Midnight in the Garden of Eva


Mid-Knight saddled up on his dark mare and rode off into the dusk, unseen by anyone in the street other than the two cats perched on the porch rail at 213 Penbrook Avenue, which was situated right next to his destination. At 214, Mid-Knight led his horse up to the stairs and through the wall next to the front door.

The home inside was lavish. Midnight was used to this. People who’s lives seemed enviable to others often had struggles and fears that they couldn’t even admit to themselves. That’s where he came in.

The woman in the bed was beautiful, this was nothing unusual and it wasn’t even the first time that Mid-Knight had felt the familiar tug in his armor. But something about this woman was different. She seemed frail, delicate, lyrical. Lyrical? Mid-Knight thought disparagingly at himself. What does that even mean? You have a job to do, stop romanticizing the dreamer. Just because her peachy skin is perfectly complimented by rich brown tendrils that curl around her head is no reason for you to lose yours. Remember what happened to December when he let his cold heart thaw. Do your job sir, do your job and then move on to the next. This one is no different than the million before or the million to come.

Mid-Knight withdrew his sword and touched the tip of it to her pillow. At once, he melted into the inside of her mind. There he saw her in a green glen, leaning down next to a clear pool. She splashed at the water, and her laughter sparked like a diamond. Good Eva, the knight thought, so good but your dreams are not to be pleasant on this night.

The figure on the horse lifted his sword to the sky. All at once, the serene azure sky turned pitch black and a thunderous crack split the air violently. Fat heavy drops of rain fell all around, drenching the thin green dress that Eva had been wearing. The wet material became translucent and clung to her breasts, cradling them without providing any real concealment. Her hair now lay flattened dripping wet, plastered to her soaked skin and clothing. She wrapped her arms around her sodden body, hoping for some measure of warmth and comfort, but finding none she began to tremble from cold and fear. Another bolt of electric blue lit up the sky and Eva looked up to see Mid-Knight astride his mount. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out.

This is when she stood to run, and the knight charged after her. Fear overtook her, he was inside her mind and he could feel her panic and hear her beating heart. She turned often revealing a face that showed her anguish and terror. The knight new that she was doomed to run, and he was doomed to never catch her, always behind her, always at her heals. This was the first time that he could remember really wanting to catch someone. Not to hurt her, but just to touch her. Mid-knight wanted so badly to feel the soft skin of her face, to caress her shoulder bursa escort to whisper in her ear that everything was ok. He wanted for once to be the hero, the knight-in-shining-armor instead of the shadowy horror in pursuit upon the Knight-Mare, a black horse with eyes of fire and teeth like razor blades.

He chased her for many hours, always in the dark and through the menacing woods. Each mile he chased her, he felt himself wanting her more, wanting something different- to feel human touch to experience human emotion to let his heart melt, and to hell with the consequences. To hell indeed, he tried to remind himself, but to no avail. The punishment for abandoning his duties would be severe. On the other hand, it mattered little, since never once in his career had he caught anyone. The dreams weren’t about being captured, they were about the fear of being chased of being unable to get away of what unknown thing the pursuer could or would do in that uncertain future when you were too tired to run any further. Any moment now, Eva would awake, her heart thumping louder than she had ever remembered, and she would reach for a bedside light, look around and finding herself safe she would calm herself and turn over her pillow before returning to sleep hoping for a better outcome.

Why then was she not waking? It seemed to Mid-Knight that he had never chased a woman so long or so far. And then, the unthinkable happened. As the beauty looked back once again over her shoulder, he foot wedged into a tree root and she fell to the ground.

At once, the knight was upon her. He had to pull his horse away from her, stop her from chewing at his victim’s leg which was quickly bloody. In a dream you can bleed for eternity. You don’t need blood to survive in a dream, not even a nightmare.

Mid-Knight tethered his mare and spoke sharply to her, hoping that she would obey him. He had never ordered her not to attack before, not to taste blood or to continue to draw more. It was clearly something which the mare yearned for, desired. Her eyes flamed at him with anger. How can you go after what you want, and tell me to do without, she seemed to be asking, accusing.

The knight in the black armor gave his mare as stern a look as he could muster and advanced upon the girl in the grass. Her leg was twisted and bloody, he head turned toward him- her eyes wide and filled with tears. Her silent screams seemed to reach his ears. He tried to say, “fear not, for I do not wish to hurt you” but his words came out like the roar of a fire.

He reached out to touch her, to say her name. His hand seemed to burn into her skin. She screamed. Don’t scream, he wanted to say. I only want to love you. I want to rescue you. To save you. But he didn’t recognize his own voice growling ‘you are mine’ in a menacing tone. The woman just continued to try to escape him, clawing at his arms and face. bursa escort bayan He didn’t understand the urge he felt to wrap her beautiful hair around her neck and squeeze it until her breathing ceased.

