Meeting Hilary


I was sitting at the arrivals lounge at the Harwich Ferry terminal drinking my third cup of coffee. I was waiting in anticipation to meet Hilary, hoping I would still recognise her. I thought about the times we spent in the Dutch waterways with all of our children. The glorious times we spent with the Maas family sailing the inland waterways of Holland. In particular how I used to drool over the superb figure of Hilary in one of her skimpy bikinis.

Thirty years ago we used to sail across to Holland in our 26 foot yacht with the family. We would spend our summer holiday sailing in the calm waters of the Veerse Meer. We visited many charming towns and villages such as Veere, Zierikzee and Goes. The children would delight in erecting a small tent on one of the many small uninhabited islands in the Veerse Meer. They had a wonderful time exploring the island, it was their island. We sailed and swam in the shallow waters off the beach. During our travels we met a Dutch couple (Tom and Hilary) and their family at Ouse. They also sailed in a similar sized yacht with children of similar age. They were amazed that we sailed across the North Sea in such a small yacht. They were afraid of the many dangerous sandbanks guarding the East Coast of Britain, and the large ships going in to Felixstowe. This was before the time of GPS and mobile phones, so the navigation was very basic but we never had any major problems.

Tom and Hilary often said they would love to sail across to Harwich and explore the creeks and estuaries of the East Coast of Britain. They were so impressed with “The Yachtsman’s Cruising Guide to the East Coast Rivers” but they never picked up enough courage to sail across the North Sea.

We always kept in touch with each other, but in the last year both Hilary and myself had lost our partners. We started to communicate using Skype. During one conversation, she remarked that she never did manage to explore Walton Backwaters in Essex. These are described in Arthur Ransome’s Secret Waters children’s book. I suggested she came over and stayed with me, so I could show her the area to which she quickly agreed.

She informed me that she would be arriving at Harwich on the ferry from the Hook of Holland at 1945 Hours on Monday 18th July. When Hilary was younger, she was really beautiful with a fantastic figure and lovely long legs. I would drool over her body through my sunglasses whenever she wore one of her skimpy bikinis, short skirts, or low cut dresses. Even though it had been several years since I had last seen her. I immediately recognised her as soon as she stepped off the Ferry. She still possessed that beautiful svelte figure and sexy walk I admired so much when she was young. When she saw me, she ran towards me and dropped her case at my feet. She slung her arms around me, gave me a big kiss on the lips and hugged me tight. Feeling her firm breasts pressing into me I could feel my erection starting grow as she kissed me. I released myself from her grip, picked up her case and guided her to my car. Hilary was so excited to see me after all those years and could not stop talking all the way home.

We picked up a Chinese Takeaway on the way home which we ate on our laps in front of the TV. We washed down the meal with a bottle of her favourite New Zealand wine.

It was nearly 2 am before we eventually stopped talking and decided to go to bed. Being a gentleman. I offered her the guest room but Hilary said she has not been cuddled since Tom died and could do with a good cuddle. Getting into bed she wrapped her arms around me, gave me a goodnight kiss and quickly fell asleep.

When I awoke in the morning she was still sleeping soundly with her arm draped across me. I eased myself out of bed without waking her up. I went for a shower, got dressed and started to prepare the breakfast. I suddenly felt a pair of arms circling around my waist, Hilary’s breasts pressed into my back as she nuzzled my neck.

“What’s for breakfast?” She asked

“Why, only full English for you my darling, you have just got time for a quick shower and it will be waiting for you” I replied.

“Will this be waiting as well?” She asked, squeezing my penis then laughing as she quickly disappeared out of the kitchen to get a shower.

After breakfast we drove to Woodbridge and parked near the Old Tide Mill and Yacht Marina for tea and cakes at a kiosk. As we sat there drinking our tea and eating our cakes we watched the yachts entering and leaving the Marina. The next point of call was Sutton Hoo, an Anglo Saxon burial ground. Hilary was truly amazed at the wealth of Anglo-Saxon artefacts, which are of outstanding archaeological significance. After the visit we continued on to visit Bawdsey Manor at the entrance of the River Deben. Bawdsey Manor was where Watson Watt developed RADAR in 1936, the Manor and surrounding buildings were still used by the military up until about 1990.

Sitting on the beach, Hilary remarked how strong the tide was at the entrance, and how dangerous the sandbanks looked as the waves broke over them. I pointed out to her the bouyage bahis firmaları marking the channel leading into the river. I explained to her the dangers of the sand banks as we watched some yachts sail out.

