Lydia Ch. 06


By Dan57 and Cih

Lydia’s breeding

Lydia had been royally fucked by Sir Nigam and she had lied to her mate, telling him that the Industrialist had been the perfect gentleman. She had been afraid Amit would have found her out but discovered that men are always gullible when pretty women shamelessly lie to them. She had pretended she was too tired by her walk to Sir Nigam’s headquarters while in truth, she had massaged her clit and drilled two or three fingers in her pussy and her ass until she had cummed wildly. She had used a scarf to muffle her screams as Amit was working in the tiny garden next to their home. She had a few erotic dreams that night but the man in her dreams looked really like Sir Nigam!

Lydia felt even guiltier about it and, on the next days, she took great care to offer Amit a cosy life, preparing the food he had told her he preferred and wearing the new saree that Sir Nigam had offered her that emphasized her figure. She also mended discreetly the choli the industrialist had torn from her shoulders. Her glamorous ward robe was slowly growing! Fortunately Sir Nigam was rather busy with his company and his wife : he had little time and no official reason to summon Lydia to his offices!

Lydia had gone to a shop to buy a new work saree : her previous one was worn out. She had encountered suddenly sir Nigam who was accompanied by a woman who just then left him for some errand. Sir Nigam had told Lydia it was his wife Bappa… Learning that Sir Nigam had a wife had been a shock for Lydia who had thought him single. She had told him that they would never meet again for sex! He had laughed at her modesty :

– Don’t kid about it : Bappa is unfortunately barren. We have made plenty of medical tests and they all concur! I thought I would ask for divorce but under the Indian law, I should return her dowry but I have invested it in my company and she would have a 30% interest in it! So I forgot my ideas of divorce and remarrying a fertile girl! Perhaps I could offer Amit a fair sum of money for him to accept you to become a surrogate mother!

– I don’t think he would accept : he intends to breed me himself in the next days and he will survey me at any time during my fertile time! My apologies, Master!

– OK bur I can still wait!

– Choose another girl, Master : Amit wants to form a full platoon with our children!

– Usually men are quite attentive for their first born if it’s a male and gradually tire of continuous attention!

– Then you might pray for his attention to decline before your lust for me!

– Then it’s not a definitive NO!

– How could I say No? I am just a lowly Dalit girl! I must obey my mate and submit to my betters! If Amit tells me to open my legs for you to breed me, I will immediately! If he tells me to stay chaste, I will also! Just as simple as that! It has been so for centuries and I don’t see any sound reason to change!

– A highly commendable position, indeed! That means I cannot hire you again to serve at my parties!

– You have misunderstood me : Amit will survey me at any time during my fertile time and he would certainly forbid me to enter your offices but as soon as I had been bred, this ban has no real motivation left. If you still want me, knowing I will be carrying Amit’s baby, it will be your choice!

– Good! Now I can’t wait for him to inseminate you! I am planning to invite a few friends for the cricket championship and you would be the perfect entertainment possible! What will be your fee?

Suddenly, the discussion had changed : from prospective projects, Sir Nigam seemed ready to haggle but Lydia wasn’t a seasoned whore. She cut him short :

– You perfectly know that I am basically a submissive! I would do it for free, but I wouldn’t come again then! If you want me to accept another date later, you may have better be generous! I will start to save money to pay for my children’s studies!

– Submissive but solid, aren’t you, Lydia?

– I told you I had had a good education!

– Then we may meet again soon!

Sir Nigam had left without arguing but he was smiling. Lydia had noticed the commanding tone his wife had used during their short discussion. It was totally different from the tone she used with Amit! It was no surprise that men seemed really attracted by her! Amit had been a bachelor with no feminine presence for years and Mr Nigam had at home some sort of an aggressive harridan!

Lydia was counting now the hours that separated her from the moment Amit would make her totally his. They weren’t married as marriages in India are huge ceremonies with a complex ritual during two or three days with plenty of invited people. She had found a discarded newspaper with a report on the marriage of the heir of a very influent family and the daughter of an industrialist. They had rent a big castle in France for their 3000 guests ; they had had feasts, dances and lush gardens for so many people. The bride had been superb in her western style wedding dress and the long veil on her head. They had even found an elephant to transport bahis firmaları the bride and the bridegroom to the palace! Lydia would never have the money for such a magnificent reception, but she just could dream about it!

