Magical Experiences Ch. 1


Hi. My name is Alexis, and I’d like to tell you a little story…

I was coming home from work late today, and I was anxiously waiting for the surprise I knew you had in store for me. I wasn’t sure what it was, but was excited just the same from all the teasing you’d been giving me about it, how much I’d enjoy it, etc. Millions of possibilities of what it could be ran through my mind on the way home, but I was still coming up empty minded.

I pulled into our long driveway and parked my car. You constantly made fun of me for it, calling it a blue frog. It’s a car (neon)! Not a frog. Anyways, there weren’t many lights on inside and I was curious as to what was going on. I took my keys out of the ignition as I got out of the car, and began to walk up to the door, ready to unlock it, but it was halfway open. I walked inside, and put my stuff down on the table next to the doorway. I heard talking coming from the kitchen and I ventured forth. You were talking with a knockout blonde. She was absolutely gorgeous.

I found out later that the blonde’s name was Phoebe. She was a few inches taller than I; she was 5’7″ while I was only 5’5″. But that certainly didn’t bother me any. Phoebe’s breasts were smaller than mine, which wasn’t hard because mine were natural DD’s. You and she both loved that, but I would have given ‘most anything to have smaller boobs. She had beautiful, shapely legs that when I saw them, I could not wait to have them wrapped around my head. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt that showed off her beautiful legs nicely, and a shirt that plunged bahis firmaları deep into her C-cup cleavage, and came just above her bellybutton, which was so adorable.

“Hi guys” I said. “What’s going on here Josh? Do you care to introduce me to this beauty that you’ve brought home?” I couldn’t take my eyes off of Phoebe.

“Hey there Alex. This is Phoebe. I found her just wandering around and asked her if she was busy tonight. She said no, but I have an idea she will be now that you’re home,” you said with a huge smile on your face. I assumed you’ve already talked over with our guest what you had in mind for tonight. I couldn’t help but smile, and I went over and gave you my welcome home kiss.

Phoebe watched us, and before we ended our kiss she said, “Hey Alex. Where’s my kiss?” I couldn’t resist that invitation. I walked over to Phoebe and gave her a long, hard, passionate kiss that I hoped would show her just how much she turned me on. She returned my kiss with as much vigor as I was showing her, and that just made me even more eager to let my mouth and hands explore other parts of her gorgeous body. I could tell from the way that she kissed that she wasn’t into men. She was very feminine and gentle, but at the same time she had lust. I don’t know how I could tell, but I just could.

Phoebe and I broke our kiss, and I turned to face you to thank you for a wonderful gift and surprise. Apparently just seeing the two of us kiss the way we had, playing with each other’s tongues and whatnot, you had an impressive hard-on. “Ooh,” I said. “Looks like someone is a little kaçak iddaa turned on.” I winked at him.

“Yeah,” Phoebe said to me. “You are.” She ran her hand between my legs, which made me shudder, and I knew she had felt how incredibly wet I was. She had. “You are sooo wet Alex. You have no idea how much that turns me on.” I couldn’t help but smile. “Go ahead” she said, “Lay down. Josh, why don’t you let her suck you off for a while. I want to watch.”

You had no objections to her suggestion, which was shown with eagerness by how quickly your pants and boxers came off. You were rock hard, and there was already pre-cum leaking from your tip. I licked my lips in anticipation. I knew you’d been very tasty, and it wouldn’t be long before you blew your load down my throat. You positioned yourself over me, so that your cock just barely touched my lips… teasing me. I opened my mouth and reached with my hands to pull you closer to me, and into my mouth. I took as much of you into my mouth as I could, which was only about five inches.

Just barely half of your beautiful cock. I used my hand to jerk you off, but at a different speed than my mouth and tongue. I used my other hand to knead your balls, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until you came. You were giving me a lot of oral encouragement, which made me happy. I stopped sucking you, but kept my hands as they were, and moved my mouth to your balls. I glanced over at Phoebe and saw that she was fingering herself fiercely to the sight of us. I put my attention back at your balls, and began to give them treatment with my tongue kaçak bahis and mouth. “Oh god, Alex!” you exclaimed. “I’m so close. Get your fucking mouth back up here and swallow this load!” I did as you told me, and just seconds after I got my mouth back on your head, you came in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and you began to pull away, while looking down at your cock, and me with your cum running down my cheek.

“You missed some sweetheart,” you said pulling my head back to your crotch.

“So sorry,” I replied and began to clean up the rest of your cum off of your cock. I heard intense breathing and moaning and turned to look over at Phoebe. I had almost forgotten she was even there, I’d been so wrapped up in you.

“Get over here Alex and suck on my clit. I’m so close to cumming, and I want to do it in your beautiful little mouth,” she said. Well, that was all the invitation I needed. I crawled over to her, and pushed her hands out of her pussy, and off her clit. She was so wet, that I couldn’t believe it. I circled her clit slowly in circles with my tongue, which made her jump.

I slowly began to finger her with one finger, and realized quickly it would take two or three fingers for her to even notice I had my fingers buried in her pussy because she was so wet. I fucked her with my fingers while doing magic on her clit with my tongue, and was enjoying it thoroughly. I decided to let my tongue and fingers switch jobs and my fingers fiercely went after her clit while I ate her pussy with my expert tongue. Her legs began to twitch even more than before and before I knew it, she came hard on my face. I lapped it all up with an eagerness that I’d never known before.

“Wow!” Phoebe said. “You are so amazing Alexis. Now it’s my turn.”

to be continued…

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