tell these jocks apart, they all look the same to me. I could hear moaning followed by slurping noises. It hit me. I knew what was happening and I was definitely not prepared for it. I went around and I saw Maddy on her knees, her breasts out and about, servicing Josh’s dick while she stroked Todd’s.

“Bro, she is a natural.” Todd grunted out.

“I know right. Way better than Amy Swanson.” Josh said.

I filled with immediate rage for these bastards. I wanted to snap their necks in half and hung them out to dry. No, stop. A voice came from within and I stopped in my tracks. Let her have her fun before we intervene. I knew it was my inner self and he was now in control. I went and sat in a chair on the far side of the room. Why don’t we enjoy the evening’s festivities.

I could see Maddy masterfully maneuver herself on Josh’s 6 inch dick. She had her silky auburn hair tied up in a bun. Her tongue kept going around his dick in between slurps. Her perky teen breasts were positively glazed in her spit. She played with Josh’s balls tenderly, slightly squeezing on it. Her other hand was occupied with Todd’s slightly bigger cock. In a corkscrew motion she wrenched his cock, her thumb massaging the head.

She went back and forth sucking both cocks. Each time she let go, she made a lovely ‘pop’ sound. Josh however became too eager. He reached over Maddy’s head and jammed his cock in her throat causing her to gag. After a few thrusts she pulled away.

“Hey party foul dude,” Maddy said, “I don’t deep throat so fuck you for that. You are now demoted to handies and FYI Todd is bigger.”

With that she latched her mouth to Todd’s dick which was throbbing for attention. Josh sat down on the bed jacking off to his friend being sucked off, his mouth salivating. Todd held his head back in ecstasy as he reeled in the pleasure. Todd did not even touch Maddy in fear of her pulling away but he didn’t need to. The lust in Maddy’s eyes was apparent as it became red with every second.

I felt a stirring in my pants. My cock wanted to be free but I could not let it. My body wouldn’t let me. Not yet, she is not ready for you. My inner voice said to me.

“Who wants to fuck me?” Maddy said removing herself from Todd’s cock, “I been leaving my pussy for marriage but you boys can have fun in my ass.”

Maddy walked around the room slowly letting her hands linger on each of their bodies, stroking and letting go of their cocks. She then came next to the chair I was sitting in and then walked away. I let out a sigh of relief only to choke on air as she slid of her skirt in the middle of the room. She danced sensually, pinching her nipples and sliding her hand through her panties. This was a side of my sister I never knew existed nor did I think her capable.

She removed her panties ever so slowly causing the boys to salivate in anticipation. She wrapped it around Todd’s cock stroking it and guided him towards the bed. He sat next to Josh and Maddy turned around and showed them her ass. I needed a better view so I sneaked on nearby. Maddy spread her ass cheeks and Josh without warning dived in tonguing her asshole.

“You are a hungry boy, aren’t you?” She yelped in joy, “You can come inside me first.”

With that Josh grabbed her hips and sat her down on his cock impaling her ass. His cock slid in surprisingly kaçak iddaa easy which makes me think this was not her first anal. Maddy’s petite body was completely enveloped by Josh’s muscular stature. Maddy met every one of Josh’s thrust jumping on his cock.

“Fuck me harder,” Maddy moaned, “Make me your little bitch.”

Josh thrusted faster and harder with every each moan offering motivation. Todd not wanting to wait stood up and lifted Maddy from Josh’s cock. Maddy screamed in joy. Todd laid her belly first on the bed and started to spank her. He spanked her pale white ass turning it red and giving Maddy immense pleasure. Maddy wiggled her ass out intending for Todd to enter.

As he did Maddy screamed and moan like a bitch in heat. Her eyes rolled to the back off her skull, and she was delirious with lust. Todd fucked her like his life depended on it. He pistoned his cock fast and hard, slapping Maddy’s tits in the process. Meanwhile lonely little Josh was jacking off right near her face, slapping her with his cock.

“I am going to cum!” Todd yanked his cock out of her ass.

“Me too!” Josh yelled.

“Cum for me, boys!” She moaned.

Josh came first landing spurts of warm goo all over her hair and face. Todd had second thoughts and went back in for his final thrust creaming her ass. He took it out letting loose a torrent of cum slimed out of her abused asshole. They lay there for a few seconds and Maddy stood up.

“I am gonna hit the shower, kay. You fuckers got jizz in my hair.” She yelled holding out her middle finger.

Josh and Todd just lay there panting and out of breath. You can take care of them now. My inner voice said. I was again in control and I searched my jacket for my Mother’s book. I scoured the pages for the perfect spell and I found it but first to become visible again. Auditii meo davis insibillis. Josh and Todd went back in terror.

“Matt, what the fuck dude?” Josh screamed, “How did you do that?”

“The how isn’t important, also stop screaming.” I said motioning my hands turning them mute, “That is going to be very handy. Anyways boys I been here the entire time and I do not like how you treated my sister. I am not the most protective brother but this time I am feeling very protective.”

I spoke the incantation and in mere moments both Josh and Todd was transformed into tiny adorable kittens. They sprawled around my leg jumping up and down with their wee strength.

“How cute,” I said lifting up Josh or was it Todd? “You are going to stay like this for a while or until I figure out a more enduring punishment. Toodles.”

I stood outside the bathroom door reading the book waiting for Maddy to come out. When she finally did she jumped back screaming. Her towel dropped and in the process exposing her delightful body.

“Lower your voice sister,” I said,” We are guests in another’s home. Also you still got some cum in your hair; you might want to clean that up before we get home.”

“What are you doing here, Matt?” She said wrapping up herself with her towel, “Where are Josh and Todd?”

