Madrid Ch. 01


I walked into the bar just before ten, feeling rather nervous. The other guys had told me that it was “one of those places”. Part of my nervousness came from fear of making a fool of myself; if it wasn’t what I thought it was, what would happen if I propositioned a girl who was just in there for a drink?

The bar was expensively furnished and well lit, not at all what I was expecting, and the three barmen were in DJ’s; that was a good start. After a quick look around, I decided on a stool at the corner of the bar that would give me best view of the rest of the place. There was a couple sitting in the corner and two men alone at the bar.

Then I saw her, sitting by herself at a small low table in the opposite corner. She was wearing a lightweight polo necked sweater in a milky jade colour with a matching long skirt. On the table in front of her was only one tall glass filled with ice and an amber coloured liquid. Was she on her own? I hoped so.

I ordered a beer, thinking that this would be cheaper than one of the many spirits on display behind the bar. I studied the couple; they were both black and obviously interested in one another from the way in which they spoke quietly with their heads close together. The only thing that gave me hope that this may be the right sort of place was the fact that whereas the man was middle-aged, the girl was in her early twenties and very well dressed in a style that showed her body of to its best.

My gaze drifted back to the girl, still apparently on her own. She wasn’t dressed for the part at all, but she did appear to have a good figure, attractive face and long, clean hair. She looked straight at me and smiled for a second, not with her mouth, as she was in the process of lighting a cigarette, but with her eyes, and then looked away.

Over the next few minutes a few more men came in, and more girls from a door at the back that I hadn’t noticed before. Some of the girls went to sit at the tables, but a couple of them went straight up to two of the men who had just come in together. They all went to a table laughing and joking and were served by one of the barmen. Each time I looked at the girl, she seemed to be looking at me in an interesting way, but not staring, almost as if our eyes were being drawn together. I started to relax as each glance lasted longer and her small mouth started to curl in a smile. I smiled back.

Eventually, she got up and started to walk slowly towards me, smiling more as she got closer. I was right about her figure, small but proud tits, a lean body that swayed as she walked and legs that seemed to move in a most suggestive way. As she got closer, I saw that she was younger than I’d at first thought, only eighteen or nineteen. I got off the stool and judged her to be a couple of inches shorter than me in her two inch heels.

I was surprised when she greeted me like an old friend, kissing me on both cheeks and saying buenos nochas. She smelled good in a clean sort of way, just a hint of perfume. I hoped that she spoke English, for although I could understand quite a bit, I felt that my Spanish wasn’t yet good enough for chatting up girls. She said that she didn’t speak English well, so I stumbled along for a while and then got out my cheat-sheet on which I’d written some words and phrases that I hoped would be appropriate.

I asked if she’d like a drink and she signalled to the barman as she took me by the hand back to her table. By the time I’d told her my name, two glasses of whisky and ice had arrived. She told me that, because her mother had liked the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, her name was Esmeralda.

We had a couple of cigarettes while I told her what I was doing in Madrid, and how long I expected to be there. We’d only just finished our drinks when she signalled to one of the barmen and more quickly arrived. She asked where I was living, and I said that I had an apartment only a few minutes walk away. She smiled again, squeezed my thigh and asked if she could go back with me. Now came the crunch. I’d heard that these places were ridiculously expensive, and I nervously asked her price. Only fifteen thousand pesetas for up to two hours she replied.

I quickly worked out that this was about eighty pounds. What a relief, I’d decided that a hundred pounds would be my limit for a couple of hours of bliss! I really wanted this girl now and she new it, her fingers had moved up my leg and then stopped as she felt the tip of my hardening prick press into the side of her hand. I said OK, and she went to the bar to get the bill. I couldn’t believe it, almost thirty pounds for my beer and our two whiskies each. But she said with a pout that this also included service, plus the one that she had been drinking when I came in.

I paid up and, as we walked out, she asked me for another two hundred pesetas to give to the girl who looked after the coats who was now looking at me and jabbering away with Esmeralda in very quick Spanish.

