Milk Boy in the Woods


I made it back to our house without making too much of a fool of myself. I was in a complete daze. I couldn’t have held a conversation if mum had tried. All I could feel was this mad jumble of sights, smells, crazy movement and ecstatic noises. By the time the door was closed I was in a sweat. My mind kept feeding me that last bright image of her, wide eyed and mouth open in a fierce but silent scream.

I ran to the bathroom, locked the door and sank to the floor in a wonderful state of exhaustion. I gently squeezed my penis and watched a small bead of liquid appear. This had been inside her just twenty minutes before. I imagined that silky feeling and the gurgling noises of the union. I was going to come quickly. I needed to come quickly. I rubbed faster and my imagination zeroed in on the sight of her reddened vagina as it tried to work itself frictionless around my cock. I clutched my balls and was about to spill when the bathroom door was knocked on and my mother called loudly that the phone had rung for me. It was Jane, she said. I held myself still and in a very steady voice told her I was coming right out.

I sorted my shorts out, opened the door and raced down to the phone.

‘Hi’ I said, out of breath.

‘Sounds like I disturbed you in a bit of exercise,’ she smiled down the phoneline.

‘I was just finishing off a dream,’ I said, quietly in case mum was around.

‘You have to tell me about it. Do you fancy a bike ride?’

‘Yeah. How long will you be?’

‘Just long enough to change my knickers,’ she said this quietly as well. I supposed her mum must have arrived home.

‘OK – see you on the front garden.’

I was waiting in the bright afternoon for her arrival. My feverish body in white shorts and a string top. As she turned the corner on her bike, I felt a jolt of electricity run through me. I actually shivered. She was all blue cloth and brown skin. Her hair was thick and tousled. Her face clear and alive. Her bare shoulders flexed strongly as she stood to take the bike over the rise towards me. A tight and low cut tee shirt was shaped around her. Long legs beneath a short pale blue skirt. White socks and trainers.

I gulped for air and swallowed saliva as my mouth filled. I could almost taste her presence.

She swung the bike around in an exaggerated spin and stopped in front of me. She gazed towards me and her face flushed. Her eyes glazed slightly as I stared into them. She slowly lowered her eyes and I felt my body react as if it was being caressed. By the time she reached my stomach I was straining my pants. I could see her stop her downward motion and her mouth open slightly. She ran a tongue over her top lip, snatched a brief glance at me, pirouetted on her bike and went speeding across the grass towards the woods. her skirt flapping around the seat of the bike, a flash of red beneath.

I was after her in a heartbeat. She raced into the woods following a clear track that I knew led to a small lake. She was moving fast and almost reckless but I gradually gained on her. I was having difficulty concentrating on the tricky terrain and on her bouncing behind at the same time. Her legs pumping at the peddles and the skirt lifting clear of the seat revealed the red covered bottom in constant motion in front of me. I was in rabbit-in-the-headlight mode.

She looked back to me and giggling wildly span over in front of me. I swerved and managed to avoid collision. She raced on with me left in her wake. I shouted and cursed which seemed to make her laugh louder. I put my foot down and caught her as she was speeding around a large tree. We had left the path during this skylarking and were heading further into the woods. I pushed her as I sped past and gave a satisfied whoop as she wobbled precariously before spinning around and toppling off into a soft bank of leaves and grass.

She fell half on and half off the bike, managing to keep hold of the handlebars so that she ended up straddling the bike legs apart. I whipped around and rode towards her at high speed with my roar of victory filling the air. She jumped away from her bike as I approached and managed to catch my arm as I passed. I swung around off balance and ended up in ungainly confusion at her feet.

Her head was back as she spluttered with laughter. I squirmed onto my back beneath her, panting, and looked up the long legs above me. They were moist with perspiration and disappeared into the hem of her knickers as the skirt swirled around them. She put her foot on my shoulder and I felt the weight of her body press down on me. Before I could react she swung down and I found myself pinned beneath her knees on my shoulders. She took both my hands, forced them back behind my head and knelt above me looking down in triumph.

We both stared and tried to catch our breath.

‘Truce?’ she cried.

I nodded.

