Moving Day Ch. 01


The box made a loud thump as I dropped it onto the floor of our new home. It was our first house and my girlfriend Natalie and I were very excited to be moving in today. Although we didn’t have a large amount of belongings it was enough to require me to enlist the help of two buddies and Natalie had invited her friend Courtney to assist as well. The girls mostly spent their time unpacking while the guys did the heavy lifting. Lucky for me that was the last box from the rental truck. We were done.

“Michael, is that you?” Natalie called from the kitchen. The house was a two-story affair with 3 bedrooms upstairs. It was a magnificent house considering we were moving from a smallish 2-bedroom condominium.

“Yeah.” I replied, heading towards her voice, “That was the last box. I sent the guys home so they could shower and stuff.” Entering the kitchen I gazed at her. She looked really cute. Bright red hair and shining blue eyes that matched her perfect smile. I kissed her on the cheek and gave her the once over, admiring her petite form. She looked so damn sexy in her khaki shorts and a well-worn, faded blue t-shirt that was probably one size too small. I could tell she was bra-less as her nipples poked out noticeably from her small and very pert tits. I jibed myself that my appearance had that effect on her but rationally decided it was most likely from the open refrigerator she was unpacking items into.

“Courtney still here? I told the guys we’d meet them at Trader Van’s and we’d buy them burgers and beer. Sue and Melissa will probably be there too.”

Natalie looked at me, her face beaming. “You guys did the hard part today. Tell you what, I’ll buy ALL of YOU burgers and beer!” and she kissed me again, this time hard on the lips. “And yes, Courtney is still here. She’s unpacking in the bedroom I think. Tell her our plans when you head up to take a shower and make sure she can join us. I dug out our bathroom stuff and some towels earlier. They’re in the master bedroom bath. Save some hot water, I’ll be right behind you.”

One last kiss, “Thanks, babe. You think of everything. Hurry, I’m starving.” And I headed up the stairs.

The master bedroom was at the end of the hall. As I approached the wide open door I heard a gasp. Thinking Courtney might have hurt herself I picked up my step and charged into the bedroom. Now it was my turn to gasp.

“Um, hi Courtney. Heh.” I meant that to come out in my normal speaking voice but I only managed what could be best described as a squeak. There she was sitting on the edge of the bed, one leg under the other with one foot one the floor. She wasn’t hurt at all. She was surrounded by small boxes containing bedroom knickknacks; candles, pictures, those sorts of things, obviously unpacking them.

I guess I had walked in moments after she had opened the box that contained our sex stuff. Over the last year or so we had collected all manner of items to enhance our sex lives. A couple of vibrators; some porn DVDs; various other stuff. In her hands she was holding a 10-inch vibrator. It was one of those realistic-looking penis-shaped vibrators. I think it was supposed to be an actual replica of some semi-famous porn star but I can’t recall the name. Besides, that was the last thing on my mind at the moment.

“Um, hey, Michael. I, uh…I was…” she stammered badly. I could tell she was embarrassed as I was. Her face, from behind her gorgeous blond hair, was turning eight shades of red. She absentmindedly continued to hold the fake cock, sort of at half-mast now.

I looked away quickly, unable to look her in the eyes at the moment. “Um, I came up to take a shower. Heh, I’m not sure Natalie meant for you to unpack that particular box.” And to break the ice I smirked and added, “No big deal though. I’m sure it’s not anything you’ve never seen before.” And I winked at her. I thought it was a pretty safe thing to say. Courtney and I had flirted playfully many times.

“Oh yeah, sure. I’ve seen them. Hell, I own one. But I’ve never seen one so big, fake or otherwise. Does Nat really like this?” I could understand Courtney’s relative naivety. While escort kartal no virgin, Courtney, for reasons I never understood, was fairly reserved when it came to sex. I always imagined her as a missionary position-only type of girl and frankly was quite shocked to hear her admit she owned a vibrator. I will also admit that upon learning this tidbit of private information, I was starting to feel the stirrings of a hard-on in my pants.

And why not? Courtney was pretty hot. She was the same age as my girlfriend. Both had just graduated from college. She had a fantastic body with the cutest apple-shaped ass and amazing boobs that pointed high on her chest. I’d always thought she was a cutie and often had secret fantasies of the three of us together when I masturbated.

“Court, I think you better ask Natalie about that.” I giggled back. “Although I have it on pretty good authority that she loves it.” Ah, the tension was broken. Yet somehow I sensed a different kind of tension beginning. Realistically, I reminded myself, it was probably just the state of horniness I was achieving. My cock was half rigid in my pants now and I was dangerously close to arousing suspicion, pun intended. I scrambled quickly as I gathered my things to head into the bathroom.

