Me and Mindy Ch. 03


I awoke to find the golden light dancing off Mindy’s hair subtly through the blinds, dragging me roughly out of my sleep. The pounding hadn’t yet subsided in my head; indicating the first signs of morning, and Mindy was still asleep, gently sighing on top of me, arms still wrapped around my back. I moved a hand to shake off the bedspread before realising that we were lying on top of it, and instead, turned my attention to stroking the back of Mindy’s neck gently. She looked so still and quiet, you’d never have guessed the explosive force she was capable of.

I started looking around the room, spotting a few posters of some metal bands, and I couldn’t help but smile, recognising some of my favourites. I spotted 1 or 2 books by her bed, but I couldn’t read the titles. One wall was totally devoted to drawings, all in black and white, some in pen, some pencil, various shaded sketches; you might have thought them depressing had you not known her at all. The lampshade swung gently above us in the breeze, a gentle Sunday morning.

Mindy groggily looked up, tired eyes that nonetheless flared up to life, triggered by a soft smile.

“Morning baby…” she murmured

“Surprised I didn’t see you out of bed already” I smiled

“Well I’m not going anywhere today really, so thought I’d keep you company for a bit.”

I shivered, realising I was only clad in boxers, and Mindy pulled me close, wearing her PJ bottoms and white top.

“Thanks babe” I smiled, and we drifted off to sleep again for a bit.

I woke up an hour or so later, around 10, feeling Mindy’s hand drift gently across my chest, tingling me with her nails as she kissed me gently, her delicate lips tickling my neck as she rubbed up against my crotch, gaining an almost instant reaction.

My phone jumped up suddenly, blaring its horrible tune out and causing us to both groan in despair.

“Hello…” I murmured

“Oh hey, sorry if I woke you, Dad here”

“Oh no problem, just at Mindy’s. Never mind will explain later” I replied, trying to keep myself from laughing as Mindy made halo motions and pretended to look all innocent up at me.

“Um ok….no problem, just you gonna be back tonight, need to decide for food and things”

I glanced over at Mindy and she shook her head. I ignored her nonetheless; I had work the next day.

“Yeah, I will be no problem, chat later ok?”

“Ok take care, bye”

Mindy pretended to look hurt and rolled over, sulking.

“Oh come on I have to go home sometime…”I said, trying to avoid the tempting curves and smoothness of Mindy’s skin as she rolled around next to me.

“That’s ok baby… I have to go out and get some money my brother owes me anyway…besides didn’t somebody want to see you?”

“Yeah Claire, my girlfriend, well, if she still is my girlfriend anymore”

“I said somebody” she smirked, biting my lip painfully, “besides when are you gonna get rid of that loser?”

“I um…I don’t know…” I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest.

We got up and had breakfast, just some simple toast and coffee. Mindy tossed the paper aside and focused on cleaning up a bit, and I was more than happy to watch her dance around and stretch to put things away. I sat down and she brought me some juice, letting me see right down her top.

“Pervert” she hissed, throwing a dishtowel at me.

“I love you too” I grinned.

She gasped and fumbled with a plate, before grinning back at me

“Of course you do… your mine now” she hissed, pushing me and the chair against the wall. I saw her eyes light up brightly, and she tugged me by my t-shirt towards her.

“You are feeling bad this morning aren’t you” I smiled, trying to pull my hands free from her grasp.

“Shut up you, besides you know the mornings always the best time” I couldn’t really dispute that, given our current track record. My arousal began to get the better of me, but sadly it would have to wait as I caught a glance at the time.

“Sorry babe I have to go,” I said, sighing and scratching my hair, pulling her tight grip from off me, her slender arms fighting back as best she could.

“No you don’t, that loser can wait her turn,” she whispered, pressing my hands to her breasts, massaging them gently with my hands, soft and plump to the touch.

“Behave you, come on now” I started, looking at her eyes, strands of hair loose across her face and she screwed up her face to frown at me. I pulled away and walked to the door, despite her protesting and kicked up against her jacket, lying at the bottom of the stairs, stubbing my toe on something heavy.

“What’s that?” I looked up confused.

“Never mind, look, can I see you later then at least,” she whispered, looking concerned.

“Hey…. you’re becoming obsessive” I grinned, testing the water.

“Well I wouldn’t want you thinking you could have your own way now would I?” she said, her eyes wide as she flickered her lashes, like she was pulling a lead on me. It almost worked.

