He looked at his watch. She was forty-five minutes late, at least. He checked his backpack. The wine, candles, the food were all there. What did he forget? There must be something…the blanket!

He ran into the bedroom, grabbed a big red mink blanket out of the closet and sprinting out of the room, ran right into her, almost bowling her over. He caught her around the waist, kissed her cheek, and held her close for a moment.

“Are you ready?”

“I am! I just realized I forgot the blanket and grabbed it. Why are you late?”

She kissed his cheek. “I got lost coming here. So where are we going?”

He smirked. “Hmmmm…I’m not telling you yet, you brat.”

She giggled. “Pleeeaase!”

“Nope…not yet.” He chuckled.

She knew that there was a picnic in her near future, but she wasn’t positive where. He had asked her to trust him; that this would be an afternoon they wouldn’t easily forget. She already trusted him.

He took her hand and had her prop his backpack up on his shoulder. “Take the blanket.” She nodded. He pulled her out the front door and locked it with his key.

They slid into his jeep, throwing the blanket and the backpack into the back seat. She felt her tension from a hard week of work melt out of her as he drove out of the city and into the mountains. He put a CD in, and she smiled at the opening notes to Staid’s “It’s Been Awhile.”

The smooth motion of the jeep twisting through the foothills quickly put her to sleep, and she knew nothing until the jeep stopped. He hopped out of the jeep and swung a gate open, jumping back in, driving through and jumping out again, closed the gate.

Now bumping through a well packed dirt road, she paid close attention to the scenery. Trees surrounded the jeep on every side. Fresh air assaulted her senses and she could hear rushing water on her left.

The road ended in a densely wooded glade, and he squeezed her knee. “We’re on foot from here.”

She hopped out of the vehicle, stretching, feeling more tension melt from her body. He grabbed the back pack and handed her the blanket.

They hiked through a mile of trees, no path easing their way. She couldn’t figure out how he knew where to go, but he looked like he knew what he was doing, so she followed unquestioningly. bahis firmaları The trees opened to a meadow, and a spring bubbled into a wide pond. “Are we there yet?” she teased. At his nod, she smiled, turning around and inspected her surroundings. “How did you ever find this place?”


The air was cool on her skin and the spring looked divine. “Shall we swim?” she asked. He smiled and nodded once again. She bit her lip and checked to make sure he was watching her.

She pulled the tail of her shirt from her shorts, and started unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. One button, two, three…checking to see if he was still watching (he was!) four buttons, five, six. The shirt opened, revealing soft, full breasts encased in silky white satin. His gaze wasn’t going anywhere.

Leaving her shirt around her shoulders, she unbuckled her belt and her khaki shorts, which when released, fell to her ankles. White panties, matching the bra, covered her.

She turned away from him and bent over, showing her satin covered ass to him, and kicked off her shorts, unlacing her boots, taking plenty of time so he could enjoy the view. He noticed that her panties tied on the sides, keeping that information handy for an appropriate time to take advantage of that fact.

So caught up in her show, he stood, fully clothed, with the backpack on his arm. He heard a splash and realized he had missed her entry into the slowly rippling pond.

Quickly undressing, he jumped into the pond, relishing the cool water as it swept over him. She floated on her back on the other end of the pond, staring at a deeply blue sky. He entered stealth mode, and taking a deep breath, swam underwater to her.

The strings from the panties dangled in the water. Taking a string in each hand, he untied the left side without coming up for air or touching her. Deftly swimming to her right side, he untied those strings as well.

Given the necessity of oxygen, he wisely decided to surface for air between her spread floating legs. Slightly less wisely, he grabbed her across the waist, pulling her from her reverie. She screamed, surprised, then dunked him under the water and swam to the side of the pond she jumped into, her untied panties floating to the surface of the water.

“This kaçak iddaa is war!”

“I surrender!”

“You’re no fun!”

“Wanna bet?”

He swam to her side of the pond and held his hands up as he entered shallower water. “I’m not going to surprise you again.”

She considered the veracity of his statement and decided to go with it. “Fine.”

He pulled her shoulders towards him, laced his fingers through her long wet hair, and lightly touched her mouth with his own. The white bra, transparent, conformed exactly to her breasts. The cool water had worked its usual magic, and her hard nipples jutted through the thin, diaphanous material.

Gently outlining the inner edge of her lips with his tongue, he slid his hands from her hair and reached between her breasts, unclasping the now pointless garment. Drawing the material away and off her shoulders, he stepped back and looked at her.

Embarrassed by the scrutiny, she blushed, a pink flush creeping over her high cheekbones. “Do you like what you see?” He stepped forward, feeling naked skin touch naked skin, and kissed her once more.

In spite of the cool water, his cock reacted to smooth skin against his body, filling with hot blood. He moved his lips to the soft, smooth skin behind her ear, lightly sucking, lightly nibbling on her earlobe, and then lightly brushing his lips down her jaw-line.

Content to enjoy the play of his lips on her, she closed her eyes, trusting the buoyant water and him to support her. The sun warmed her eyelids, and his fingers moved carefully down her back, giving her goose bumps. Never one to care for dichotomies, she enjoyed the moment.

He skimmed down her neck, between her firm breasts. He dipped underwater and slid his tongue into her navel, making her giggle sweetly, a laugh he felt, but did not hear.

She moved her own hands to his head, pulling him from the water, up to her mouth again. His mouth cold from the water, he pressed his lips to hers, drawing heat from her into himself. Her warm tongue entered his mouth, flooding him with more heat than could be explained by mere thermodynamics.

She pushed him into slightly deeper water. With shoulders submerged, she pulled herself close to him and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hard cock kaçak bahis pressed between their naked bodies.

Her face close to his, she leaned in for another soft kiss, then pushed her hips out and back, then smoothly up over his hard cock. He felt himself posed at her entrance and tried to thrust into her. His thrusts only pushing her further back, she laughed.

Imperceptibly, she slid down just a bit, solidifying the connection between their most sensitive places. Cool water washed his cock, but the tenuous connection between their bodies warmed him, making him even harder.

Another tiny movement of her hips pulled him into her completely. He stopped breathing, just concentrating on the silken wetness surrounding him. She clenched her pussy around his cock, from the base to the tip, in a rippling motion.

He moaned loud and long, and she clenched a little tighter. She rose up and down, slowly clenching her pussy around him. He moaned again and she increased the speed.

His hands supported her perfectly round ass, and he used them to pull her in harder, providing enough leverage to slide completely in and out of her. He nibbled on her neck, kissed her lips softly, and drove himself deeper, faster into her.

She whimpered softly, feeling him deep, pushing hard into her depths. He rubbed along her clitoris with each stroke, bringing her higher and higher. God it felt so good!

His strokes faster and faster, she threw her head back. She pulled him in with her legs, faster and faster. He gently bit her shoulder and groaned loudly, her cue to her own release.

Waves of pleasure swept through her and she almost lost her grip around his waist. He felt the rhythmic clenching of her pussy around him, and started pulsing into her, filling her pussy with hot cum.

Spent, they both realized that cold water surrounded them. She dismounted him and swam to the edge of the pond.

She unfolded the blanket he had nearly forgotten hours before on the grass and lay in the sun, smiling at him as he joined her. He curled up close and breathing deeply, fell asleep. “Just like a man.” She muttered as she smiled to herself.

She watched him sleep, stroking his hair as it dried in the sunlight. She smiled and then opened the bottle of wine that he put in the backpack. After a glass, she joined him in slumber, dreaming of the passionate interlude that they had just shared and knowing deep in her heart that this place was indeed “Magic.”

Wylde Aphrodite

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