The truth was Natalie did love it. It wasn’t something we used very often. That particular monster was usually reserved for special occasions on nights we were especially horny and feeling naughtier than usual. Natalie and I weren’t over-sexual, as you might say. We had a good sex life, probably like most other couples, or at least the ones we knew. We had sex 2-3 times a week. We were both very open with each other when it came to our lovemaking. We discovered early in our relationship that we both loved to masturbate, with or without a partner and we both watched porn, mostly Jenna Jameson movies. She even owned a couple movies before we met, a fact which totally turns me on about her. Add those to my personal collection and we had about eight porn movies I’d guess.

The vibrator collection consisted of a 5″, bluish colored one with a sharp bend at the tip. I considered this her “everyday use” vibe. Another was a medium-sized; I’d guess 7-inch, chrome vibe that she used sometimes because it was noticeably more powerful than the former. And then there was the giant member Courtney held in her hands. Only now she was holding it with both hands, almost cradling it as if to feel its weight. The fake giant was pretty life-like in look and feel. I glanced one more time before walking into the adjoining bathroom and I think I imagined a wicked smile on Courtney’s face as she held it. I could swear that she actually started to stroke it but reminded herself a split-second too late that I was present. My cock was dangerously close to quickly becoming a raging hard-on now but I couldn’t resist chirping over my shoulder as I walked away, “Nat should be up shortly. You can ask her yourself when she gets here.”

Very casually she tossed back, “Oh, I intend to.”

That about did it for me, I needed to get in the shower and fast. I closed the bathroom door. I thought about locking it but decided against it. I never did and Natalie might find that somehow suspicious.

As I gazed at myself in the full length mirror mounted behind the door, I debated about which appendage I would sacrifice to be a fly on the wall in the bedroom when Natalie finally arrived. My sexually overactive mind was reeling with scenarios of all the possibilities. I stripped off my shirt and did the normal once over of my upper body in the mirror. I unsnapped my jeans and pull them off my legs, along with my boxers and socks. I stood naked in front of the mirror. I felt extremely horny; I would even go so far as to say I felt sexy. My cock was pointing straight out, a very respectable length if I do say so. I looked pretty good I thought. And Natalie thought so also, and that’s all that matters. I stand at about 6’1″ tall and weigh in around 200lbs. I don’t work out a whole lot but do enjoy the benefit of an athletic youth and good genes. I wouldn’t win any posing contests maltepe escort but I had managed to avoid the love handles and beer bellies all my friends seem to have gained.

I enjoyed these moments being naked and alone. I grabbed my cock and gave it a few gentle tugs as I imagined in my mind’s erotic eye what could very well be going on in the bedroom between those two girls at this very moment. I continued stroking myself as I opened the shower doors and turned on the water. I could almost picture it, the two girls sitting on the bed giggling about sexy secrets as they perused our naughty toy collection. I imagined them passing the toys, pausing when they came to the big one. I stepped under the hot water. I was stroking with a bit more urgency now, my thoughts of the girls getting hotter and sexier. I started a lazy back and forth motion with my hand. I had to control myself for several reasons. The foremost that Natalie might be walking in any second. While she knew that I regularly jerked off alone she understood that it was a private thing and she generally left me alone as I would do the same for her. We have caught each other accidentally a few times and it almost always ends up in mutual masturbation or we get so worked up we fuck our brains out. But we both have high sex drives and sometimes we just want the peace of a little self-pleasure. I know you understand…

Anyway, I also wanted to save myself. After a few beers and a night out with our friends I knew we would both be tearing off each others clothes when we got home again. Who knows? Maybe that huge, rubber cock would be seeing some action tonight?

I continued with the task at hand and finished washing myself, lingering on my genital area a little longer than usual. I love when I’m in this aroused state and I gave my now dangling cock several soapy tugs before resigning myself to the act of getting clean.

I was just rinsing off when Natalie walked in. She said hi and I could discern through the foggy shower door that she was undressing. “You coming in, honey? The water’s fine today.”

“Yeah, I better. You’ve been in there forever. They’ll all be waiting for us at the bar.” She slid the door open and stepped in. I moved over and allowed her to sidle in next to me under the hot spray. In this house we had a big shower with dual shower heads, one at each end. However, sometimes it was more fun to share, if you know what I mean. She ducked under the hot water drenching her hair. As she leaned over to wring it out she glanced at my dick. “Ooh, something’s got someone a bit excited?”

I didn’t see any reason not to be honest. “Yeah, you probably already know but I caught Courtney with one of your vibrators. Needless to say it was a bit embarrassing but I have to admit I got more than a little horny from it.”

