Mike’s Story


This story is a fantasy based on actual events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

My name is Mike, and this is my story.

I was a total geek growing up. I got straight A’s. I spent Friday nights playing board games with my family. I secretly wanted to act, but I found myself in charge of lighting at all of the school plays. I tried to sing but I was tone deaf. I was tall, about 6’1, but only 150 pounds. I was a beanstalk, lanky and awkward, awful at sports, and invisible to women.

I stayed home and went to my local college. Financially it was my only choice. I worked at a movie theater all summer to make a little money. Sweeping the floors sucked, but the movies and popcorn were free.

As a lark, I signed up for a weightlifting class my first semester in college. I had to take two athletic electives, and nothing really appealed to me. I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. Before I knew it I was working out five days a week. I put on 50 pounds during that semester. You heard me right. Fifty pounds! I never had much of an appetite but working out made me hungry. Frequent exercise in turn helped turn all of that food into muscle.

By the end of the semester, I had gone from a wallflower to a hunk. Those weren’t my words; they were my big sister’s. I could tell that women’s attitudes towards me had changed. For the most part women had never noticed me at all, and when they would look at me they were looking right through me. Now they were looking at me, and although I enjoyed the attention, I really didn’t know what to do about it.

I was still working at the movie theater by the end of my freshman year, but I decided I wanted to try something different. I saw that my local bank was looking for tellers. I applied and passed the tests. I was hired as a full-time teller. The money was better than sweeping up popcorn for minimum wage. I was even able to work my schedule around the “bankers’ hours,” signing up for late afternoon and evening classes so that I could continue to work full-time while I pursued my business degree.

Anyway, back to women. You probably knew already that bank tellers are predominantly women, so when a hunky male teller showed up all of the female customers would try to get waited on by me. When the lines were long I would take a peek and see them mentally trying to figure out if their turn would put them in line to be waited on by me. It was kind of embarrassing, really. A lot of these women were my parents’ age, if not older. I smiled my best smile and tried to sell them on whatever promotion we were running.

I got my first girlfriend during my sophomore year. I met a freshman in my astronomy class, of all places. We got matched up to work on a project, and we got friendly. She invited me to her dorm room to work on it. She was tall and gorgeous, intelligent and funny. I was still thinking like a lanky geek, that a woman like this would have no interest in me. It was only after the fact that I realized that she was all but throwing herself at me. She would lean in close to me, and touch my arm while she was talking to me. I thought she was just being friendly. After studying one Wednesday night we went for a walk around campus. It was a breezy October evening. We stopped in front of the science building. I remember we were staring at each other. I was watching her long brown hair blowing in the breeze.

“Mike,” she said, “Do you like me?”

“Of course I do,” I replied. I had no idea what she was talking about. I really thought she meant as friends.

All of a sudden she kissed me. I responded eagerly, if not clumsily. I was an awful kisser at first, she later told me, but I got better.

We became completely obsessed with each other. It seemed like every spare moment I had I spent in that dorm room with her. We kissed and kissed and kissed. I would leave her room late at night, a smile on my swollen lips.

After a couple of weeks during one of our heated make out sessions she suddenly broke our kiss and said, “Aren’t you going to touch my breasts?” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I reached down and took a hold of her young, perky B-cup breasts through her sweater.

Third base followed a month or so later. We didn’t always have the time or the privacy that we would’ve liked to explore each other, so we started doing it surreptitiously in public. I don’t think either of us were exhibitionists, really. I certainly wasn’t looking to be seen or get caught. If her roommate was around we would pretend to be cold and snuggle under the covers. Soon I would feel her hand fumbling its way into my jeans. She would find my dick and take hold of it. I would slide my hand into her jeans and work my middle finger down between her pussy lips. And we would sit like that for hours. Neither of us would bring the other to orgasm. We would just enjoy the feeling of being naughty, with a hand on each other’s genitals.

Her roommate went home every weekend, bahis firmaları so as soon as we were comfortable enough I started spending the whole weekend there. I lied to my parents and told them I was at my best friend’s house studying and playing video games. I don’t know why I felt a need to lie. I was an adult after all. I guess I just didn’t feel like getting a lecture about moving too fast with this girl.