Amit told her that they had an unexpected visitor : Sujeet would come this evening! Lydia was annoyed : Sujeet had fucked her pussy and then tit fucked her. She had fully cooperated with him : it was her basic duty as she was an avowed submissive, wasn’t she? So it had not been a true rape but she had felt like it : Sujeet had been ploughing the personal garden of his father, an awful crime in her eyes! He had felt absolutely no remorse afterward, so she was pretty sure that during his visit, he would find some way to wander under her saree. She could have stopped everything by just confessing to her mate but would he just believe her? She finally decided not to tell anything and just let things happen. She couldn’t take any directive role in her life : her ingrained character pushed her to submit without questions to the most strong willed man in her vicinity : Amit, Vikash, Sulay, Sujeet, Sir Nigam! The list was already long! She was just afraid it would continue to grow during the next months and her pregnancy may just attract more attention on her!

Lydia busied herself preparing an inexpensive but highly elaborated dinner : she had tested plenty of Indian dishes she had found the recipes on the Net, back there in Canada and she had learned the recipes by heart. Amit had been entranced by her culinary recipes with very limited additions of some cheap ingredients.

Lydia took a rapid bath in the river in her now customary way of getting clean. Some of her neighbours kept an eye on that place since they have discovered Lydia in her saree, emerging from the river, the cotton of her saree tightly draped around the curves of her body, leaving nothing to imagination! She then hastily returned home, her eyes shyly downcast. She took care not to meet anyone’s eyes, lest he could see the triumphant sparkle in her eyes : Lydia loved to we watched by other men but she couldn’t get bold enough to admit it : a woman openly showing off to attract the eyes of strangers was definitely a whore in her eyes and she was a shy and proper Indian girl, wasn’t she?

She put on the dark blue saree sir Nigam had offered her and the choli she had mended : Sujeet was rather rich compared to her and she wanted to receive him in style but she kept her newest saree, the latest gift from Sir Nigam in a closet, wearing it just for feasts in presence of Amit!

– Lydia, your outfit is magnificent! Have you found some rich lover who has offered you such a number?

Sujeet wasn’t that far from the truth and she changed the subject of discussion as soon as possible. It would not be wise to have Amit just think she could have a lover! The dinner was perfect but Sujeet pretended he was cold with the declining sun. Amit offered him his only sherwani (long gown worn like a coat) but Sujeet wanted just a shawl. Amit turned toward Lydia and told her there was a shop still open this late less than a mile from there. He would get there and return in half an hour. With all the money Lydia had earned from Sir Nigam, they could afford the expense! Lydia couldn’t accept it so easily as that would entail she would be alone with Sujeet for a rather long time. She offered to walk to the shop herself but Amit cut her short :

– I don’t want you to walk alone by night in the streets : you might be attacked by marauders or catch a cold. Remember we have a very important appointment in two days!

Lydia nodded, defeated : she couldn’t insist! Amit left soon after telling his son he had some urgent thing to be done. He probably was still in view of the house when Sujeet walked to Lydia and took her in his arms. She opposed no resistance when he circled her belly with his arms and lightly caressed her bare tummy under her saree :

– I am pretty sure you know I really didn’t need the shawl! I just wanted to stay alone with a pretty girl like you who is, unbeknownst from her hubby, a very hot chick! Give me your mouth, slut!

Such a direct order was just what Lydia’s mind was ready to accept. She offered him her lips, already parted in a beaming smile! He invaded her mouth savagely and pushed a victorious tongue deep there.

– Let me remove your saree : we have little time before Amit’s return! I have dreamed of shagging you in my father’s bed!

– No! Sorry, Sujeet! I can’t accept it : I am about to ovulate and Amit wants to breed me! I don’t want any risk of someone else impregnating me! You know that I am a submissive but I am under strict orders I won’t disregard!

– OK! I’ll respect your vows but at least you can suck me off and I want you to promise that on the first occasion where Amit will leave for a whole day, I’ll have you naked in my arms to do with you just as I want!

– That’s a deal!

Lydia removed her saree and folded it perfectly. She then removed her choli and her petticoat but when she was about to kneel at Sujeet’s kaçak iddaa feet, he stopped her in her tracks!

