Mentoring the Protégé Ch. 01


She sidled up to me and put her hands on my chest.

“There are lots of things I want to learn from an older man,” she murmured as she slid her hands together to a button which her fingers began to loosen. She raised her head and stared at me with her dark brown eyes. “Is that so wrong?”

I pulled her hands away from my shirt and she smiled as she reached for the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it.

“Have it your way, Paul,” she said. “I don’t mind being the first one naked.”

I closed my eyes and wondered what the hell I was doing in Mindy Albertson’s apartment as she was getting herself naked.


I was a 37-year-old senior writer in the marketing department of an ag equipment company, married with a couple kids at home. My wife Kathy was 38 and still looking good after a decade of marriage and the strain of raising an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Kathy was about 5-3 and carried 125 well-distributed pounds. Blonde-haired, green-eyed and curvy, she had come after me while I was working for a small-town newspaper. No woman had ever really pursued me before, so I was pretty easy prey for her. She got me to ask her out, we dated, she made the first move and we ended up in bed.

And it was magical. Kathy’s body was lush and responsive. I kissed her neck and got a groan; licked her ear and got a sigh, caressed a breast and heard, “Ohhhh yesss.”

Once we were naked, I kissed my way down her abdomen and onto her bush. I felt her fingers in my hair as I kissed up and down her slit and probed with my tongue. As my tongue worked its way into her pussy, her hands applied gentle pressure to my head. A nudge in the right direction.

I licked up and down her inner lips, tasting her nectar as it began to flow, and listening to her begin to hum. Yes, Kathy hummed when she got going. Mmmmmmmmmm. I worked up to lick around her clit and the humming got louder. When I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked, her thighs slammed against my ears, so I don’t know if she kept humming or not. I do know that her body convulsed when I slid a finger inside her and found that spongy spot in her vagina and rubbed it gently.

And I know her hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up after her orgasm subsided and her body had relaxed. “I think you’ll do just fine,” she told me with a smile as she reached down and guided my penis into her.

That was just the beginning of our first night together. I discovered that Kathy was very enthusiastic about all things sex—oral, vaginal, and anal. We did missionary, cowgirl, doggy, side by side, whatever we felt like doing. And we decided we wanted to keep doing it.

We got married when I was 27 and Kathy was 28. Sheila came along a year later and Jason was two years after her. And we kept having our amazing physical relationship.

So why had I let a 22-year-old vixen take me to her apartment and seduce me? I blame my boss.

No, really. My boss had called me into his office and I noticed a pretty girl sitting there as I walked in. He gestured awkwardly.

“Paul, meet Mindy Albertson,” he had said. “She’s your new protégé!”

“New protégé?” I asked as I walked over and extended my hand. “Did I ever have a protégé before?”

Mindy smiled as she reached out and shook my hand. As her warm palm slid onto mine, I felt a spark. And I don’t mean static electricity. Our eyes met and something passed between us.

I was about to get lost in her big brown eyes when I realized my boss was still yakking away.

“Mindy wants to learn all about marketing and advertising and I knew you were the best one to show her the ropes,” he said. “Why don’t you get her settled in that empty cubicle next to yours?”

My boss was using the cheery demeanor he kept in a drawer and took out for visitors and new employees. I had a feeling something wasn’t right but decided to go with it.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” I said. I turned to Mindy. “Let me take you to the dungeon where we keep the marketing staff and get you settled.”

She smiled and stood up. I gestured to the door and she started out while I turned to my boss and muttered, “I’ll be right back.”

I led Mindy down to the lower level of the building. It’s not really a dungeon, but it does have a small cubicle farm. I showed her the empty cubicle.

As she put her purse on the desk, I noticed how beautiful she was. Chestnut hair hung to her shoulders and framed a gorgeous face with dark brown eyes and full, pouting lips. She was wearing a white blouse and navy blue skirt that did nothing to hide her large breasts and slim waist. The hem of her skirt came to just above her knees and called attention to curvy calves. I forced myself to think of why she was there.

“Are you fresh out of college, Mindy, or have you had other jobs?” I asked.

She smiled. “Well, I’ve tried a couple of things but I’d really like to work in marketing,” she said. She took a step toward me, getting closer than I was comfortable with. “I’m really hoping you can teach me Ulus Escort some things.”