She stayed where she was but released my hands and leaned back to admire her victory. I looked up at her taking in the small show of belly where her tee shirt had ridden up and the swell of her breasts pushing damply against the cloth above. I felt a strong urge to suck them and working on a vague theory of levers I suddenly bahis firmaları pushed her legs down below my shoulders so that she moved back and her top came forward and down at the same time. She squealed as she fell. Her hands trying to break the fall but too late for my purpose because I felt the breasts pressing warmly into my face. A small tilt of my head and I had captured one small breast in my mouth. I held her there struggling above me as I rubbed and sucked the hard nipple that was presented to me.

I could feel her struggle subside and as I continued suckling, she raised herself just slightly to give me more freedom. I was ready for the offer and moved to the other breast, nibbling and licking the wet cloth that covered her.

I needed more contact with skin and as she crouched above me I shuffled further down until the exposed belly was above me. I lapped my tongued into her navel and put my hands around her bottom to help guide me. She didnt move. She seemed rooted into the position she had taken up.

I began to lick upwards, pushing the tee shirt as I went until hanging over me were the soft mounds of her breasts. I enclosed one in my mouth and gently nuzzled it. I lay my head back onto the ground to ease the strain in my neck muscles and she followed me down, pressing herself onto me. I took the nipple back onto my tongue and swirled patterns onto it. She seemed in a swoon. No movement but a loudly beating heart above me.

I tested the shape of her bottom while suckling. I could tell that her skirt had risen above her waist as she knelt there. The fabric of her panties was velvety and I stroked the roundness of her tightly curved buttocks. I felt towards the edge where the back of her legs disappeared inside. I ran my fingers along the edge to where the back of her legs joined. Everything seemed damp and warm. I swept my hands up to the top of her panties and began to slowly trace my hands inside of them. Gradually I stroked the expanse of her bottom and took the panties with me. It was so round and tight. I caressed her with my palms until I could feel my thumbs descend between the mounds and into the crevice below. I steadily continued my rubbing, feeling moisture lapping up onto my thumbs and lubricating the process deliciously.

I wasn’t clear what it was, but my mouth was filling with moisture. It almost seemed that I was preparing for a succulent feast. The wetness I could feel on my hands seemed like she was salivating in sympathy with me. I had to kiss her there. To taste her saliva. I wormed my way down under her still motionless body, abandoning her nipples and licking my way across her belly. Then to her bunched up skirt. I wriggled down further so that almost all of me was free. As her skirt swung back over my head I found myself looking up at the joining of her limbs half silhouetted against the sky and the trees towering above. I had pulled her panties down so that they were stretched tightly across her open legs still straddling me. I could see a tuft of down and a dark crease beneath it that I felt my lips drawn towards. Straining up with my neck and pulling down with my hands, I pushed my mouth into the wet warmth there. I was surrounded by an intoxicating vapour and as my lips pressed forward I could taste a dream-inducing liquor that penetrated me to the core and took control of me. I was drinking from her body, lapping at her bowl. I didn’t feel that I was of this world any more. I fondled her with my hands and suckled her with my mouth. I could feel something changing in her. Her bottom seemed to be getting hotter as I massaged her. Ripples seemed to be running through the muscles that I was kneading. Distant at first, they grew in intensity until I could feel the vibrations on my lips. The angle of her crouching changed slightly and I found my lips in contact with a small hard nub at the centre of her crease. There was a sudden flurry of action and I felt her weight pressing down on me as the muscles all around took to spasming and jerking. I held on for the ride and added extra stimulation to her core, feeling I was being absorbed into her body. My fingers had slipped further between her buttocks and I could reach down and touch where my mouth held her. I stroked the area gently as her excitement receded.

I lay my head back on the grass and realised that my neck was knotted up from the strain of lifting my head. I lay panting, looking up again at the pretty silhouette above me. Now there was a shining coating of wetness on every surface of skin I could see. And a wonderful perfume of sweat, musk and crushed grass surrounded me.

Still she crouched motionless as if in another world. I worked myself down between her knees and turned back towards her. A sight that I’ll never forget. Her curly head was pressed down onto her arms, her shoulders were tight to the ground, the tee shirt had ridden up above one breast and was high up her back. There was a long expanse of backbone slightly curved and a bunched up skirt around her waist. High in the air was her bottom with her panties low down above her parted knees. The dimpled globes of her bum rose on either side of a valley that led past the tiny wrinkle of her anus kaçak iddaa to the heady red lips and folds of her vagina.

