Monica and I lay in our bed, holding onto one another, our bodies slick with a sheen from the after-glow of our lovemaking. I was thankful to have a lover like her and even more thankful that she was my wife. Feeling especially close to her, I told her there was something I wanted to ask her. Seeing my hesitancy, when I didn’t immediately follow-up with my question, she asked, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

“No, no nothing’s wrong. I just don’t know how to say this,” I stammered and still wasn’t forthcoming. Now Monica looked worried. I suddenly blurted out, “Would you be willing to play with my ass sometime, maybe even fuck it?”

Monica looked quite surprised at my question. “Where did that come from?” she asked.

I told her that this had been on my mind for a long time, but I never had the courage to ask her before this. I told her that, years ago, long before I met her, I had discovered that I was “anally erotic” and loved the sensations that my ass gave me. I said that I felt embarrassed and a little ashamed to tell anyone about my desires until now. I said that it was only because I loved her so much and trusted her that I was willing to ask.

Monica proceeded to ask me for information about my anal eroticism. How this manifested? What toys I used? Did I orgasm? What I enjoyed the most?

Monica told me that she would have to let what I had told her settle in a bit and said she wasn’t sure about how she wanted to respond to my confession and my request. She told me that she had been afraid that I was going to tell her I was having an affair and was greatly relieved that it was “just about sex”. We both laughed about that, and that seemed to lighten both our moods. I felt lighter having shared my secret passion and relieved that Monica hadn’t rejected my request outright.

That week continued like nothing had changed. We had sex a couple of times, and it was good like it always was. On Saturday night we went to bed as usual. Often we warmed scented oil on a little ceramic basin next to our bed to spread on our bodies, making touch even more sensual and our bodies slick. Monica lit the candle under the oil to warm it, and we began to kiss and fondle one another. Soon we were spreading the warm oil all over each other, and she was sensually caressing her breasts over my chest, sliding up and down my torso. When I tried to raise up to return the favor, Monica pushed me back down.

She then grabbed one of our pillows, had me raise my butt up, and placed it under me. Dipping her fingers into the warm oil, Monica then caressed my cock and balls, making them slick. She continued applying more oil along my perineum, finally reaching my butt. Sliding her hand between my cheeks, she generously applied even more oil, until my ass was quite literally dripping. Soon her fingers were gripping and groping my ass cheeks and pinching as best as she could with my ass so slippery. With each pinch and squeeze I began to squirm, becoming more and more aroused. Then, for the first time, I felt Monica’s fingers graze my puckered hole, then swirling around it. Finally her fingers lingered, and I felt her finger slowly enter my ass for the first time. Her finger remained there for a while, but slowly I realized she was applying pressure in a circular motion, not going in and out. She was feeling the insides of my ass. Then she began to slide her finger in and out, slowly at first. Soon she added a second finger, then a third, stretching me, arousing me more and more.

“You like that, baby? Do you like my fingers up your sweet ass?” Monica cooed. “Show me, baby. Show me how much you like me fucking your ass.”

I pushed back on her fingers and met each of her thrusts with more and more vigor and excitement. I moaned, “Oh God, baby. Your fingers feel sooo good. I love you.”

“Is this what you wanted, baby? Did you want me to fuck your ass? C’mon baby, tell me how much you want me to keep fucking you,” she insisted. When I didn’t say anything, she stopped and began to pull out of my ass.

“Nooo, don’t stop! I love your fingers in my ass. Please keep fucking me. I love it,” I pled with her, and with my acknowledgement, she resumed her assault. Somehow Monica had managed to find my prostate and started pushing in and out over it. As my moans became louder, my body began to buck almost involuntarily, and just before I was about to cum, she swallowed my cock, and I erupted into her mouth, overwhelming her capacity to handle all of my cum. She slowed down her pumping fingers, while still sucking my now shrinking cock.

When I finally calmed down, Monica crawled up my body and kissed me and pushed the cum she had been holding in her mouth into mine. This was another first for us. Even though tasting my own cum didn’t especially appeal to me, the taste wasn’t as unpleasant as I had imagined, and it was the least I could do in thanks of making my dream come true. We passed the cum back and forth between us, and I finally swallowed what was left.

I returned the favor and went down on her and licked and finger fucked her until she had bursa escort her own orgasm. I would have licked her to another one, but she said, “Enough,” so I stopped and lay down next to her, and we kissed and cuddled.