Those first nights together were thrilling, getting hot and sweaty under the covers. Soon we were just in our underwear. I would press myself up against her while we kissed, me in my boxers and Janine in her panties. We were both virgins and not quite ready to go all the way yet, so dry humping was how we got our jollies. One night I finally got too excited and went over the edge, grunting as I came in my boxers. I collapsed against her. Janine didn’t even realize what had happened. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I had an accident,” I replied sheepishly.

Janine wasn’t sure what I meant, but suddenly she felt wetness against her. In her naiveté she actually thought that I had peed or something. She started pushing away from me. “I came,” I said to her. “I had an orgasm.”

“Oh,” she said, realization dawning on her. “Oh!” I slid off of her. Luckily I had brought spare underwear with me.

Once that barrier was broken I would come against her frequently. Walking around with cum-filled underwear was never comfortable, but you get used to it after a while. I never knew if Janine orgasmed or not. I would constantly ask her if she was satisfied and she would always say she was.

She went home during winter break. We talked on the phone and emailed and texted and instant messaged. She got permission to have me come spend a weekend with her, but I ended up getting really sick right before I was supposed to go. I was too desperate to see her to let it stop me, though. I arrived at her door just as I completely lost my voice. After a few hours Janine’s parents had to put me right back on the train. It turned out I had strep throat. I had let it go unchecked to the point that my throat had gotten infected and it took a ton of antibiotics and the rest of winter break to recover. But I had sacrificed my health to see her. How romantic was that?

In the spring we started talking about having sex. We would go out to dinner and sit there and talk about it. Believe it or not I was the more hesitant one. I was worried about potential consequences. “Don’t worry,” Janine said, “We’ll use condoms and I’m on the pill. There’s virtually no chance of me getting pregnant.” Eventually I agreed. The sex itself wasn’t great. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing, but the thrill of losing our virginities made it great.

I wanted to experiment and try new things, but all Janine seemed to want was missionary sex. I wanted to try different positions, oral sex, role playing, and various fetishes that I had, but Janine didn’t want to try anything different. The spring semester ended and she moved back home. We weren’t able to see each other too often and started to grow apart. We were still together in the fall but we were just going through the motions. Finally after just over a year together, Janine broke up with me. I was heartbroken. I knew we had problems but I was hoping that we could work through them somehow. Unfortunately neither of us really knew how.

I decided to try to move on as quickly as possible. I was really looking for a rebound, but I didn’t think of it that way. I thought of it as finding somebody else to be with, quickly. In the end I didn’t have to look too hard. I was being flirted with all the time at work. Eventually a particularly bold customer went ahead and asked me out. She was an older woman, in her mid-twenties while I had just turned 20. She wasn’t really my type. She was into drinking and clubbing and had tattoos and other things that were completely foreign to me. I might have looked like a jock, but I was still a geek at heart. She was clever enough to meet me on my own terms, though. On our first date we went bowling, on our second we went mini-golfing, and when we went to the movies for our third date we went to the latest comic-book turned summer blockbuster, which turned out to be a complete disappointment, of course.

Eventually she talked me into going to a bar with her. I reluctantly agreed. I knew it wasn’t really my thing, but I was young and out to try new things, so why not? We arrived and she ordered a drink. She gave me a sip. It tasted horrible. I had tried beer and wine up to that point, and found it all disgusting. I couldn’t see the appeal of alcohol. I was still underage, anyway, and so I just let this woman drink to her heart’s content. There was a dance floor and techno music booming, and she dragged me out to dance. I only danced at weddings, and I was completely out of step with everyone. I was doing a lot of white man’s overbite while everyone else gyrated against kaçak iddaa each other. Anna tried rubbing up against me a few times but all it did was throw me off my precarious rhythm. Eventually she gave up trying to dance with me. “Wanna get out of here?” She asked. I readily agreed. I wasn’t sure how inebriated she was and whether or not I should try to take her keys away from her, but she seemed fine driving home.

