Man’s Best Friend Ch. 04

Big Dicks

“How’d you like being tied up?” I pressed, Kate let out a deep breath;

“A liked it fine William, after my initial panic anyway. Letting you have yer way with meh like that, A had to find found trust with another, A’m not afraid anymore.” She raised my hand to her lips, kissing it softly;

“It’s Kind of empowering giving yourself to someone huh? Relinquishing all control, I don’t know about you but I like the submissive end of it more, I find it more intimate, more free in a way. I mean when you were humping my face and sitting on me I couldn’t breathe and almost passed out, I almost wanted to – well die by your hand, so to speak. Kate, it was that amazing. I wanted you to feel that – Kate sorry if I was a little rough on you”.

She turned and faced me, then looked fondly into my eyes;

“No need fer apologies, A loved it! What do ye mean die, that’s pretty extreme.”

I held her tight and kissed her ear then whispered;

“If given the choice, being smothered by your pussy, drowning in your cum would be a good way to go, don’t ye think?”

“A suppose, but A’m not finished with ye yet, maybe after A’m done A can dispose of ye, just like that ballerina bitch of yours.”

“Do I sense a bit of jealousy, Kate?”

“Aye, in a way, A mean, had A opened meh mind, A could ave found a mahn like ye, and mah life could’ve been mooch different. A certainly wouldn’t have thrown ye away joost to satisfy a sick need to feel superior. Now look at meh, a barren ole lady, well beyond my prime, alone in this disaster of a ‘ouse.”

I kissed her, and then held her head to my chest.

“Your still in your prime as far as I’m concerned Kate, you could keep up with the best of em, honestly you seem to have an instinct of how to please a man. Most women would’ve phoned the cops after what I put you through. You’re all woman and as for that dirty talk of yours, well I love it, I consider myself lucky to have met you.”

Kate looked up at me, and smiled;

“You’ve opened up my eyes William, A have to thank you, A’ve learned a lot about masell today.”

“Really, tell what have you learned?”

“A like it being tied up, for a start,” she laughed, but apparently ye knew that before A did.” She brushed my cheek, “An’ A love yer cock”;

“A’ve spent a lot of time trying to find sexual satisfaction, but nothing A could do to masell can compare with how A felt, with you – Having me all tied oop, admittedly I was a little afraid, boot; God when ye pushed yer boaby into meh, I swear could feel yer heart pumpin, the fear disappeared, an’ A almost fainted, boot it also felt nice, to feel not just accepted, but needed. William… A’ve never cum like that before, A mean it was so intense, how is it possible – to be that randy?”

I brushed her hair over her ear, I also digressed to beyond horny, I was still trying to figure out where my dominant demeanor came from.

“It doesn’t happen like all the time Kate, we’re just lucky I guess. That was a neat trick by the way, never seen that before, pushing out your vagina, it was like you were inside out – Damn me to hell, if it wasn’t the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced. I usually go straight for the ass, but wow, your pussy is something else, and I could to play with it for hours.”

“Kate laughed, “Ya, well A have, which is why it is in such a raggedy state! It wasn’t off putting? A mean you really liked it? A was afraid ye, well you wouldn’t fuck me. To be blunt, A’ve seen other girls, and well I’ve read that men prefer it tight.”

“I used to think that until now, but you’re pussy is truly a wonder, I would fuck suck and pull on it forever if you let me, it’s insane, Kate, you’re a wonderful gal.”

Kate smirked looking slightly embarrassed;

“An having yer boaby pounding me inside, having no say in the matter, made me feel like a right whore. A liked it; A like being yer whore,”

She waved her hand in front of her face;

“Pour meh a whiskey William, now that mah hands have feeling back in them, we can play show and tell just as soon as A need get some wind back into me.

I grabbed the bottle and Kate went to her drawer and rummaged around them placed her pillow over whatever she took out, hiding it from me. I handed her the glass, she took a healthy swig.

“Don’t wear yourself out, we have time, all the time you need. I suggested, likely needing more time to recover than she;

“A’m a tad surprised ye didn’t dive straight into mah arse, William, was it too mooch for ye?”

Another candid question outta nowhere:

“A mean, after your story, about Shannon, A thought since ye waited so long…well A thought you would have paid it a little more mind. Don’t get me wrong, A was completely satisfied by how all turned out in the end.”

“That was a long time ago, and I wasn’t sure if you were ready for that kind of thing, or if I was ready for that matter.”

