Movie Night


This is my first submission, please leave feedback or rate it or whatever people do on here. This is more of a teaser, if I get some interest or the mood strikes me, I might expand on this story, maybe some M/F and F/F ending in a threesome or something. There’s a build up to it so if you’re looking for straight into the good stuff this might not be the story for you. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


It has started out innocently enough. A movie night with his girlfriend and a couple of other friends, it was harmless. Mark couldn’t remember the name of the movie, only that it had been one of those ‘artistic’ films which were full of smoking hot sex scenes. There were three of them on the couch, Mark, his girlfriend of seven months Amanda and her best friend Lisa. On the other sofa was Jon and Katie, a newly formed couple who hadn’t got over the ‘can’t-take-there-eyes-off-each-other’ stage yet. The room was almost pitch black except for the inconsistent light thrown by the T.V, which revealed Amanda snuggled in close to Mark, her head on his slightly muscled chest. He had his arm draped over her shoulder and his hand came to rest on her hip, just close enough to feel the warmth of Lisa who was resting on Amanda’s upper leg. Mark caught himself staring at Lisa’s breasts as they pushed against his girlfriend’s leg. He felt his dick twitch slightly at the sight and was sure Amanda could feel it against her side. He felt a flush of guilt at his arousal so close to Amanda but the thought of him getting hard over Amanda’s best friend while she was more or less on top of him only served to get him more worked up.

He tried shifting so Amanda wouldn’t feel his erection but as he did so she shifted with him, allowing her left hand to fall onto the bulge in his jeans. He felt his muscles tighten as his girlfriend slowly squeezed his shaft. He looked down and was greeted with a twinkle of lust in Amanda’s eye. He had seen this twinkle before and for a few seconds nothing else in the world existed, just that twinkle and the achingly slow way her lips parted to make way for her pink tongue to poke out and gently slide over the exposed skin of his chest. While her tongue lingered on his skin, her hand was rhythmically squeezing the head of his fully erect cock. Mark felt his heart beat speed up noticeably as he sucked in a thin gasp of air, he could tell Amanda felt his heartbeat as well as her squeezing became in sync with the steady thumping coming from his chest.

For her part, Amanda could feel the deep throb in the palm of her hand as she put more pressure on the six and a half inch dick which she loved so much. She liked nothing better than to feel it hard and in her grasp, just taking in the sheer primitive eroticism of her lover’s arousal. She felt Lisa shift her head slightly prompting another shift of her own, she was amazed to feel how wet she was, her soaking panties brushing against the sensitive skin on the inside of her thighs. As if this awareness had turned on a switch, she needed relief, a slow deep burning had been kindled in between her legs and she had in her hand the only thing that would suffice to quench it. Her mind worked as hard as her hand trying to figure out a way for the two of them to slip away and take care of the fire in her dripping wet pussy.

As her fingers pressed against the hardness of Mark’s dick, Amanda felt a new sensation against her thigh. For a split second she thought that her desire had somehow manifested itself into her pink vibrator which was now buzzing incessantly against her leg, but as soon as the dense cloud of lust parted she realised it was just her phone. Jumping up she grabbed her phone, ignoring the cry of protest from Lisa and the desperate shout of lost pleasure that erupted from Marks mouth. She was sympathetic to his disappointment, she had been enjoying it almost as much as Mark was but the number that came up was that of one of her most valued (meaning most lucrative) clients and to miss this call would mean consequences at work. With a low and feral growl she stood up.

“I’m sorry, I need to get this.” She looked right at Mark as she said this, genuinely sorry for having to cut their little game short. “And knowing this bitch it’s gonna take an hour or two to sort whatever problem she’s dreamt up now. Is it cool if I use your room Katie?” Katie who had seemed unaware of the disruption occurring mere feet from her and her new boyfriend (perhaps involved in their own little game), nodded absently as if annoyed at the inconsiderate interruption. With that Mark watched as his girlfriend left the room with all chances of some kinky fun happening leaving with her. With a despairing sigh he turned back to the movie, silently cursing his luck and trying to calm his erection down.

