Mrs. Martin Ch. 03


Ch. III: Thursday

Susan woke up to the sound of the alarm clock. She lay in bed mulling over the events of the previous day in her mind. She still had a hard time believing that it was all real and not a dream. As she got out of bed her satin gown rubbed against her nipples that had grown firm as the pictures in her mind played the images of her and Linda the night before. The feeling was fantastic as she thought about them lying naked together. “The hell with jogging today,” she said as she stepped into the bathroom and removed her gown. She stepped into the shower and turned the water. In a few minutes it was warm as she adjusted the jet to pulse and took the handle out of the holder. The hose would allow the head to reach almost to the floor; she held it close to her as the pulsating water massaged her body. The beat of the warm water against her nipples excited her and that warm feeling stated to grow from between her legs. She moved the showerhead down her body; she spread her legs and with her hand opened the lips, exposing that energized button to the warm, pulsating water. Jets of pleasure shot through her body as she rocked back and forth almost loosing her balance.

As the excitement subsided, Susan thought how wonderful that felt and considered doing it again, but decided to soap her body instead. As she was washing the soap off the warm water again started to work its magic on her body. Once again she moved the showerhead down to her pubic region and once again the pulsating water sent wave of excited pleasure through her body. With the nerve ends of her body returning to a normal state Susan thought, “This could become addictive,” as she turned the water and stepped out of the shower.

After she dressed she left her room to look for Linda and the boys. “Hi, mommy” they sang out when they saw her.

“How’s my big boys this morning? Linda I have a meeting this evening and maybe a little late. Give mommy a kiss” she said as she squatted down to hug each of the boys and kisses them on the cheek.

Susan stood up to leave and Linda said, “Where’s mine?” Susan looked into her dark eyes and gave her a quick peck on the cheek as the boys started to giggle.

On the drive to work Susan talking to herself, she said, “I’ll need to find a lawyer today, and I have to deal with that boy Tom. Now that Dave has left me he can’t hold that over me and I do have tenure with the school board so they would have a hard time firing me now. Still it would be embarrassing and the worst thing would be if he circulated the picture among his friends. Hopefully I can get his parents to stop him, but first I need to get me a lawyer.”

During her morning break Susan call Tim Harris, a friend of theirs that worked for a different law firm than David. He told her that he did not do divorce cases and that it would be hard to find a lawyer because Dave would no doubt use George Synder who was in the group with Dave. George had a reputation for being the best divorce lawyer in the state.

Tim then stopped for a minute and said, “Let me put you on hold.”

“Sure,” Susan replied

A few minutes later he came back “I got it, Nancy Jefferson, she is one of the few people to ever beat old George. She really loves to take the woman’s side in these cases, give her a call. Her number is 797-4328.”

“4328…” she repeated as she wrote the number down, “Thanks George, you’ve been a big help.”

“This is Susan Martin, may I speak to Nancy Jefferson please?” asked Susan after the receptionist had gone through her normal phone answer.

“One moment Ms. Martin, I’ll see if she is available.”

“I’m transferring you now,” the voice said.

“This is Nancy Jefferson, how may I help you?”

Susan told her about the scene the previous night with her husband. She heard Nancy call to some one “when is our next afternoon appointment?”

“Would Tuesday at four be convent for you to come in?”

“I’ll be there,” said Susan.

“Great don’t say anything or do anything crazy between now and then, AND DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING!” Nancy said to her. “I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.”

When she hung up the konyaaltı escort phone from Susan, Nancy quickly dialed another number. “Ed, you would not believe who I just had a call from, Susan Martin.”

“Who’s she?” replied Ed

“She’s the wife of that arrogant bastard, Dave Martin, that’s who, and that son-of-bitch is leaving her.”

“You sure don’t like him, do you?” replied Ed.

“No, I can’t stand him. Listen I want you to start right in on investigating this one, I’ve heard a few rumors about him and one of their legal clerks, so how about seeing what you can find out.”

“I’m on the case” replied Ed.

“Great, I love you and I’ll see you at home tonight,” said Nancy.

During English Mrs. Martin did not say anything to Tom nor did he try to answer any questions. After the bell at the end of class Tom said, “I am looking forward to seeing you after school.”

Susan replied “I’m not sure if I can make it today.” Tom opened his binder and thumbed through the small stack of papers on top. She immediately responded “I’ll be there,” as tears welled up in her eyes.

Tom raced home after school and got out the video camera. He positioned it behind the flower plants in the living room. He got out his CD player and picked out some good dance tunes. 4:30 came and passed. “Was she going to stand me up and call my bluff,” he pondered. The minutes on the clock ticked passed and he started to think how he could get her for not showing. Finally at five minutes to five Tom saw Susan’s car pull in the driveway.