– I agreed not to fuck you as you want to be knocked up by my father but don’t pull my leg : You are going to suck me off but you are going to do it stark naked so that I can enjoy watching the girl I will fuck soon! Be sure you’ll be fucked hard in all possible ways for a man to use a girl!

– I promise I will be totally pliant and obedient, Master!

– Good, pretty cunt! Now strip down naked and start giving me the blowjob I requested from you. If I am not satisfied, I will fuck your pussy and stay deep in your cunt until my father can see you impaled on my cock. Perhaps, I will get lucky and some of my sperm can hit home on the day after tomorrow!

– Oh no, Master : I will do my best to please you!

– I don’t want you to please me but to pleasure me! You’re just some sort of a sex toy for me!

Lydia undid Sujeet’s shuridars and pulled down his briefs. His massive cock sprung out, already as stiff as a steel rod just a few inches from her gaping mouth. That was another difference with Amit and Sir Nigam : their cocks swelled gradually when she had them in her hands but Sujeet became aroused even before she had touched him. She felt proud to be able to have such an immediate effect on a man! She was still amazed at the unbelievable size of Indian men’s penises. Her experience was sparse so far but it was well above the average size of her previous lovers, both in length and girth. It was perhaps a side effect of the food and the lack of exercise!

Lydia would never have thought she would be able to accommodate such huge cocks as Amit, Sir Nigam or Vikash sported, that they would fit inside her tight pussy but she had finally received them with no extreme pain, just a little discomfort during their first couplings, soon replaced by extreme pleasure. Now Amit had no more difficulties entering her cervix and that was the moment she considered that their coupling was complete : before, it was just preliminaries for her! Then he could start really fucking her, the moment she craved for. She wasn’t some feminist who preferred long caresses : she enjoyed penetrations, as deep as possible, stretching out of her holes the wider the better and end up completely ravaged and exhausted. She left gentle fucking for teenagers or prissy women! It was probably a side effect of her masochist tendencies!

Sujeet just sat down and parted his legs : he had now just to watch Lydia proceed and he knew by experience that she was an expert in such games! She crept on her knees at his feet, trying to obtain the best possible position : it depended on the shape of the armchair and whether the man was seated on the edge of the armchair or sprawled in the back… The girl had to take everything in account to give her man the most delicious blowjob she could! Without adding a word, Lydia took his cock in her hand and bent down, softly running her tongue around his pole from the base to the top. She then centred her action on his cock head. She licked it first, and then she made her lips in a perfect O to let him enter her mouth. Sujeet sighed in rapture when her lips sucked the whole length of his manhood…

– You are a fantastic cock sucker, slut! I have never met any girl who has given me half as much pleasure! You should make it a trade!

Lydia smiled in response with his cock deep in her throat. She disliked being called a whore; a slut and other dirty names but, in the mouth of Sujeet, it was a compliment : she had understood that for him, women were uninteresting and rather dull faithful wives or just sluts. He grabbed her hair in his hands to steer her to his pleasure, using the hair strands as a leash. Even if she wanted, she wouldn’t be able to break free unless she was ready to lose a large part of her mane!

She resumed sucking his cock, desperately trying to please him. He held her head tightly as it bobbed up and down on his shaft. She clamped her lips around his massive tool. He just sat there moaning as she used all her skills to give him pleasure with her mouth, hands and tongue. She felt a pure slave, totally dedicated to the pleasure of her master and she was swooning with lust! Such a treatment had turned her on and she would have been ready to pull a train! Sujeet continued his idea :

– I could arrange a nice gang bang for you! What would you think of servicing fifty Dalits some day as a starter or walking the streets around the central station in Kolkota (Calcutta)?

Lydia spit his cock from her mouth :

– Are you mad, Sujeet? I am your step mother, the wife of your father! I won’t become a whore and you my pimp!

– You’re not married to my father : he only married my mother! And he wants to get rid of her in his memory and life! I hate him for this treason!

– Your mother died twenty years ago or so! Isn’t it time for Amit to start a new life?

– No! Never! He should never remarry and living with another woman out of marriage is even worse!

Sujeet pushed her away and she fell on kaçak bahis her back on a table near the oven. In no time, he had lifted her feet in the air and he shoved his cock into her ass hole He had to hold her feet high to gain access to her butt but he seemed not to have any difficulty. Lydia soon screamed in pain :

– No! It hurts! You haven’t greased your cock!