Still she knelt there. Waiting?

I stirred from my daze and realised that my cock was on fire. Straining against any constriction. I stood up and tore off my shirt. I looked down again at the exotic form in front of me.

Suddenly, she stirred.

I jumped and breathed in sharply.

She raised herself onto her elbows, almost shook herself like a dog coming out of water and looked around towards me. Another sight I’ll never forget.

Her face was all flushed and glowing. Her hair was all over the place. Her lip were parted and her teeth showing slightly canine. Her tongue panting.

She turned towards me still on her knees and adjusted her tee shirt down across her belly. Her skirt fell back over her knees and all the mysterious parts of her disappeared from view.

We glared at each other as if we were not sure if we were lovers or enemies.

Her eyes lowered across my chest and belly. I felt me insides churn as her gaze fell to my thighs.

She moved forward a small distance on her knees and pressed her mouth heavily onto my belly. Her hands went around me and I could feel her fingers dig into the swell of my bottom. She pulled me towards her and my cock lodged itself into her neck. She purred slightly as she felt it and pulled back to see. She ducked down and began to nuzzle under my hard balls with her nose. Her hands were pulling down my shorts from behind. I felt the cool air on my skin. Her hands came around to my hips and began lowering the sides of my shorts. Still she nuzzled and sniffed at me. Her fingers came to the front and carefully lifted the shorts over my excited cock. It bobbed free over her eyes. It must have looked enormous from that view. Another silhouette.

She pulled back slightly and placed both hands under my balls supporting the weight of my cock which stood at a good angle above her. Her eyes were focused on the head and as I followed her line of sight I could see a glassy dewdrop had formed there. I could also see that she had her mouth directly below. She gently squeezed my balls and I twitched. The tiny spasm shivered thru the shaft. The dewdrop spilt forward and cascaded in slow motion towards her mouth. It fell on her lower lip and the silvery thread joined us. Her tongue came out and tasted it. She licked her lip and followed the line to its source.

Just the tip of her tongue touched the tip of my cock. Then her lips followed and the head was inside her mouth. I could feel exquisite sucking as she tried to drink more of me. Her fingers were still kneading my balls. I stood dazed, barely breathing, as she ministered to me. I looked down at her busy mouth and the concentration in her eyes. I stretched up on the point of losing it all. Held my hands up to the treetops and the sky and prepared to blast from the deepest part of me. Her sucking had increased in pace. The squeezing of my balls was harder. I stood poised and stiff.

Suddenly a crack slapped across my bare arse, the warm mouth was pulled away, my balls released and I staggered back catching the sight of her rolling away from, pulling up her panties and scuttling away down the bank giggling like a maniac.

‘ Teach you to knock me off my bike! ‘ she was laughing as I pulled up my shorts and chased after her.

‘ Sweet revenge will be mine ‘ I thought as we hurtled thru the wood.

She had a good start and I was still trying to recover my equilibrium, but the sight of her skipping thru the undergrowth with flashes of leg and thigh gave me a superhuman energy. I was almost upon her when she turned back on me grabbed a branch and stood her ground threatening to knock my head off. I skidded to halt just within range and she waded in with a swipe to by midriff. I had no top on and it left a red graze across my side. I stopped and prowled around her preparing to strike.

‘ You are going to suffer for that ‘ I growled

She prepared herself for the battle. She looked like some medieval warrior, wild and dangerous. I circled her and she followed, her eyes upon each step I made. I made a feint to the left and then as she swayed that way with her stick, I plunged forward and had her from behind, with my arm tight around her neck. She squealed and struggled but I had her.

‘ Drop the branch. You are my captive!’ I said dramatically

She snarled but did throw the branch down at our feet.

‘ Now. You will do as I say ‘ I ordered

I still had her tight from behind and my cock was digging deeply into her soft behind.

‘ It’s clear that I will only be able to have my way with you if I force you to behave ‘

I pushed her forward still holding close behind to where a large branch had fallen across the path at about waist high.

‘Do you know what happens to girls who tease me? ‘ I continued.

I took the bottom of her shirt and quickly raised it over her head before she could react. Her legs were up against the wood now and I pushed her down so that her breasts were against the harsh bark and her little bum exposed below me. I held her down with a hand at the top kaçak bahis of her back and reached under her skirt for her panties. This time I pulled them down her legs to bundle around her ankles.