Mark’s disappointment was painted all over his face and was in stark contrast to the sly grin that was unfolding over Lisa’s face. She might be two years younger than the 25 year old couple but that didn’t make her escort kartal stupid. She had heard the gasp and saw the regular movement of Amanda’s hand against Mark’s crotch. She could even feel the ripple in Amanda’s thighs as she subconsciously squeezed her thighs together. Amanda was turned on, and at the thought of what was happening inches away from her head Lisa felt her own nipples harden, hoping that they wouldn’t noticeably poke into her friend’s leg, but getting more and more aroused by the thought that they might.

She had slipped a hand in between her legs and moved her head into a better viewing position, but the movie was forgotten now, she had something better to watch. Then the show had been interrupted by that fucking phone of Amanda’s. That phone that had disturbed countless dinners, movies and chats in the past year. A dull anger that was more a product of unsatisfied desire then genuine rage pulsed through her, and if she had looked back in the next few weeks, it was this that caused her to do what she did. That coupled with the sight of the bulge in Mark’s jeans as his girlfriend rushed off to take her phone call. That was what closed the deal for Lisa, that bulge that seemed to call out and promise untold pleasures if she would just reach out and touch it. Biting her lip Lisa got up.

“Whu-what, what are you doing Lisa?” The naked guilt and raw lust that was dripping off every word only made Lisa wetter as she took Amanda’s place.

“Just wanted someone to cuddle up to dude, you looked so…lonely by yourself.” As she said the word lonely she reached her desired position and with a subtle wiggle of her hips she felt Mark’s semi touch her round ass. She also heard a low pitched umph as Mark realised what his dick was pressed against. Lisa closed her eyes and sighed contentedly as she savoured the feeling of her best friend’s boyfriend against her. She knew she was a bad friend and a bitch and a slut and about every name you could think of, but as Mark’s heavily muscled arms enfolded her she didn’t care at all. She knew he worked out, had even seen him doing it a few times and also knew how proud he was of his biceps. As she slipped her own arm over his she thought he had good reason to be proud, and as he squeezed her slightly she felt another pulse of arousal wash over her. She had to have him.

Mark always considered himself a good boyfriend and despite his level of arousal was getting back into the film and winning the battle against his own arousal. He even managed to give Lisa a little cuddle without fear of going crazy with the desire to take her right here on the couch. Lisa on the other hand was almost grinding her teeth in frustration, his dick hadn’t gone any softer but it was now five minutes since she had made contact with him and he wasn’t hard. Her slim, athletic build and gorgeously round ass and breasts meant that a small twist of her blonde hair would suffice to make most men ready to fuck her, if they needed anything at all that is. But Mark was not moved and she was beginning to give up hope when the scene on the screen changed.

The two main characters were lying entwined on a hammock, holding each other intimately. One of them leaned forward and her tongue found the others mouth. The camera panned up as hands found breasts and hips gyrated. Lisa had never been a fan of lesbian porn but the events of the night had made her think and she found herself hungrily feasting on the sight of the two women making slow passionate love on the screen. She was lost in the scene which seemed to be a long one, when she felt Mark shift behind her. He had moved back and she knew from his position this meant he was pushing himself against the back of the sofa. With a rush of pure arousal she knew what this meant, and knew that she had her opportunity.

Fucking lesbians! These two words were running through Mark’s mind again and again mingled with an unarticulated feeling of self pity. He had resisted the urge to just fuck Amanda right here on the sofa, had resisted the urge to pull out his hair when she left him hard and unsatisfied, had even resisted the urge to let his mind wonder when Lisa had parked herself in front of him. And now fucking lesbians, as if someone was pulling a prank on him, inviting him to do something he would regret later, or someone. He pulled back as his dick hardened immediately and was on the verge of screaming when Lisa’s ass followed him back and parked itself neatly on his shaft. He stiffened immediately, and did not (or could not) move when he felt Lisa’s hips slowly grinding on him. It was grinding, there was no way it was just a mistake of a shift in position. She was slowly but relentlessly pushing herself back on to his erection. At this point the speakers on the TV started emitting loud moans of pleasure as the two women rubbed themselves endlessly on each other. Lisa timed her little grind with the grunts of pleasure, no longer caring about the actresses on screen, focusing maltepe escort only on the hardness that was pushing against her.

