Meena – Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 03

Alex Mae

Life is not always favorable to you – even if you happen to possess all the pluses to be successful, for a woman, pluses are like beauty, wily, cleverness, sensuality, ability to use the body for effective output and above all manipulation. Woman is the best example of manipulative behavior, in the role of a mother she can break the son and daughter in law, in the role of a sister she can screw up the brother’s life and so on and so forth.

Meena was in the same league – going against the boss did not last long, at some time Raaj had to fall in line and spilled the beans – resulting in the beauty losing her job instantly both at home and in the office.

Her husband made her life even more miserable by asking her to fend for the mounting debts which had risen to more than 75,000 Indian rupees. She left the jobs with no remorse and did not realize that beauty and sensuality will not alone get her the daily bread.

Soon – she was on the roads – and it was a matter of time that she called up Prakash – her ex boss one day – from a new # – “Sir –Meena here. How are you?”

“Meena – who is this – do not know anyone by this name?” Prakash was playing her game back on her.

“Sirrrrrrr- this is Meena, need your help desperately, please help” she pleaded.

“You were a daughter to me and would have helped in the past but now do not think that holds water. Sorry cannot help” and he disconnected.

The mobile rang once again – he could see the # – did not take the call. He wanted to torment her, he had made up his mind – after all Raaj had confided with him of all the escapades and Prakash still had lot of energy there in the rod between his legs. Back home – his wife was least cooperative and he needed someone who could be trusted to give in to him without fear of society or health – he knew Meena to be a clean woman and fucking her would be safe and this was going to be his chance.

He had been toying with the idea of snaring his wife’s friend Shanti who was in Tiruppur but that chance was fading away – on a recent get together trip which all of them undertook along with his wife’s sister and family – the relationship went sour with Shanti when his wife suspected the two to be getting cozy with each other more than what was necessary leaving a lot to be done and though Shanti and Prakash claimed to be in a platonic relationship, this did not yield any ground with the wife and finally Prakash gave her his piece of mid that he did not care for Shanti and did not matter who she was and is – though heart of hearts – the man cherished a wish that one day will arrive when he will get a chance to sink his prick in the beautiful sensual still so charming 47 year old Shanti.

He knew he will do it one day. She was 2 years older to him but that did not matter – what mattered was her appearance –she could easily pass off as a 30+ woman – extremely beautiful and slim. Small boobs petite and pretty good height – and nice legs – which would be wonderful to wrap around the torso when Prakash would be plunging his nice tool between her ass cheeks, he had been dreaming day and night for a chance to fuck her – only time was to come when Shanti would be his SLUT and he was sure that destiny will make it happen.

Now back to Meena – she gave up after couple of calls and was sorry to have called him, she felt cheated and sick that she did all that – after all he may not be interested in her- he may not yield, intention was the same – make him sleep with her and get him to part with tons of money, poor one had no clue that the lecher was also planning the same.

One day just before she was to take her bath, Meena received a call – ‘Wow – it is Sir…’ she exclaimed.

“Yes Sir…how did you remember me’ she jumped up and down in the phone.

‘Uhmmmmmm- well just thought it over and decided to call you, but remember your Madam is not aware of this, and you should not tell her. What is the issue – why did you call me?” Prakash was fondling his dick over the pant and already planning the rupture of her ass soon and sooner.

“I am broke sir, my husband who is a good for nothing fellow is not doing anything. All the people from whom we have taken money are lining up day and night. We are not even having enough to pay the school fees and rent. Please help sir. I will pay you back’ she wailed.

“Uhmmm – meet me at the Coffee Day – near NGEF on the Old Madras Road – sharp 2 pm today. We will have a quick lunch and discuss. Ok” and he kept the phone. Immediately he got up from his seat and went to the toilet and lowered his trousers, took his prick out and weaved a nice story of fucking her while masturbating – the fantasy would get converted into reality – and he jacked a load into the commode.