It bahis firmaları was windy outside so we buttoned up, pulled our collars high and walked with our arms around each other in the same way as a few others who had braved this cold Friday evening. Despite the cold, my prick stayed fairly hard. This was probably because of the way she was pulling me against her with her arm low around my waist, much lower and she’d have a handful of cheek!

As we approached my apartment block, I suddenly thought about the guards. Would they create a scene as we walked in? I was now pleased that I hadn’t picked up a girl who looked like a tart. Esmeralda looked quite respectable, apart from those knowing eyes, so I was confident that I could bluff my way in if the need arose. I needn’t have bothered though, we went up the steps and through the doors holding hands and simply ignored the guards.

As soon as the lift doors closed she wrapped herself round me and kissed me. This was nothing like the chaste peck on the cheek that she’d given me in the bar; her tongue rolled around mine and explored my lips, mouth and throat! I pulled her against me and, despite our thick coats, it seemed as though I could feel the heat of her body pressing back against me.

All too soon the lift stopped, the doors opened and we went towards my apartment. My hand was shaking so much, I had difficulty in getting the key in the lock, probably because she was rubbing her hand from the small of my back down to my backside and my free hand was cupping one of her bum cheeks.

When we had gone in and locked the door behind us, I took the coats and hung them in the closet. She walked into the main room and whistled at the size and luxury of it, then draped herself on the settee and curled her legs underneath her, with her long skirt demurely arranged so that I couldn’t see them. I’d left on a side light when I’d gone out earlier and in its soft glow she looked both wicked and virginal at the same time.

I asked what she’d like a drink and she asked for a whisky with lots of ice. I poured two large Glen Morangie’s and went into the kitchen. While I was struggling to get some ice cubes out of the tray, I heard Tina Turner start singing. Esmeralda had found my new ghetto blaster next to the settee and put on the Foreign Affair CD.

I sat down close to her and gave her the drink. She looked into my eyes and said gracias very slowly, accentuating the soft way that some Spanish used the “th” sound by putting her tongue between her teeth. I said de nada and took a large gulp of whisky. Esmeralda took a small sip of her drink, laid her hand on my thigh and leaned closer. I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

I didn’t want to go too fast, I wanted to savour every moment of this new experience. It was weeks since I’d left my wife and kids back in England and, despite regular wanking, felt that my full balls and hard prick would explode at any minute. Her fingers were gently tapping to the rhythm of Tina Turner and I felt her head move as she sipped more of her drink and looked round the room.

Is that your wife and family she said, pointing to a framed photograph on top of the television? Oh shit I thought, I’d forgotten to put it out of site. She got up to get a closer look. They are all very beautiful she said, you must miss them a lot. I said yes, and that it was very lonely when you were alone in a strange country. Ah, but you’ve got me now she said as she swayed back towards me, smiling.

She stood in front of me, put her hand at the back of my head and pulled my face into her stomach. I just managed to put down my drink without spilling it, then put my arms around her hips and smelled her. I felt so light-headed, it was as if her perfume was having a narcotic effect on me. I rubbed my face in her lower belly, feeling the silkiness of her underclothes rubbing together. As she pushed forward, my face pressed into her hard belly and I felt her pubis against my chin.

My hands were cupping her firm cheeks and I slipped them down under her skirt and back up again. I squeezed gently and she moaned and rolled slightly from side to side, pulling my face even harder against her firm muscles. My hands roamed all over her backside and slipped into the heat between her legs.

She shuffled her legs a little further apart to give me more room to rub at her core and lifted my head so that I could feel her small tits rubbing against my face. I eventually stood up and we kissed; her tongue feeling cold and tasting of whisky. My prick felt like an iron rod pressing against her, yet it seemed to swell even more as she held me tightly and pushed back against me.

I forced my lips away from hers and opened my eyes to look at her face. She was flushed and breathing hard through slightly parted lips, wet from where my tongue had rubbed against them. She opened her eyes, looked at me and said quel hombre. I knew that if I wanted, I could kaçak iddaa have stripped her and had her there and then in the lounge. But I wanted more, so I asked if she’d like to take a bath with me. Her eyes widened momentarily then creased with mischief as her mouth smiled her assent to this delicious thought.