He was breathing deeply and couldn’t handle it anymore, his resistance didn’t fade away, it had left him completely and instantaneously. One second he was pushing himself against the back of the sofa and the next his hands were on Lisa’s perfect hips. She gasped as she felt his rough hands on her scorching hot skin, they were gentle enough but she sensed somehow that they were strong. Strong enough to lift her up off her feet as he slid inside her…..

“unnnnnn” The moan had been quiet enough not to rouse the suspicions of their two friends, but to the two writhing figures it seemed as if they had screamed. They froze, Mark’s penis finding its way to Lisa’s pussy. The tough material of his jeans against the soft almost non-existent material of her pyjama bottoms provided Lisa with a maddeningly sweet sensation. But at this moment she didn’t want sweet, she wanted rough, she wanted to feel her pussy stretching to accommodate her new lover’s thick hard cock, she wanted him to fuck her. She forgot about the moan she’d let escape and reached down and silently pulled down her pyjama bottoms and knickers. She glanced up at Katie and Jon who were now kissing deeply and smiled as she reached around to grab Mark’s cock. As she squeezed it in an unwitting impression of Amanda earlier on in the night, she felt his lips on her neck. It wasn’t the dry outer part of the lip but the scaldingly hot inner bit. She could feel it hot, almost burning while deliciously wet at the same time just below her jaw line on her neck. His tongue slid against her neck, almost lecherously. She would have most likely been disgusted if someone had done this to her at any other time, but the sheer dirtiness of having someone lick her skin made her want to explode.

She made short work of the zip and eagerly got around Mark’s boxers pulling out his throbbing cock. It was wet with pre cum, and as she felt the moisture against her skin she lifted her palm to her mouth and licked the pre cum from her palm. The salty taste of it mingled with the taste of her own skin made her growl in a low almost soundless way. And as she reached back to his cock she felt his hand, those rough strong hands of a man, enfold her breast. She squeezed hard onto his dick, relishing in the arousal and felt him retaliate by squeezing her tits. She began to stroke his cock, again glancing unnecessarily at their friends on the other couch. Mark’s hand clawed at her top which was made of the same thin material as the trousers. He somehow managed to expose her right breast and took the achingly hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, using a finesse that was unexpected to tease it some more. Scraping his nail around it and then rolling it gently and then harder between his fingers. At the same time he bit down gently on her exposed neck making her gasp again. With the corners of his mouth twitching he put a bit more pressure on and bit slightly harder, not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough to send a delicious burst of sensation down her spine. He then used his tongue to flick back and forth over the place he’d bitten. He could tell by the increase in pace of her stroking that he was doing well.

He sucked at the skin of her neck, knowing it would leave a mark and doing it anyway, he decided he wanted to see how turned on she was and slowly, teasingly slipped a hand from her exposed breast down her flat stomach and towards the prize between her legs. She felt a tingle in her stomach, well in reality she felt tingling all over her, the way he was biting and then sucking on her neck was probably the most erotic thing she’d ever felt and the steady flow of pre cum made her hand glide up and down his cock. She could feel his hips pumping into her fist gently. At this she realised that they were losing there subtlety and used her foot to pull up a blanket that had been discarded earlier in the night. She pulled it over them hoping that no one would notice or pay any attention, fortunately the movie was showing a party scene and there was too much noise coming from there to let anyone hear her. Once covered she felt Marks hand sliding down her and opened her legs to allow him access, she knew she was already close to orgasm, and was planning to have a few before the night was out.

His hands were big but not clumsy as she might have expected (and perhaps imagined on a few lonely nights), they slipped into her panties and gently cupped her burning pussy. He put pressure on it and at the same time cocked his hips forward touching his hard and lubricated cock against the cheeks of her delicious ass. The feeling of his dick rubbing against her ass as she began to really work his cock, not caring if anyone saw now, coupled with the sensation of his calloused hands against her sensitive pussy almost pushed her over the edge. She edged ever closer as she felt his middle finger pendik escort bayan pushing into her, past her outer lips and then it was sliding, deliciously slow and remarkably thick into her. His fingertip pressed against the front wall of her pussy and as he slid a single digit into her pussy his left hand cupped her breast and began twisting the nipple again. She let out the smallest of squeaks, her face contorted with pure pleasure. She was still working his dick which was now throbbing more insistently and she squeezed hard, hard enough to make him gasp, as his finger began a slow withdrawal. Her whole body was tensed and she suppressed the urge to moan loudly, as he dragged his finger out until just the very tip of it remained inside her.