“Yeah, she did tell me. I was a bit shocked at first also. But once we got over the initial shame we had a good giggle about it. Knowing you like I do I bet you were dying to be in on that conversation?”

“Heh, you know me all too well, babe. It was all I could do not to finish. You know, saving myself for later.”

Now she stood up and looked straight at me. “You mean you didn’t finish for me? How sweet. Just for that, when we get home, I’ll fill you in on every little detail of our conversation if you want. And because I do know you the way I do, I promise you won’t be sorry.” She grabbed my cock in her soapy hand and just held it. She continued, “And while it’s sweet that you were saving yourself for me, I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock all day. And now is as good a time as any.”

Before I could stupidly protest, she knelt on the shower floor, eye level with my rapid hardening penis. She stroked me furiously while stabbing her tongue softly at the head and underside of my cock. With a look up into my eyes she whispered, “You’ll have to be fast. Courtney is using the other shower and we’re going to be late as it is.”

She engulfed my cock; taking me into her mouth as far as she could comfortably manage. Then she slid her lips over my shaft back to the top. She swirled her pendik escort bayan tongue all the way and released me with an audible pop. After a few urgent jerks with her hand she licked her lips and took me once again into her mouth. The warm wetness surrounded me as she matched the rhythm of her stroking hand with her soft lips, the stud piercing her tongue never relenting its assault on the sensitive area underneath just before the helmet. She continued to bob up and down, only pausing occasionally when I was deep. She would just hold me there, squeezing the base of my bursting cock and using nothing but her tongue pressed hard against me moving back and forth, up and down while she held me tight.

I was in heaven as I leaned my head back and groaned. I braced myself with my hands against the shower walls and let the warm water run gently down my back and over the front of my shoulders. Natalie knew what I liked. After all, I had taught her one night when she asked me to let her know what I liked best. She took that lesson to heart and after adding a few of her own original touches has become the best cocksucker I have ever known. Nothing compares to a lady who understands your sexual needs because you have taken the time to tell her. I’m amazed I had never done it to the extent I have with Natalie with past lovers.

“Tell me when you’re close, baby” She jerked me as she whispered, then stuck out her tongue and rubbed me back and forth over her stud. Quickly swallowing me as I groaned out an acknowledgement she continued with a renewed passion to get me off.

The pressure was building quickly. It was rare that I would approach orgasm so quickly but I was extremely turned on from the last hour’s events and I knew I could pop anytime I wanted now.

“Oh, baby. I’m close.” She stopped and let me slide from between her lips. She held my cock gingerly with one hand and said, “Jerk it for me, baby. I want you to spray your cum into my mouth.” She placed each hand on the cheeks of my ass and guided my cock close to her open mouth. Her eyes never left mine until I reached around with my right hand and pulled on my shaft; her eyes now watched me fist my straining manhood while I aimed my cock head centimeters from her waiting lips and tongue. A few more strokes and I spewed my first load at her face, the majority of cum landed on her outstretched tongue while the rest had barely settled to rest on her cheek when my second load shot out, much further than the first, and stretched across her lustful face from chin to forehead.

She pulled me towards her and into her mouth once again. Her hand replaced mine and she milked my cock up and down. I lost count of how many times I came. It seemed I just couldn’t stop shooting cum. I could feel her throat muscles working as she swallowed my semen. I let the air out of my lungs as my cock jerked and twitched on its own accord. Natalie never stopped sucking and masturbating my cock into her mouth even when I started to lose some of my hardness.

Finally, and quite unceremoniously, she spit out my dick and stood up. Her face was still covered in cum as she leaned up and I kissed her long and hard.

“Wow, baby, that was amazing” she said. “Now get out of here and let me finish my shower.” Smiling I stepped out. As I dried myself I was reflecting on that hummer-of-a-lifetime when I remembered what had started all this. I still had the delightful, yet torturous promise of what I hoped would be the erotic tale of two woman and new discoveries awaiting me. I almost wished we didn’t have to meet our friends.

After I dressed I walked downstairs to find Courtney sitting on a makeshift chair she had fashioned out of some of the packing boxes. She looked hotter than normal tonight even though she was dressed pretty simply in designer jeans and t-shirt. I recognize the clothes as belonging to Natalie. Was she going through Nat’s clothes while we were in the bathroom? Could she have heard us? Oh my god, was the bathroom door left open by Natalie? I can’t remember if it was open or closed when I left. Could she have peeked in and seen us through the shower door?

My mind was racing out of control. I had to stop. I was still horny and I admitted to myself that the reason she looked so hot was because I felt I held sexy knowledge of her now, our own dirty little secret.

I can’t wait to hear Natalie’s edition…

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