Midnight Snack Ch. 02

Big Tits

The next morning at breakfast, Jenny was talking to her sister and, after a slight smile and a half-hearted good morning, barely paid attention to me. I sat at the other end of the table with a cup of coffee and talked to Frank and George. At one point Jenny got up to pour herself more coffee and I noticed she was wearing a pair of loose fitting slacks, a baggy sweatshirt and had her hair tied in a pony tail. Her glasses made her look more like a bank clerk or old maid librarian.

When she came back to the table with her coffee, I overheard her say something that absolutely stunned me.

“Everything is set for the wedding in two weeks,” she said.

Suddenly, I blurted out, “Jenny, are you getting married?”

Jenny looked at me over the rim of her coffee mug and said, “I certainly am.”

There was a sarcastic tone in her voice and she added, “In a white wedding dress and the works.”

I was baffled by her manner and the difference between the Jenny I knew in my bed and the Jenny who was talking about getting married in two weeks. She then continued her conversation with her sister, Sarah, and I went back to listening to George and Frank plan their fishing trip for later in the day.

“Peter, we’re all going fishing later, how about it, are you in with us?” Frank asked. “We’re going with this guy who has a big fishing boat.”

“I’m not too good on the water,” I said. “I always get sea-sick, so I’m not sure. Let me think about it.” I added.

“We’ll we’re leaving in two hours, so it’s up to you.”

After breakfast, I was sitting on the back porch, looking out at the ocean. I was trying to read a book I had brought, but my mind was on Jenny and what was going on with us. How could she come into my bed and fuck like we did when she’s getting married in two weeks? How could she dress and act the way she did on the third floor and be just the opposite when she was with everyone else? How could she barely talk to me and then become this seductive horny siren? I remembered what she said about loving having a secret life. . .

While I was sitting there, Jenny and her sister, Sarah, came out, gave me a cordial hello and looked out at the ocean. I continued reading but looked up occasionally. At one point Jenny looked over at me, smiled and then went back to talking to her sister. When they turned to go back into the house, Sarah asked, “Are you going fishing with us this afternoon,”

“I don’t think so,” I responded. “I’m not in the mood to get sea sick. I’ll stay here and watch the fort.”

Jenny smiled but didn’t say anything and they both went back into the house. While I was reading, Jenny came out on the porch, handed me a small piece of paper and quickly went back into the house. I opened up the folded paper. It was a note that said, “Let’s fuck. My room—after they leave.”

I read the note, surprised at its bluntness and that this “bride to be” would act this way. I was excited and intrigued by this mysterious woman.

After packing a lunch and getting their fishing gear together, everyone left. Before getting into their car, Frank said, “Get ready for some fresh fish for dinner.”

As soon as they drove off, I went up to the third floor. I put my book in my room and then knocked on Jenny’s door.

“Come on in,” she said.

Jenny was wearing the tight cut off jeans, a yellow tank top and she had a straw cowboy hat on her head. Her hair was in pig tails and she looked like a farm girl.

She smiled at me, twirling her fingers around one of her pig tails and said, “Hello, mister. My Ma and Pa ain’t here and it’s just little ole me left to watch the farm.”

I wanted to ask Jenny about her plans to get married and how she could be messing around like this before her wedding, but decided to get into her little role playing game. “Well, I’m looking for work.” I said, looking at her. “I thought your folks could use a farm-hand for the summer.”

“They won’t be back til tonight. But you’re welcome to stay around if you want. I know they were looking for some help,” she said, “And I could use some company, if you know what I mean,” she added, smiling seductively and playing with her pigtail.

Jenny looked so sexy in those tight cut offs and I could see her nipples poking through her yellow tank top. . “Well, thank you.” I said. “I wouldn’t mind hanging out for awhile.”

“Cool,” she said.”I was just on my way to the barn to bahis firmaları do some chores. Why don’t you come up with me?” Jenny turned and walked over to the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her round ass as her hips swayed back and forth.

She sat down on the end of the bed and said, “Why don’t you join me on this hay bale and we can get to know each other.”

I sat down next to her and she leaned back on her elbows and stretched her long legs in front of her. When she did that, her tank top got tighter on her tits, revealing how big and firm they were. She noticed me looking at them and smiled, looking me in the eyes and said, “I know what you’re thinking.” “You do,” I answered. “And what’s that?” “You want to fuck me,” she said.

“What makes you think that,” I answered. “

“Cause of the way you’re looking at me,” she said, and then added. “Want to get high? I got some dynamite weed.”

“Sure,” I said. “Why not?.”

“Cool!” she said. She got up and walked over to her dresser and got a joint already rolled. She lit it, took a deep hit and came back to the bed and handed it to me.

“It gets pretty lonely on this farm, “she said, taking another hit when I handed it to her. “And I get so damn horny sometimes, I don’t know what to do except, you know, play with myself. But it ain’t like real fucking.”

I was getting turned on by her dirty talk and Jenny knew what she was doing. She looked down at the bulge in my shorts and handed me the joint.