Susan checked the address and then slowly got out of her car. “I hope at least one of his parents are home, and we can end this silly game.” She thought as she walked slowly to the front door.

She rang the doorbell. “Patience,” Tom told himself, “say cool and stay in control.” He reached behind the plants and turned the video camera on then slowly he opened the door. “Susan, come in. I told you 4:30 and it is now 5 what should I do about this?”

Susan was surprised at the boy’s response. He called her Susan, and this made her realize that she was out of the protection of the school that had afforded her a degree of dominance. She looks at this young man that stood towering over her at six foot three. She could see the ripples of muscle in his arms for several years of working out and playing sports. She quickly regained her composure and asked “Where are your parents, Tom? I need to talk to them.”

“Well my dad split over 10 years ago, and my mom has closing tonight at the store so she won’t be home to after 10.” Tom replied. He moved forward and grabbed the pictures in one hand and a handful of her hair in the other. He said, “Now you listen to me, cunt – if you don’t want these plastered all over the school you will do as I say, you understand?”

“Yes, yes, please let go! Your hurting me!” she whimpered as he yank her in the door. “God he’s strong,” she thought as she started to feel her juices flow at being handled by his strength.

Tom then said, “It’s ‘yes, master’ from now on you hear?”

“Yesss Massster” she stuttered.

“Good” Tom said, “now kneel while I explain the rules to you.” She dropped slowly to her knees and was kneeling before him. “First,” he said, “when I tell you to be somewhere at a certain time you are to be there. Second you will do what I tell you when I tell you, understand?”

“Yesss Masster” she cried as tears were running down her cheeks, this was so humiliating but it was exciting her. She found herself wanting to obey this student and do what he said.

“Now stand up” he ordered. While she was getting up, Tom went over and turned on the CD player. He sat down in the chair facing her. “Dance” he ordered. She looked puzzled but slowly started to grind. “Come on” he said “catch the rhythm.” Susan started to get into the music. “That’s good, now remove your blouse,” Tom commanded.

“Oh so this boy wants a show, well I’ll give him a show,” she thought. “Yes Master.” Slowly she undid the buttons to here blouse and pealed it back over her bra. She started to feel that familiar warmth and excitement grow in her.

“My god her tits kültür escort were more fabulous in person than in the 15-year-old picture,” thought Tom. Slowly she peeled the blouse down her arms and let it fall to the floor.

“Now the skirt,” Tom commanded. Slowly she reached to her side and undid the button and slid the zipper down. She played with the loose skirt sliding it up and down and finally letting it fall to the floor. Then with a swift kick sent it flying. Now his goddess was standing before him clad only in bra, panties, and pantyhose. Her legs were long and beautiful, her tummy was flat and her tits were begging to be released from her bra. “Now the pantyhose.” Slowly she slid her hands in the waistband and rolled the stocking down one leg then the other. Then she sat on the floor with a seductive smile spread her legs wide as she pulled the stockings over her feet. He could see a wet spot on her panties. She stood back up and spun and gyrated with the beat of the music. “Free those tits” he told her.

She smiled at him and said, “With pleasure Master,” as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Holding the cups in place she slipped her arms out of the straps. Then grabbing a cup in each had she swirled them in front of her tits giving me just a peek of her tits. Finally she let go with one hand and pulled the bra away.

Tom let out a low whistle, her nipples were the size of silver dollars and fully perked up they were great.

Susan watched Tom in the chair, his narrow waist, and broad shoulders, she could see the bulge in his pants growing as she danced. The music, taking off her clothes in front of this man, and the effect it was having on him, was exciting her. She could feel the juice building in her pussy as she got more and more excited.

Just at that moment the music ended.

Tom jumped from the chair, hardly able to walk since his dick was so hard, and reached out to touch her tits. They were smooth, and soft, they felt great. He reached down and ran his hand over her panties feeling the moisture in the soft cotton from her pussy.

She moaned and said “please more.”

“Please more what” he snapped.

“Please more, Master.”

Tom placed my fingers in the hem of her panties and pulled them down. Staring back at him was this soft patch of blond pubic hair. He jumped back to my feet not wanting to be to anxious and said to her, “You were 30 minutes late and for that you must pay.”

“Yes master, I was wrong”

“Bend over the couch” Tom ordered as he grabbed a ping pong paddle he had gotten out in my earlier anger when she was not on time. “It will be one stoke for each minute you were late.”

Shock registered in Susan’s mind, “What was she doing here, and what was she going to do now?”

“One,” he counted as the paddle came down on the soft white flesh of her ass.

The sting burned through her bottom, Susan could not believe it, and she had never been spanked that she could remember.