I picked up both our drinks, carried them through into the bathroom and put them down on the end of the large oval bath. She followed me in and watched as I turned on the taps and started to get undressed. An amused smile crossed her face as she saw that my prick had almost burst out of my underpants, with a damp patch of pre-come at the peak. This changed to a mixture of wonder and anticipation as I slipped them off. Looking down to the centre of her attention, it seemed as if my prick had never looked so big.

I sat on the edge of the bath, poured in a generous amount of Badedas, then looked at her and raised one eyebrow in question. She crossed her arms, got hold of the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head in one quick movement. She shook her hair back into shape as she threw the sweater onto the chair behind her, on top of my clothes. She stood proud and erect, then put both arms behind her back to release her breasts from the small black lace bra that was holding them. Her skin was that natural Mediterranean olive colour that doesn’t need the sun to look tanned, and her tits were just as I’d imagined them from the first, small and proud with brown erect nipples.

Then she slipped her thumbs into her elasticated waistband and seemed to be offering me her tits as she bent towards me, pushing her skirt and slip down her long legs. She quickly turned round and made a great show of folding it neatly on the chair, bending straight from the waist down. What a sight she made. Her legs and backside were clad in sheer black dancer’s tights with no panties underneath. As she bent forwards, her shoes made her legs look even longer than they could possibly be, and the black of her tights darkened teasingly in the split between the cheeks of her buttocks.

In one movement, she pulled the tights over her hips, turned and sat on the chair to remove her shoes, then slid the tights down her legs and off her feet. She smiled again and asked if I had a hair dryer. When I said no, she raised her hands into her hair and, in no time at all, gathered her locks onto the top of her head and tied them with a large bow made from her tights.

Now at last she stood up and I could see her properly. She was even more gorgeous than I’d imagined, perfectly proportioned and justifiably proud of her body. She pulled me up from where I was sitting, gave me a quick kiss, stepped into the bath that was almost overflowing with bubbles, and sat down. I got in behind her, carefully slipping my legs each side of her and lay back.

She lay back against me and giggled as she felt my prick pressing into her back. I kissed the top of her head and filled my hand with the slippery foam. She gave a gentle sigh as I stroked her tits, squeezing her nipples and making them even harder. I leant forward and stroked lower, circling her little bump of a belly button, with my fingertips just brushing the top of her neatly trimmed pubes at the bottom of her firm belly.

She opened her legs a little and raised her hips just out of the water in invitation. My fingers slipped lower. She gasped as my middle finger parted her lips, slipped inside then came out and up to gently stroke her clitoris. The mousse hadn’t been necessary, she was already slick enough. She began to pant and reached back with one arm to pull my mouth round to hers. Her tongue moved in and out between my lips in unison with my hands as they stroked her tits and cunt. I moved more quickly as she panted faster and began to whimper and jerk her hips. Her breaths became shorter and my fingers moved faster as she approached her climax. When she came, she breathed in and went rigid, every muscle of her body taught to breaking point.

When she relaxed, she rolled over, put both arms around my neck and said quel orgasmo. As she kissed me, she rubbed her nipples against my chest and ground her pubic bone into my belly. Her tongue and mouth danced over my face and neck, and as my prick seemed to grow even larger between her thighs I thought I would burst. I gently pushed her away from me and we both stood up.

She started to soap my back by pressing against me and reaching round with her arms. She gave my buttocks a squeeze, then started on the front. After she’d finished my chest, one hand started on my belly, and the other went lower, by-passing my prick and coming up under my balls. She seemed to weigh them in her hand and gently pushed them forwards and upwards. Her other hand by now had reached my prick and was encircling it, rubbing gently backwards and forwards. Looking down, it seemed as if it had never looked so large and powerful, her hand was tiny in comparison to it.