“Being a farmers daughter is hard cause Pa doesn’t like when the boys from town come looking for me. He’s so darn over-protective and scares guys away. Sometimes I have to sneak off to get fucked but that’s a drag. Most of they guys just don’t know what a girl like me wants.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“They just get their rocks off and don’t really care about me and I end up hornier than ever.”

When we finished the joint, both Jenny and I were stoned. Jenny sat down on the bed. Our legs were touching, rubbing ourselves against each other. Our conversation was arousing both of us. Jenny continued, “Damn I get so horny, I want to take one of those guys and ride their cocks but they just like to get on top and pound me until they come and roll over while I’m still ripe for more and hornier than ever.”

Jenny looked at me and smiled, “What do you like, mister,” she asked, turning and pushing her tit into my arm. “Tell me what you like.”

“I like giving pleasure. I like teasing and playing, making a woman so hot she can’t stand it any more and begs me to fuck her. I like the sounds she makes when she’s being fucked. That’s hot.” I added.

“Ummmmmmm,” she said. “Sounds good. I’m getting hot just talking to you.”

“My cock is like a steel rod right now,” I said.

“My cunt is wet. You’re making me so horny.”

“What would happen if your Pa came back and found out we fucked each other in his barn.”

“He’d be mad as hell and wouldn’t hire you. But he doesn’t have to find out. It’s more exciting to sneak around and fuck.” She said, “I like it that way.”

I thought about Jenny getting married and what we were doing and how she seemed to like the secret life she was leading. I was fascinated by her and wanted to know more. “So, mister, you say you like getting the girl to beg for your cock,” she said, smiling coyly at me and playing with her pig tails again. “Well, I’m going to turn the tables on you. I know you want to fuck me, but I’m not going to be easy to get. You’ll be the one begging.”

“Are you a cock tease?” I asked.

“Yes. I like to flirt and get guys horny and tease them out of their minds.”

“That’s a dangerous game,” I said. “You could get yourself raped.”

“I’m always in charge,” she said. “I know how to take care of myself. I never get fucked unless I want to.” She looked me in the eyes as if she was challenging me with who would be in control.

We were both stoned. She then stood up in front of me and unbuttoned her cutoffs and lowered the zipper a little but not all the way. She sure knew how to tease. She looked down at me, her legs spread on both sides of my legs. My cock was bulging in my shorts. The seam on her cut-offs stretched tight on her pussy. Her tits were bursting out of her tank top. She stood there smiling with a devilish look in her eyes as she looked down at my cock bulging in my shorts.

“So you want to work on this kaçak iddaa farm,” she said, putting her index finger to her lips. I hope my Pa hires you ’cause I’d like having a man like you around.”

“You would. Why?”

“You know why mister,” she said, sitting down, straddling my legs, rubbing her crotch against my cock. “Tell me, why,” I asked. “Why would you want a man like me around.”

“So we could come up to this barn at night and you know, mess around.”

“Mess around?” I asked. “You mean fuck!”

“I like how you said that mister,” she said. “Talk dirty to me.”

“I bet you’d like me to eat your pussy,” I said.

“None of the guys around here will do that to me. Would you?” she asked.

“I’d love to,” I said, “In fact, I’d like to do it now. I’d like to fuck you with my tongue.”

I’d never talked to a woman like this. Jenny was bringing out something hidden. The role playing was making me bolder and I was getting into it.

She was moving up and down against my cock, rubbing her cunt against it, while we talked. “Oh wow,” she said. “I want you to eat me. But that’s all. I won’t let you fuck me with your cock. Remember I said I’m not easy to get. “

“That doesn’t sound fair,” I added.

“I might give you a blow job,” she said.

“But I might want to fuck you,” I said.

“No way, I don’t let any ole man fuck me. I told you I’m not easy. You’ll get a blow job and that’s it,” she said.

“You think you’re tough, don’t you, miss. You think you can stop me from fucking you.”

“I know I can,” she said. “You will get what I give and nothing more, mister.”

Our conversation was getting more aggressive and the more we talked, the hornier we were getting. Jenny was moving harder up and down on my bulging cock and we both looked down at the action going on between our legs as we humped each other.

“Looks like you’re ready for action,” she said. “You got a big rod in there”

“That’s right and it’s going to fill your cunt before the day is over.” I said.

“Think so, mister,” she said. “No one fucks me unless I say so.”

“Is that so,” I responded.”Well, we’ll see how in charge you are. You’re playing a dangerous game. You might end up eating those words, young lady.” We were looking each other in the eyes and smiling, taunting and teasing each other with our words.

There was an intense silence between us as we looked at each other, then without a word, I lifted her off me, unzipped her cut-offs and lowered them. She kicked them away with her foot, threw her hat to the side and pulled off her tank top. We didn’t speak, but just looked hard and hungry into each other’s eyes. I grabbed her ass and turned her around and got her to lay down on the bed, (or our hay bale) She was on her back. I took her ankles and spread her legs apart and looked up at her wet pussy. I slowly licked my way up her leg, stopping to lick underneath her knee then moved up her thigh. She reached down and grabbed my hair and tried pulling me up higher, but I was determined to tantalize her.

I was getting closer to her pussy and licked around her lips and then up and down her slit loving how she was moaning. “Eat me!” she said. “Come on, mister, eat me!”