“If you come see me then yes, I guess bursa escort that’s ok” I said, putting on my shoes and turning the handle on the door.

“What your place?”

“Um, guess that’s ok,” I replied; giving her the address quickly, “I’m sure you’ll find it, babe” I winked.

“Don’t miss me too much” she smiled, opening the door.

We shared another quick kiss and I left outside, closing the door gently behind me. I looked around an unfamiliar neighbourhood, treading down streets that stank of greyness, starkly contrasting to the glaring light of the blue sky and trees whose leaves brushed slowly in the wind, gently gesturing towards the river. I set out to the nearest station, past grey, worn out faces, a dog tied up outside a shop that looked like an old mop, looking up faintly as I passed.

Boarding the train into London, I looked around to find it almost empty, clanking along the rails in a slow but steady motion, steel on steel.

I met Claire down in Kensington High Street; she looked pleased to see me, happy and bouncy. Wearing a small frilly kimono type dress, her hair had faint touch of red to it today, and a pair of delicate earrings bounced around as she walked. I must have looked tired because she said I’d been a bit quiet. We stopped by some shops while she darted around, but my mind was a million miles away.

“Hey you ok?” she asked, frowning slightly.

“Yeah I’m good, come on lets go get some lunch.”

So we stopped by a small Italian place for lunch, calm and out of the way of the main street, and sat down to order. We talked about our summers; she’d been off at Greece for 2 weeks, and the tan showed it.

“So what did you get up to then?” she asked, sipping some coke.

“Oh not much. I’ve been working as you know, seeing some friends and going out a bit.”

“Oh bet you had fun, probably hooking up with some gorgeous girl while I’ve been away” she grinned, taking a slice of pizza

“Um not of course not” I laughed, and thankfully, she didn’t see through me. “Anyway work was great, should be really useful later, besides now I at least have some money” “Well you wanna go see a film after then?” she beamed.

It was already 3, but I figured I’d be ok, hoping Mindy wouldn’t pop by till later. I was already getting bored here, but I wasn’t going to say anything, in case she grew suspicious. Besides, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to break up just yet, particularly as she was fighting with a best friend, and didn’t want to make things worse for her.

“Um ok, but I’ll need to get some money, my place is only round the corner”


“Yeah what is it?”

“I’ve missed you ya know.”

She looked up at me, flashing her eyelashes and looking right into me.

“Come on then” I pulled her up, and kissed her gently. Her lips seemed almost unfamiliar, she was less confident then I remembered, gently searching for the familiarity. She sank, relaxed into my arms briefly, her hands drifting round to my shoulders to hold onto me. She pulled away and beamed, giving me a quick hug and we left, chucking some notes for the bill.

Outside it was overcast, the sun hidden behind a fierce dark cloud and the sudden cold made me shiver a little. She grasped my hand and we wandered down to my street. We just turned round the corner when a flash of gold caught my eye. I looked across the street to see Mindy, leaning against the wall, huddled up in a small greyish jacket, a dark coloured skirt, and a very tight lilac top that highlighted her features very well. One hand was stuffed in her jacket, the other was gripping a small bottle of something. She was leaning and swaying slightly, probably drunk, but she hid it quite well.

Claire noticed me staring and frowned up at me “Oi keep your eyes off that blonde you” she said, laughing nervously and tugged me away, looking not too happy and walking faster than normal.

But we were too late. Mindy looked up and smiled at me, waving slowly, then frowned at Claire. She bounced off the wall and ambled over to us confidently, smiling and brushing her hair aside, her shoes smacking loudly against the concrete.

“A friend of yours?” Claire asked nervously, looking up at me.

“Um yeah sort of” I smiled, my stomach turning, nervous. Mindy had come a lot earlier than I’d expected, and I shivered again, hopefully just from the cold.

“Hey George” Mindy beamed, jumping up to hug me as Claire stood aside a little

“Oh hey, all ok?” I asked, thinking of nothing else to say.

“Of course,” she said, clinging on a little longer than necessary, head rolling on my shoulders. She almost stumbled as she pulled away and smiled again.

“Oh do introduce us” said Claire, looking rejected and mildly annoyed.

“This is um..” I started

“I’m Mindy, Georges girl, who are you?” Claire looked confused, and Mindy continued,

“I would have guessed his sister or something but you clearly don’t share the same looks.”