“Ye said ye like the act, the humiliation, boot whoot ye didn’t say was if you liked the taste.” Kate hardened her look;

“A’m bahis firmaları curious William, are ye afraid ye could be a jobby eater?”

I took a deep big gulp of scotch; Kate had taken an strategic shot directly across my bow, keeping me defensively off-balanced.

“I’m not really sure if I am, I mean, it was only the one time and I didn’t have much say in the matter. I looked up at her, it was forced on me, and I can’t really remember exactly what it tasted like.”

“So it you never went any farther, exploring what it tastes like, a mean ye never tried to find out.”

“No, I mean maybe I wanted to try; sometimes if I found a gal that would let me rim her, I would kind of get a taste, and would kinda wish… but…well you know, that conformity thing would get in the way, and let’s face it I doubt many gals are into that sort of thing.”

“Whoot about tasting yersell, have you ever considered that?” Kate prodded deeper;

I squirmed uncomfortably; the thought of it revolted me.

“What!” I stammered, Kate smiled, “I’ll take that as a yes…”

“No, God no!” I shook my head.

“Pity, is that, I suppose ye aren’t a jobby eater, ye just like to do anything to make yer love happy then, ye really don’t like it, ye joost like being forced, then right proud of yersel for sacrificing your dignity.” Kate turned away then added sarcastically;

“How noble of you.” She picked up her panties and ran her finger across the skid of feces.

“Ye say, you weren’t sure if A was ready, yet it didn’t stop you from shoving this in meh mouth, not so noble a have to say.

She was right,

“I’m sorry Kate; I got caught up in the moment…”

“Aye, ye did at that, not so submissive an’ all.” She laughed

“I never did that before, forced myself on someone like that, to be honest I’m pretty surprised myself.” Kate turned, her soiled panties spread in her hand;

“It’s Okay, to be fair A find it marvellously eclectic, A like the texture of it in my hands; A like weight of it, how it feels as it feels on meh skin, especially the smells an’ taste of it; sometimes good, sometimes foul, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, a different experience every time. The element of surprise makes it even more delicious.”

She tipped her tongue over the dark stain.

“I’m not ashamed to tell ye William, A love it, A play with it willingly, been at it fer years. Does that disgust ye?”

My cock started tweaking, hypocritically it did not repulse me, in fact it did the exact opposite, like the thought of lesbian sex vs. gay guy sex, and I was turned woman doing that, but revolted at the thought of me doing the same.

“On the contrary, I find it very provocative,” I admitted, suspecting that she was feeling me out.

“Aye, I suspected ye would. Ye know, to be a true shit lover, ye need to want it. Ye need to enjoy it willingly, and it always should leave you wanting more.”

I drained my glass, I kinda felt what she was getting at, and I was eager to let her know.

“I love what comes out of you Kate; your pussy had me pretty worked up and… I would love the chance to taste all of you; I would have taken that chance too. I just never seen… listen it…your pussy – well …it required my full attention,

“Ye love how I taste, ye like what A can do with my raggedy cunny, yet given the chance ye didn’t want to sample the mud on me arse, no A’m afraid there’s no hope fer ye.”

I knew she was only playing me, but in a way I felt I had been a little selfish in the sense that I was using her unique pussy to satisfy my own lustful curiosity, she wanted to hear the words she never heard before, she wanted me to tell her that I needed her.

“I think we have something special going, so special that don’t think words can describe, I want you as you’re are, and all you’re willing to give, I will go beyond words to show nothing I wouldn’t deny you; I mean that.”

“So yer willing to be obedient an’ devoted to me, is that it, joost like that any other girl you wanted, that’s what yer sayin’?”

“No not like that at all, I was thinking of more like a partnership master, slave, whatever we feel like being. It’s been pretty obvious we are capable of both, I lied you’re not just up there, you’re like no other woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, for the first time in years I trust and feel the need to get closer to you, in whatever capacity we see fit.”

Kate smiled;

“Any capacity an’ a partnership: Well A suppose that’s a start; maybe there’s hope fer this yet. Are ye willing to hurt me William, Physically, an’ if asked, that is.”

Wow, good question! I wasn’t a dominant at heart, and frankly the prospect of intentionally inflict pain on another didn’t provoke me in a positive way; but I knew she had a thing for it, and to be honest given the right level of passion so did I: On the receiving end anyway.

“I think I’ve shown you that already, pointing to the welt on her neck.

