Mergers and Acquisitions


This story is a built up sexual tension between the characters, if you’re honestly looking for something that starts with a wam, bam, thank you ma’am then I suggest you look elsewhere. Otherwise, please enjoy my story.


It’s a gloomy morning, here in the concrete jungle. Yes, that’s right you guessed it I live in New York City if you couldn’t already tell by the nickname. I turned over to my nightstand to shut off my iPhone alarm that’s killing my eardrums. Its 7:00 am, time to get out of bed and start the day.

I just got hired at this elite law firm, down in Times Square and I needed to be there at 9:00 am sharp or else my boss, Pierson would literally kill me. He’s really attractive too, which makes it all the worse.

Oh, I don’t think I formally introduced myself Hi! My name is Jenna Masters. I am a 24-year-old, fresh out of NYU law school graduate who recently moved to the concrete jungle and I am still trying to find my way around this place. I am 5’6 with Dark brunette wavy hair, with some amber highlights thrown into it, my body type is Athletic but slightly curvy. I am half Irish, and half Iranian or Persian whatever you want to call it.

I just recently passed the BAR to practice here in the state of New York and this job was literally a hit or miss for me. To be honest, I never thought I would be hired to practice, at a firm this stellar! I was literally in tears, after I got the news that they selected me as an associate and I immediately became 10 years old and decided to call my Mom and Stepfather who live in California and balled over the phone for a good hour. Needless to say, they were so proud of me, and well I was too.

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve been working here at the firm. The department, and what I studied in law school for is Mergers and Acquisitions. We specialize in corporate (business) litigation. Our clientele are not only highly renowned individuals and but they are amongst those who are involved with Fortune 500 companies.

Now, for those who do not what exactly Mergers and Acquisitions is, let me educate you for a few moments. In the corporate world M&A, is a vital part of any business firm. The two go hand in hand to become two aspects of strategic management, management, and corporate finance that deals with buying, selling, combining, and dividing of various and different companies and or similar entities that help an enterprise develop in its sector or place or origin, without creating a subsidiary or using a joint venture.

Hopefully, you have not exited out of my story because the best has yet to arrive.

It was 8:45, and I managed to make it to the firm with just 15 minutes to spare. Glancing at my watch, a wave of relief washed over me. I pulled out my iPhone and began to scroll through my email, and saw that all the new “Associates” that being myself were needed to attend a mandatory meeting at 10 am. I had a knot in my stomach, I was so fucking nervous that I thought I was going to faint.

I saw whom the email was from, and who other than my pain in the ass, hot as fuck “boss” Pierson. Now, let me tell you about this man who drives me wild in the most dark, and wicked way possible. I know, I know YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCK YOUR BOSS! Hey, who said I did? Don’t worry; those lewd thoughts are what I am sharing to you all. Just because I did not have sex with Pierson, does not mean that I haven’t had nasty and dirty thoughts about doing so.

Let me describe to you, what Pierson looks like. Pierson is 6 foot 4 with Blonde hair, brooding and mysterious gray eyes, and a deliciously muscular and fit body. It’s so obvious that he works out daily. He always wears these circular glasses, you know those that almost every man in American Psycho wore, including Patrick Bateman himself and not to mention his love for expensive suits.

This man really knows how to make my cunt soaking wet, that’s for sure.

Oh and get this, he’s unfortunately married. Yep, I am having lewd thoughts about my older, married boss. I mean he really is not that much older, he is only 35. That’s not old to me, besides its not like I have not been with older married men before, but this was different.

Pierson is my BOSS! Just because in porn they plaster this stupid mentality of the CEO/Secretary fantasy and how it always happens, but in reality if that does indeed happen, your ass is screwed.

But here’s the catch, Pierson has already made over a dozen passes at me. I think he’s already realized how much I want to fuck his brains out, or even how hot he gets me. Sometimes, I find myself having to go to the ladies room to play with my aching, dripping pussy. I think about him non-stop whenever he and I have our little “heated conversations” in his office late at night sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder if he ever goes home to his wife, Cecilia and thinks about me when he’s screwing her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Lucky bitch, I wish bahis firmaları it were me. I think this is partially true, because one night a majority of our team had retired for the evening, and it was quite late around 10:30 and I could have sworn that I saw Pierson jerking off his huge throbbing erection in his office. It’s made of all glass, and so is a majority of the offices, but his is different not completely frosted glass, like some of the others.