At exact 2pm she was there at the gate inside the RMZ campus, the attendant at the restaurant was eyeing her all over – she was looking alluring, eatable and the guy just could have been thinking how it would be possible to take her bahis firmaları – right there, dusky skin, well done facial, nice ‘bindi’ on the forehead, gold chain hanging with a cross on the base and sexy looking nose ring and ear rings.

She enquired with the guy if Prakash had come in, he shook his head. She was led to a nice cosy well polished and maintained good leather seat at the corner of the block, she just sat when her mobile rang, ” Hi Meena, will be there in 30 minutes. I have told Alex the owner to keep you occupied. Take care, my love.”

Meena was stunned with the call – especially the ‘my love’ part. She did not expect that from Prakash whom she always called ‘Sir’ and was sure would never have any such words for her. Well – something deep down told her that it was changing and he will seek the pound of flesh – may be the one or the ones between her legs.

Alex appeared in no time and gave her the menu card asking to her chose anything she wanted and when she opened the card – a small envelop fell out with something that took a long time to comprehend written on it “BANGALORE ESCORTS – contact cell # …”.

She asked him what this word ‘escort’ meant; Alex looked at her straight and snatched the envelope from her even before she could open it. She knew the meaning of it – something sinister.

As she was sipping on the Lemon Ice tea in her nice churidhar and kurta – silky one with cotton mix, she had bought it 3 years back in a fair near her house for Rs 250/- – pretty cheap, she was sure the seller had picked it up from some rich party on exchange basis for much less, but anyway there were some minor repairs and it looked as good as new- something like this in the malls will be priced upwards Rs 1500/- or even more. Prakash came – she saw him park the car through the glass across and started to get goose pimples all over and felt a slight tingle in her pussy, she knew it was starting to swell and may be even leak, this was a new adventure for her, she may not have to do much from a seduction perspective but one thing which made her squirm with pleasure was the looming danger of having sex with him which looked plausible – one she knew Madam back home with all her ailments would not be giving him what he wanted and secondly – Sir, was exercising and was a hit with the ladies which made her sure he was looking for outside ‘food’ and she knew he will go for her though she was just a maid and later his receptionist cum secretary.

She remembered his handling methods and also knew of his amorous moods –she had seen him browsing all those sex sites – and once she wondered if he would call her to see those stuff along with him, but he maintained discreet distance and never exposed his love for her flesh – which she wasn’t sure if he had – she will come to know now.

“Hi – hope you did not have to wait long finished a crucial meeting before coming over. How is life treating – you look as beautiful, Uhmmm- wearing a nice chunni – what are you trying to cover – the kurta is pretty much covering everything?’ and he placed his left hand over her right hand on the reverse and she got a jolt –he was so warm. “So what can I do for you Meena –tell me – please?”

She looked into his eyes and hers started to turn moist – she was getting emotional, she knew the money was important but wasn’t sure if he will give it without fucking her, and that was a guilt which she had to prepared to live with – can she or will she?

Even before she could complete the thoughts – he once again did something which only confirmed his intentions – he squeezed her hand slightly and then firmly and scratched her palm with his middle finger – she felt erotic for a second and them slowly he released her hand, “Now tell me quick. You look beautiful Meena really beautiful.”

“I need money – am in a very bad shape” and she started to show moisture in her eyes.

He held her hand offering her the tissue paper and asked her’ How much my dear Meena’

“A lot – but can you give me some thing now to start with – small amount’ she pleaded.

“How small – tell me” and he dug into his blazer pocket to pull out his wallet.

“Rs 2000/-” she muttered.

‘That is all – take Rs 5,000/- “and he gave her 5 notes of Rs1000/- instantly and thrust them into her hands – she did not know what to do – and stared at him blank faced. “Aah – do not worry, come to the office and will give you a cheque if that helps, okay. Do not worry’ matter of fact was his posture.

“Thanks – “she could muster words.

“You look beautiful really, am not joking. How will you repay this money or do we just forget it, am okay” Prakash wanted her hook line and sinker and there was only this much he knew will make the big thing happen.

“In EMIs – slowly will pay you back” she tried to bluff him into come to the point.