I took a step back from her and I could swear she was still just as close.

“So how much do you know about farming?” I asked. “You know we’re an ag equipment company, and we focus on livestock equipment.” I realized I was rushing my words; did I sound like I was babbling?

Mindy frowned. “That’s my biggest worry,” she said. “I really don’t know that much about farming or really any kind of business. How do I learn?” Her eyes stared directly into mine as she asked.

I really wanted to throw her on her new desk and ravish her, but I had to keep my focus on business. Besides, this was all in my head, right? She wasn’t really coming on to me. She couldn’t be.

I stepped over to my desk and grabbed several magazines that were on it. I turned to find that Mindy was right next to me again. I held up the magazines almost like a shield.

“You can get a start by looking through these magazines,” I told her. “Read the articles, study the ads, and write down any questions you have.” Mindy nodded as she took the magazines. “Mindy?” She raised those deep brown eyes to mine. I wanted to sigh, but mustered the strength to say, “This is one of those times when NO question is too stupid to ask. Okay?”

Mindy smiled and I melted a bit. As she sat down to start studying, I scurried up to my boss’s office.

“Hey, Paul, what’s up?” he asked as I knocked on his door frame.

I entered and closed the door behind me. As I took a seat, I asked, “What’s the story on this girl?”

He chuckled.

“You recognized her last name, right?” I nodded. “So you know the pull her old man has in this town. Well, he’s been pressuring business people to give her a job. Apparently he was really leaning on McKenna -“

I interrupted. “He pressured our CEO?”

He nodded. “So McKenna shoved her resume in my face and told me to find her a spot.”

I tried to absorb that and had a question. “Why did you assign me to be her keeper?”

He shrugged.

“Come on.”

“Okay, you’ve probably noticed how she carries herself.”

I smiled. “You mean the way she gets really close?”

“Yeah, that,” he said. “I figured if Rossi or Edison was working with her, they’d last about five minutes before trying to do her on a desk and then we’ve got a lawsuit with a big-name family.”

“And you think I have more self control.”

“I know you do,” he said. “Look, teach her some marketing BS. Better yet, make it look like a horrible job and she’ll quit and make her dad find something else.”

He started shuffling some papers on his desk, which is his cue for “the meeting’s over so leave,” and I did.

I walked back downstairs and found a spot where I could see Mindy at her desk without her seeing me. She had a magazine open with a steno pad next to it. She seemed to be chewing her left thumb as she scribbled something on the steno pad with her right hand.

Mindy went back to reading and slowly turned the page. As I drank in her beauty, the thought occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, she really was interested in learning the job. So I ambled over to her desk to see how she was doing.

“Having fun?” I asked as I got close.

She chuckled. “Oh yeah, nothing like reading about the latest remedy for swine scours,” she said.

“You know what that is?”

Mindy made a face. “I kinda figured it out from the context,” she said.

I dragged my desk chair close to hers and sat down.

“So, you ready to go to work?” I asked.

She giggled. “Yeah, 20 minutes with these magazines has really educated me,” she joked.

I smiled as I reached for one of the magazines and flipped it open to our ad series. As I started to talk about the reason behind our simple headline and open design with lots of white space, I felt Mindy lean into me. She had moved to the edge of her chair to snuggle close, and when she leaned, her breast pushed into my ribs.

I leaned to my right, away from her. She started to lean with me but stopped and straightened herself.

She looked me in the eye and smirked a bit. I nodded and turned my attention to the magazine in front of us, pointing out the design work we did to make the ad “pop” at readers as they paged through the magazine.

We had started discussing ad layouts, headlines, and copy points around 3:30 and must have gotten into it pretty heavy because I suddenly noticed people were getting up from their desks to leave. The clock on the wall showed it was 5.

I looked at Mindy. “What do you know,” I said with a smile. “It’s quittin’ time.”

She grinned. “Yeah, I got to find a way home.”

We both stood up. “Why do you need a way home?”

Mindy looked at her feet while putting her purse strap over her shoulder. “It’s kind of embarrassing,” she began, then looked straight at me again. Those eyes. “My dad took me to lunch to lecture me about this job, although I’m sure in his mind he was just preparing me,” she said. “Then he Escort Ulus dropped me off at the front door like he was taking me to the first day of school.”