– A slut like you isn’t worth taking any care for her comfort! I won’t ever grease my cock any more when I decide to bugger you! It will just help you become more submissive! Now you may scream as loud as you can! Amit won’t be back before a quarter of an hour!

Sujeet just pushed his cock deeper in Lydia’s bowels. She felt as if a white hot rod was pushed inside her ass. She was squirming wildly, trying desperately to break free from the terrible impalement. She was screaming and weeping but Sujeet just pushed forward with no need for her sobs. When the cock head got through her anal sphincter, he sighed in satisfaction and paused for a short time, more for him to gather more strength than for Lydia to adjust to the searing girth of her tormentor! Sujeet pulled back completely : he had enjoyed the penetration and was looking forward for a second experience: Lydia braced for another ordeal but Sujeet was disappointed : his cock slid into the passage with nearly no pain. Lydia just sighed in discomfort as his crotch collided against her buttocks : he was impaled to the hilt into her bottom!

Sujeet hid his disappointment by fucking Lydia as hard as he could. Her submissive side had taken over and she was starting to enjoy the moment. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter every second… He pulled out of her ass and plunged back into her with renewed energy.

Gradually, he worked it faster and faster into her ass.

– Your ass is still so tight, Lydia! I would love if Amit could watch you sliding your tight pussy around my big pole

Her ass was now fully stretched out and the pain had fully disappeared. He could now sink into her completely freely. Nonetheless each time her ass collided with his groin, she gasped thinking he was about to split her in half but a second later, she always moaned in ecstasy : it felt just so good to feel filled up to capacity! Any woman should discover that feeling at least once in her life! Just she would surely try to retrieve the same feelings with the same man, to no avail, then with more and more richly endowed partners! That was the basis of the trade for a pimp like him : fuck a pretty girl and kindle the fire in her belly until she is as hot as embers! Then you can pass her from hands to hands and harvest the cash!

Sujeet then would lose sooner or later any interest for the girl and would just sell her out… A much cuckolded husband had recently given Sujeet two million dollars for his abducted wife. He was probably looking for some ghastly revenge but Sujeet had delivered the girl to her husband without a qualm! It was no more his problem! Other girls without wealthy connections were also often sold to brothels or Arabian harems not to be seen ever again! Girls were an easily replaceable commodity for Sujeet! Pretty, innocent looking girls like Lydia fetched the best prices!

Sujeet bent further down to suck on Lydia’s nipples and occasionally kissed her luscious mouth as he slid in and out of her ass. Each time, he impaled her fully, she moaned as a wave of pleasure rocked her body. After a few minutes, he placed his thumb on her clit to increase the stimulation… Lydia had a mind boggling climax while dancing around his cock. She was afraid Amit could hear her and she covered her mouth with her hand when the strongest orgasm hit her… She needed a couple of minutes to catch back her breath before she retrieved the urge for other pleasures. This time, Sujeet stayed absolutely still, letting Lydia do all the work! She rode Sujeet up and down with fast and urgent strokes for all he was worth. She pressed him with her pussy muscles. Sujeet seemed to really enjoy her nut cracker pussy…

He soon groaned he was about to cum, telling her to brace herself for a major storm! She increased the gyration of her hips and the humping of her buttocks to give him as much pleasure as she could. She considered it as her girly duty!

– Ready to receive my cum shower, Lydia? You’ll feel it’s so much better than anything my undeserving father can do! Fuck! Here it comes, slut! I would have preferred cumming deep up your tight Dalit girl’s pussy and impregnate your eggs!

Sujeet grabbed Lydia’s waist hard while he emptied himself in her ass. She could feel his last thrusts into her? His cock throbbed repeatedly as he erupted load after load of his hot seed deep up inside of her. He finally sighed deeply as he shot the last jets into her ass. When he had finished, Lydia was afraid Amit could arrive any time. She slowly lifted her hips to slide him out of her ass. She grabbed a napkin and hastily wiped out the cum oozing from her well used ass hole. She pushed it with a finger into her back passage to secure it there! She had certainly not time to take a dip in the river! She was finishing rearranging her saree on her body when she heard Amit opening the door… Sujeet looked quite calm : Amit would have no reasons to get suspicious!

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