We got back to her place. It was after midnight. We had already decided that I would spend the night there since I didn’t want to come home so late and disturb my family. I changed into a t-shirt and shorts for bed and Anna wore an oversized t-shirt and a pair of ratty looking gym shorts. We climbed into bed. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything,” Anna said, “So goodnight.” She rolled over and pretended to go to sleep.

I lay there for a few minutes in the darkness. Sure, I was still getting over Janine, I thought to myself, and I wondered how compatible I was with Anna, but here we were in bed. Was I really going to let this opportunity pass? I turned towards her, staring at her bare neck below her short blonde hair. She had a Chinese symbol tattooed below her left ear. What was I doing with a tattooed woman anyway? I shook off my apprehension. I tentatively leaned over and kissed her neck. I could hear Anna exhale sharply. I kissed my way around the exposed skin of her neck. Eventually Anna turned and our lips met. We kissed and kissed. I stayed beside her and continued to explore her body with my left hand. I slid it below her oversized shirt and touched her breasts. They were larger but less firm than Janine’s. I explored the different contours and textures, and went back and forth, making one nipple grow hard, then the other. All the while Anna and I kissed hungrily.

I got my fill of her breasts and began to tentatively slide my hand down her soft belly. I met with no resistance. I found I had easy access to Anna’s pussy through the leg holes of her shorts. I slid my hand inside and a finger into her pussy. The response was immediate. “Mmm… ahhh…” Anna moaned into my mouth. After a minute I felt her hand join mine. She was rubbing herself furiously, grunting and bucking her hips. I suddenly realized she was having an orgasm. This had never happened with Janine. I was fascinated.

“Did you just orgasm?” I asked her.

“Mmm hmm…” Anna gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

“Wow!” I said, “I’ve never seen that before!”

Anna laughed. I asked her what she was doing to herself. “I was rubbing my clit,” she replied. “Here, feel,” she said, taking my hand and placing it a couple of inches above the entrance to her pussy. I could feel the hard bit of flesh in between the folds of her pussy.

Understanding dawned on me. Sex Ed classes didn’t exactly spend a whole lot of time on how to bring a woman to orgasm. I stared at the diagrams for a long time but the actual location of the clitoris was still somehow a mystery to me. Janine had always insisted that she was satisfied and frankly resisted my efforts to explore her, so please don’t judge me too harshly. If you’re going to judge anything, judge the strict catholic upbringing that Janine had. The poor girl was too terrified of going to hell to explore herself or experiment sexually, and as a result our combined lack of knowledge and experience caused us to miss this important bit of human sexuality.

I made up for lost time with Anna. I started rubbing her clitoris myself, soon bringing her to another orgasm. By morning I had made her cum five times, all by rubbing and rubbing that special little spot. I wouldn’t even let Anna touch me. It was like a new toy for me and it was all I wanted to play with. I left Anna later that morning feeling like a sex god, like a Hugh Hefner or something.

My time with Janine was all about love and intimacy. My time with Anna was all about sex and exploration. Anna insisted on thanking me our next time together with a blow job. Janine was dead set against oral sex. Once I had kissed and licked my way up her legs and right up to her pussy but she pushed my head away. Her lips never traveled below my belly button. I was a little hesitant to try oral sex with Anna because I thought things were moving too fast, but I was excited about sexual exploration, so in the end I let her do it. She had me strip naked and lay down on the bed, my penis already hard with anticipation. She climbed onto the bed beside me and took me in her hand, giving me a few strokes. Next she leaned down and put her mouth on me. I gasped. I heard a few male friends rave about blow jobs, but I didn’t realize exactly how good it would feel. Anna was experienced, too. She knew how to lick and tease and suck but not so much that I would blow my load too soon. When she was ready for me to cum she took me deep into her mouth and swallowed my cum. She hurried off to the bathroom to clean up while I lay there in afterglow, a goofy kaçak bahis grin on my face.