His cock stirred within, and suddenly his armor disappeared and his body was rippled, hard and naked. He put a strong hand over Eva’s mouth and as she struggled against him he tried to come to terms with the way that thoughts of hurting her aroused him. Why, when he wanted only to show her love did such unloving thoughts seem to fuel him? He felt a desire to do violence to a beautiful young thing. If she were a butterfly, he would not set her free but instead he would rip off her wings and make her twitch in pain for his amusement. What has become of me, he wondered. I was never sadistic before. I was cold and did what I had to with no feeling, but I’ve never enjoyed inflicting pain or fear. Never imagined doing it. Never felt so flushed, so aroused at the idea.

His cock pressed into her leg now. The struggling beauty tried to pull way, tried to bit his arm. He reached out his hand and slapped her, right across the face leaving a red mark where his fingers had lain.

Mid-Knight was suddenly overtaken by he did not know what. He felt himself tearing Eva’s drenched clothing away from her wet skin. The echo of the rending material seemed to reverberate in his ears, in the forest, in the night. He ripped it over and over, many more times than he ever would have needed to if it had been reality instead of a dream. At last, the shreds lay all around her in heaps; more cloth than it would take to make 20 such dresses.

He reached down between her legs and rubbed her. She continued to struggle, but she was wet, oh so wet. Her lips were swollen as if with desire and her screams has changed to moans. She wants you too, he realized, but somehow this only angered him. He tried to push his fingers up inside her but found that she had no opening. It was a trick. This couldn’t be right? She had pussy lips, but no pussy? His throbbing cock was demanding satisfaction. He could feel anger and desire burning within. Her beauty seemed cruel and mocking now and he wanted to hurt her.

He slapped her again, and shoved her roughly, face first, to the ground. Her foot had become unstuck, but she could not get away. He held her tightly, making her cry and her tears formed a river that ran off into the distance. His mare, still tied to a tree, bent her dark head down to drink from the river of tears.

The woman’s ass presented itself to him. It was round and plump and opened in a perfect puckered anus that invited him to take it. She had no pussy, but by god this hussy had an ass. Mid-Knight did not take the time to consider Eva, to think of how she would feel or what she would want. He simply plunged his aching hard on into her asshole, feeling the virgin sphincter escort bursa muscles squeezing tightly around his dick. He clutched her arm desperately, pinching her soft flesh as she cried out from the ache of his attack. He pressed again and again into her flesh in every way he could. She thrash about as he plowed into her ass over and over. She was beautiful and he longed to possess her, hurt her, force her. His job was to administer nightmares and the rape of this beautiful woman’s ass was his dream come true. He wanted her to love him, but he was a monster and she never would. This was the best that he could ever hope for.

After he had fucked her thoroughly, had spread her ass and stretched it out beyond recognition, he blew his load down deep into her crevice and pulled out, watching the oozing liquid leak out onto the ground. He had anally raped the woman of his dreams. He had fucked her ass, and left her gaping and dripping his cum. He wondered what would happen now. Now that he had broken every rule.

Eva lay on the ground, breathing heavily. The sight of her filled him with repulsion, fear, and desire. He wanted her even more now that he had had her once. She turned and looked at him, and for the first time he heard her real voice. “Let the chase begin” and she had twisted away from him and taken off into the woods.

This time he persued her on foot. She ran and as she ran, she seemed to laugh. You’ll never catch me this time, she taunted. But the knight did. He grabbed her arm once again and twisted her around to face him.

She gasped. His face was supremely beautiful. He kissed her, a kiss filled with passion and longing. A tear rolled down her face. “There is only one way that I know to enjoy the pleasure of sex, and that is mixed with pain,” she confessed.

“Whatever turns a rich bitch on,” he told her roughly. He couldn’t believe the way that made him feel. He shoved her down again and fucked her just as roughly as before. Her ass seemed to tighten around him again, giving his throbbing cock a pleasantly constricted fit. He yanked her hair back as he rode her harder than he’d ever rode his steed. Each scream made him more wild with desire, more pulsing with pleasure. He fucked her over and over until he came once again this time over the smooth line of her back.

On the ground, she turned up to face him, her hair spilling around as it had on the bed. “Truly you are the man of my dreams,” she whispered. Her eyes fluttered closed and all around her the forest disappeared. Mid-Knight, dressed once again in black armor stood beside her bed as she lay sleeping.

“I’ll be back,” he promised. Next to him, his mare whinnied softly. He climbed upon her back, gave her a friendly pat and rode off before his lovers eyes could open, or the sun could rise. He couldn’t suffer the thought of her awakening and looking past him unseeing. Perhaps someday he would find a way to leave all this behind, and to become real to her. He knew not how. But it was nice for once- a man in his position so used to being the dream- now he knew what it felt like to have one.

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