Mrs. Martin Ch. 02


Ch. II: What-A-Day

The next morning Susan heard her husband’s alarm go off. She had heard him come in late but he had not said anything to her as he had crawled into his side of their king-size bed. He got up and went to take his shower. Susan got up, put her jogging clothes on and went for her morning jog. All she could think about was that damn picture. It really wasn’t that bad, not like some of the pictures she had seen. Why had she ever taken her clothes off?

When she got back to the house Dave had left for work. She took her clothes off and thought to herself “Dave is never home any more, and he hasn’t made love to me since Christmas.” She looked at her naked body in the mirror, her breast were still firm, she still had a good figure. A few pounds heavier and the waist and hips were a little larger, but still a figure to be proud of. The thought crossed her mind what it would be like to have one of her students as a lover, but she quickly dismissed it. It was unthinkable; she just couldn’t do that. Still the thought of being with a young viral man did excite her.

She stepped into the shower and as the warm water pelted her, her hands rubbed over her body. Suddenly warmth started to grow between her legs. She reached down and rubbed herself. It felt so good, she wished Dave was there to satisfy her. Quickly the warmth spread through her body and she felt a wave of pleasure over come her. A low moan escaped her, as she grew weak in her knees.

As she drove to school that day she thought “I’ll just tell Tom to see me after school and talk to him. He’s a nice boy I’m sure there won’t be any trouble.”

The bell rang at the end of class and as Tom was leaving Mrs. Martin told him she needed to see him after school today. The fear of being in trouble was mixed with the anticipation of being alone with his goddess.

As Tom walked in Mrs. Martin asked him to sit down, she picked up a folder he recognized immediately, and came and sat in the desk next to him. She started in “sometimes when we are young we do foolish things…”

“What was she talking about?” Tom wondered.

She continued “and we try to put these things behind us” She opened his folder and pulled out the picture of her, in black and white but quite recognizable. She continued “I have spent a long time living this down and had to give up my first job and move because of it. Please lets just keep this between the two of us.”

Tom thought for a minute and said “I guess it would be real rough on you if word about these pictures got out. Does your husband know about them?”

She replied “No, and he would die if he found out.”

Tom ataşehir escort thought for a minute and then said “well in that case come to this address at 4:30 tomorrow and we will discuss it some more.” He jotted down his home address on a piece of paper and handed it to her. She took the paper and looked to the floor.

Susan sat there in silence, she had not anticipated this turn of events. Tom stood up and patted her on the back and said “don’t worry I’m sure we can work this out. Oh, and you can keep that picture I have more copies.”

“What did he mean by that remark?” She shook her head in disbelief got up and gathered her things to go home.

As Tom drove home his mind was racing; he had Mrs. Martin in the palm of his hand. “How am I going to handle it? What should I do? What should I say?” Tom thought as he started planning his next moves. He could not believe this turn of events as he ran off ten of the pictures and decided how he was going to get this woman to do what he wanted her to.

Dave came home early that evening, about 6pm. He told Susan that he needed to talk to her in the study. As she came in Dave told her to have a seat. “Such a business tone” she thought to herself.

“Susan”, he started, “I want a divorce.”

“You what? Why?” She was in shock.

He rattled off some excuse about no longer being compatible, and she didn’t give him what she needed any more. He went on to say that for her not to worry and that she and the boys would be well taken care of. He said “I’ll collect my things on Sunday after the boys and I get back from camping, but now I have to go back to work.”

He opened the door to leave all the rage in Susan came out as she yelled “you fucking bastard”. He did not even turn around, he simply pulled the door shut behind him and left. Susan dropped her head into her hands and sobbed.

Linda opened the door to the office slowly, across the room on the couch, crying sat her boss. Linda was the nanny for the two boys, and ever since she had come to this house she went to bed at night fantasizing about Susan.

Linda crossed the room slowly; when she reached Susan she sat down on the couch and started to rub Susan’s shoulders.

“Oh Linda what am I going to do? Mr. Martin is going to divorce me.” Susan cried, as she looked the nanny in the face.

“There, there,” Linda said as she pulled Susan’s head to her shoulder. She started to rub the back of Susan’s neck gently right behind her ear. “Men are such shits,” she said.

Susan felt that familiar warmth start to flow through her body. She had never had a woman do to her what Linda was doing, kadıköy escort bayan one hand rubbing her neck, and the other holding her tight against her.

Linda said to her “why don’t you lay down on the couch and let me give you a massage?”