On our next date I decided I would return the favor. We had gone out to dinner together and decided to be fancy about it, and so Anna was wearing a black dress with black stockings. I found that I had a stocking fetish, as I couldn’t stop glancing at her stocking clad legs. Anna must have noticed because as we undressed to get into bed she left them on. I climbed onto the bed and kissed her feet. I kissed my way up her legs to where the stockings ended on her thighs. I pulled her panties down her legs and teased her with kisses all around her thighs. I worked up the nerve to move closer to her pussy. A couple of times I started to move toward it but her smell repelled me. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go through with it. I glanced up at Anna and she was lying with her head propped up on her pillow watching me. Finally I took a deep breath and dove in. Her smell and her taste were both unpleasant to me, but I kept at it and soon got used to it. Anna gasped as I explored the folds of her pussy with my tongue. I experimented with sliding my tongue into her pussy but I found that it had an even odder taste than the rest of her. After that I stayed around her clitoris. I was probably doing an awful job, but Anna lay back and let me explore her. Eventually I slid a finger into her pussy while I licked at her clitoris, and she started moaning and bucking her hips in orgasm. I climbed up and kissed her on the lips, forgetting where my mouth had just been, but she didn’t seem to mind.

The next time I went to Anna’s place we had sex. I slid on a condom and fucked her missionary style. Unlike Janine, Anna orgasmed while I was deep inside her. I felt like a stud. Afterward I told her about wanting to experiment with different positions and situations. Anna readily agreed.

Anna pulled out an old VHS tape of a second rate porno. I won’t lie and say I’d never watched porn before, but it was the first time I had watched it with someone else. We laughed at the thin plot and horrible acting, but the sex scenes turned us both on. We tried all of the different positions the actors in the movie did, with varying results. Doggie style was easy enough, but most others were difficult to pull off. I wasn’t nearly as well endowed as the men in the film and as a result I couldn’t penetrate Anna deep enough in some of the more complicated positions. Still, we had fun trying. After the porno was over I led Anna through her apartment, naked except for the condom hanging off of my semi-erection, looking for a good place to have sex. We tried standing up against a wall, but that didn’t work because Anna was barely 5’4. I laid her on her kitchen table, but the height was all wrong. We finally settled on her sofa, with me thrusting into her until I came.

On our next time together we took a bottle of maple syrup into bed with us. I poured some on her chest and set about licking it off. I set the bottle down beside me on the bed and it suddenly tipped over and the maple syrup spilled everywhere. That brought that experiment to a quick end, as we rushed to clean her sheets.

I enjoyed my exploration with Anna, but I couldn’t see myself having a real relationship with her. I could sense that she was much more serious about us. I panicked and decided I needed to break up with her. I sent her a text message, basically saying that I didn’t think we should see each other anymore. Her reply was “PLEASE CALL ME.” I called her and tried to explain myself as best I could without hurting her feelings. It didn’t work. She totally freaked out. For a few days she wouldn’t leave me alone. I ended up blocking her on my phone and AOL. I was worried that she would show up at the bank or something and I would have to get a restraining order, but she finally left me alone. I felt horrible dumping her like I did but her psychotic response validated what I had thought about her all along.

My junior year of college was ending and as a reward for my hard work the bank promoted me to head teller. It was a little more money and a little more responsibility. My grades had slipped a little in my junior year, partly as a result of my relationships with Janine and Anna, so I decided that I would swear off women until after I graduated.

I got my degree and sent my resume out to hundreds of companies. I got absolutely no replies. Luckily my bank came along and offered to make me a customer service representative. I had to invest in a few nice suits, but the pay was much better than head teller.

I struggled with my new job. It turned out that as far as being a salesman went, if I had a lemonade stand in the desert, I probably wouldn’t have turned a profit. After three months my boss sat me down. I didn’t reach any of my sales goals. The bank liked me and didn’t want to see me fail, my boss said, but obviously I wasn’t cut out for sales. He offered me a position in their corporate office. One of their mortgage underwriters was retiring and they were willing to train me. The earnings potential wasn’t nearly what it was as a salesman but it would be a nice, steady paycheck. I accepted the job.

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