‘Step out of them ‘ I ordered, not sure if she was inclined to obey me.

She lifted one foot and then the other leaving her panties on the ground between them.

I ran my hand from between her knees, up to the join of her legs and around her bottom, pulling her skirt up with it. I found the button at the side, undid it and watched as she held herself away from the branch so that it could slip down her legs.

Her body was draped over the branch before me in all its muscular wonder. It was straining to find the best position as I held it there. I brought my thighs between her buttocks and using my legs, forced her to take a wider stance. I stepped back to appraise the situation and she kept her legs open.

I took my hand off her back and said ‘ Stay there ‘

I watched her carefully as I pulled down my shorts. She waited. I stood close to her, took hold of her hips and pulled her slowly back onto the end of my cock. Her breasts must have grazed against the wood because she let out a small cry and jerked up. I held her down again with a hand on her back.

I pressed the head into her slowly. She was so wet and I was so hard and the position so exact that it went in without hesitation or guidance. I felt it sink into heaven. Her head was on its side below me, her eyes shut and a small amount of spit trailing out of the corner of her mouth. I began to pummel her. This was going to be very sweet revenge. I was hard onto her bottom. It must have been abrasive to her tummy because she made an effort to push away from the branch and of course into my pounding. I caught her arms at the elbows at pulled them back behind her so that her weight was resting on her breasts. I could just see them squashed against the wood bark as she jiggled to and fro under my body.

‘ Do you accept me as your lord and master ‘ I shouted into her ear.

That seemed like a mistake. She suddenly reared up from under me like a dolphin leaving the water and threw me back. I popped out of her and staggered back a pace. She twirled around to face me. I could see the damage down to her very red and scratched breasts. I landed on my bottom and she grabbed the branch she had dropped earlier and set to on me as if she wouldn’t stop till I was done for. I tried to get away but she thrashed me. I was trying to cover my vulnerable bits but that just left the rest of me in view. She had me down on my stomach with my face pushed into the grass by her branch on the back of my neck. She twisted around so that she was facing my feet and the branch was held firmly under her legs and bottom. My face sunk deeper into the grass and she took a hefty swipe at my poor bottom. I bucked aimlessly and groaned into the ground. I could feel her forcing the tops of my thighs apart and her hand go down between and squeeze my balls not too gently. I bucked again lifting my bum in the air. Her fingers came out from between my legs and began rubbing my buttocks roughly, forcing them apart and stretching me.

‘ So my lord and master likes to put things in my body does he? Well perhaps your lady and mistress can teach you a lesson in how that feels ‘ she snarled

I went rigid as she began to stick a wet finger into my anus.

‘ No. Please .’ I was feeling sick ‘ Please dont do that ‘

Her finger was in deeper and was moving in and out steadily. I felt her push the globes of my arse further apart and the finger sink in further. Then as she waggled it around strange sensations welled all around my groin. I went into convulsions and tried desperately to regain control again.

I succeeded in getting one hand loose from under the branch and managed to pull it back towards me. I was now face down in the grass with her bum sitting right on my head. Her vagina was probably getting some nice stimulation as it slide across my hair. I reached back with my free hand, trapped one leg under my shoulder and could feel the shape of her bum above my head. By pulling on the leg and pushing with my hand I got to the place where her anus was on my head. With a small bit of manoeuvre and then a sudden stab I thrust my finger a small way into her arse. I nearly jerked off the ground as that had a reciprocating effect on her finger in my arse. She struggled a bit but I held her, and then began to vibrate my finger. She stiffened and relaxed and I had my finger all the way in. I could feel her fingers do the same and we settled into a pleasant if rather awkward mutual stimulation. Her other hand had ventured between my legs again and was handling my balls. I could feel the pressure of my cock in the grass as she continued her manipulation. I’d had enough of this submission. I wondered how I could get out and, as she continued her divine anal penetration, I wondered if I really wanted to. I could feel her rubbing herself more and more onto my head which had the effect of taking her weight off the branch that held me. I suddenly pulled backward, raising myself to my knees and as her finger popped out I noted the startled look on her face as I towered in front of her, pushing her onto her back and lying on her full length. I grasped her ankles and bending her double had them pinned next to her ears before she could react a muscle.

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