“That was so hot, watching how turned on you were from my fingers. You weren’t kidding when you said you were anally erotic,” Monica enthusiastically agreed.

“It was a dream come true for me,” I told her. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t worry babe, were just getting started in this area, ” she reassured me, gesturing with her fingers as if she was fucking me, “Just getting started. Leave this to me.”

This was going better than I could have imagined, and Monica was a full participant too. I felt like I was one of the luckiest men in the world to have a sexy and accepting wife like her.

Over the next several weeks unbeknownst to me, Monica visited several internet sites that featured stories about males receiving anal sex from their female lovers. Soon she learned about strap-ons and butt plugs and found online toy stores for what she needed for her plans for my ass.

One night, a few weeks after I confessed my desire for anal sex, Monica asked me to come to bed after a light dinner. Our foreplay was very similar to what was usual for us, a lot of kissing and sensual touching. Only this time Monica began smiling wickedly and started applying newly purchased lube to my ass. Soon, like before, her fingers were exploring my most private place, finally penetrating me again, and again arousing my excitement and lust for her fingers to fuck me harder and deeper.

To my disappointment, she stopped and removed her fingers. She then reached into the nightstand table drawer and removed a smallish butt plug, which she also lubed up and began to slowly fuck my ass. Even though it was small, at its widest point it was still bigger than anything that had ever entered my ass. As she pushed it in and out, she also pushed it deeper and deeper, stretching my hole in the most pleasurable way, eliciting increasingly louder moans. Finally she reached its widest point, and she held it there for a short while, letting me feel its maximum stretch, then she pushed the invader all the way into me, letting my rectum feel a new sensation of fullness.

I thought for a moment that Monica would leave the plug in place, but clearly she had other plans. She began to kneel between my legs and go down on me, and my pleasure only increased. Soon she was bobbing up and down on my hard cock, taking the entire length into her mouth and throat until I felt her lips touch my pubes, and I was in heaven. After a few minutes she pulled off and told me, “Tell me if you’re going to cum. OK? You only cum when I say you can. Agreed?” And once I agreed, she resumed deep throating me, only this time she started puling the plug nearly all the way out and plunging it all the way in until I was just seconds away from blowing my load and told her so.

Monica quickly pulled off my cock and proceeded to squeeze its head tightly, stopping my excitement quickly. She again licked my cock until it was hard again and then straddled me and enveloped my cock in her warm, wet pussy and fucked me hard and fast, getting us both excited. As we both neared orgasm, she again admonished me not to cum without her say so, and I grunted my agreement. Soon I told her I was close, and she climbed off of me but only for a moment, and she again straddled me but this time in a reverse cowgirl position.

She started vigorously fucking me now. I was getting more and more excited and was loving the feeling of the plug inside of me. Then suddenly I felt Monica grip the base of the plug, and she began to fuck my ass with it as hard as she was fucking my cock. I told her to stop, that I was about to cum, but she just said, “Go for it, baby. Cum for me! Cum for me!”

And that put me over the top. Soon both Monica and I were screaming our shared orgasms. Even though she was bucking wildly, Monica never stopped fucking my ass. As we slowed down so did her penetration.

Finally she pulled off me and backed up towards my face and slowly lowered her cum-filled pussy onto my mouth. As she lowered herself, gobs of cum dropped out of her and onto my face and open mouth. I raised up and tongued out as much cum as I could, now beginning to associate eating cum with the wonderful anal pleasure she was giving me.

Monica seemed to note this too and told me, “That’s it. Such a good boy. Eat all the cum and clean me out like a good boy. That’s your job from now on, to eat up all the cum.”

Slowly she lay down on top of me and soon we were in a 69 position, and her mouth had swallowed my cock, and her pussy was right above my mouth. Slowly we licked one another as she slowly fucked my ass again with the plug. We licked, sucked, and fucked at a leisurely pace until we were again aroused and nearing orgasm, but this time instead of intensely fucking and bucking, this orgasm was more deeply felt and sensual, and we writhed together in what was experienced as waves of pleasure.