Susan did not want Linda to quit but she was unsure of her feelings since she had never been this way with a woman before. She lifted her head slowly and Linda stood up. Susan then lay down on her stomach on the couch.

Linda squatted beside her and started to rub her back and shoulders. “You are so tense.”

“Lets take your dress off your shoulders so I can rub them and relive some of this tension.” Linda said as she pulled the zipper on the back of Susan’s dress down.

Susan felt Linda’s warm, soft hands slide the dress off her shoulders, and down to her waist. “What about the children?” she said making a weak effort to get the younger girl to stop.

“I came down to tell you, they are in bed,” Linda said as she kneed the soft skin of Susan’s shoulders.

It felt so good that Susan hardly noticed when Linda undid her bra and slipped it off her arms. Linda worked her way down Susan’s bare back, rubbing and kneading as she went.

Susan felt a tug on her dress and she raised her hips off the couch to allow her dress to pass under it. Linda pulled the dress off the rest of the way and removed Susan’s shoes. She looked at this beautiful soft body clad only in panty hose and panties, lying before her. She picked up one of Susan’s feet and started to rub it.

“Ooooooh,” Susan moaned it felt so good and relaxing to her. Linda then picked up the other foot and did the same. Susan lay there on the couch unable to move as the warmth between her legs was causing her juices to flow. She couldn’t believe that another woman was getting her excited. Then she felt those wonderfully trained hands work their way up her panty clad legs.

Linda hooked her fingers under Susan’s panty hose and panties, slowly watching as those two white mounds came into full view. What beautiful pair of buns, firm and white. She continued to pull the panty hose and panties off. Now Susan lay there naked as Linda rubbed her bare thighs and butt.

Linda’s fingers dropped down the crack of Susan’s ass and rubbed the soft tender flesh between Susan’s pussy and her dark hole.

Susan started to moan loudly and buck her hips, as a wave of pleasure came over her body.

As the wave subsided Linda had removed her clothes and whispered in Susan’s ear “turn over”

When Susan had turned over and had a whole new set of emotions ran through her as Linda climbed on escort maltepe top of her with her naked body. It felt so good as Linda nibbled on her neck, but she had never felt another woman’s bare breast and nipples rub against her. She felt gentle waves of excitement as Linda kissed her way down her body a stopped at each nipple gently sucking and licking them. The gentle waves turned to hard breakers as Linda nibbled her way over Susan’s stomach and approached her pubic mound. Linda’s tongue touched Susan’s love button and her body exploded into tidal waves of pleasure.

Linda could hardly hold on as Susan bucked and moaned. Linda continued to lick, and suck on her clit.

Finally the orgasm subsided and Susan and Linda rolled off the couch. Linda crawled up to Susan’s face, as their eyes met they moved close together and their lips met. Susan had never kissed a woman before but as their lips met she felt Linda’s tongue enter her mouth. She couldn’t believe it she was French kissing a woman and enjoying it. She raised her head and said to Linda “my turn”.

Linda lay back on the floor as Susan worked her way down her body, like she had done moments before to Susan.

Susan stopped and nibbled on Linda’s breast, they weren’t as large as Susan’s but that didn’t matter to Susan at this point. She continued down till she got to Linda’s pubic mound. Susan parted her lips and stared at that little nub at the top. Susan had never seen a woman this way, but stuck her tongue out and licked the little nub of flesh. It tasted kind of sweet, but like nothing she had ever tasted before. She licked it several more times and Linda moaned, grabbed the back of Susan’s head and pulled it to her. Susan took the nub between her lips and started to suck. That was all it took for Linda as she screamed “Yeeeesssss I’mmmm commmmmming” Linda released her hold on Susan. Susan crawled up and lay next to Linda, they faced each other kissed and fell asleep.

Susan woke up she gently crawled away from Linda. She stood up and looked down at the 22-year-old sleeping on the floor. Her soft skin and pudgy little body made her look like a baby. Susan thought about when Linda interviewed for the nanny job she had to check her ID real close and even called the employment agency back to verify her age. With her baby face looks and her short, she was barely over five foot tall, not really fat, but kind of round body Linda could pass for sixteen or younger if she tried.

Susan grabbed an afghan and a couch pillow off the couch; she placed the pillow under Linda’s head and covered her young naked body with the afghan. Susan gathered up her clothes, quietly opened the door and left the room. As she headed up the stairs to her room she thought “what a day, the first time she has been blackmailed, by a student no less, the first time she had a husband leave her, and the first time to make love to a woman.”

To Be Continued…

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