Lustful Inhibitions


It was a much anticipated night out for Hubby and I. We had dinner and drinks with friends at a local country club just a few short miles from home. All couples, we laughed and flirted over a steady flow of drinks throughout the evening. What a perfect little getaway! Needless to say, we were both anticipating the climax of the evening. Hubby was clearly turned on and a little aggressive about it. His touches grew rougher and a little more urgent throughout the night; I hadn’t seen liquor do that to him before.

There was no doubt what he wanted! He’d walk up behind me at the bar to join the conversation, then very nonchalantly grip my hips firmly and press his hard cock against my ass. WOW, that turned me on. But getting away with that made him a little more brazen. He’d step alongside me, leaving his right arm draped around me and his big hand on my ass cheek. Then he’d squeeze and raise my cheek, sending my skirt inching higher and higher up my thigh and my tiny panties deeper into the slit of my ass and moist pussy. I KNOW I jumped a little the first time, shuffling to lower my skirt. I almost moaned mid-sentence the next! But I clearly wasn’t hiding my arousal very well with my quivering voice and the lusty look in my eyes. Our friends picked up on it immediately … especially the guys, who all seemed to step in just a little closer to talk. I was getting VERY turned on so nobody was surprised when Hubby and I excused ourselves for the night before an orgy broke out at the bar.

After a furious ride home, we quickly fumbled our way into the house where Hubby led me by the arm right into the bedroom. He spun around, flung me hard into his arms and began kissing me deeply as we fumbled frantically to get one another undressed. I wanted to cum soooo bad!!!! He unzipped the back of my dress, flung the straps from my shoulders and sent it crashing to the floor. I fumbled with the buttons of his shirt when he sat down, roughly yanking my bra over my breasts, then pulling them hard into his mouth. Pinching and biting my thick nipples, Hubby squeezed my tits hard, yanking one into his mouth after the other. I LOVE rough play with my breasts and he knows it!

Finishing his buttons, I thought I knew what was coming next — but I was wrong. Hubby stood up, threw off his shirt and shoved me onto the bed on my back. But to my surprise, he quickly spun me around, dragging me to the edge of the bed — leaving my head hanging upside down off the edge. THAT’S when I understood what was about to happen! He quickly dropped his pants, exposing a VERY hard cock, and stepped intently toward my face. What a SEXUAL sight! But I didn’t have long to appreciate it. Hubby cradled the back of my head, lifting it just enough to slid his cock DEEP into my mouth in one firm stroke! I wrapped my lips around his cock and struggled to breathe as he fucked steadily into my mouth with long, increasingly-rapid strokes. His heavy balls pressed against my nose with a warm scent as he leaned forward, sliding the head of his hard, wet cock into my throat! I put a hand up to stop him but was quickly distracted by the güvenilir bahis presence of two thick fingers now inside my pussy. There was no introduction! Already wet, they just darted in and out of me FURIOUSLY — causing me to arch my back and moan whorishly around the head of the cock now another inch down my throat. I gasped and flailed from the burning sensation until he pulled his cock free from my mouth. But that didn’t slow him down! Hubby simply raised his sack to my mouth and continued pounding my pussy as fast as his arm would allow. He’d curl his fingers upward, opening and shutting my opening with increasingly wet sounds. Muffled screams of ecstasy filled the room as I erupted HARD over his invading fingers. The curled fingers against my g-spot; his palm slapping against my clit — they were too much to take as I just couldn’t STOP cumming. It was AMAZING!

No sooner than he removed his fingers, he spun me around, leaving my legs and ass dangling off the bed this time. He quickly scooped up my legs, raised and pressed them firmly against my shoulders. I was pinned — folded completely in half with my warm, wet pussy high in the air. I was helpless to resist when he knelt and drug his tongue firmly over my asshole, pussy and clit. I shuttered, still tingling from several hard orgasms. Hubby worked his mouth over my body like a starving man, slurping madly at my clit, dipping his tongue deep inside me only to trail downward and swirl his tongue around my ass. GOD, it was an amazing sensation, each a little different than the next and almost too much to bear! He dug his tongue DEEP inside, making me gasp and beg him, “UGH, PLEEEEASE fuck me! I want you inside me! Please, baby, FUCK me!!!”

Raising his mouth, he flipped back the bed sheets to uncover a collection of toys we keep tucked away for special occasions. There was my favorite orange vibrator with the big, wide head, our small silver bullet vibrator, — and MUCH to my surprise, a thick green rubber cock and a bottle of lube. I was a little scared but VERY ready! Hubby scooted me to the head of the bed, leaned over me and kissed me deeply, fondling my hips, stomach and breasts. It felt wonderful! Then he found my pussy again. I could feel my wetness oozing around his fingertips. I was VERY wet as the cold tip of our small vibrator touched my clit. The vibrations started slow as he worked it around my entire area — down and around my wet pussy lips and back up to my growing clit. He worked circles around it as I squirmed and gripped the sheets. Then in a stroke of pure evil, he dipped the small vibrator just a short distance inside me and turned up the vibrations! I shook and moaned loudly as I felt my opening gripping at the toy, almost like trying to pull it inside me. It felt SOOO good but he pulled it away just as I was about to cum. I moaned a sad “OHHhhhhh” and he chuckled sinisterly. I moaned more nicely when he put it back against my clit. But that sensation was accompanied by the cold rubber touch of a very thick, very wide green dildo. It looked as wide as FOUR of my fingers! Would it fit? Would it hurt? Would it türkçe bahis stretch me?