Once the waves bursa escort bayan had completely passed, we both laid in place for several minutes in a whole body pleasurable warmth until Monica changed positions and crawled up next to me. After gazing lovingly and intently into my eyes, she brought her lips to mine and shared the cum she had been holding there for the longest time. We swirled the cum with our tongues, exchanging it between us. Then she pushed the remaining cum into my mouth and raised up enough to watch with pleasure as I swallowed the remnants of her offering.

“Such a good boy,” she praised me as it was clear that I had swallowed, and the cum was gone.

Later we processed how that had been for each of us. Monica asked if I enjoyed her taking the lead as much as she did, and I told her I found it wonderful. She said that she liked the sense of power my surrendering gave her.

We began to have sex every day for a few weeks, always initiated by Monica. Every 3 or 4 days Monica would repeat some variation on the above and would introduce a slightly larger plug, stretching my ass so I could easily accommodate nearly all the plugs she bought except a ridiculously huge one that even Monica agreed must have been meant for an elephant.

After I had been stretched as far as the plugs Monica had bought could stretch me, Monica asked me to wear the largest plug I could for as long as I could bear it while at home at night or the weekends. She also suggested that she would be especially proud of me if I was able to wear the plug when I left the house. She assured me that it would be acceptable to her if I needed to remove the plug at any time, whether due to discomfort or the need to take a shit, and so I began to have this plug in my ass as a daily companion.

Then for a week Monica teased me mercilessly, getting me incredibly aroused but allowing me no release. She would lick my cock several times a day until I was trembling but would stop as I neared orgasm. She promised to fulfill my dreams if I promised to cum only when she finally OK’d it. Then after what had been one of the most frustrating and painful weeks in memory, she came into the living room after I had come home from work, wearing nothing but a harness with a long purple dildo protruding from between her legs. It was the most erotic sight imaginable for me.

She had me kneel before her with the dildo right at eye level, just inches from my mouth. “What do you want, baby? C’mon, baby, tell me. Don’t I look hot with my big purple cock? Don’t you want to suck it? Don’t you want to kiss it? Tell me baby. Tell me how much you want this cock.”

“God, I want your cock, baby. You look so incredibly hot right now,” I passionately confessed and leaned forward to kiss it and take it into my mouth.

“Not so fast, baby. My cock is all for you, baby, but first you’ve got to tell me how much you want it, how much you need a big hard cock like I’ve got right here. Beg me to kiss it, to fuck your face with it. C’mon, be a good boy and beg for cock,” Monica insisted.

I just broke down. I always dreamed of this moment where the hot girl of my dreams would fuck my ass, and here she was, and all I had to do was tell her how much I wanted her cock. “God I want your cock. Please Monica, let me suck your beautiful cock. Let me kiss it. I need your cock so much,” I told her.

“That’s what I’m talking about, baby. You need this cock. Don’t you? Well you can have just a little lick, just lick around the tip. You like it when I do that for you, don’t you? Now do that for me,” Monica ordered. And I started to lick around the tip of her dildo, and I was getting more and more excited. I so wanted her cock, and I wanted it in my ass. “Do you want to suck it too? Do you want it in your ass?” she asked.

“Please Monica, let me suck it. Please fuck me in the ass,” I begged her. The more I begged, the more desperate I became. The cock I had dreamed of was so close, yet still so far away.

“If I fuck you in the ass, what will you do for me?” Monica hissed.

“Whatever you want,” I told her, meaning it.

“Really? Whatever I want?” she asked. “Do you really mean it or are you just teasing me?”

“No. I mean it. Whatever you want, I’ll do it for you,” I told her.

Monica then fed me her cock, and I threw myself on it. “I’m holding you to your promise,” she told me as I tried to swallow her beautiful cock that she was rocking in and out of my hungry mouth.

The cock had an end that was inside her, so the more I sucked and moved her cock, the more the other end stimulated her, and she was becoming more and more aroused, nearly cumming.

Monica pulled away from my mouth and asked, “Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Oh God yes,” was all I could say.

“Good. Then I want you to go to the bathroom and take off all your hair, except for what you have on your head. Do it! Do it now!” she ordered, “That’s part of your promise to do anything I ask, so if you do this for me, I will fuck you. There’s a new razor in the shower as well as some depilatory escort bursa cream. Put on the cream and leave it on as long as you can stand it, then rinse it off. Hurry, be quick about it! I want to fuck your smooth ass. Don’t make me wait.”