“Auggh a little nip her and there, that’s not kaçak iddaa whoot A mean, here let me tell ye somethin’,”

She moved into me close, making sure I took in all she was about to say;

“A’ve been alone a long time, soo to keep things interesting A may have gone farther than most, experimenting and trying out different things. Ever since A came out of child bearing age, A often wondered what it felt like to give birth to a child, A mean to have that huge thing slid from within ye and stretch you out to the point of unbearable pain, A like pain you see. So A did some research, ye know; woman huffin’, puffin, screaming while giving birth, well it, hmmm…let’s just say watching them got meh extremely wet. Some of meh girls would tell me how wonderful it was, the extreme pain, and then the unimaginable joy after all was done.”

I squirmed; Kate frowned at my noticeable discomfort.

“Would ye be willing to help me experience that kind of pain?

My stomach knotted, what was she asking me? She was way beyond fertile, so I had no clue how she wanted me to help her;

“I’m… hmm, not sure, what exactly do you want me to do?”

“I know what to do, and all you need do is to listen an’ give help when needed; here take a drink, you’ll need it. Now, that ye got me all riled oop, what do you suppose we can do with this?”Kate reached into the bed stand and pulled out a large rubber spade plug, about 6″ long and 4” thick at its base, and ran her hand over it;

“Hmm let me think, you like feeling stuffed so I suppose we can shove it into that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Aye, we could do that, boot A was thinking of something a bit more challenging, something that is difficult to do masell – Hmmm?”

“Ya right, I mean, look at the size of that thing.”

“Exactly, Mmmm,” she cooed, A have another plan fer mah cunny, she pulled a stainless steel stylus it was about 10″ long pencil shaped with a blunt tapered point;

“Do ye know what’s this is then,” I took the utensil in my hand;

“It’s used to measure hole diameters, it’s a hole gauge. Oh c’mon – I’ve seen what this is for, you are not sticking that up your…if that’s what you’re thinking, God no.” I shook my head, “forget that!”

“Where’s ma brave Highlander now?” It’s what A want, an’ trust me A know what A’m doing; well sorta,” she chuckled;

“A hae worked hard getting my cunny in this state, so A can put it to good use.” Kate shot me a devilish smile; “Right, enough tell; now it’s time fer show. With you here, I want to share this with ye, more than anything in the world, A’m asking ye to help. So what do ye say big man, want to play? Want to play with yer clatty hoor – for meh

An open jawed nod was all I could manage; she seemed so confidently unscrupulous that I now wanted to obey her, she was one in a million and I felt incredibly lucky being under her spell.

“First we need to slick this up, here William take this, handing me the plug, A need to get comfortable”.

Kate piled up 2 large pillows on the bed and placed her cheek onto them lifting her wide ass up toward me, she placed a hand between her legs and motioned me to hand her the plug, she opened her hairy flaps with one hand and took the plug with the other, then ran it up and down along her open slot. She spun it around and stuck the tip into her slowly and easily slipping it in;

“Hmmm, I like how big it feels. Here William you push it in all the way fer me, I slowly shoved the mass completely into her stretched vagina;

“Hmmm, guid; push it all the way in, that’s right, Mmmm.” Kate backed into the plug until only its base was left outside.

“Now we need to grease me up.” She pushed her face into her panties and spread her ass cheeks wide open, you want it don’t yet? you want yer hoors dirty ass? A know how dirty it is William, in fact A’m tasting it richt now, Mmmm.”

I ran my nose gently up and down the hairs of her ass, taking in the smell of the encrusted feces, her hole vented out like a hen laying and egg, then back in and out, Kate was drawing me into her I grabbed her cheeks and spread her wider, then righted up and started tugging at her clit.

“Guid boy, clean me oop now, get it good and greased.”

I lightly licked at her taint; it tasted of her piss and cum mostly, getting me quickly in the mood to rim her. Testing the waters I tipped my tongue lightly onto her anus, and then lightly lapped over and between the folds of her pucker, sampling the bitter muskiness. My tongue circled around her hole where some softer dirt was concentrated; flicking it lightly over her hole and into my wanting mouth, her earthy taste intensified. An alluring sweet aftertaste followed which lulled me into digging for more.

“Mmmm, is it dirty, William? Ye crave it now don’t ya, lick it, that’s it, give it to meh, sooch a faithful dug, Oh ya; right there, ooh ya, now stick your tongue right in baby, there may be more.”