I chuckled. “If he was taking you to the first day of school, he would have led you into the building by the hand and introduced you to the teacher.”

There was a brief flash of anger in her eyes. Then she said, “I threatened him with physical harm if he tried.”

“Oh,” I said, a little stunned. “Well, I can certainly give you a ride.”

We walked out to the parking lot together and got into my car. As I started it up, I could see Mindy’s shapely legs and the fact that her skirt had ridden up a bit when she settled onto the car seat. Admonishing myself to behave, I put the car in gear and asked for directions.

She had an apartment in one of the newer developments. One feature was parking that could not be seen from the street.

I pulled into a spot near her door, put the car in Park and turned to look at Mindy. As she unbuckled her seat belt, she invited me in.

“There are some things about this whole situation I’d like to tell you in private,” she said.

I shrugged and shut off the engine. I unbuckled, got out of the car, and followed her to her door. She unlocked the door and led me in, tossing her purse onto the closest chair. I noticed that meant the only place for anyone to sit was the sofa.

“Want anything to drink?” she asked. “Soda? Wine? Water.”

I shook my head as I considered her sofa.

Mindy breezed out of the room, saying, “Go ahead and sit down while I use the can.”

I smiled and settled onto the sofa. I heard the muffled noises of her taking care of business and, soon enough, she came back into the living room and sat down. We were sitting at an angle to each other.

“Look, you obviously know my dad is some kind of big wheel in this town,” she said in a rush. I nodded and she went on. “Well, he’s been leaning on people to give me jobs in different businesses and I’ve kinda washed out.” Mindy had been looking down but now raised her eyes and looked directly at me.

“I washed out of those jobs on purpose, know what I mean?”

I shrugged. “You didn’t like them?”

She smiled. “I was serious when I told you I wanted to get into advertising and marketing,” she said. “I really think it’s an interesting industry.”


“Because it gives you a chance to be creative,” she said. Then she stood up. “Look, I’ve done my research. I know I’m talking about an industry that often demands long hours and hard work. But there’s also the chance to come up with a clever headline, or a tagline people talk about, and that’s the kind of thing I want to do.”

She had been pacing back in forth in front of me while she talked and stopped directly in front of me. Very close to me.

“I went out of my way to lose those other jobs because I want to learn from someone like you, someone experienced in this business,” she said. “I’m not stupid. I know how I look and I know how that affects men. I used that to lose those other jobs.”

She reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet. We were uncomfortably close. Uncomfortable or me, anyway.

“One reason I want to learn this industry is to get away from my dad and succeed or fail on my own, okay?” she said.

I nodded and took a couple steps back. Mindy smiled.

“You’re afraid of me, aren’t you, Paul?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I am a married man, Mindy,” I said. It sounded lame, even to me. “I have two kids. And I’m much older than you.”

And that’s when it happened. That’s when she sidled up to me and put her hands on my chest.

“There are lots of things I want to learn from an older man,” she murmured as she slid her hands together to a button which her fingers began to loosen. She raised her head and stared at me with her dark brown eyes. “Is that so wrong?”

I pulled her hands away from my shirt and she smiled as she reached for the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it.

“Have it your way, Paul,” she said. “I don’t mind being the first one naked.”

As she undid each button, it became clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, which means she ditched it in the can, which means her breasts were unfettered under her blouse and I hadn’t noticed. I noticed now. Once she had undone enough buttons, she shrugged her shoulders and the blouse drifted to the floor. A quick maneuver on button and zipper, a twitch of the hips, and her skirt joined her blouse.

Leaving Mindy naked. Breathtakingly naked. She had also ditched her panties when she visited the can.

She was still staring at me. “Aren’t you a little overdressed?” she asked with a grin.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I stammered.

She stepped out of the skirt puddled at her feet and move toward me again. “Maybe not,” she said. “But I’m pretty sure you can teach me some things and I know I would like to learn from you.”

As she stepped up to me, she reached for my head and pulled my face to hers for a wet, open mouthed, tongue Ulus Escort Bayan wrestling kiss. At first I grasped her hips but my hands quickly slid around to her firm, supple ass which they squeezed.