“Oh come on – you don’t have pay back in cash form – you can always give me what I need, you wanted money here take it but I need kaçak iddaa something, something which you have and I want – you are beautiful young 28 year old woman, so what if you have children and a husband – you are beautiful and have on you what I want – and I am in dire need of it. It is as much as you need this money, so tell me will you give it to me” he did not mince words but she did not appear to take the meaning so easily – she played with the words.

“No sir- cannot come back to work again, it is not going to be the same lot of humiliation, even cannot come home to work – Madam does not love me anymore” she gulped a few air gallons – this was a fast one she was attempting.

“Are you telling me you have not understood what I want – “and he pulled out his E61i mobile – and went to the Gallery and quickly picked up a image – and opened it and showed it to her, it was her own photo, the focus was on her boobs – cleavage and she was mopping the floor facing the door while he was seated on the sofa. The boobs were ample in display and the cleavage showed right through, gleaming with sweat – “Now you know what I want or should you want to see some more?”

She was stunned, “I never thought…”

“You never imagined me to have such designs on you – come on Meena- you could go around fucking Raaj behind my back and think I will not have any ideas –the day you fucked his friend Avinash at the Rahejas where he was staying – is when I made up my mind to take you wholesome. But I wanted to be sure you needed something from me and then take what I wanted from you. Now can we talk …BTW, you are welcome to say no and keep the Rs 5000/-. No black mail – I respect you for all your individuality – if you think you cannot give me what I want – let it be so”

“What in me will satisfy you?” and she knew this was a wrong question and she bit her lip. She knew she had walked into the trap.

“Okay – first let me get something to eat and drink – then we wil discuss this – ok. What do you want, I am going for a vegetable croissant with cooled ice tea.”

“Anything for me will do” she was shocked.

“Get 2 veg croissants with iced tea, refill one for her” he told the waiter.

“Ok – now – what do I want from you. I want you completely naked in my arms, my hands will go all over you – head to toe and do a lot of digging work around your backside –dig into the lovely sweet smelling ass hole and them drill the nice well maintained fluffy pussy, you will be with me in a 5 star room – where I will switch off the AC for good time to ensure you sweat – glisten in the sweat and after you have drenched yourself – -will lick you all over” he was getting excited.

“Is that enough or you want more graphical details on what I want from you “this time his face contorted and he looked wild.

She was dumb stuck just could not move and in a well cooled AC restaurant – beads of sweat started to appear on her forehead.

She picked up the tissue paper to wipe it off and ran the same all over her forehead and along the neckline and just as she was about to drop it – “Run into the boobs along the cleavage. I know you are equally sweaty there too, my darling Meena. Do not worry – I will not touch till you are willing and remember once you are willing then I will do what I want with you and your body. Ok. Think it through, not much to debate, suggest think it over. Once again – the 5K is yours and don’t have to worry about it right now. I will leave now and wait for you to confirm so that I can start the work”

“I am ready – and will cooperate with you. Please make arrangements for the remaining money. I need to pay back Rs 50K.” she meekly submitted to the wily demands of the old fox.

“Come this side – we will be to the wall and you can give me some instant pleasure. I just want to feel your nice body – how long one has waited for this lovely encaged creation of a woman – you will be terrific in bed, am sure and remember to shave all parts and wax them accordingly. Go to a beauty parlor and get it done before Saturday, we will be off to Attibelle – to a nice 3 star hotel. I will have you in my arms for 3 full nights and days. Get some good sexy clothes, all sleeveless. Ok” he was getting real horny.

She came and sat next to him, for some time he faked to the people around that he was showing her something on the blackberry and slowly his left hand traveled to her base and lifting her left buttock he inserted the finger between the ass crack and made a popping sound where the stitches gave way and touched her panty clad ass – slowly he manipulated the panty onto the side and inserted his finger along the crack which was completely moist and he kept running it up and down – the tear at the stitch was increasing and she protested, he inserted the finger into her ass hole and slowly the hole penetrated the hairy orifice and got into the smut territory where he found some resistance and let the oil allow the sink to go on which happened kaçak bahis – the finger finally was totally in her asshole and he could feel the bung around his fingers- he knew that was to go –when she comes on the next Saturday for the first night with him.