Much to my luck, I watched him the entire time he was jerking his hard manhood. It looked so huge and inviting. I was imagining giving him the best blowjob he’s ever received in his life, under his desk. Sometimes I had thought about hiding under there, and surprising him. Wearing nothing but a slinky piece of dark blue lingerie, black patent heels, and no thong.

Let me make this clear, I am not a panty wearing kind of gal; thongs and G-strings are my favorite kind of underwear. Anyways going back to that night, I was beginning to play with my clit, just a slight bit and I felt myself getting more and more soaking wet each and every time he jerked off his married meat almost steps away from me. He had no idea that I was watching him and I intended to make sure he didn’t know so.

Luckily, I was wearing a dress that had easy access to my aching cunt so I figured I would jump the gun and start to finger fuck myself to an orgasm. I could tell he was close, the fact that he kept his eyes closed the entire time, and only slightly opened them here and there to catch a breathe was so arousing, so erotic. A part of me wishes I could have busted that door open and made sweet love to this gorgeous creature, but I just wanted to watch him shoot his married seed all over himself.

I could see Pierson getting closer and closer to his climax, and so was I. I kept thrusting my fingers deep inside my aching and needy cunt. I had just shaved it that morning and it was perfectly smooth and soaking wet. A few moments later, I heard a loud grunt coming from his office, and I watched him shoot all of that delicious cream onto his chest.

I then climaxed myself, I could feel myself convulsing on my fingers and nearly fell over.

Good thing I was quiet, I am usually vocal when it comes to my orgasms but I could not possibly get caught watching him. I saw a wash of relief encompassing him, as he kept checking to make sure no one was around. He quickly cleaned himself up, and began to gather up his things to leave the office. I had taken off my 5-inch heels, and was already heading to the elevator.

Seconds later, I heard not loud, but soft footsteps approaching me. It was Pierson’s and my heart began to race as I heard his agile footsteps, get closer and closer to me.

He had that same brooding and dark gaze, but this time it was different. It was more lustful, carnal, and wicked. He stared at me hard, and his gray eyes wanted to make me ravage him right there. He knew I watched him, otherwise why the hell would I stay this late? Pierson then quickly threw me into something that looked like a supply closet, and began to kiss me so hard, passionately, and raw that it made me want to screw him into tomorrow.

I did not stop any of this in fact I let it happen.

He wanted me to suck his married meat, and he told me to do so. I got on my knees and did what I was told. Being that I am a submissive little bitch, he knew exactly what he was getting himself into. I was going to blow my married boss.

My inner goddess was coming out to play, and shit I was mixture of emotions but right now I was horny and needed to get my lips around him.

I was going to be his good little whore, tonight. I began to take his married 9-inch circumcised manhood, into my mouth and began to suck him nice and slow at first. I began to tease the tip of his cock that oozed with pre-cum, and I could see it was driving him wild. Pierson then grasped my hair into a hard ponytail, almost yanking it but the pleasurable pain was only making me wet. I began to take his veiny shaft, deeper into my throat.

I was gagging on it, and I developed tears in my eyes doing so.

Pierson was close to cumming, and I wanted him to shoot his married seed deep into my throat. I showed no mercy, I began to suck him harder, faster, and rhythmically until he finally shot all of the creamy concoction down my throat. I licked my lips, as I made sure to go back and suck off any remaining cum. I looked him straight into those mesmerizing gray eyes of his, and he lifted me up off my knees until I was staring up at him.

He then bent down and kissed me hard again, it was like pure ecstasy. Not wanting to leave me unsatisfied, he promised to lick and eat my cunt another night, but he quickly stuck two of his thick fingers inside of me and felt how soaking wet I was for him. I was gripping onto him, as my moans began to get louder, and his left hand silenced me. I began to feel my orgasm stirring up inside my cunt kaçak iddaa and his fingers felt so amazing inside of me.

