Making Up is Hard

Big Tits

We’d had an argument the night before. We’d been making love, and I had become too demanding: After she’d come a few times she needed rest – she was too sensitive, but I wasn’t done. Since I hadn’t come yet she’d tried to masturbate me, but that didn’t work out and we were both left tired and frustrated by the experience.

The following morning I figured we were ready to try again. Well at least I was, when I saw her emerge from the shower. The kids were off playing or watching TV, so I followed her into our room and locked the door behind us. She gave me a look that said it all… She was ready too!

We embraced and kissed there, standing in our room. As I inhaled her soapy-clean scent I caressed her back, and then her backside. She pressed against me, feeling my cock, and kissed me passionately. As our tongues intertwined, I drew her terry robe up and exposed her smooth warm flanks. My excitement grew as I filled my hands with her supple butt cheeks.

She began to rub my cock through my jeans, but that wasn’t enough so she began tugging at my belt – trying to free my hardness. I was reluctant to let her butt go, but I did. Dropping my pants down to mid-thigh allowed her to stroke my erection, and I took the time to pull at her sash and expose her body.

When I began to tweak her nipples she really started to get into it. She was pulling my cock and grinding her bush against my leg – It was apparent that we needed to get into güvenilir bahis the bed now. Letting her robe fall to the floor, she sat on the edge of our bed and watched me fumble around excitedly. I must have looked ridiculous, tangled up in my pants, but she didn’t smile – she just waited patiently until I was also naked.

She pulled my cock to her mouth and kissed it while she fondled my balls. I reached down and played with her tits, filling my hands with them and mashing them together. The she pulled me closer and trapped my rod between her breasts, allowing me to hump into her bosom while she kissed and sucked my nipples. It felt so good, but I had to see her so I leaned back a little.

Her gaze met mine as she cupped her breasts and pressed them around me – molding her tender globes around my length. I saw a drop of clear fluid form at the tip of my cock, and then disappear as it was rubbed into her skin by my thrusting. That’s when I got an idea…

I disengaged and joined her on the bed, arranging myself so that she could suck me. She was obviously receptive, and almost voracious as she took me into her warm sweet mouth. After a few moments, we adjusted our positions again so that she was more comfortable. Also, I now had complete access to her dreamy body – and I took advantage.

As I knelt beside her I just had to touch all those delightful bits in view. Her nipples were swollen and bright red, so I spent some time türkçe bahis rubbing and pulling them. My fingers lightly traced designs in her soft flesh as I sought out her private triangle. Without lessening her efforts on my organ, she spread her legs to allow me access to hers.

Not surprisingly, she was wet and fully blossomed. After just a few moments of my dipping into her cream and rubbing her button, I realized that she might need some more substantial attention there. Pulling away from her oral embrace, I hopped over to her secret hiding place and got the hot pink vibrator. I remember thinking that it’s color was nearly perfect for what we used it for.

As she took me back into her lips, I readied the vibe and placed it to her pussy. She fondled my balls, and I slipped it inside her. Still greedy for more, I bent over and began to lick at her clit while I teased her inner lips. Even though I tried to make my attentions pleasant for her, she was uncomfortable… so I let her drive. She is much better qualified at giving herself pleasure than I, for all my trying.

So I just basically sat back and watched. She continued to suck me and play with my balls, alternating between deep strokes and light licks. I knew she was gobbling up my little drops of seminal fluid (we both like those.) As she kept caressing my sacs I felt them draw up. The pleasure was becoming more and more intense, and I knew it wouldn’t be long.

And it wasn’t… güvenilir bahis siteleri As my orgasm built, I pulled from her lips and started stroking myself. I did let her lick at me a couple of times, for a second or two, but I concentrated on ejaculating. She never let go of my balls as they began to pump. Aiming at her furthest nipple as carefully as I could, I sprayed my cum on her breasts. Over and over I spurted hot semen onto her bare flesh. I didn’t notice, but she was probably watching as I painted her with my jism. I do remember the sound of the vibrator, alternating between loud and muffled as it traveled in and out of her.

When I was sated, I sat back on my heels and looked at her. She met my gaze with an unreadable expression. The sound of the hot pink toy continued for a moment or two, and then she lost contact with me. Her eyes rolled back and closed as her orgasm built. She began to buck at her own hand, and the thing it held, as she was swept away in blissful agony. I watched in awe as she clamped her thighs together, trapping her hand tightly. As she shook and whimpered, her breasts danced and jiggled delightfully. I even managed to smear a few errant drops of semen on the closer nipple as she shuddered from pleasure.

As she relaxed, I smiled. She was quite a sight! Long strings of white sticky stuff covered her boobs, ran into the valley of her sternum, and one even trailed across her collarbone and over her shoulder. She was going to need a towel, but rather than rush to get her one, I just admired the view for a few moments while she relaxed. She was, and still is, very beautiful and I feel very fortunate to be with her and to be her lover.

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