“Have you fucked in your ass ever before? This is a question and do not give me fake responses” he admonished her.

“AAAAHHHHH, please remove the finger – everybody is watching” she wailed.

“There are the only two of us – the attendants will not come this side as they have been told to lay off from here, they know that you will get laid by me. Now tell me, has anyone fucked you in the ass yet or not? “

“Yes – AAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, yes – 4-5 times, once with Raaj” she moaned.

He took the finger out with all her muck on it – and lowered her mouth on to his side and smooched her lips and then inserted his tongue into her mouth – before she could think anything else – he removed his lips and inserted the butt finger into her mouth and made her suck it – till it came clean from her mouth.

“You did not like it right? Keep all your holes clean, Get an enema done at the Satya’s before getting into my car on Saturday – Ok. All holes to be completely clean and no hair, remember without fail. Let us go now “and he got up –went to the counter – paid the bill and straight walked to his car and waited for her to come and join him.

She took inordinately long time to come and join him up – but he waited. He wanted to finger her pussy this time and was so excited that she was yielding and he could maul her that he did not bother about being in a public place and took his cock out and started to stroke it up and down.

He was just about to jack himself into a nice orgasm when she came and tapped on the window glass- he let the prick be as it is and opened the door for her- she looked fresh –looked had a nice wash in the rest room.

He did not ask her about the tear at the stitch – instead of got out of the compound –after paying the security the parking fees and with his dick still hanging out – which he knew she must have noticed started to go towards KR Puram.

She looked at him – pleading and finally whispered, “I need to go home fast, my salwar in totally torn. Please.”

He looked at her and took her hand in his only to place it on his prick and told her “Just bring him off and lick it off your hands and we will go back home – I will take the Ring road on the left and go slowly. Ok”

She was a master at that – playing with pricks – but had never done in these brazen conditions, but now she had no choice – he was giving her no choice.

She slouched in the seat to get better access and slowly started to jack him off, “How many times have washed his underwear at his house with his cum stains and now am holding the prick in my hand, am really on Cloud 9, this man will slowly be my slave. ” her mind was doing all the right things and slowly she undid the zipper a bit more –only to caress his scrotum and took the sack in her palm and slowly applied pressure from both the side to get him to ejaculate fast and faster.

He looked at her and took his hand to her mouth and inserted his fingers and oiling them with her saliva applied the two to his balls and – told her to repeat the same with her fingers. She copiously released saliva on her fingers and applied them onto his balls and his prick and before they reached Kasturi Nagar – he came in spurts and she caught it in her palm and with her other palm rubbed it into a pool of sperm puddle – and right there before his eyes slowly licked it off and drank the gooey liquid in multiple loops.

“Zip me up and there you see the board “Anusuya Bleach” they are an excellent beauty parlour in this area and do good working on waxing and bleaching. Get yourself done up by them and you do not have to pay anything. Will drop you by and go and meet them to fix an appointment right away. Call me on Friday and will let you know where and at what time to meet me – most likely 4 pm near the KR Puram station – just be on the left hand side corner “he stopped for her to get off.

“I will come later – just drop me near my home” she pleaded.

He had for a moment forgotten the tearing of the rear that he had committed on her – and immediately realizing his folly moved on and wanted to fondle her lovely boobs but much against his wishes could not do – because it was dense on the road and this was his area and one did not want embarrassment.

He reached Kulappa circle where he dropped her off and moved on to his house.

He was feeling very horny and wanted quick relief, reached home and rushed to his room and quickly undressed to go to the bathroom – switched the geyser and waited for a while to pick up the telephone shower and after making sure that the water was sub optimally hot – ran it around his tip and close to the groin and finally aimed the piercing water on his balls and with his fantasy now only around the wonder pussy and his favorite harlot Meena – he shagged luxuriously to his heart’s content.

The man was preparing himself to the upcoming Saturday when he would rip her cunt and ass with his prick.

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