I gripped onto him harder, as I felt myself quivering and shaking as I came all over his fingers. As I came down from my high, he took his fingers out of my drenched pussy and immediately stuck them into his mouth. “Mmmm, you taste fucking amazing just as I had imagined.” He said, as he kept licking his two fingers that were thrusted inside of me moments ago.

The two of us quickly fixed ourselves up, and headed to the elevators to depart our separate ways.

Snapping back into reality, after remembering that hot encounter with Pierson I glanced at my watch and saw that it was almost 10 am. Shit! Bitch you need to get your ass in that conference room now! I hurried over there, as quickly as I could. I am wearing a knee length, tight black pencil skirt with a dark blue scoop neck blouse, that was slightly tight around my 38D bust and flaunted it quite nicely and I cannot forget about my heels, I am donning my strappy 5 inch matte black stilettos.

I then quickly proceeded to head over to the conference room. Much to my relief, I was 10 minutes early. I quickly walked in, and sat down at the rather long and narrow wooden table. Pierson, my boss was already seated and glanced at my body up and down, very discreetly as always and gave me a warm smile.

I did the same, and then found my seat not next to him, but near him. Shortly afterwards, two handsome men around my age walked in. They quickly sat next to me, and began to strike up a casual conversation with me.

The two handsome, gentlemen were Brent Hawthorne and Eric Johnson. Both we’re apparently in the same division as I was, but I had never seen them before. Maybe its because its only been a couple of months, since I have been working at this firm. They introduced themselves with such confidence it almost made me wonder how big their cocks were.

The duo looked like they belong in GQ magazine.

Brent is 6’4 with light brown short hair and piercing blue eyes and Eric is 6’3 with short blonde hair and green eyes. Brent is wearing a dark navy suit, with a white button down shirt, and gray tie and Eric is wearing a dark gray suit, navy tie, and white button down shirt. The two men are not married, in fact neither of them have girlfriends. Eric is being more modest around me, and I bet he’s a wild animal in the bedroom its always the quiet ones that are the most powerful behind closed doors.

Brent instantly began to flirt with me the second he sat down, I surely did not mind it at all in fact I was reciprocating just a bit. His left hand even dropped down to my exposed knee, and Eric stopped him. It was clear that both of them are indeed attracted to me. I was falling more for Eric since he was more modest, and caring.

Brent is a bad boy, and everyone knows when you play with fire you get fucked.

I could easily toy with the two of them and perhaps even start to date one of them. Who knows?

It was now 10 am, and the meeting was about to begin. Yet another handsome older man had walked through the door. I recognized him since he was the Director of this department Mr. Daniel Parker.

He is also married, and a close friend of Pierson’s. He was mesmerizing absolutely painstakingly handsome.

He was 6’5 Dark blonde hair with some gray thrown into it he too was wearing a dark gray suit with a light blue necktie. He was staring me, with a slight wicked gaze, and it instantly made my pussy soaking wet. Having two attractive men sitting next to me, and not to mention two of my boss’s just steps away from me it was like a dream come true. I kept staring at both Pierson’s and Daniel’s stainless steel wedding bands.

I usually do that, it’s a habit and plus I was daydreaming about screwing both of them, in their offices late at night.

About half way through the meeting, Mr. Parker announced that all the newbie associates Myself Eric and Brent alongside a few others were going to have “mentors”. These people were going to be our right hands for the rest of the quarter. Each quarter usually lasts about 16 weeks, or four months. I was assigned to a man named, Bruce Hastings. Eric and Brent were assigned to two other older men, Spencer Pratt and Ian Williams.

I was surprised; that a majority of this firm was male dominated although I was certainly not the only female associate in the room my colleagues Olivia and Allison were also assigned male mentors. Our mentors were going to be waiting for us to reach the other conference room, shortly after this meeting is adjourned and I already had a feeling that my “mentor” was going to drop dead handsome.

About 20 minutes later, the meeting was adjourned and all the associates and I were heading straight to the second conference room. Eric walked with me, and was just as nervous as I was about meeting his mentor, while Brent was walking behind me and I could kaçak bahis feel him staring at my backside the entire time. I mean it was nice to get some attention from a complete stranger. We finally reached the second conference room, and it was beautifully designed.