After a seeming eternity we broke the kiss but kept our faces together.

Between gasps of breath, I told her, “One thing I can teach you about the business world is you should never ever sleep with the boss.”

She smiled. “So that’s why you won’t go to bed with me?”

I shook my head. “I’m your mentor, not your boss,” I said. Then I crushed her to me again and returned my mouth to hers for more deep wet kissing. After a few more minutes Mindy broke the kiss, smiled and me and stepped backwards. She pulled my hands off my ass but held onto one as she turned.

She pulled me down the short hallway to her bedroom.

Reaching her bed, she let go of my hand and crawled onto the bed. She lay down and rolled onto her back and watched as I disrobed.

I was trying for suave, but I hadn’t consciously thought about taking off my clothes for a while. When you’ve been married over a decade, you just take off your clothes without a thought. Trying to strip for effect felt silly, especially as I gazed at those big brown eyes.

So I dropped my clothes fast and crawled onto the bed and on top of Mindy. I let myself down on her as I reached to kiss those full red lips. Snaking my tongue into her mouth, I let my fingers do some walking around her hairline and then wander around her ears, tracing the outer edge of the ears and gently massaging both lobes.

I had already decided the one thing she could learn from this older man was patience. I loved to take things slow, to play with the female body and discover its special places, the places that made the woman tingle. I assumed that the guys Mindy had been with were probably in a rush — god knows I was at that age.

So I slowly stopped kissing her lips and trailed my lips across one cheek, slowly across her forehead, and then around an ear, following the path my finger had taken.

As I sucked on one earlobe, I began caressing one of her firm, soft round breasts. I moved my hand to the underside of the breast, caressing and gently massaging. Mindy began sighing and breathing deeply. I moved my lips to her neck and moved them up and down from her ear to her shoulder and then trailed slowly onto her other breast. Circling the areolae with my tongue, I heard her softly say “Mmmmmm” and closed my lips around the nipple while squeezing her other nipple with my fingers.

I heard her inhale sharply as I sucked her nipple. Then I went crazy on both nipples, sucking and licking and gently chewing, moving back and forth from one to the other. Mindy’s breasts were so soft and full and firm; I really couldn’t get enough of them.

As I continued to lavish attention on Mindy’s mammaries, I moved one hand down across her flat stomach to tickle her navel and travel down to her curly public hairs. After running a finger through the hair I found, I probed for her vaginal lips. They were already parted, hot, and dripping wet.

I had planned on making a slow journey with my lips down her body but lost what little patience I had left. I wanted to eat that pussy. I pushed myself up from her breasts, heard her murmur, “What?” and then I dove in.

I absolutely mashed my face into her vagina, moving my lips against her lips and running my tongue up and down her slit. I think I surprised her a bit, but after a couple of seconds I felt her hands on my head. As I licked around her clitoris, I slid a finger into her steamy channel. After pumping in and out a few times, I felt for her g spot and found it. After stroking it lightly, I pressed on it while latching onto her clit and sucking in.

And that’s when her thighs slammed against my ears and I felt her ass lift off her mattress. She may have screamed; I was too busy trying to say on her clit and g spot to notice. She stiffened, relaxed, and stiffened again before I let up. I pulled my finger out of her pussy slowly while licking around her clit, and her legs relaxed.

I kissed my way back up her stomach back to her breasts. She was sighing and purring and stroking my head. I moved up to look in her eyes and she pulled my face to hers for an open-mouth kiss.

“God, Paul, that was amazing,” she panted after breaking the kiss. “I’ve never—”

I grinned and said, “Yeah, you said you wanted to learn …”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a hug. “That was a wonderful thing to learn, Paul,” she whispered into my ear. I felt her hand moving between us and grasping my prick, which was hard as rock.

“Would you like to use this on me now?”

I pushed up and looked into her dark brown eyes. “Great idea,” I said.

She placed the head of my prick in her opening and I pushed forward, sliding easily into her hot, wet vagina. I held myself in her for a bit, just enjoying the sensation, and then pulled back. I pushed in slowly one more time, then out, and then started a steady pace.

I was going to go slow, but Mindy had other ideas. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, grabbed my butt with both hands, and thrust her torso. She dictated a faster pace, and I tried to keep up. This was not going to last long.

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