Following the course of the river, we went on to Ramsholt Arms, a very popular pub on the waterside. It was so romantic and peaceful sitting outside the pub, having a cool beer, and a Cromer Crab sandwich. Hilary was able to see why we used to enjoy sailing in the river Deben and walking along the footpath beside the river. I told her the story of Christine and I nearly getting caught having sex by some ramblers. Christine made such a noise when she came, they must have heard her, because as they walked by they gave us a knowing smile.

I booked a table at Mariners Restaurant on the Waterfront in Ipswich, where we dined after Hilary had done some shopping for sexy lingerie at Ann Summers in Ipswich. There is something special about watching yachts manoeuvring about in a Marina. We gave each yachts skipper and crew points out of 10, for their ability to handle and berth their yacht. During one of the conversations, Hilary told me she goes to Pilates on Mondays and Fridays. On a Wednesday, she goes to the Gym followed with a massage by a very attractive lesbian. Her nickname is “Randy Mandy” who always spends a lot of time massaging bum and breasts. She always offers to relieve any sexual tension they may when massaging the top of their inner thighs. Some of the ladies that she goes to the gym with have taken “Randy Mandy” up on her offer. They soon found out that she now turns every massage with them, into a lesbian pussy kissing session. By keeping so fit and active Hilary has retained the superb body and posture, I remember from our sailing days.

On the way home, Hilary thanked me for taking her out, and a lovely meal. She gave my upper thigh a squeeze as she said she would show her appreciation when we got home.

Hilary suggested we both had a shower, and would show me the sexy lingerie she had purchased. In the shower our lips met, I sucked her tongue hungrily into my mouth, and our tongues danced together. With my hands on each side of her face our lips were locked in a powerful embrace, I could feel myself getting aroused in the passionate embrace. She told me to just stand there, while she washed me all over, it was difficult to restrain myself from grabbing hold of her, and forcing myself into her. Especially as after washing my chest and back, she reached down and washed my prick. Getting down on her knees she licked the shaft, my cock jerked, begging for more attention. Taking my cock deep into her mouth, she sucked on it, feeling it grow fully erect in her mouth. With the water cascading over us, she removed my cock from her mouth and placed it between her lovely soft smooth breasts. Standing up she then allowed me to wash her body all over, my slippery soapy hands spending a lot of time on her gorgeous breasts. I slid my hands down her slender legs, up her inner thighs and on to her bum and pussy. I took this opportunity to kneel down and kiss her pussy lips. I opened her pussy lips wide to allow my mouth to suck in her clitoral hub as she held my head in place and ground her hip into my face.

“That’s enough for now, get dried and lay on the bed” she said

I lay on the bed waiting for her to come in, it seemed ages before she appeared in a dressing gown. The reason she had taken so long, was because she had put some lipstick and make up on. When she came over to me her perfume was so sexy and intoxicating, she then tied my wrists to the bedpost with my dressing gown belt,. When she had finished tying me, she walked away from me and slowly dropped her dressing gown on to the floor. With her back to me, she glanced over her shoulder to give me a sexy smile. She slowly turned round to display the erotic lingerie she had just purchased. I had always admired her figure, but now I had the benefit of it being displayed in front of me, she was absolutely gorgeous and so sexy. The lipstick and makeup she wore, complimented the colour of her skin, her mini bra and thong. I could see her nipples were aroused and hard, she looked so sexy and absolutely amazing. I thought to myself, is this really happening to me, is this wonderful creature about to seduce me?

She crawled up the bed and straddled my waist, placed her hands on the cheeks of my face, and gave me a long very passionate kiss. Our tongues invaded each other’s mouth, the aroma of her delicate perfume filled my nostrils. Releasing the kiss, she allowed me to briefly nuzzle her breasts before she raised her chest, so her nipples were just out of reach of my mouth. Sitting up she looked into my eyes, she reached round her back to unclasp her sexy bra. Slowly revealing a pair of beautiful silky soft white breasts. Her hard nipples stood proudly erect surrounded by their large dark pink areoles. Leaning forward she put her breasts just out of reach of my mouth, extending my tongue I was just able to lick the very end of one nipple. She continued to tease me, offering me to lick first one nipple, kaçak iddaa and then the other. Lowering her breasts further she allowed me to suckle her breasts. Every now and again she would lift her breast from my mouth, resulting in a plopping sound as it left my mouth. She would then lower the other breast for me to suckle, continuing to tease me all of the time. If I could only use my hands I would grab her and ram my prick inside her right now.