I was licking her harder and she was lifting herself off the bed, pushing her cunt against my mouth. I put my tongue in her and started swirling in her with more force,loving the sounds she was making, “Ohhhhhh yes. I like that, mister. Keep doing that!’

I was holding her legs wide apart and going deeper into her cunt with my tongue, then found her clit and licked it and felt her practically jump off the bed, OHHHHHHHYES! OHHHHHHMYGOD, EAT ME! OHHHHHHGOD I’M CUMMING!”

She shuddered and a shook as an orgasm swept over her. She grabbed my hair and pulled me harder against her pussy. She was out of her mind. “I’M THERE! EAT ME! EAT ME! EAT ME! OHHHHHHHHHHGOD” I was glad the house was empty because she could really scream.

I then got on my knees between her legs and put my cock at her entrance. My cock was swollen and hard as a hot iron. I moved it up and down her dripping cunt.

“Hey, No fucking me, mister”

“I want you and I know you want it, too.” I said, looking down at her.

“No way,” she said. “I’ll give you a blow job.”

I grabbed her arms and raised them above her head. I was hovering over her with my cock at her entrance, moving it kaçak bahis up and down her pussy lips.

“No one fucks me unless I say so and I’m saying no.”

“You want it so bad, I can tell by the hungry look in your eyes,” I said. “I’m going to make you beg for it.”

“Think so,” she said, wiggling under me, straining to get away.

I leaned down and started sucking her tit, my hand moving my cock harder against her cunt. “You like how this feels, you little cock tease. You want it bad.”

I saw her close her eyes as I rubbed my cock against her. “Beg for it!”

“No!” she said, but she was moving her head from side to side, getting hotter.

I put my hands under her, grabbed her ass and lifted her off the bed causing my cock to go into her cunt. I was in her and said, “You like this, don’t you. Beg me to fuck you.”

I pulled my cock out, but still held her ass off the bed. We were looking fiercely into each other’s eyes. This was a battle of wills. She bit her bottom lip.I thrust into her then pulled out again hearing her gasp. We were looking deep and fiercely into each other eyes. “You’re playing a dangerous game, girl!” I said. “Now beg for it. Tell me to fuck you hard. I’m going to give you what you want.”

My cock was moving harder against her cunt. She was looking up at me. Her mouth was wide open. I could see the desperate hunger in her eyes. Finally, she screamed, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD. GIVE ME YOUR COCK! FUCK ME HARD!”

But I held back for a few minutes. She then broke loose from my grip on her outstretched arms and grabbed my ass, wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her with the loudest shriek I’ve ever heard, OHHHHHHHHH MYGOD FUCK ME!

Her screaming set me loose and I rammed my cock into her, thrusting as deep as I could go. I was out of my mind and have no idea where my energy came from. I pounded into her, responding to her screaming, HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

I grunted with each thrust and thought the bed would break as it banged against the wall. We were like wild animals, fucking our brains out, taking advantage of the empty house. I love fucking you. Take my cock. Take it, baby”

And she screamed, “FUCK ME!. I LOVE IT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Then she said, “Fuck me from behind.”

I let her up and she got on her hands and knees lifting her ass up. I mounted her and my cock went in her sopping cunt deeper than before. “Fuck your little bitch!” she said. “Come on, mister, give it to me.”

Her dirty talking was driving me crazy. I thrust my cock into her harder and harder and felt I was about to explode. “Here it comes, I said. “I’M CUMMING!”

“Hold on,” she said. “I’m cumming too. I want to come together.”

I had my hands on her hips, ramming into her and felt my sperm rising. She was pushing hard against my cock and suddenly screamed, ‘I’M THERE! I’M CUMMING OHHHHHHGOD!”

I could feel her whole body shiver as an orgasm swept through her and as she screamed, I felt my sperm explode into her as I climaxed, screaming ‘HERE IT COMES!’


“I’M CUMMING!” I shouted and spurt after spurt came out and filled her cunt.

We both collapsed in a heap on the bed. I lay on her back, my cock still in her and we gasped for air.

“You’re a wild man.” she said. “You really take what you want, don’t you?”

“You’re pretty wild yourself,” I said, I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“It’s all part of being a little ole farm girl,” she said. “We get pretty hot and horny out here in the country.”

When I rolled off her back and lay next to her, looking up at the ceiling. We didn’t speak. Finally, I asked. “Are you really getting married in two weeks?”

“That’s the plan,” she said.

“How can you be so open sexually like this when you’re getting married? Do you love the man you’re marrying?”

“I love him. He’s a great guy and good to me. But I love my secret life. I love my body, my mind, my freedom and no one can stop me from being me.”

“Is it hard to keep your two lives apart?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she said.

“But let’s not talk about that. I want to be here in the present. I love fucking you and what happened here has nothing to do with the rest of my life.”

We were quiet and then dozed off.

At dinner that night we had Blue fish cooked on the barbecue wrapped in aluminum foil and filled with peppers, tomatoes and onions. Jenny sat with her sister and Marci and hardly paid attention to me, except for a few glances and smiles.

I would be leaving in the morning and wondered whether we would have another midnight snack.

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