Quickly I put on the cream all over my pubic area and around the ever-present plug in my ass, and started to shave my legs, underarms and chest, almost without thinking. After a few minutes my crack, balls, and all around my cock began to feel like it was burning, so I rinsed off the cream as well as the hair that had been there. When I was sure I was smooth, I got out of the shower and toweled off. When I saw myself in the mirror, my penis looked like a little boy’s.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Monica was waiting impatiently on the bed. “That certainly took you long enough,” she complained, “Maybe you don’t really want my cock.”

“No. I want your cock so much, you have no idea how much I want your cock,” I pled.

Then Monica got up on her knees but kept her head down on her pillow. She instructed, “Show me by kissing my ass how much you want me to fuck your ass.”

I climbed up on the bed behind her and started licking and kissing her ass cheeks, when she told me, “No! I want you kissing and licking my ass hole, and get that tongue up my hole as far as you can.”

I now spread her beautiful ass and started licking and kissing her anus and trying sincerely to get my tongue past her tight ring. What might have been unthinkable just days before became my mission to please Monica, and when she yelled out, “Oh God. Oh God,” when my tongue got past her sphincter and deep into her ass, I was in heaven too. When she finally had enough of my worshipping her ass, she inspected me thoroughly, making sure I was smooth all over. She told me she was pleased with the job I did and said it was now my job to keep myself smooth for her.

Then grabbing hold of the large butt plug in my ass, she started pulling and pushing on it without pulling it out past its widest point. Only as she began to whip me into a frenzy did Monica suddenly pull it all the way out, causing me to make a yelp of pain, followed by just as quick a slap on the ass by Monica.

“That’s enough noise from you right now, baby. Be a good boy and stay really still for me, so I can get you ready for your first real ass fucking. That’s what you still want, isn’t it, baby?” she asked, knowing the answer already. I could hear her pouring the lube on her fingers that would help send me to paradise. Then I felt her spreading the lube deep into my fairly loose ass. “Oooo, you are so ready for me. Aren’t you, baby?” she cooed at me, but she slapped my ass again, this time even harder, when I started pushing back at her invading fingers. “I told you to stay still,” she reminded me again. When she was satisfied I had more than enough lube, she applied what was left from her hand on her rigid phallus and lined herself behind me.

“Now all I need is a little encouragement from you to starting fucking you, just like you wanted,” she said.

“Please Monica, fuck my ass. I want it so badly. Please fuck me. You look so hot and sexy with your beautiful cock,” he told her, meaning this truly.

“Are you ready to be my bitch?” she asked, saying this name for the first time. “If you want my cock, tell me how much you want to be my bitch,” she made clear.

“Please Monica, make me your bitch. Fill my bitch ass with your cock,” I answered her.

And hearing my acceptance as her bitch, Monica told me to remain still and brought the tip of her cock to my ass’ entrance, and she lingered there for a while. It took all my self-control to refrain from throwing myself on her cock. The longer she remained just touching the opening the more maddenly frustrated I was becoming.

“Please fuck me, Monica. I want your cock so much,” I pled. She applied more pressure, and I felt the head of her cock pop past my sphincter, and she pushed in and out but only an inch or so and began to fuck me in this shallow rhythm. “More, more. Deeper! Please deeper!” I continued to plead, and she would give me another inch, and another round of slightly deeper fucking would ensue, only leading to more pleading and ever so slight increases in the depths of her thrusts. Soon I was crying in frustration and begging her to fuck her bitch hard and deep, “Fuck my bitch ass. Fuck me just like a bitch needs to be fucked.”

Finally relenting, Monica plunged into my ass, and fucked me hard, pushing my face down into the bed, all the while digging her nails into my hips and pounding me. Whether it had been her fingers or the plugs before this, there was nothing but extreme pleasure for me, and I was her bitch, and I was in heat. I had never known such ecstasy. My ass was alive with pleasurable sensations as Monica pulled all the way out of me only to drive all the way back into me. Soon Monica was screaming her first orgasm. After she calmed down, she had me lay on my back with my knees over her shoulders, and then she continued her assault. As she approached her second orgasm, mine was also building. I told her I was close to cumming, and she ordered, “Cum for me, baby. Show me how a good bitch cums,” and that put me over the top, and I shot rope after rope of warm cum all over my chest.

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