I was able to really appreciate the beauty of her Golden Globes as she sat up, tweaking my nipples, until they were nearly as hard as hers. Moving down my body she brushed over my hard cock, sitting on my thighs, she lowered her breasts so my cock fitted snugly between them. Looking in to my eyes, she bent her head down so she was able to lick the precum off the end of my cock which jerked involuntary. I moaned with pleasure wondering what was next. Scraping her nails over my balls and holding my cock in her hand, she gave it a good suck to ensure that I was fully erect and ready to insert inside her vagina. Slowly moving her sensuous body up mine, she kissed me full on the lips, nipping my nipples on the way up. She continued all the way until she sat astride my face, her pussy giving off a familiar aroma. Her thong prevented me from kissing her pussy directly, so I had to make do with licking it over her moist thong.

Getting off the bed, she removed her thong and put it in under my nose, arousing me even further. Leaning over she once again teased me with her breasts, only allowing me a brief suck on each of them. Hilary repositioned herself down the foot of the bed, and moved my legs apart. She positioned herself between my legs, her breasts encompassing my cock. Her tongue barely flicking the tip of my cock, her saliva making my cock so wet. I thrust my hips up towards her mouth, trying to ram my cock into her mouth. She just laughed, and slowly glided up my body to give me a passionate kiss. Forcing her tongue deep into my mouth, I could taste my own precum. She continued further up my body, so that her breasts were near my mouth for me to suck. Hilary placed a nipple in my mouth and I eagerly sucked on it. She moaned in satisfaction, so I continued to suck it and rotate the hard nipple with my tongue. She then placed the other breast in my mouth, to enable me to flick my tongue on the other nipple. This produced a gratifying sound from her lips. Her breast smothered my face and I inhaled her perfume and the smell of sex on her body. Continuing to move up the bed, she placed her knees either side of my face putting her pussy near my mouth, still teasing me. I inhaled the scent of her pussy and obtained a close up of her exposed pussy as she lowered it on to my mouth. She lifted her pussy away from my mouth, playing with my emotions, by moving it just out of reach of my searching tongue. Finally, I was allowed me to use my tongue to lick the puffy lips of her slick pussy. I could she was desperate to cum by the large quantity of juices flowing into my mouth which I readily sucked up.

A moan of pleasure tells me I am pleasing her, she rocked gently backwards and forwards to increase her pleasure. She pulled open her labia lips, to enable me to take the hood of her clitoris into my mouth to suck. Breathing deeply, she caresses both of her breasts, squeezing the nipples, sighing with pleasure. I pleaded with her to let me make her cum with my mouth. I pursed my lips surrounding the nub applying suction as I flicked my tongue over it. Hilary moaned and clutched my head holding it firm between her strong thighs. I worked my tongue and lips on her swollen clit as she rode my face. She was soon gripped in an orgasm crying out in rapture. As she calmed down I resorted to gently licking her pulsing vagina, enjoying the taste of her love juices.

Not wanting me to cum until she is ready she moved back down my body, sliding her pussy over my cock, the juices from her pussy being spread over my cock. Teasing me, she slides her wet pussy several times over my stiff cock. She goes down until her breasts encompass my cock, licking the precum off the end . She moves up, eventually positioning her love canal over my prick, impaling herself on to my erect member. leaning forward to give me a kiss, tasting her own pussy juices on my mouth. Released my wrists from the headboard allowed me to use my hands to place an erect nipple into my mouth. Rotating her hips, she ground her Mount Venus on to my pelvic bone. Starting slowly at first, we got into a rhythm, where I thrust my hip upwards in time with her gyrations, to obtain fantastic sensations for both of us.

With my hands released, I was able to caress both of her soft beautiful breasts as she sat upright, rotating her gorgeous body on my cock. Her head lay back, her eyes closed, enjoying every thrust of my prick into her very wet pussy. Moans of pleasure were emitted from her open mouth, her breathing rate increased, her pulse was racing. I pulled her forward to unable me to gently nip one of her nipples in my mouth causing her scream with ecstasy.

The pace increased, I was thrusting kaçak bahis as quickly, as hard and as deep as I can, while at the same time keeping up a steady rhythm. I could tell she was nearly ready to cum, by her muscles tensing in time with her breathing.