“Two,” as he stuck the other cheek and watched the first one turn red.

Susan’s ass jumped each time the paddle landed on her bottom; tears welled up in her eyes. The pain was intense but the humiliation of being naked, bent over a couch, and having her bare bottom spanked by one of her students was really turning her on.

By the time Tom got to twenty Susan was sobbing like a baby. He felt sorry for her and put the paddle aside deciding it would be nicer to use his hand. The feel of her soft flesh under his hand was almost more than he could take. Each time he hit her he would rub her bottom a little. Finally he reached thirty. “Now stand” Tom commanded. “Spread your legs” She did as she was told. Tom reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

Susan was soaking wet when he switched from the paddle to his hand she almost came. Tom rubbed her clit that was it. She started to moan, all of a sudden she rocked with waves of pleasure and a flood of fluid gushed from her pussy. Her legs turned to rubber and she fell to the floor moaning.

Tom grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the bathroom.

“Lay down, and spread your legs wide,” he said. She markantalya escort did as he told her.

Susan could see the bulge in his pants it had been so long since she had felt a man inside her “Please fuck me, Master,” she pleaded.

“Not yet,” he replied. Tom grabbed his razor and shaving cream. He lathered up her pubic hair, she would moan, as his hand would touch her pussy lips. Slowly he dragged the razor over her love nest removing all the hair. When he finished he took a washcloth and wetting it with warm water washed her cunt area thoroughly. She was moaning and begging please as he did this. When he was done he admired my work and wanted to taste that love slit so bad. Tom bent down and licked Susan’s clit.

Susan could not believe this was her, lying on the floor as this young man shaved her. It felt so good when he touched her, but then she felt his warm wet tongue rub against her and every nerve in her body caught fire. She let out with a scream “Ohhhhhh yeeessss, Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeessssss,” once again she came and gushed fluid.

“Get up,” Tom commanded and led her to his bedroom. “Remove my clothes.”

“Yes master, with pleasure,” she cooed.

Slowly Susan pulled off Tom’s shirt; she could not believe the sight that greeted her, a strong well-developed chest and his muscles rippled across his abdomen. She had never been with man so well developed. She started kissing his chest as she undid his pants. She slid both pants and underwear down; she looked down at the largest penis she had ever seen. It was twice the size of her husbands both in width and length.

She grabbed it and started licking and sucking it. Tom exploded in her mouth with such force it splashed all over her face.

Tom climbed on his bed and lay on his back. He told her to climb on top of him lick his dick and balls clean.

Susan obeyed Tom willingly; she placed the large member in her mouth. She felt it start to grow again, choking her as she tried to get the whole thing in her mouth.

He rolled her over, spread her legs and drove deep in her pussy. She felt like she was being split into. She felt him go deeper than any man had ever gone before. When he touched the back wall of her pussy her body shook as waves of pleasure washed over her.

She raised her legs and cried “oh yes, drive deep in me” as she bumped up to met my strokes. Tom felt the heat building in his balls Susan let out a “Ohhhhhhh” and convulsed as his dick shot forth its hot load.

They lay there and once again he told her to lick him clean. She got up on her hands and knees, bent down and started to lick their combined juices from his dick. Her butt was stuck up in the air next to him. He started to rub it. He rubbed her brown hole and she moaned with his dick in her mouth and started to rise up but his other hand pushed her head down. He stuck three fingers in her pussy and got them lubricated, then one at time, he started sticking them in her butt until all were buried to the hilt in her ass.

Finally he pulled them out and told Susan “Get on the floor and kneel with your head on the floor, and your legs spread.”

Susan quickly jumped off the bed and got down on all fours on the floor. She felt Tom come up behind her, she felt the head of his penis start to push into her. It was the biggest thing she had ever felt inside her before, but in this position it felt even bigger. He rocked in and out a few times, then suddenly he pulled all the way out. She felt him pull her ass cheeks apart. Then she felt the head of his penis push against her rectum.

“No, I never,” she cried out.

Tom quickly answered with a slap to her soft ass, and drove his hard dick into her. She screamed as he entered her tight virgin ass. In a few seconds her sphincter relaxed and he was able to drive his full 11 inches into her rear. It didn’t take long and he felt himself cumming again.

After he came he fell forward and held his beautiful goddess in his arms as they drifted of to sleep. Tom woke and looked at the clock it was 9:30. “Okay cunt, wake up, it time for you to leave tonight”.

“Yes master, do you want me to come back tomorrow?”

“Of course,” he responded, “and wear something more revealing.”

Susan got up, got dressed and left the house. She thought to herself as she was driving home, “I’m going to get this young man real excited tomorrow.”

To Be Continued…

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