She knelt kaçak bahis and rubbed her pouting lips over to knob and round the sides. I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer, and although I tried to concentrate on other things, anything except the wonderful sensation she was creating, I failed and came. She felt the first shot of my come on her neck and pointed my prick down so that the second and third spurts landed on her tits as she milked my prick and squeezed my balls. She then rinsed herself down, got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around herself.

I assumed that it would be all over now, but she walked out of the bathroom still wrapped in the towel. By the time I’d dried, put on my dressing gown and returned to the lounge with the drinks, she’d undone her hair, lit two cigarettes and was sitting on the sofa. Tina Turner was just ending and, as Esmeralda went over to switch on the television, I wished there was more light as she bent over. She came back and sat down on the sofa. I was nervous again, and immediately got up to get some more drinks from the kitchen. By the time I got back, Esmeralda had found the tv handset and was flicking through the channels.

She said bella, and I assumed it was for the drinks until I realised that she was looking at the screen and not me. It was RTL and, being late Friday night, she was studying Tuti Fruiti with interest. She leaned back against me and sipped her drink. When the programme had finished, she laughed as she stood up and wiggled in a mock striptease, then laughed even more as the towel fell off. As I got up and went towards her, she assumed the typical maiden’s pose, with one arm across her breasts, the other covering her pubis, and a look of mock horror on her face.

She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I turned on the bedside lamp and pulled the top covers back from the king sized bed while she went out again for a minute. I was leaning back on the pillows, prick at half mast, when she came back and put her handbag down on the bedside table. I went to the bathroom when I finally managed to understand that she was asking if I had any talc, and when I came back, she was lying on her belly with her arms outstretched and her legs apart.

I knelt between her legs and sprinkled talc all over her back, legs and bottom. Then I massaged her, starting with her neck and shoulders, then working down to her lower back. I kneaded her left rear cheek, then down the leg to her calf and then foot. Turning, I began with the other foot and worked upwards. As I got closer to the centre of my attention, I pushed her legs a little wider apart and sprinkled more talc on her little puckered arse and hair covered lips. As I gently stroked her between the legs, she lifted her rear a little off the bed and opened up even more. She was soaking, and I slipped two fingers in to her tight pussy with ease. My thumb was just pressing at the entrance of her arse when she came again, pushing back against my hand and bouncing her hips up and down.

I turned her over and, kneeling between her legs sprinkled even more talc on her front than I had on her back. I massaged her face, pressing my thumbs into her temples in a circular motion then moved to her eyes, cheek bones, nose, lips and jaw. I used my fingers on her neck under her ears and moved to her shoulders and tits. I spend a long time on those, gently pulling and squeezing them, then pinching her nipples a little harder. Esmeralda opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled like a cat that had found the cream before closing them again. I pressed deep into her relaxed belly and then went down one thigh to her foot and back up the other. Her cunt was so hot, I could feel the radiation from it on my knees and I could smell that wonderful odour of a woman in heat. This time Esmeralda came more quietly as I stroked her clitoris and played with her tits, then she pulled me down on top of her and hugged me tightly as she showered my face with kisses.

A little while later, she rolled out from underneath me and made me lie on my front, which was difficult with a hard prick that didn’t want to go to the side. Getting between my legs, I felt the talc cold against my skin as she sprinkled it over me. Her massage was hard. She dug her fingers into every muscle, between every bone and over every square millimetre of skin, and I thought she was going to break my back as she lifted each of my legs and pushed my feet towards the back of my head.

But then she was gentle as she leaned over me to rub the tips of her hard nipples all over the skin she had just been trying to stretch to breaking point. My balls were full again by the time she started on them, gently squeezing them while she gently rubbed the talc all around the rim of my arse. If I hadn’t come earlier, I would have had a very messy bed to sleep in that night.

When she’d talc’d my front, the hard stuff started again, this time she pulled each of my fingers until they cracked, and I hadn’t known that toes cracked in the same way! But when Esmeralda lay over me to repeat the previous action with her nipples, she came up so that they rubbed all over my face and clasped my prick between her thighs.

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