Panting heavily, she reached her orgasm, her gyrations gradually slowed right down, and eventually stopping. Her body froze, exhausted, she collapsed on top of me, to allow her pulse rate and breathing to recover. Giving me a lovely kiss on the lips, she thanked me for such a wonderful orgasm.

“Haven’t had such an orgasm like that for many years, but I feel guilty because you haven’t cum” she said.

Rolling her over on to her back, I lifted her legs in the air and slowly resumed thrusting into her very wet pussy. Holding on to her thighs to give me more control, I drove myself as deep as possible into her cunt. I slowly pulled out, until only the head of my prick is inside her, and then drove back up to the hilt. Hilary reached down with her right hand between her legs, and rotated her middle finger on her clit, her left hand squeezing her breast and nipple. My thrusts get deeper and faster, I can feel her pussy muscles milking my prick. My balls banged against the cheeks of her arse, as I rammed my cock in and out of her wet pussy.

She uttered a loud groan as I pulled on her thighs, sinking my rock hard rod even deeper into her love canal. I could tell that she was just about ready to cum again.

I felt her pussy muscles going into a spasm, her body convulsing into another orgasm, cumming, over and over again. Her pussy juice flowed freely down my balls, my body stiffened as I exploded into her with one final thrust. I shouted out as I shot my cum inside her, and felt the wonderful sensation of her pussy muscles, milking every last drop of spunk from my cock.

The feeling of love, lust and sex was so intense for both of us, we just held each other tight as I collapsed on top of her.

In the morning, we left early to catch the tide to sail to Walton Backwaters, in our friend Roger’s yacht a large Catamaran called “Secret Waters.” Walton Backwaters is a large Nature Reserve consisting of tidal creeks, small islands and marshland. The area is hugely popular with birdwatchers as it is a breeding ground for Little Terns, and supports many types of marine wildlife and coastal plants.

We met Roger at Titchmarsh Marina so he can familiarise us with his yacht, and the provisions he had provided. He spent rather a lot of time chatting to Hilary, and did offer to join us as skipper, which I politely refused. We left the Marina and hoisted the sails as we motored down the Walton Channel to sail to Harwich Harbour. On the way out past Stone Point island, I point out to Hilary the sandbanks, and narrow channel. Many yachts have come to grief on Pye Sands, the channel bouyage is maintained by the local Yacht Club and Fishermen. We could see Languard Fort and the Naze Tower, these were used to guard the entrance to Harwich Harbour in the days of Sail. Hilary was surprised at the to size and number of Container Ships at Felixstowe, and the narrow cannel they had to use. We continued up the River Stour where we saw one of the Cruise ships preparing for sea. Further on, on the other side of the river is the magnificent building of the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook, originally used for children of the Royal Navy.

Sailing back into Hamford Waters, we explored Oakley creek to see the colony of seals. It is rumoured that there was a Gunpowder Factory at the end of the creek during the last war. The next creek, Kirby Creek has Oyster Beds so we sailed past it into Landermore Creek to anchor for the night. Hilary was surprised that there were no other yachts in the vicinity.

In the evening, we sat in the cockpit, with our arms around each other. Drinking a glass of wine, while we watched the setting sun glistening on the water. Hilary could see why we found the area and environment so peaceful and enchanting, and spent a lot of time sailing there. It was so quiet, calm and relaxing watching the wildlife that came so close to us.

In the morning Hilary woke me up with a cup of tea, she had been up since first light to watch the wildlife. She did not stop talking about the wildlife she had seen. She was particularly enthralled to see Avocet chicks, feeding on the water’s edge being watched over by a very protective parent. They were only about twenty feet away from the yacht and unconcerned by our presence. Looking over the stern of the yacht she could see a shoal of Grey Mullet fish nibbling at the algae on the rudders.

Later on in the morning, Hilary thought it a good idea that we should go for a swim. Giggling like a little schoolgirl she just stripped off and dived in naked telling me to do the same. The water was cold so I did not stay in very long and got out for a shower on the stern. I watched Hilary getting out and marvelled at this mature woman’s perfect body. When she had a shower, she ran her fingers through her hair to remove all of the salt water. With her hands in this position it accentuated the firmness of her breasts, with her hard nipples like arrows ready to fire. I studied her well toned body, the flat stomach, the shapeliness of her posterior and the smoothness of her legs.

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