Subject: Men of Dragon Ball Z The next day was Gohan’s first day at Orange Star High School, Chichi, Goku and Goten stood out side to wave bye to him. “Goku, I need to go out for a few things. Make sure Goten does his school work.” She nagged as she started walking away. “Well, you heard her.” Goku says, laughing as they walk back into the house. Goten sat down at the desk in the room him and Gohan share as Goku sat down on the bed to the side of the desk. “I’m not going to lie Goten, I have no idea what any of this means… I mean, it’s triangles.” Goku said, scratching his head. His eyes rolled down and couldnt help notice that Goten was stairing at his conceiled crotch. “Ermm.. Goten?” Goten’s head snapped upwards quickly to look at his fathers eyes. He felt as though he was doing something wrong. “Y-yeah?” Goku didn’t really know what to say. “Look son, yesterday was soo much fun but I don’t think it should happen again… I mean, you’re my son.” Gotens smile turned upside down and he lowered his head again. “But it was fun… And it tasted really good!” He wined. Goku couldn’t deny that it was the best release he’s had since before Goten was born. The thought of it all was making Goku hard and he couldn’t really hide it with how big he is. He grabbed a pillow from behind him to try and cover up. “Why did you grab a pillow for dad?” Goten asked. “Eeerrh…” Goku couldn’t think of anything to say. Whilst strugeling of things to say, Goku didn’t realise Goten reached over and removed the pillow from his lap. “It’s hard again!” Goten said excitedly as he started feeling it through Goku’s clothes. Goku couldn’t bring himself to stop Goten so he just sat there, moaning. In his daze he leaned back, resting on his elbows to give Goten more room. kızılay escort “Can I take these off?” Goten asks, yanking on Goku’s bottoms. Goku didn’t answer and just lifted his hips a little to shuffle his trousers down. Goten then starte lowering his fathers boxers, a trail of dark hair started to kreep above the waistband and soon it exposed the dark bush of pubes. He kept lowering the boxer shorts until Goku’s dick flew up, smacking Goten on the chin then hitting Goku’s stomache. “It’s really big!” Goten says as he went to put his mouth over the tip. “Wait!” Goku says quickly. “Can you do something else for me?” Goku asks. “Sure, what is it dad?” Goten asks, holding the large flesh pole. “Instead of putting your mouth on the tip straight away, can you put my balls in your mouth instead for now, like when you cleaned them?” Goten smiled and went straight down, licking the large orbs that dangle below. “Yeah like that.” Goku’s eyes shut and he leans back, closing his eyes and resting his head on his arms. “They taste… Salty…” Goten says. He actually enjoyed the taste of his fathers sweaty balls. “Yeah, sorry.. It’s kinda hot today.” Goten’s tounge swirled around the each orb, giving them the occasional suck. Making sure to give them both the same ammount of attention. The hair on Goku’s balls would have normally annoyed Goten but the taste made up for it. Soon Goten’s tongue started roaming further, making his way further up his fathers dick. Finally, he reached the tip and engulfed it hungrily. “Swirl your toung around the tip too Goten.” Goku said, with heavy breathing. Goten obliged and did as his father asked. “Move your head up and down a little too.” Goku was getting hornier by the second. “Yeah…. keçiören escort Just like that. Don’t stop!” Goku moaned, Goten had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. Goten kept going up and down on Goku’s cock, reaching lower and lower until his nose started to get tickled by Goku’s pubes. “Kami that feels soo good!” Chichi has never gave Goku a blowjob before, she thought it was dirty and the only reason why people should have sex was to make a child. Goku was soo caught up in the moment he completely forgot that it was his son sucking his dick. Goten reached up, remembering what his father asked him to do the day before and started playing with his hairy balls that were still slick from Goten sucking them. A moan escaped Goku as he started thrusting slightly, causing his balls to bounce a little. The whisps of hair tickled Gotens chin as his nose was getting burried with Goku’s pubes. Goten was really good at deep throating considering that he only sucked the tip of Goku’s dick yesterday, must have been from all those years of eating like a saiyan. As Goten’s hand was stroking Goku’s balls, one of his fingers went too far back and slightly stroked Goku’s ass hole. Goku’s eyes shot open and looked down, it felt amazing, never has he thought to touch back there unless he was on the toilet. “Do me a favor son and stroke daddy’s bum.” Goten was a bit confused by this as he knew what came out from there. Goten’s mouth was too full to say anything so he just moaned and continued sucking Goku’s cock whilst one of his hands were playing with Goku’s nuts and the other stroking Goku’s hole, that only had a slight dusting of hair surrounding it. “Daddy won’t be able to hold back much longer son!” Goku said through escort ankara gritted teath, tying not to cum as it felt too good. Goten’s finger started going deeper until one of his fingers went straight up Goku’s ass. Goku’s eyes shot open again this time though he grabbed his sons head and slammed it down further. Pushing his face down into his pubes as he moved his hips further up. “I’m cumming!” Goku telled, holding his son in place. “Drink it all!” His eyes closed as his cock twitched in Goten’s waiting mouth. A river of cum flooded into his sons throat, witch was quickly swallowed but Goten couldn’t swallow quick enough so some cum flew out the corners of his mouth. Soon Goku’s spasms stopped and his dick started to soften. Goten leaned of his dick with a pop, going back for any cum that stayed on Goku’s dick. Giving eberywhere a final lick to clean; his cock, balls, bed of pubes and even a bit on his hips. Goku layed there exhausted and sweating. “That was soo good….” He gasped. He heard the door open and he quickly pulled his pants up and whiped a bit of cum off Gotens chin and briskly ate it. “Goku! I’m back!” He heard his wife say, he didn’t realise that an hour had already passed since she left. “Remember Goten, no one can know about this!” He said stirnly. Goten just sat there, full from his meal and nodded at his father. The bedroom door opened to reveal Chichi. “Do you have to train all the time Goku? It stinks of sweat in here, when I said for you to make sure that he does his school work I meant actually help him. Not sit in the room and train!” She said angrily. “S-sorry about that Chichi…” He says, laughing and scratching his head. “I’m going to get dinner started, make sure you do all your work Goten!” She says, shutting the door behind her. “Phew… That was close!” Goku gasped, sitting back down. “This can’t happen again Goten… It’s not right.” Goten was really disapointed as he really loved the taste of his fathers sweaty skin and cum. He was just glad that he had one final moment with his father.

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