“Excuse me!” Claire coughed “I’m his girlfriend thank you!” Her bursa escort bayan lip trembled a little as her confidence began to subside and she turned to me for support

“Really? Oh I hadn’t noticed, George what were you thinking!”

Mindy jumped up to kiss me and Claire’s jaw dropped in shock, before she yanked me away, I was too surprised to do anything, feeling my insides turn uncomfortably.

“Look he obviously likes me oh, so much better, so just go away” Mindy snarled, grabbing my arm protectively. She slurred a little and leaned against my shoulder, an arm drifting up to my chest lazily.

Claire was too stunned to speak. She was hardly the forceful type, at least not like Mindy and her eyes welled up, looking like she would burst into tears at any minute

“Get off you brainless slut” she spat, trembling with anger

“Don’t you call me that, you don’t know me bitch” Mindy hissed back and stood between us. “You’re such a loser just look at you, sobbing away in the street…” she laughed cruelly, eyes drifting lazily towards me.

I knew then that Mindy was out of order, but I felt there was little I could do. In truth I did like Mindy more, the time away from my girlfriend I guess had made me lose interest, and in truth we never saw each other that much as she lived further away and had school. But this was too much now and I stood up

“Hey look enough, all right!” I practically shouted, and both girls stood quiet, Mindy gripping my arm gently and my girlfriend stood on her own, a tear drifting down her cheek as she looked unhappily up at us, her hair loose and messy.

“Look Claire, I don’t think this is going to work is it?”

“Because of her!” she blurted out, stepping closer

“Whatever” said Mindy, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me, in a sort of perverse elegance.

“You can’t just take him off me” Claire sobbed

“Oh yes I can!” snarled Mindy, and suddenly her eyes lit up in anger, just like at the gig. She pulled away from me and reached in her jacket suddenly, pulling out a gun. Her hands trembling slightly, she aimed it towards Claire, her eyes blazing with a violent combination of drink and rage. Her blonde hair flared up in the breeze and a cruel smile came suddenly to her lips.

“He’s my baby now” she grinned, and my girlfriend turned and ran, leaving me standing in complete shock. I was worried now, my jaw still hanging open as Mindy gripped the solid metal shape in her hands, dark and cold like the centres of her eyes. This must have been what was in her jacket all this time. “Jesus Christ” I started, but I saw Mindy hesitate and she drooped her head, slowly lowering her hand with the gun.

“Mindy…just put the gun down,” I said slowly, keeping still trying to defuse the situation. Her eyes glazed over with a sudden burning passion and she shoved me forcefully against a car, hands tearing up my back and down the back of my jeans, her lips gripping mine fiercely as she moaned softly between us, her warm touch countering my shivering in the cold, hands scraping over my jeans.

I pushed her off and she looked hurt “You know I would never do anything to harm you baby” she gasped nervously.

“I know…” I started, but Mindy turned away and ran. I was totally confused; a hundred thoughts racing through my mind. Where did the gun come from and why did she have it? What was I doing? Was she crazy? Or was it just the drink? Was this a mistake or the best time of my life? I mean liking a forceful girl is one thing…but this?

I walked away to my dad’s house and opened the door. I’d been staying with him while working in London, as my accommodation still needed sorting. I was relieved when it was empty; I just wanted to settle in for a quiet night…

A few hours passed, I watched a film to try and distract my thoughts, waiting for my parents to get back around seven. My phone buzzed and made me jump, crawling across the worktop whilst my eyes drifted lazily over the TV.

“I’m sorry babe. Can I come over? Just a drink or something? I’ll be good…” From Mindy.

20 minutes later she stood at the door.

“So how’s things” she beamed, so careless, her gestures almost elegant.

“Everything’s fine babe, just a bit…confused?”

“I’m sorry” Mindy said, uncertainly brimming her voice, staggering in and spraying my scent with wine. She laughed and collapsed against me, looking down at my chest

“Mindy look I..”

But her lips got to me first. She almost collapsed in my arms, her head rolling but her eyes gleaming, hands sliding around my waist for support, pulling me closer.

“Look you’d best sit down” I murmured, and moved her to the lounge. Jumping down onto the big bouncy couch, her legs tangled up with mine, her head on my shoulder.

“Don’t talk baby” she hissed in my ear, laughing as her eyes darkened. She gave me a peck on the cheek and looked up.

“Missed me?” Mindy smirked, pushing me gently.

“Maybe…” I said thoughtfully.

“Well that’s ok I have you all to myself now” she laughed, escort bursa and wrapped her arm round my back.