Nervous or not, I BADLY wanted to feel SOMETHING deep inside me! I could feel my wetness trickling from my pussy down over my anus and onto the sheets. No lube necessary, I felt the rounded tip of this green giant slip slowly into my wetness. Wider than Hubby, it actually felt VERY good sliding inside me with short slow strokes, going a little deeper each time. It slid effortlessly back and forth, even as my wet pussy gripped tightly around it. Watching this smooth translucent green cock in all its width — slide shiny and wet in and out of my body — was positively mesmerizing at this slow, steady pace. But much to my surprise, there was still length left even as it nested against my VERY sensitive cervix — where Hubby’s cock usually touches me. Swirling the base around in small, twisty circles, Hubby’s next thrust pressed firmly deeper, passing the depths I’d ever been fucked before. OOOHHHhhh! I moaned and fucked my hips back into him gently, feeling this thick cock spread parts of me I’ve never known!!! OH WOW! Only moving it slightly, it pressed beyond my cervix and into my depths. Then a little further, then further still in little strokes then sent me into uncontrollable fits!!! Pulling on Hubby’s arm, moaning mouth wide open, I almost sat straight up and could see that the THICKEST part of this fake cock had disappeared inside me. The mouth of my pussy was stretched WIDE around this green mass but I couldn’t even FEEL it! All I could do was cum and cum and CUM around what felt like an arm in my insides! It was SOOOOOO good.

I was amazed to see that more and more of this gigantic green cock had disappeared inside of me until it was gone! My senses hit overload when Hubby pressed the small, shiny vibrator tight against my clit again. WOW, what a sensation!!! My full pussy clamped even tighter around the large, invading cock as I erupted into another screaming orgasm, panting “please stop” as I couldn’t control my movements or breathing anymore. Content with my helplessness, Hubby moved the vibrator and slowly withdrew the giant green cock as I collapsed back on the bed, eyes rolled fully back into my head. Slipping out of me, the toy left me feeling open and vacant as it felt like oceans of hot fluid drained easily from my body!

But I wasn’t vacant for long! Hubby was CLEARLY, VERY turned on by all this.

In one smooth motion, his cock found my opening and thrust violently inside! “UGH!” filled the room as he fucked me RELENTLESSLY! Every long stroke left my pussy only to RAM back inside a split second later. The sounds of moaning and slapping skin echoed throughout the room as NOTHING feels better inside than his warm, hard cock! Overwhelmed with pleasure, I erupted again, sending waves of warm fluid cascading through my insides and over his invading cock. He moaned deeply and stopped thrusting, leaning his heavy body forward, tilting his cock far back into my insides. With slower thrusts now, he whispered panting into my ear, “I want inside that beautiful ass of yours.”

I hesitated güvenilir bahis siteleri a bit as I felt his cock slip from my wet pussy and drag down a bit, resting its thick head in the crack of my ass. A click of the lid from our favorite lubricant let me know that it was definitely going to happen tonight. I don’t usually get much pleasure from anal play but there was NO denying this man tonight!

The warm, wet head of his thick cock returned to my anus, the tip rubbing small circles around my opening. I lay motionless for the first time in what felt like hours! He’d press forward gently, then rock away only to return again gently — bumping against my opening in hopes of prying it open a little at a time. It felt alright until the burning sensation returned as he maneuvered his cock firmly forward and actually into my asshole. He moaned deeply, leaning backward to survey his work … balls hanging low as the length of his cock ultimately disappeared with the tip of his penis wrapped tightly in my ass. We were one as he resumed his small bumping motion, moreso shaking my ass than penetrating it. I was slowly getting used to the sensation when Hubby grabbed our orange vibrator with the thick bullet head. He turned it on and rested it against my clit, a pleasant alternative to my current predicament. He’ds move this large, curved vibrator up and down over my clit, occasionally dipping it inside my open pussy! WOW! That was AMAZING! What a FULL feeling again as the mouth of my pussy welcomed the vibrator — vibrating and quivering — with Hubby’s cock inside my ass.

The traveling vibrator caused me to squirm a little, unintentionally driving Hubby’s cock deeper into my ass a little more with each movement. We both moaned collectively as I fucked that orange vibrator, fucking Hubby’s cock with my ass. It was VERY good! Hubby would lean forward and in fluid stroking motion, stroke once in my ass, then SURPRISE me with a deep, HARD stroke in my pussy! Then he’d return to my ass! Before long, I was so aroused, wet and loose that he would fuck me freely — stroking easily into whatever hole he pointed his cock to! The vibrator still on my clit, Hubby pumped his cock into my ass more aggressively but I didn’t care. We were BOTH in ecstasy as our collective breathing grew faster.

Hubby slipped back into my pussy, pressed DEEPLY inside and erupted — filling me with his warm, wet cum!!! The warmth on my insides and the vibrator now CRUSHED against my clit sent me into another dizzying orgasm — that was quickly followed by another and another and ANOTHER as Hubby slumped over me and fucked FAST and FURIOUS with his numb, hard cock!!! He pounded and pumped to a roomful of wet, sloppy sounds as he brutalized my wet, cum-filled pussy! It was AMAZING as we ultimately crumbled into a sweaty, breathless lump, intertwined and kissing madly!

Hubby’s softened cock slipped out of my worn wet pussy, followed by a flood of our combined juices. I squirmed of cover it but Hubby rolled me on top of him and spread my ass cheeks, encouraging all of our warm juices to spill over his wet cock and balls. It was VERY erotic … and sort of nice not to scamper off to the bathroom so quickly. Exhausted, I collapsed onto him, juices still trickling slowly from my body. It was an amazing, AMAZING night that we’ll never forget.

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