The entire thing was made of glass, and it had a beautiful view of the Hudson River in the distance.

Eric and Brent, immediately sat down next me since they really did not know anyone else in the group and hey, I wasn’t complaining that’s for sure. It was nice to have two hot men, actually wanting to be near me. Pierson and Daniel were sitting adjacent to us and staring at all three of us in an odd way. Pierson was clearly jealous since I witnessed his mouth pressing into a hardline and he was staring at me with those dark gray eyes of his, in a strangely seductive way.

Not wanting to catch the undivided attention of Mr. Parker I quickly turned to face Eric who gave me the most inviting yet sexy smirk, that made me want to fuck him senseless. He’s the one who is dropping all the hints, and I might as well do something erotic and out of the ordinary with him. Thinking nasty thoughts, and daydreaming about it Eric placed his hand on my knee and very discreetly began to part my legs. I was not wearing any stockings, so I knew exactly where he wanted to go.

His hand was gently traveling up my inner thigh, and I began to exhale with relief that Brent was not looking at what he was doing to me. Eric’s fingers are literally hovering over my now soaked light blue lace thong and I felt him, gently pushing the thin fabric aside as he began to trace my pussy lips with his fingers. Oh he was teasing me, and somehow he knew that I loved to be teased this way. With one hard thrust, he stuck his middle finger, deep inside my aching cunt.

I wanted to moan so loud, the entire firm would hear me but I kept my cool and bit my bottom lip hard as my pussy was convulsing against his thick finger. Eric then began to finger fuck me slowly and rhythmically. There was no way I could rock my hips back and forth, without getting caught by Daniel, Pierson, and Brent. But somehow Eric did not care, he kept darting his thick finger in and out of my tight pussy, occasionally stopping here and there but it was just enough to drive me wild.

I knew that after we met our mentors, I was going to give him the best fucking of his life once work was over. Eric kept thrusting his finger deep inside of my soaking wet pussy, until he decided to be a buzz kill and immediately took his finger out of my dripping wet cunt. I gave him this utterly disappointed glance and he returned it with a devilish gaze knowing that I wanted more. He was right, I wanted much more in fact I’d get under the table right now and suck his huge hard on that was visible through his dark gray slacks.

About five minutes later, our mentors walked into the conference room. I was attempting to sit upright, after my little encounter with Mr. Johnson sitting next to me. One by one, handsome older lawyers between the ages of 30-40 were walking into the modern conference room. After they all made their way inside, Mr. Parker decided to give a small introduction about what their purpose is and etc.

Then, Mr. Parker began to call out each associates last name, to indicate where the mentor should go.

After calling both Johnson (Eric) and Hawthorne (Brent), Daniel yelled from the other end of the table “Masters” as I raised my hand so Mr. Bruce Hastings could find me. I had to blink twice, when I witnessed how fucking drop dead gorgeous this man is. The vision that stood before me is a 6’4 beach blonde with sky blue eyes, lean and toned body possibly muscular man.

If you could not already tell, I have a thing for blondes but I do like dark haired men as well.

Bruce began walking towards me, and my pussy was throbbing and getting even wet just imagining all the dirty and hot things that I would do with him either in his office, or elsewhere. I quickly checked his left hand for a wedding band, but found none. Thank god! I screamed internally this one is not taken yet. He quickly pulled out his right hand, and introduced himself. “Bruce Hastings” He said with pride. “Jenna Masters” I responded, as I shook his hand firmly.

I could already feel the arising sexual tension between the two of us. Bruce then sat down next to me, and I could feel the jealousy in Eric’s, Pierson’s, Daniel and Brent’s eyes developing. I saw Pierson’s jaw press into a hardline, while Eric brushed his hair back, with fury. Daniel was staring at me, hard and so was Brent.

I felt like a stripper, who was getting the death stare from all the clients at a strip club because they all had just received awful lap dances.

Ignoring all four of them, I decided to talk to Bruce more about the upcoming projects that he and I will be working on together in the next four months. Bruce was very intrigued with me, as I saw him becoming more and more interested in our conversation. I mean how interesting is the topic of mergers and acquisitions, different clientele and various accounts that we have to manage in the upcoming months?

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