I motioned her to the room and she was met by the furry former jocks. They cuddled up near her rubbing their heads on her feet.

“Adorbs!” She yelped, “You guys are so cute. But hey where is Josh?”

“You are holding him sister.” I said with a smile. “Or maybe that is Todd? We should really get them some collars.”

“You turned my boyfriend into a fucking cat!” She yelled.

“A kitten to be more precise,” I said, “They are much better to look at now. Also he wasn’t much of a boyfriend was he?”

“You are unbelievable,” She said, “I only discovered my powers last week but I am very tempted to burn you to a crisp right now.”

Fired started to crackle out from her fingertips. Her wet hair started to steam and her towel began to singe. The room started to feel hot as if someone put us into a rather large economic size oven.

“Whoa sister,” I said, “You might want to calm down before you turn me into charcoal. I never did like the summer.”

A ball of fire started emanating from her hands growing rapidly in size. She was about to hurl it at me until she stopped. The room started to cool down and she fell to her knees.

“So why did you stop?” I asked her out of curiosity.

“I was burning Josh and Todd.” She said pointing at the kittens whose fur had become singed.

“Hey I am sorry alright,” I comforted her, “I just did not like the way those guys treated you is all, you are my fabulous sister after all.”

She looked up and smiled, “Neither did I but won’t their parents find out they are missing.”

“I have a plan for that.” I lifted her up on to her feet, “Now let’s get home.”

With that we headed out with the kittens and left notes at both Josh and Todd’s house. So when their parents come home they will see that they have run off to be with kaçak bahis each other, young gay love and all that gooey romantic stuff.

“Hey Matt,” Maddy said in the car, “Mom told me that I would learn more control if we were to, you know?”

“Have sex?” I said nonchalantly, “Yeah it is supposed to release our excess energy back to the world. So we can focus and harness our strength. According to this grimoire which I have been reading all day, it is not necessary to do but control will come faster that way, yes.”

“It is just too weird and you are my brother so I rather not, ok?” She said to me.

“Yeah I feel the same.” I said choking on my words, “It would just be way too awkward.”

I lied. I wanted to do it with Madeleine. After what I saw today, I wanted to try it with her. We parked up the driveway and headed inside. Mom was eagerly waiting for us to give us a few ‘lessons’ on our powers. Apparently the heads of our coven wanted us to learn and grow our powers under our mother’s tutelage.

It was an eventful evening. Maddy had a natural affinity for fire giving her access to spells of that nature whereas my mother’s lied in nature. I asked her what mine was and she shrugged off and ignored me. It seemed to be out of fear than anything else. After an exhausting day of watching Maddy burn trees to the ground we had dinner and I went up to my room to rest only to find my girlfriend naked on my sheets.

“Hello Matty,” Abbie crooned, “I have been waiting all day.”

Holy fucking shit! I had been avoiding Abigail ever since that day we fucked out in public. You need release, let her give you release. My inner voice spoke and this time I wasn’t arguing.

“Sorry I haven’t been responsive lately, I have been occupied.” I said undressing myself, “So how did you get in?”

“I am a very resourceful girl,” she said tracing her finger across the rounds of her nipples.

“That you are.” I said.

I gently got on top of her and kissed her. She met me in kind tunneling her tongue through my mouth to play with my tongue. I reached my hands down and with a finger traced her lower lips finding her clit. She was already sopping wet as i felt around down there. I put two fingers inside her and with rapid speeds started to finger fuck her. I kept on kissing her as I fingered her. She started to stroke my cock as she felt the excitement building up.

“I am cumming!” She spasmed, arching her back. Suddenly she started to squirt liquid from her pussy erupting outwards. She filled the palm of my hand with squirt which she drank up as I poured it into her mouth.

“Oh my god,” I looked astonished, “You are a squirter? I love that.”

“First time that has ever happened,” she said with glee, “You bring out the best in me.”

She wrapped her legs around me bringing me closer to her. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she took my cock and placed it near her opening. She opened up her pussy lips and lay there as if she was offering herself to me. I brought my hips down and entered her pussy. My cock head entered first immediately feeling her pussy closing around my cock. I took it out and went back in. I did this a few times inserting only the head causing Abbie to tense up every time.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in. Inch by inch I entered her, her pussy clamping on me. In seconds all 8 inches of me was fully inside her.

“Let’s fuck, shall we.” I said.

With that I thrust my cock in and out of her, fucking her like she deserved. She moaned louder and louder with each thrust. I was already pent up and ready to explode from earlier today but I was not willing to cum before making Abbie cum one more time. So I grabbed her by the hips and picked up my speed. I could feel her insides tense up so I knew she was about to cum.

I took my cock out and let her jack it over her tits as I started to finger her pussy again. In mere moments she started to cum, squirting once again all over the place soaking up my sheets. She took my cock into her mouth and took it all the way into her throat. The sensation of which drew me over the edge and I came down her throat. I held her head in place until I was finished and let go. She squeezed my cock from the bottom and sucked up whatever remained in my cock. With that we fell into each other’s arms. I was so tired that I fell asleep after a while.

When I woke up I was on a cold steel floor. I jumped up and looked around to find myself in a jail of sorts. Where the fuck was I? There were women and men all around my cell watching me intently. From out of nowhere popped out Abbie.

“Hello Matty,” Abbie said, “Great night, last night. It is safe to say you rocked my world.”

“Where the fuck am I?” I snarled at her.

She giggled, turned around and left. I yelled for her asking her to come back but she walked away leaving me in the cell. We will get out, my inner voice spoke. Let me handle things. With that I closed my eyes and let go of control. The rest was a blur.


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