I could only answer with a groan as my tongue was busy spreading her senescent scat around kaçak bahis my mouth. I spat onto her hole and slicked up my index finger, then ran it around hole to loosen it up. It easily slipped it in to the first knuckle. I added more saliva and circled her sphincter until it loosened and I could get my finger right in, I probed the soft wall if her rectum it was empty but snug, soft and moist. I pressed down towards her vagina now feeling the plug pushing against the membrane between.

“Mmmm aye, A like you up my arse”, Kate began fucking my finger as I probed around trying to dig deeper into her, I pulled out my finger replacing it with my tongue, awkwardly trying working it into her loosening ring, Kate groaned and pushed the plug out of her wet pussy, then pulled away and flipped onto her back.

“Take a breath William,” she breathed lifting her legs up and back fumbling for the plug. She grabbed it by the base, shoving its tip to her anus, her ring stretched as her increase pressure, and with a scream Kate slipped it into her ass in one slow and continuously painful stroke.

“OH Fuck!” She yelped, her legs weakened and she steadied them by grabbing the back of her thighs, panting through her pain.

The gaped expanse of her pussy was so inviting, I couldn’t help but stick my face into her, I licked at her from the base of the plug through the heat of her hole and up the shaft of her clit and down over and over, my face and beard wetting before Kate’s legs flopped down onto the bed, too tired to hold them up.

“Yer gonna have to keep them up for meh.” I ignored her, wanting more to suck on her clit, and began suckling on it like a newborn craving its first meal. Kate spread her knees apart allowing me to feast awhile then pushed my head away from her steamy gash.

“Hold up now ye randy dug,” she hissed, adjusting her hips forward and pinching her clit.

“Now just watch and listen,” she grabbed the stylus and handed it to me then plunging her hand into her gaping hole, her wrist rolling her small hand easily in and out between her puffy lips. She lifted her legs and squirmed forward, then plopped them down somewhat annoyed.

“Lift them” she demanded, her hand still sloshing around her loosening hole, put them over yer shoulders!”

I lifted her legs up, using my shoulders to support her calves, Kate’s knees separated and spread as wide as they would go;

“Joost watch meh play William, watch me play with masell, I want ye to watch,” she panted,

I marvelled at her crotch as she continued fisting herself, then she pulled it out and hooked her hands into her hole pulling her lips apart, her clit rose as she grunted pushing the spongy knob within between her fingers. She gently pulled on it and manipulated to the point that she could get hold of it and squeezed the glistening mass until it blocked the entrance between her lips completely, a small hole appeared and she started rolling a finger around and around until a thick viscous fluid seeped out.

Kate grunting and breathless, seemed to be struggling with the task, she was panting heavily now, her anus twitching around the plug as she pushed harder and harder, her cervical bulb was over an inch outside of her now, she began working its small entrance with her pinky, then passed me the rod.

“Slick it oop – stick it into the hole…slowly now,” she breathed;

I was a little dumfounded not knowing exactly what to do, I picked up the stylus and wet it with my mouth then look up at her quizzically.

“Slowly then,” she assured me squeezing the ball between her fingers, “In here.”

I stuck the tip into the hole, it barely worked in, Kate hips bucked but her grip remained firm,

“Owww…Fuck” she screamed…”Fuck ya…go more” I pushed it in further and Kate yelp out again, it was about a half of an inch in her now, and Kate was almost hyperventilating, I backed away leaving the stick lodged into the bright red blush peaking out of her wrecked cunt.

“I’m done Kate, I spat, I’m not doing this, fuck that…this is FUCKED”,

Her face covered in sweat, Kate cracked a weak smile then took matters into her own hands, with a final groan the bulb extended and she pushed the stick in further.

“Aaiyyeee, she screamed her feet clamped around my neck;

“Holy Fuck! AHHH FUCK!”

I grabbed her hand, trying to keep her from piercing herself any further;

“That’s enough now, you’re freaking me out!”

Kate breathed out a laugh, then defiantly began pistoning the stylus in an out from under my hand, her breathing steadied, her red face relaxed;

“It’s really quite dangerous yeh know, yeh cannae go too far.” She shoved it in deeper, its tip was now in a good inch or so…

“A saw one girl actually getting a mahn’s cock head in hers” Kate breathed:

“Foock A’d love to do that, but he was a tad smaller than ye Ooooh, Ooooh ya…Mmmm.” The pen moved in and out of the flaring hole with short slow strokes, she seemed to be enjoying it now so I was feeling a little more relaxed and as she continued to abuse herself. I couldn’t begin to imagine what she was feeling, her moans of pain became that of pleasure, and for the first time in a while my cock began to swell. I just had to ask;

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