“Don’t you dare” she hit me playfully, and lifted off my shirt quickly.

“Hey hold on, the curtains are wide open!” I began.

“Then we’ll have an audience” she giggled, biting my lip and pushing me back onto the sofa. She straddled me, climbing on top of me and letting her hair drift slowly down my chest, like a receding wave pulling back into the sea, glimmering with gold.

She ripped off my trousers and suddenly took me into her mouth in one motion, her wet tongue moving slowly up and down with her lips around the base of my shaft, making me shudder with pleasure. I gasped and stretched out on the sofa, stroking her hair gently. She started sucking harder, making me feel her wetness, pressed up against the back of her throat. Her head bobbed up and down while her hands stroked around my waist, then running over the surface of my shaft before putting it back in her mouth again, smacking her wet lips together. She worked it harder, and I could feel myself start to build up, sweat dripping down my body.

“Come on baby” she whispered, rubbing me harder with her hands “Come for me, come on please baby, give it to me” Her hands rubbed harder, pinching gently across the tip, occasionally sucking, deep throating me suddenly without warning, licking the tip, each time making me moan, wanting to just burst all over her, Then she stopped. I was so busy enjoying myself I barely noticed she had.

I looked up to see her smiling, face hidden half in shadow, hair trailing down her eyes, dark smudged eyeliner applied unevenly all around. “Now it’s my turn” she whispered in my ear…”You can tease me first, or you’ll get nothing…”

I feigned a gasp of horror , smiling up at her, then pulled her down to the floor, running my hands ever so gently around her waist, pulling her towards my lips letting her feel my hot breath against her skin

“More..” she murmured, hands stretching with tension, pulling me down tighter till her soft skin brushed up against me, a moan escaping her lips as I worked my way upwards to her breasts, licking and kissing softly, my hands around the small of her back, undercutting her shoulder blades and sitting her up against the sofa. Using the other hand I traced an arc from her ankles, around her calves and to the inside of her knee, then down her thighs, brushing close to make her squeak as I rose higher, then falling down again, all the while my lips glazing off her chest.

“Yes…that’s right baby, let me feel everything, you know what I want” she groaned, hands running through my hair whilst my tongue teased the tips of her nipples, biting gently occasionally.

Her hips thrust up against me, warmly inviting me in but I continued, running up to work her neck, hands brushing round the inside of her thighs with the tips of my nails, pulling away just when I got too close, hearing her growl with frustration and stretch her legs out towards me, pulling me in closer as she wrapped them around me, our bodies pressed warm together.

“No more teasing now, I want you…” she said, biting my ear and scratching sharply down my back

“Not yet” I grinned back, trying to push her away.

Mindy’s hand suddenly shot up to my hair and tugged me forcefully downwards, yanking my hair sharply and pressing my mouth to hers, teeth clamping down painfully on my lips as she panted and breathed heavily against me, her hips thrusting up and down against my cock, warm wet flesh begging to have me inside.

“Now. Right now” she hissed, throwing me down to the floor and clambering on top of me, pinning my arms down, hard clamps upon my wrists.

“Jesus Mindy…”I started but was cut off. Her tongue invaded my mouth, a strong whiff of alcohol invading my senses as her hot flesh devoured me, a faint taste of blood on my lips, pushing me right into the floor, her gasping and wet juices on my stomach clearly betraying her arousal. Her teeth bit against my jaw as she pushed me lower down, urging me to go down on her.

“That’s it baby lower, please lower, I want your tongue inside me now, I need you inside me” she gasped, legs clamping around my neck as she lifted them onto my shoulders. Considering how drunk she seemed, she remained remarkably flexible. She pushed my face against her soaked pussy and I began to lick her clit, using the tip of my tongue to pry her open, her gasps so loud I though the neighbours might hear.

Throwing back her head she collapsed to the floor, thighs tightly pressed against my shoulders, thrusting up to meet me as I slid my tongue right inside her.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, pushing me down into her. She was close to cumming now, hands tugging and clawing at my back trying to push me deeper inside her, barely letting me breathe.

“Yes baby YES I LOVE IT!” she gasped through clenched teeth “More, more, you know how I like it, just to have you all to myself now, I don’t care about anything else, just keep going baby don’t stop…”I licked her faster and faster until she forcefully shoved me away. She grinned at me viciously before climbing over on top of me again, sliding my cock inside her, gasping and laughing with pleasure, giving me no chance to resist.

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