She was breathing fast and raggedly as if she’d just sprinted a marathon, and she was about to scream in frustration when his left hand stopped twisting her nipple. He was teasing her, he knew how to do it and if he had more time would have continued to do it for a while. It was slightly sadistic he knew, but he loved the feeling of urgency, of desperation when a woman wanted to cum, and knew that the key to her orgasm hung around his own neck. Through her frustration Lisa was also loving the teasing, yes she wanted to cum, probably more then she had ever wanted to in the past but at this single timeless moment, where neither of them seemed to be breathing, where nothing else seemed to exist, she was not in control. Or to put it more accurately he was in control, if he slipped out of her now she could not do anything, likewise a few deft touches and she would have one of the biggest and definitely best orgasms of her life. She loved him being in control, but her desire was burning a hole inside her, she needed release. She couldn’t articulate the conflict between wanting to be controlled and needing to cum but she didn’t need to…

His teeth were grazing her neck again, and Mark’s eyes were on the screen. The characters were on their way to a concert of some sort and he was waiting for them to arrive. He started brushing her nipple gently, teasingly and felt her sink her head into his shoulder, pleading with him without words, at the same time he began to gently twitch the tip of his finger. The characters were in the concert now and the noise inside was loud. Loud enough to cover any screaming.

He twisted the nipple hard feeling her gasp at the same time bit her neck enough to leave a slight mark but not do any damage, and then as she let out a groan of pleasure he slammed his finger inside her up to the knuckle. He could hear her moan, but was past caring if anyone else heard her, and began to furiously finger fuck her. She still had his cock gripped in her fist but he didn’t care about his own pleasure at this point. His sole aim was to make Lisa cum, and he went about it enthusiastically. He slid another finger inside her now fucking her with two of them, and she was gripping hard on him, her hand making its way to his thigh and pressing down hard enough to hurt. But Mark didn’t feel a thing, as he used his thumb to rub against her clit. He sped up while at the same time playing with her nipple and biting, licking and sucking on her neck. His hand was moving fast now, fast enough to make her push out her hips and surrender completely to his touch, she was close now, he felt her muscles spasm as if vibrating and somehow sped up his busy hands.

She came. It wasn’t a massive explosion as he had thought it would be, but more of an implosion of enormous force, like a star folding in on itself. She curled up slightly, thighs trapping his hand (which continued to rub inside her pussy regardless) and just froze. He felt her pussy walls tightening around his fingers almost as if they were grabbing them, forcing them to stay until they had completed what they started. For Lisa it was beyond coherent thought. It was pure pleasure, every part of her body, her fingers; her toes right up to the top of her head seemed to be alight with pleasure. She didn’t know if she was screaming or not all she knew was the wave after wave of pleasure pulsing out from her pussy. Then she was shaking slightly, breathing in gasps, chest heaving and Mark’s fingers slid out of her, and she lay there not knowing if it was for a few seconds or half an hour. She had just about got herself under control and was thinking of how hard she was going to make Mark cum when a voice cut through her thoughts.

“What the fuck you two?” It was Amanda, and Lisa closed her eyes in despair. Not out of guilt, but out of frustration that she wouldn’t feel Mark cum. But the tone of Amanda’s voice was light and mocking rather than angry. She looked up and saw Amanda standing staring at Katie and Jon who were humping each other steadily on the other sofa. Lisa felt Mark scrambling to readjust himself.

“Guys, come on get a room, it stinks of sex in here! And you two, why are you wearing a blanket it’s like a sauna!” She was shaking her head with a wry smile on her lips, as Lisa and Mark sat up desperately looking anywhere but at each other. Lisa had ended up on the end and Amanda on Mark’s other side. Amanda completely unaware of what she had walked in on put her arms around Mark and whispered in his ear.

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